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Gerard Butler Cheers On the Lakers!

Gerard Butler Cheers On the Lakers!

Gerard Butler gets ready to cheer on the Lakers at their big game on Sunday (March 25) at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

The 42-year-old actor wore his Lakers hat to show his pride for the team!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Unfortunately, the Lakers lost to the Grizzlies 102-96. Stay tuned for the Lakers next game, this coming Tuesday (March 27) against the Warriors.

Also in attendance at the game was Ashton Kutcher and Nicole Richie.

Last week, Gerard hit up Chateau Marmont for a night out on the town!

FYI: Gerard is wearing a Rogue plaid shirt.

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  • AM

    Looking sexy at the Lakers game!!!

  • jj is lame

    pathetic washed up overrated pos. druggie loser is lame as heck, this site is so predictable

  • riri


  • dhgh

    And cue the obese fan girls!

  • A

    He looks like a bloated Nevada bouncer who spends most of his time sniffing coke out of some tired old ex strippers a*s.

  • what???

    @A: Socking much tonight there numpty?

  • goodgravy

    Dear Gerry,
    Please don’t lean over and flash us your hairy moob.

  • egads

    did he dress in the closet?

  • Z

    @A: How disgusting a person you must be to write such a thing.

  • carri

    He doesn’t look very happy. Is that the shirt from Bounty Hunter?

  • Info

    LOL looks like the shirt from TBU.
    Men! He doesn’t look like his usual self and I am getting vibes of London outside The Box earlier this year. I hope he is not on something tonight; God help him.

  • Liz

    I think once a man reaches middle age, it’s time to button up the shirt.
    Edit: Actually, no man looks good with an unbuttoned shirt and jacket. Geez, Gerry.

  • moore

    @carri: Well, it’s hard out there for a ‘ho.

  • LOL

    look mommy, I got dressed by myself!

  • careful

    ladies the three phannie trolls will swoop in if you keep doggin him like this!

  • Info

    I love Gerry but honestly that outfit is absolutely ridiculous. What was he thinking, or was he thinking even?

  • Liz

    Well, let’s look on the bright side, ladies. This ought to put the gay rumors to rest. No self-respecting gay man would be caught dead in this ensemble.

  • Italian

    Gerrrad likes the tall girls – is this here for his benefit??

  • Tallchat_CoM

    worthy a try

  • e.m.

    Beyond ugly. Also, are we sure this one was born with ovaries?

  • Pathetic Phannies

    Just bringing this overt here because the dumbest post was posted last thread – MEN WHO HAVE MONEY WANT TALL WOMEN.
    Sorry. It’s called some Alpha thing. I may be 5’6 but even I know that Victoria’s Secret models are all over 5’9. DUH Miss UNiverse is 5’11 – all mODELS ARE OVER 5’9. From Donald Trump to NFL Stars to Musicians – they all want Amazons. Let’s not be stupid as the old hags that MOST of you are here.

  • angelsrock

    “LOL! I think “Calmwaters” pointed out to you that having sex is not considered dating. So no, these women around his age he slept with were just the women that were available to him at the time based on his criteria – she needs to be a certain look (tall, skinny, brown or blonde doesn’t matter to him, younger or his age doesn’t matter either because he’s not marrying them), she can’t be a co-star, as he will not date those usually (but never say never of course), and not too famous (he likes them relatively unknown, even the full-fledged GF. Women like Bianca, Jasmine, LC, Jaene, Brandi, Alicia, etc…but preferably in the business so they have something to talk about in between fuucking and she will also understand him needing to go to premieres without her because she would know about the paps and tabloids and she will buy his needs for privacy). I think that’s the profile of the women he sleeps with.”
    Well said. Agreed.
    GFW, Calmfa/rters – go fall off a bridge.

  • what the hell
    How long was Janea around? Less than a year of hotels rendezvous – and she left her hubby for him? what a dummy.

  • ?

    Why are people posting the other thread over here?

