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Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: SoHo Lovers!

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: SoHo Lovers!

Vanessa Hudgens holds hands with her boyfriend Austin Butler while walking through the streets of SoHo on Saturday (March 24) in New York City.

The 23-year-old actress took a break from filming her new flick Spring Breakers to spend some quality time with Austin.

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Earlier in the week, Vanessa was spotted with her Spring Breakers co-stars Selena Gomez and Ashley Benson filming a scene on a balcony in St. Petersburg, Fla.

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler walking in SoHo…

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73 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: SoHo Lovers!”

  1. 1
    lana Says:

    I love how they spend time together… so adorable <3

  2. 2
    marie Says:

    i wonder if vanessa will buy to him some shoes someday…

  3. 3
    lana Says:

    lol why?
    materialistic much?

  4. 4
    Xo Says:

    She looks cute

  5. 5
    Tony Says:

    Who called the paps? Austin or Vanessa?

  6. 6
    BOJI Says:

    I like that Austin is unaffected by materialism. He’s definitely not vain and is comfortable with himself esp. With wearing his favourite clothes, his well worn leather jacket, hoodie and shoes. Reminds me of johnny depp. I think he’s quite happy leaving his gf to set the fashion trend. Love seeing them so together.

  7. 7
    Jr Says:

    Don’t know why people make such a big deal about Austin clothes. He’s dressed like most 20 year old guys. In fact he’s dressed like most normal guys. Unless it’s something important most guys leave the fashion stuff to our girlfriends. They still make a great couple.

  8. 8
    roxy Says:

    they’re adoreable! i love how they make tiime for each other. i love that smile on her….love is in the air! and he seems so happy to be holding her hand in public, such a true gentleman and boyfriend. wish them both the best. any guy would be lucky to be holding Vanessa’s hand, she deserves a good guy whi treats her right and that is Austin :)

  9. 9
    ashley Says:

    I like his taste …just because he wears the same few pieces doesn’t mean he’s any less of a person. I think it makes him more approachable. he seems laid-back and nice which is hard to find in most people these days. Everyone has their favorite piece they tend to overuse anyway. His look suits him and it says a lot about his character.

  10. 10
    celestine Says:

    They’re in NY right? Usually most celebs more famous then them can go unspotted but why can’t they?

    Most people in NY don’t care if you’re famous or if you’re a garbage collector, they’ll walk past you without a second glance!

  11. 11
    Emma Says:

    Will Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler get married?”

  12. 12
    celestine Says:

    No, I don’t think they’ll get married. I don’t see this relationship lasting more that two years.

  13. 13
    Aiwen Says:

    Who cares who called the paps??
    This is paps job for following celebrities,either Austin or Vanessa called the paps I don’t think there have any problem there ~~~unless they live happily that’s all~

  14. 14
    florence2 Says:

    100% they will get married and that will start by a engagement by the end of this year if not before you only have to look at them to know that she has found her soul mate and has no intentions of letting him go and he obvioulsy feel’s the same.

    She finally has a MAN who is’nt afriad or cares who is looking to show her affection in public and is prioud of her and to be seen with her, no wonder she always has such a look of love on her face when she is with him he obvioulsy makes her feel so so special and cared for.

    Can’t wit for the enagement announcemnt followed by a wedding and then georgous kids that they will have.

  15. 15
    nessa Says:

    @ florence ,not now i know Vanessa Moved on already..6 or 7 months are short compared to 5 years..

  16. 16
    celestine Says:

    @florence2: you said that about Josh and her too!

  17. 17
    celestine Says:

    Plus I don’t think she’s thinking about marriage right now!

  18. 18
    florence2 Says:

    Not if you find the right one and they obviously have with each the love between these two just shines through on all the photo’s we have seen of them. So like I said by the end of this year they will bee engaged andVanessa has made no secret that she wants marriage and a family and having wasted five years previous thinking to herself that’s where it was headed she has found her soul mate, so I say good luck to them and can’t wait.

  19. 19
    Bunnylover Says:

    @florence2: What will you say if this turns out to be the promotional relationship that it is rumoured to be? You are not them. You do not know how they really feel about each other. This could just be some fun until ‘the one’ comes along. :)

  20. 20
    BOJI Says:

    Florence2 is living her own fantasy, let it be. Just seeing them so happy together is enough. No one knows what the future holds. Anything can happen. It is early days yet. They’re both still young and focused on their careers for now.

