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Berenice Marlohe: Daniel Craig is 'Absolutely Wonderful'

Berenice Marlohe: Daniel Craig is 'Absolutely Wonderful'

Daniel Craig steps out with a newspaper on Monday (March 26) in London, England.

The 44-year-old English actor was spotted filming in Surrey earlier in the month – Daniel and Javier Bardem worked together to shoot scenes for their upcoming Bond movie Skyfall.

“It’s great. Daniel is absolutely wonderful as a human being and he has a wonderful sense of humour, so it’s really good to work in these conditions as actors because you feel very relaxed and part of a family,” she shared.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Daniel Craig

Berenice Marlohe, the newest Bond girl, recently told the UKPA that she loved starring opposite Daniel.

Skyfall will be released on November 9.

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  • bissgirl

    WOW, What a gorgeous man

  • Guinness

    hey! beat you Fio!!! nah nah.

    Ya can’t get much more smokin hot than these pics–love the leather. damn——DAN!!

    whew! this shoulcl cbe cant rite anymofe././//….frontal is incredible….

  • GFW

    His answers to the the questionnaire in Vanity Fair were appalling, and childish.

  • @Maja

    Very cool casual Bond look. Mighty fine, Mista Craig…:)

  • Gossipgirl

    I don’t like him in other films, but, damn, he is hot as Bond!

  • lolaa

    Am I the only one who isnt waiting for the bond movie- Im waiting for THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE!! gaaah totally hooked on the girl with the dragon tattooo, awesome performance from Rooney and Daniel!

  • @Maja

    @lolaa es, that, too. Lets hope, they get it off the hook.

  • Lene

    OMG.. he’s ****ING hot!!

  • jiji

    @lolaa: I want both movies. I am hopelessly smitten with Lisbeth and Mikael as a couple!!

  • susan

    to GFW

    ok, i read the questions and answers that Daniel gave. so what exactly is the problem here. as far as i can tell Daniel said nothing wrong.

  • Benjamin

    Tight jeans are both cool and hot on a guy if he has the right body for them and the right attitude. I just love to watch the Hot Hunky Muscle guy in tight hot jeans. And Daniel has a nice a*s!

  • Benjamin

    “What is your motto?
    “Breathe in … breathe out. Repeat.””
    He’s having the intelligence as revealed by an ability to give correct responses without delay. LOL

  • Lovett

    How about Layer Cake? He was so incredibly awesome!

  • Mendel

    Hi Guinness

    you were quicker…but we have the good weather :)

    “Ya can’t get much more smokin hot than these pics–love the leather. damn——DAN!!”

    Yes, yes, yes, I am sitting here drooling – that man is just so FIT!!! OMG, it’s getting rather hot in here…

    “frontal is incredible…”

    Now I am thinking of full frontal…*grin* I shall have some very nice dreams, thank you :)

    to Susan

    my favourite is still:

    What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?
    Gastric flu on an airplane.

  • susan

    to Mendel

    I can relate to his comment about Gastric flu on an airplane. i suffered through it all way from JFK to Heathrow.

  • Amy

    Jared, thank you so much for all the beautiful photos, oh Happy 30th Birthday! BTW, is this thread Daniel’s? The title is Berenice Marlohe, but all photos are Daniel. Okay, I post hers!
    Berenice at the EMPIRE FILM AWARD

  • Gossipgirl

    @Lovett: Word! Yes he was smoking in that! Thanks for reminding me!

  • Fio

    Ella is at the Pinewood Stdios?

    Katie: Just saw daniel craig’s car :D hopefully see him today x
    7:34 AM – 27 Mar 12 via UberSocial for BlackBerry
    Katie: @annie_7910 oh I’m planning on it! He has the coolest car but apparently he might have just left it here. He’ll defs be here tomoz tho :)
    7:53 AM – 27 Mar 12 via UberSocial for BlackBerry
    Katie: @annie_7910 the new bond film :D it’s amazing seen sum of it. & I might have 2 go 2 the sets & find him. dont revise u’ll make me feel bad!
    7:57 AM – 27 Mar 12 via UberSocial for BlackBerry
    Katie: Did not know that daniel craig has a daughter. Apaz she’s like 20. My dreams are crushed :’(
    11:36 AM – 27 Mar 12 via UberSocial for BlackBerry
    Katie: Daniel craig is looking fine in a suit today #justsayin although he looks a little hot…….. Hot and sweaty :P
    11:37 AM – 27 Mar 12 via UberSocial for BlackBerry

  • Fio

    James Bond gets a new gadget, shish kebab!!

