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Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Sunday Sweeties

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Sunday Sweeties

Vanessa Hudgens holds hands with her beau Austin Butler as the two enjoy their day off on Sunday (March 25) in New York City.

The 23-year-old actress wore a pair of heart shaped sunglasses!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa is currently filming for her upcoming flick Spring Breakers in Florida.

“Burning cars up at 7 in the morning… Just another day at the office” Vanessa recently wrote on her blog about a particularly exciting scene in the film, where a car was set on fire!

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  • Shauna

    Love Vanessa’s taupe Jeffrey Campbell Lita platform boots! So cute! Rock ‘em girl!

  • roxy

    cute couple! Austin is such a gentleman helping her hold some shopping bags :) I love Vanessa’s sunglasses!!!!!!

  • Janey


  • Rise Above Hate

    I like the glasses they look very cute on vanessa.

  • Tony

    Most couples if they haven’t seen each other for a week, would stay inside and be having fun in the sack. Guess the heat has cooled off.

  • Steph

    @Tony: I doubt that. Shopping doesnt last all day

  • BOJI

    @Tony, you’re talking about sex. I’m glad to note that their relationship has more substance than that or transcends sex if it is the right word.
    Love those beige heart shaped sunnies. She looks adorable.

  • wazzi

    it wasn’t nice outside in new york these pictures are backdated why is vanessa hudgens such a whore

  • No Way

    Cute glasses! Ha…wonder where one could buy those…hmm. She looks cute!

  • molly

    This is considered news? You’re kidding, right?

  • Haters Suck!

    well Tony they can’t shop all day, that’s what night time is for. And I don’t know maybe there’s more to their relationship then just sex.

  • Rise Above Hate

    no this isn’t considered news, but i don’t consider anything posted on this site as news. News is what you get from sites like cnn, fox, abc, or nbc, that’s what i consider news. The things posted on this site are fun, entertainment, gossip things like that. Just something to consider.

  • samamntha

    lol WTF??? it was a little cold, but it was a really nice day…

  • samamntha

    do you realize you are in a gossip site? lol

  • samamntha

    you can’t shop all day, + a relationship is not just sex… and i think Vanessa is going to be in NY a couple of days more…

  • florence2

    So glad that Vanessa has found her third time lucky guy to give her heart to they are truly a lovely couple and so content with each other and at least Austin does’nt swagger about the place he is just working and getting on with his life and not hiding away, go Vanessa and Austin may you have a long and happy life together.

  • kami

    aren’t these pix from last week? she still got on the st. paddy green nail polish, right?

  • vision without glasses review

    Nice glasses… haha

  • What a laugh

    i wonder if vhud is sorry she sold her soul to the devil yet?? i bet josh h is so thankful he broke away from what he almost got himself into. his ‘almost’ involvement like this did cause some problems when the j2 promos first began but he made it through.

    and vhud, WHY did you let the likes of nick styne convince you he knew so much and that you would be better off being someone other than yourself? you say time and again ‘you have to be true to yourself’. that has become your biggest lie yet. is this who you really are? whenever and if ever you get yourself back on track people are not going to care anymore. this is what they will remember you doing and will add it to what some consider your other missteps.some will never let you forget it. you already know how that goes.

  • mags

    I LOVE her heart sunglasses, i don’t care much about who she’s dating, i actually can’t wait for her next movie, when GIMME SHELTER showing? i’m more interested about her next project, i think the dating stuff is just part of the showbussiness, u know something to talk about,

  • porkpies fatasses

    Jared gets paid by the p.r. people to post photos of these same people over and over again. no other reason to keep posting the same lame people over and over again…. you don’t have to come on here often to figure it out

  • porkpies fatasses


    How in the world would you know anything about the substance of their relationship ? that is some funny sheets , let me tell ya lol

  • yets

    i love Vanessa..and i love who takes care of her..

  • nana

    the only reason i liked this post is because of venessa’s cute beautiful clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not because of austin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://facebook VANESSA HUDGENS!!!!!

    @roxy Yeah, Austin really is a gentleman! I love the way he takes care of vanessa! They’re sooooooooooo cute together!!! I LOVE her sunglasses too btw!!!

  • molly

    @samamntha: It’s celebrity news.

  • http://Lala Aiwen


  • Haters Suck!

    @what a laugh
    wow someone posts something on an anonomous tumbler account so it must be true right? How stupid can you be? The guy sounds like a wanna be perez Hilton or my better bet a 50 year old virgin typing from his mothers basement. Amazing how quickly people believe something that came out of thin air and don’t question anything about it. This sounds like that drama journal bs all over again and most know how that wound up to be crap.