  21. 21
    maria Says:

    Florence makes some good points. They do look happy, and when you find ‘the one’, you don’t let them go. I just think it’s way too soon to think about those things yet. They’ve only been dating for 7 months. They have a lot more living and learning to do as a couple. I mean, look what happened after 5 years in her last relationship?? I agree, she looks more content early on in this relationship, because she isn’t being told to hide and lie about it. She is also older now, and knows what she’s looking for, and what makes her happy. I do think she loved her ex more than we’ll ever know, but too many things were wrong there, from others interfering, to bad timing with a guy who was non-committal. I think she is like every other girl, who just wants a great guy, who thinks the world of her, and wants to be with only her. I just want her to be happy!

  22. 22
    Elendur Says:

    They seem to like each other alot. I doubt it’s a promotional relationship. They spend way to much of their limited free time together for it to be fake not to mention vacas together in Costa Rica,and rome!
    I think the relationship is serious but that doesnt mean marriage any time soon.Give it 1-2 years or a baby bump b4 you talk about marriage.

  23. 23
    lei Says:

    yes i think Vanessa feels peace and joy if she is w/ austin..he is so simple guy thats why vanessa Loves Her.

  24. 24
    MADONNA Says:


  25. 25
    bella Says:

    @maria: How do you know she loved her ex so much?
    That’s something no one knows for sure.

    Well, the way I see, she doesn’t seem to have loved her ex that much

  26. 26
    lana Says:

    Austin is working in NY, and yesterday were spotted in the same place as Vanessa & Austin at least 5 celebs more, just because those pictures weren´t in any big gossip sites doesn’t mean that the pictures weren´t taken…

  27. 27
    lana Says:

    i think the fact that the only ones talking about a “promotional relationship” are the “zanessa fans” and a blog runned by a zanessa fan just proves that the relationship is as real as is seems…
    even big gossip blogs are always saying how confortables they look together and that Vanessa finally has a man who loves her and doesnt have any problem to hold her hand… i dont know if they are gonna be together forever, but they look really happy…

  28. 28
    lana Says:


  29. 29
    VANESSA HUDGENS!!!!! Says:

    Maybe they’ll get married, but let them have a few years of love first.
    I love them being together and I hope they’ll get married sometime!
    Having kids might be a great idea too! They’ll be gorgeous!
    Anyway, I love Vanessa, love Austin and them being together makes me love them even more!!!

  30. 30
    maria Says:

    @bella: She seemed VERY happy with him as well. I can not take that away from them. She was young, in love, and seemed to adore him. She was fiercely loyal, protective of the relationship, and loved taking care of him. That tells me she loved him. A lot. But like I said, I think there were forces outside of their control that took a toll on them. That’s obvious as well. So, with that said, it was better to end it, instead of facing months of ugly tabloid speculation that would have cheapened what they had. I may not respect some of the things that went down with him, but we can not say she did not love him or that he DID make her happy for some time.

  31. 31
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Will these two get married? I have absolutley no idea but I will say this, I think this will be a very long relationship and we’ll see where it goes from there. They both seem committed to this relationship and have supported each other very much. Vanessa does seem more at ease at at peace then before and happier when she’s around Austin. That’s great to see.

  32. 32
    amanda Says:

    @bella: and how do you know she didn’t. but what is certain is that someone loves the strip clubs and clubbing more. and to answer florence and maria: THE EX IS NOT THE ONE SO VANESSA DROPPED HIM! He is not worth it.

  33. 33
    amanda Says:

    I think he feels the party and rehab-type girls, Him! Ya, him.

  34. 34
    VANESSA HUDGENS!!!!! Says:

    I think Zac broke up with Vanessa. But nobody can be sure of that.
    I also love Vanessa and Austin together!!!

  35. 35
    amanda Says:

    Im so glad Josh’s movie made so much money. He is 2 in a row. And boo to the Zac fans who trashed him. Josh is miles and miles away from your no-talent idol. And Liam, congrats. You are way hotter than that no-talent Zac!

  36. 36
    maria Says:

    @amanda: I agree he wasn’t the one. Like I said, you DON’T let go of “the one”. Ever. No matter what. I was responding to someone who didn’t think she ever loved the ex. She just seems more content in this relationship, and to have a guy all to herself, not one she had to watch flirt with the world to sell his movies.

  37. 37
    Elendur Says:

    Vanessa and Zac must have been happy for a long time. Why else would they have been together that long?
    However, I think Zac changed. He always gives me the impression that he is very pleased with himself. That and the fact that he has thousands of girls constantly screaming his name had to make remaining grounded very difficult.
    Every time I see him he looks bloated or rather smug. I guess the Hollywood life agrees with him

  38. 38
    hey there! Says:

    I would love for one of you Vanessa fans (oops sorry idiots) to explain who Vanessa and Austin look so in love by looking at these pics because all I see is dour faces and pissed off expressions

  39. 39
    Haters Suck! Says:

    @hey there
    I think this is the third weekend in a row they’ve spent together speaks to that enough you biter old b!tch. Austin didn’t have to go to Florida to visit her. Vanessa didn’t have to go to new York to visit him. But yet here they are enjoying each others company and you still being nothing but a b!tch.