  • Fio

    Skyfall: Naomie Harris to play an ambitious Bondgirl
    Bondgirls are known for their beauty and glamour but actress Naomie Harris, who plays field agent Eve in 23rd 007 movie ‘Skyfall’ opposite Daniel Craig, promises to bring ‘brains and ambition’ too to the role.
    “It is one dimensional when Bondgirls are just glamorous and beautiful. As Bond becomes more human, women in his life have to evolve to match this change. They need to have more potential for a man like James Bond to fall in love with them. He will not be attracted to a woman who is merely beautiful. They have to be equal to Bond,” Harris told PTI in a telephonic interview from Los Angeles.
    In the past few Bond films actresses like Halle Berry, Eva Green, Olga Kurylenko and Gemma Arterton have brought more edge to the character and Harris is happy to be part of this growing tradition.

    “I love playing strong, independent women onscreen and that’s what drew me to the character of field agent Eve. She is very capable, intelligent and ambitious. She wants to be seen as the new Bond and that’s what she is aiming for and I love that ambition in her,” says Harris.
    ‘Skyfall’, which was delayed for almost two years after MGM faced financial trouble, will be released by Sony Pictures Entertainment in India on November 2 this year. It is currently being filmed in different parts of the world.
    Craig and Judi Dench are returning as Bond and M while Oscar-winner Javier Bardem plays the main antagonist. Harris and French actress Berenice Marlohe help Bond in his mission to unravel another mystery in the Sam Mendes directed film.
    35-year-old Harris, best known for her roles in ‘Miami Vice’, ’28 Days Later’ and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ series, says it was difficult not to get star-struck while working with the famous actors.
    “It was very intimidating during the first few days. Daniel, Judi Dench, Sam Mendes and Javier Bardem they all are the actors that I admire. They are top of their game. I had to pinch myself to remain true to my role. I was totally
    star-struck,” says Harris.
    The actress believes that director Mendes, known for his films like ‘American Beauty’ and ‘Revolutionary Road’, would add a lot of humour and layers to the story.
    “Sam (Mendes) wants to add much more humour to the movie. He is fundamentally known for his relationship stories and that will reflect in this film too. He wants the audience to engage and relate with Bond more. It is going to be fantastic Bond movie. The stakes are biggger and better this time.”
    The actress, who grew up watching Bond films, says she never imagined that she would be a part of the secret world of the spy series.
    “I have been a huge fan of Bond movies. I don’t know anyone who isn’t. They are full of glamour, action and humour. It was part of my growing up years. I am working with some of the greatest actors of my time. I love the idea of entering
    the secret world of MI6,” she says.
    It was not a cakewalk for Harris to fit in the character as she trained hard for close to two months before filming. Harris says it was her most demanding role physically.
    “I started training from October. I am off to Turkey now for more training. I learnt to fire machine gun for Miami Vice but most of the action that I did in the past was to get in shape. In this film I will be doing most of the stunts that I learnt during my training. I have never trained this hard for any movie.”
    Harris is hugely impressed with the dedication of her famous co-star Craig. “He is fantastic, has great sense of humour but he is very serious at the same time. He trains for two hours after the shoot. He is very dedicated but also knows how to laugh at himself.”

  • Guinness

    …I meant to put full frontal but coundlt type like right now…fulll fronltla. nekkeds wiht leather.
    hey–did you visit the previous thread? Fio posted the “Genuine Dan at work”-pics. you havent answered some of my questions!! And Fio–thx–never stop.
    (never stop. an answer I would give to the question: “Guinness, what would you say to Daniel Craig if you ever met him and he started taking his coat off for the interview….?”

    “ruddy” –gawd that is the best. ohmygash–after a good ruddy rugby game–
    krill is kinda risky….but this my fav interview with him.