  • Danielle

    Love, love, love them!!

  • Bunnylover

    @Haters Suck!: Actually I believe it is a lady. But what is this difference between these rumours and the ones that you are quite happy to accept are true, because it supports your opinion?

  • Haters Suck!

    I believe it’s a lady too. In fact I think I even know who it is, but I don’t have enough proof…yet so I’ll keep that info to myself. These postings I wouldn’t even qualify as rumors that’s how absurd they are. This person sounds like one of them 9/11 or jfk or allien conspiracy therorits where everything and anything is a conspiracy. You want to believe this person that’s on you but like I said this person just came out of thin air (or maybe not) and I’m supposed to take them seriously? Not bloody likely.

  • hey there!

    @Haters Suck!:

    Just can’t take the truth. My my you Vanessa fans are really gullable arn’t you.

  • Mel

    @What a laugh
    If you want people to take your friend seriously you may want to have them double check their information before posting such stuff. Not saying the pics aren’t from last week, but it’s funny that I know of 2 other celebs pics that were taken yesterday in New York and it’s funny that neither of them had umbrellas either, hmm makes you question the validity of that particular statement (check yesterday’s weather it will give you an hour by hour play of weather conditions). It was done on a tumbler, therefore not proof of anything other than it’s a bloggers imagination on what they think they know. You want them to be taken seriously then show people that it belongs to somebody who is of importance in HW and not someone who comes across as a “person done wrong”.
    @Haters suck!
    This person does sound extremely familiar. I know who one of the people are that were asking questions.
    @hey there!
    You may want to be careful who you call gullible, because if you believe all of the stuff put on that blog then you are just as gullible.

  • Haters Suck!

    @hey there
    speaking of gullable look at yourself. The person behind that blog can be u for all anyone knows (I don’t think it is, I have my eye on someone else, but I’m just saying) or one of a billion people on this planet. But go ahead take the word or someone who just appeared out of nowhere.

  • hey there!

    @Haters Suck!:

    sorry to disappoint you but not me i’m affraid, i don’t even know how to set up a blog

  • kelly martineau

    They spend all there time together sense they have been dating. Seems nessa doesn’t care about anything else like her family and friends back in la.
    She doesn’t go back and see them when she has a week off from filming. Think they are vergins?

  • BOJI

    Conspiracy theories, exactly. I think this one here is a little far fetched myself. Read that blog and I must say the person has an active imagination. If. You doubted them as a couple in the beginning rightly so but anyone can see that they are a bona fide couple now. they can barely stay apart for more than a week. Austin visited Vanessa when she was filming in Alaska, there were no paps pic but a fan managed to get a back shot of them. How come no pics of their south American trip? did read a blogger’s encounter though,.just saying.

  • maria

    I can’t believe anyone would take such rambling seriously. It doesn’t exactly say anything either, just that pics are supposedly from the same weekend, and that her peeps have something to do with releasing them. How is that some revelation?? Even if there is any truth to it, so what? And that would mean every celeb and their people are guilty of the same. We do get how PR machines work. It’s not rocket science. So who cares about the ramblings of that moron?

  • LoveNessa

    @kelly martineau:
    As I posted the other day: Ok, I try to stay away from correcting spelling/grammar, but you have done this in like 3 or 4 posts. It’s SINCE, not SENSE.
    You have been posting this same crap on JJ and JJjr for over a week now. Enough already. Are you deliberately trying to sound like a moron? Who cares if they are VERGINS (sic). How old are you…..10? Get a life.

  • LoveNessa

    @Haters Suck!:
    “well Tony they can’t shop all day, that’s what night time is for.”
    You do know that people have sex during the day, don’t you? Some people even do it at night time with the lights on!

    (Sorry, Haters, not really making fun of you. I just found your statement to be really comical. I know you didn’t mean it that way, but that’s how it came out. LOL)

  • VanFan

    Plus, this person says they know with 100% certainty that V left NY. How do they know? And how do they know that she didn’t leave and then come back? I don’t really get this person’s point completely. She is saying that V is paying to delay the pics being posted so that she is constantly in the limelight? That doesn’t make sense. Why do that when she can just have the paps post current pics? What am I missing?

  • evz

    I agree with maria. I read it out of curiosity, and now I feel like a gullible
    Anyway, my love for V will remain no matter what.

  • maria

    @VanFan: Agreed, VanFan. Plus, wouldn’t the celeb sites be the ones who would benefit from more frequent pics? For the celeb, it is over exposure, but for the tabloids, it’s $$ and sales. Nothing about that stupid article makes sense to me.