  40. 40
    lana Says:

    @hey there!:
    the same as zanessa right? at least now she looks happy… and it looks like Austin is taking care of her..

  41. 41
    sam Says:


  42. 42
    hey there! Says:

    @Haters Suck!:

    and here YOU are still saying they are enjoying each others company and yet they still have bitter looks on their faces


    and you can see that HOW?????????

  43. 43
    Haters Suck! Says:

    @hey there
    Again I defer to the fact that Vanessa is there at all. She doesn’t have to be, yet she is again just like last week and Austin being in Florida the week before that. That says more then any looks on faces. Then again would you rather they be, as you put it, dry humping each other. I honestly wouldn’t care that much but you might.

  44. 44
    maria Says:

    @hey there!: Cause we saw ALL the pics, not just these. Happy, smiling, and content to be together faces. Dour, bitter, pissed? I think not. At the paps? Maybe. At each other? Nope.

  45. 45
    Bunnylover Says:

    @lana: Actually it wasn’t. It was one of these Hollywood insider blogs. They claimed that she would spend months in a highly public relationship just to up her profile. personally I couldn’t care less, but it makes me laugh when people are talking marraige.

  46. 46
    meena Says:

    They look so deliriously happy together…… NOT???

  47. 47
    florence2 Says:

    @amanda: That is what I’m saying that she has finally found ‘ the one’ and what a improvement he is on her ex who was afraid to show her affection in public becuase of what his girl fans would think, he does what he is told and let’s his private life be dictated to him as well. They wanted the hip single guy image for him well they’ve got it, he’s brought into the hollywood image so good for him.

    The ex is smug looking and when he starts gushing about his co-star’s and heaven help us when TLO starts promotion it’s embarssing to hear and makes himself sound desperate and like he’s the only one who has kissed a co-star.

    At least Austin is working quietly and keeping his private life out of the tabloids, the ex has yet again gone MIA but will no doubt pop up again when TLO starts wonder if he’ll drop a condom at that preimier.

    And I’m so pleased for Josh I went to see The Hunger Games and it’s a brilliant film he like Vanessa is having a great year so far for movie’s so well done to both of them. And I can’t wait to see Vanessa’s movies next year she is trying different things and that’s good.

    And maybe they do look a bit glum in these photo’s does anyone else think it could be becuase the pap’s are in their face’s yet again.

  48. 48
    What a laugh Says:

    whoa, so true:

    i wonder if vhud is sorry she sold her soul to the devil yet?? i bet josh h is so thankful he broke away from what he almost got himself into. his ‘almost’ involvement like this did cause some problems when the j2 promos first began but he made it through.

    and vhud, WHY did you let the likes of nick styne convince you he knew so much and that you would be better off being someone other than yourself? you say time and again ‘you have to be true to yourself’. that has become your biggest lie yet. is this who you really are? whenever and if ever you get yourself back on track people are not going to care anymore. this is what they will remember you doing and will add it to what some consider your other missteps.some will never let you forget it. you already know how that goes.

  49. 49
    Dogface Says:

    @florence2: If they don’t want the paps in their faces, perhaps they should stop phoning them?

  50. 50
    LOL Says:

    @What a laugh: What in hell are you rambling about?? You sound like the a$$ who is preaching crap in that link. He sounds like a jilted actor wanna-be, with nothing better to do. Why do people even read this trash? You’re an idiot. The way I see it, no one cares when the pics are from. That author just made a big a$$ out of himself over nothing. All it said was the pics were from the same weekend. Big freakin deal. And I’ve NO idea what YOU are going on about. LOL

  51. 51
    Nicole Says:

    @hey there!:
    The bitter faces are directed at the people holding the cameras–the ones intruding on their private time together. How frustrating that must be!!

  52. 52
    Danielle Says:

    They look too cute

  53. 53
    Dogface Says:

    @Nicole: I repeat again!! Don’t phone them then if they are soooo annoying!! Other, much bigger stars seem to have no problem avoiding them!!

  54. 54
    florence2 Says:

    Or flirt very openly with his costar’s and see nothing wrong in it when having a girlfriend.

    I’m so pleased for Josh too who has proven that you don’t have to constantly have your shirt off in a film or do sex scenes to sell or make a good movie, I went to see The Hunger Games and J2 and he was great in both he concentrates on his acting skills and not how his body looks.@maria:

  55. 55
    Dogface Says:

    @florence2: no to be successful you just have to pimp yourself and your other half out to the paps every chance you get!!