  • Guinness

    wholey shish cabob Fio—that is hysterical. I would eat whatever is in that man’s hands!! yeee haw~

  • Guinness-spoiler alert

    it is a spoiler–I didnt know they were going toward Bond’s genetics…

    surry if already posted…but it is a smashing pic of him don’t ya know.

  • Guinness-spoiler alert

    oh wow. I was just thinking of those f-me eyes he gives sitting in the booth looking at his co-star in Layer Cake(is she preggers or was that a rumor–lost care, just curious poor pet)….. and they posted him in the same scene, but at a different time….walking past… oh thank you thedanielcraigfixation!

  • Guinness

    read to the very end–you will be rewarded!

    Relevant post? ya—Dan had a thigh tickler once…omygasharoonie. i am fallinggggg

  • Mendel

    to Susan

    “I can relate to his comment about Gastric flu on an airplane. i suffered through it all way from JFK to Heathrow.”

    Awww, that’s horrible. I was once in a similar situation, and it’s one of those stories that sound hillarious later, but surely wasn’t funny at the time…

    to Fio

    “shish kebab!!”

    LOL! With some lettuce and garlic sauce, please!

    Hi Guinness

    “hey–did you visit the previous thread? Fio posted the “Genuine Dan at work”-pics. you havent answered some of my questions!!”

    I did comment *grin*

    “I would eat whatever is in that man’s hands!!”

    …and lick off the sauce, too :)

    “I didnt know they were going toward Bond’s genetics”

    Ooops, I nearly misread that…but that was already done in Casino Royale…

    “I was just thinking of those f-me eyes…Dan had a thigh tickler once”

    My imagination runs riot…

  • Fio
  • Fio
  • Fio

    Katie: Just saw Daniel Craig he telly is so beautiful in the flesh :o
    28 Mar 12 via Mobile Web
    Katie: Daniel craig is more than beautiful in a suit
    28 Mar 12 via Mobile Web
    Frankie Symonds: @katiechorley1D i hate you! have you actually met him?!
    28 Mar 12 via Twitter for BlackBerry®
    Katie: @FrankieLouise1D well I haven’t introduced myself but I’ve seen him and he gave me a wave when I smiled. Been on set today tho. It’s good:)
    28 Mar 12 via Mobile Web
    Katie: Omg daniel craig today :O #hotness
    29 Mar 12 via UberSocial for BlackBerry
    Katie: This has to be the coolest work experience EVER!
    29 Mar 12 via UberSocial for BlackBerry
    Stef Ellis: It’s all happening at Pinewood today! Daniel Craig has been spotted!
    29 Mar 12 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

  • Fio

    Hi, Guinness
    “I meant to put full frontal but coundlt type like right now…fulll fronltla. nekkeds wiht leather.”
    Whoa! Full frontal? You mean his zipper stuck halfway up? lol

  • Guinness

    today is my birthday. dunnu nu nu nu na—ok. bad Beatles razzy ditty.I have been singing this song since i woke up and its driving me nuts cuz i dont know the rest of it.
    as a present to myself, and to others I am sure, I will be posting “my fav Dan pictures from photobucket.”. because I can!!

    OH! questions that kept me awake…Not reallly, but—what book was Mikeal burning when we saw the first seconds of that scene when he was sitting in front of the f’shack with blanket? was it Vonnegut? his fav author? hhhhmmmm….yeah. kurt was all i could read. I love the little nuances thrown into the film! classy.——CAT?!!
    oh–and i will post a vid of Freezie running…but it has some personal stuff on it–so I will explain it right now, then post it randomly so maybe people won’t catch on and will wonder wtf I am posting…ok, so in the vid i will post later, I am the camera person, daughter one is with Freezie on the leash (ohmy gash hysterical to see this-still kills me laughing), and the yellow orb is a whiffle ball cuz daughter number 2 is batting with my Dan, and the two diff activities kinda collide. And Freezie is, well, not used to the action outside cuz he is an inside cat. so that is the explanation–i will post after MANY Dan postings

    but here is the beginning—my very favorite, and hopefully will bring a shout out to someone else—but I shall dedicate it to Mendel who has been with me the longest…(dedicate others to you Fio cuz you are MEMORABLE!!)