  56. 56
    kelly martineau Says:

    She spends all her time with Big Lips know ever sense they have been dating. Doesn’t nessa care about her family anymore or her friends.

    She spends all her time with me. Doesn’t spend anytime with her family or her friends. He was the same clothes everyday.

  57. 57
    maria Says:

    @kelly martineau: She is in Florida working, and I imagine her mom and sis will come toward the end of filming. How is she supposed to “spend time with them” when they are on the other side of the country?? You’re just being ridiculous. We all know how close she is to her family, and you know nothing of how much they talk on the phone or how much time they spend together when in LA. Paps don’t get pics of every minute of her day.

  58. 58
    VanFan Says:

    Geez would you please give it a rest? You are the stupidest biotch I have ever seen. Just shut up already.

  59. 59
    Deb Says:

    As usual, Florence is ranting like a blubbering fool.  She had been gone for a while.  Too bad she found her way back here.
    And amanda is being her usual hateful self, spewing moronic tales.
    IMO, maria is really the voice of cool reason on this thread.  She is making a lot of sense and stating facts unemotionally and with clarity.  Everyone should read her comments thoroughly and give them some thought.  I absolutely agree with her that V and Z were in love.  You just have to see some of the pictures of them together and how they looked at each other to know that.  But we know that relationships don’t always work out.  No reason to try and blame one or the other.  It is what it is.  It’s over and they’ve moved on.  I hope that they both find happiness in their careers and their lives.  That’s all any fan should hope for.
    I had some links to post, but I don’t think Jared likes that. I may try again.

  60. 60
    Deb Says:

    They really enjoyed Lakers games.  Look, florence,  they are showing affection in public.  Sweet, isn’t it?

  61. 61
    Deb Says:

    Look, florence, more.

  62. 62
    maria Says:

    @Deb: Thanks, Deb. that’s exactly right. I’ve known couples, who were madly in love, break up over job, family, meddlesome friends, etc. I’m also a firm believer in “timing” being a frequent cause of breakups at that age. One person may be ready for more in the relationship, the other is not. It just can be so many things. But you can NOT take away what she had with Zac. It may be over, but it was real while it lasted. You can’t fake the affection they had for each other. But life goes on.

  63. 63
    nessa Says:

    wow people here makes me miss Zanessa More.

  64. 64
    Deb Says:

    And please, don’t anybody start calling me a closet Zac fanatic, cuz I’m really not. I am just pointing out to florence that she only sees what she wants to see, as a lot of people on here do. We are allowed to like Vanessa w/o hating Zac, and vice-versa. I hate it when people devalue what Vanessa had with him. Just because it is over now, doesn’t mean it wasn’t a wonderful thing for both of them for 5 years.

  65. 65
    Deb Says:

    Just a couple more and I’m done.

  66. 66
    florence2 Says:

    Serioulsy Vanessa is doing the kissing and Zac just stood their like a block of wood no emotion what so ever. Just like when they held hands efron never held here’s tight like Austin does which shows he has no intention if letting her go.@Deb:

  67. 67
    florence2 Says:

    And the first photo you posted in that second link just proves my point look how tight Vanessa Is holding onto Zac’s hand and how loose he is holding onto her’s if you can even call it hand holding on his part. Austin is so much more in love with Vanessa than her ex ever was.

  68. 68
    Deb Says:

    OMG! You are such an idiot. You can’t even see what Zac is doing in the basketball kissing photo because his back is to the camera. And in the last link, Zac has his hand in her hair, pulling her in for the kiss. But that’s ok, because it’s obvious that nothing will be good enough for you.

    I’m not going to debate this with you anymore. I was taught that in a battle of wits, it isn’t nice to engage an unarmed opponent.

  69. 69
    Nicole Says:

    @Dogface: You make me laugh! “Call the paps?” Who does that? (Other than, possibly, Courtney Stodden. People who call the paps would make sure nice, smiling pictures were taken, as she always does.) By the way, “Big Stars” have people who grocery shop for them, etc., and they have the money to enjoy a more private life. The paps hang out in front of homes, hotels, and airports and don’t need to be called. These two obviously try to avoid the yelling, running, mass of camera-wielders. Just watch the videos of them being hounded by “paps,” and listen to what they say to them, and if you still say they call the paps and want them to walk in front of them, then I’ll know you are just making it up, trolling for responses, and not really thinking.

  70. 70
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Of course they call the paps. Doesn’t matter what the pictures look like, as long as there are pictures of them out there. It’s for the publicity.

  71. 71
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Why don’t you do me a favor and kiss my ass you piece of $hit.

  72. 72
    munch munch Says:

    @lana: lol…because he wears the same shoes everyday…hahaha

  73. 73
    munch munch Says:

    @bella: ofcourse she loved her ex….she not even the who call it off..!

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