  • Guinness
  • Guinness
  • Guinness
  • Guinness
  • Guinness
  • Guinness
  • Guinness
  • Guinness

    swimming trunk

    i mean, trunks. well…you decide cheeky brit

  • Guinness

    Moonraker & Live and Let Die are my 2 fav quotes… and ALL the BONDS are Dan to me. well, sean connery i can picture sometimes…….

    ciao peeps!! if you have any fav pic stocked up somewhere, why not wish me a happy b-day with them??? oh, crap, i forgot my most favorite……..

  • Guinness
  • Guinness

    I wonder(bra) if Barb(bra) is gonna wear her hair like this again?

  • Guinness

    if the van is a’rockin, Mendel,
    ya gotta wait your turn—he’ll be back over the pond after he hits the west coast!(dih)
    jezzus, i gotto go ffs!

  • Guinness-2 mendel
  • erica

    Love all the pics… too funny! Happy b-day Guinness:)

  • Duffy

    I live in London, And a few weeks back saw the production crew setting up house near my neighborhood. Absolutely STELLAR and wildly Bonkers! I so badly wanted to see Danny Boy but unfortunately—-Nothing :’(! Maybe I’ll get a chance…I will definitely be going to the premiere wants it hits London! Maybe I’ll see Danny and Rachel…Now that would be Wildly Bonkers!

  • Mendel
  • Mendel

    OK, maybe you rather prefer this…on your birthday :)

    Have a wonderful day with lots of Danness!

    And Freezy rocks! I love the video!

    Keep rocking (in the Dan Van), and keep those great captions coming!!!

  • Mendel

    OK, one more, this is Commando Dan just for you *grin*

  • Daniel invited by The Queen

    On her Majesty’s secret service
    James Bond and The Queen
    to open The Olympic Games
    JAMES Bond star Daniel Craig is to open the 2012 Olympic Games ceremony after a personal invitation from The Queen.
    She asked him into Buckingham Palace to film spectacular scenes as 007 for London’s sporting extravaganza.

    In the film, he arrives by Royal Appointment to be told his latest mission is to launch the Games.

    Her Majesty may even make a cameo appearance but the Palace is keeping details a secret.

    A billion people watching on TV around the world will see Bond getting his instructions before he is taken by helicopter to parachute into the Olympic stadium in Stratford, East London.

    Daniel, 44, and a film crew headed by Trainspotting director Danny Boyle were given unprecedented access to The Queen’s private rooms on Tuesday.

    They also shot helicopter and parachuting scenes.
    Danny, creative director of the opening ceremony, has chosen to make MI6 agent Bond a key part of the spectacle which will kick-start the Olympics.

    The Queen, who is celebrating her Diamond Jubilee this year, had to personally sanction the move — which will give a glimpse inside the famous landmark.

    A source on set said: “It’s a huge coup for BBC producers and Danny to be allowed into the Palace and have the Queen involved.

    “They wanted the most iconic British film character inside the building most associated with London and with the monarch — and they got it.
    “It will be a magical scene for all watching at home and inside the stadium on July 27.

    “Working out the logistics of filming has taken months and hasn’t been easy — but it will be worth it in the end.”

    Crew members were given strict instructions not to tell any members of the public what they were filming. Cameras and mobiles were banned on the set. The film — to be fed into the opening ceremony — was given the name “The Arrival”.
    Julia McKenzie, who played Miss Marple in the ITV show, was also involved in the shoot.

    This year marks the 50th anniversary of British Bond movies.

    A Palace spokesman said: “Buckingham Palace is involved in a number of filming projects during this special Jubilee year and we would not go into details of any particular project until nearer the time of transmission.”
    Yesterday one of the Queen’s granddaughters, Princess Beatrice, 23, was among 5,000 runners who completed a five-mile lap of the Olympic Park.

    She crossed the finish line in the Olympic stadium in front of an invited crowd of 12,000 — then gave medals to winners in the event organised by the National Lottery.

    THE Sun’s Royal Editor Duncan Larcombe says: “The Queen is determined to make sure 2012 is unforgettable.
    “By inviting James Bond into her home for this film, Her Majesty has shown she wants to be at the heart of the celebrations.

    “Once again it’s a refreshing sign of her sense of humour and willingness to step outside tedious protocol.

    “She may be turning 86 this month but the monarch clearly still loves a party. And she retains that sixth sense of all that puts the Great into Great Britain.”