  • Eat it phannies
  • Wow…

    @Pathetic Phannies:
    I haven’t read the post you mentioned, but let me guess: you are really, really tall, aren’t you? The only reason the men you mentioned like tall women is because the want to date models. They don’t date them because they are tall, they date them because they are MODELS, they think it’s a status thing.
    Models who are really tall often look weird and masculine in “real life”, they look ridiculous and tower over even men when they wear high heels. And there is NO way that you are 5’6. I bet you’re much taller than that. You’re probably so tall that you hate your own weight, wear flats all the time and all the other things that skyscraper women tend to do.

  • Tallchat_CoM

    @Pathetic Phannies:

    Hey, man, you can join our club. maybe u can find someone who are tall to be your soulmate

  • Toronto

    Never have I been soooo happy to see a new thread!

    Can’t we all just get along? *extends olive branch* “Kumbaya My Lord, Kumbaya…….”

  • Tallchat_CoM
  • Info

    I take it back. He actually looks happy and content per this picture. Also, he is with Avi Lerner, the producer of PTF and possibly a couple more movies that GB signed up for this year. So I am happy he looks happy.
    Oh yes, based on this outfit, there is no way in hell he is gay. Good observation lol

  • Wow…

    *your own height, not weight

  • PTF

    At WO they’re saying Gerry is sitting beside one of the producers of PTF in this pic of the game.

  • PTF

    @Info: Sorry, didn’t know you posted it!

  • Info

    Worry not about it. The more the merrier.

  • Info

    On one side he is sitting with Lerner (the guy with the white hair), and on the other side he is sitting with Harvey Wienstien. Harvey goes to all the games and I think may have permanent seats.

  • Pootie

    Too bad your husband would leave you for a skyscraper in a heart beat sweetie.
    Truth hurts. If he says otherwise? HE’S LYING.

  • Lipstick in LaLa Land

    Shakira – 5’1
    Kim Kardashian – 5’2
    Pamela Anderson – 5’3
    Megan Fox – 5’4
    Marilyn Monroe – 5’6
    Angelina Jolie – 5″7

    I could go on and on. But you get the point.

    Famous women, desired by many (in their time), and all way too short to be a model.

    Suck it.

  • Angelina is not 5’7 FATSO

    @Lipstick in LaLa Land:
    Short people have – no reason to live.
    And I don’t need to list the SUPERMODELS. Lets just say that supermodels trump that list of ‘so-sos’ you have listed.
    is that all you got?
    Yes, I’m a model in NYC and YES I could take your man anyway – for fun!

  • Tallchat_CoM

    “If you care enough for your living”, If you want to have another new found in you life. You may join ❤in

  • #Winning

    IDIOT –
    Are you actually compariing Kim K and Meghan Fox to supermodels??
    You are sad sad sad
    Adriana Lima
    Charlize Theron
    Christie Turlington
    Alessandra D’Ambrosio
    Cindy Crawford
    Naomi Campbell
    and on and on and on….
    And NO I’m not very very tall but I’m LEGGY.
    And no wayyyyy would I trade these pins for short fat stumps of the women you listed HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
    Did you really list Kim K????

  • Lipstick in LaLa Land

    Loooook BIATCH………I’m a size 4.

    But call me Fatso if it makes you feel good.

    Many men don’t want to f/uuk women of a MANLY height, and the weight of a walking skeleton. Some may…. sure. Most of my buddies like women who look like WOMEN.

    But, go ahead try to take my man. You won’t find him. I’m a lesbian….

  • Irina Shyak

    Gerard likes girlfriends who are ‘in the business’ but nowhere hear his level of celebrity, like marginally ‘famous’ in their fields – Jasmine, Brandi, Alicia, LC – all have ‘fame’ in what they ‘do’.
    Janea is not famous for anything at all – seriously, like…so that one stumps me to hell.

  • Bye

    Wow the level of stupidity of Gerard fans surprises me even :(

  • Lipstick in LaLa Land

    Most men haven’t even HEARD of the models you’ve listed! Do you think your average man cares about fashion models? Trust me, they’d do Megan Fox before they’d do Gisele. Duh! But I agree some of the Sports Illustrated girls are hot!

    BTW, lists Angelina Jolie at 5’6 1/2

  • bystander

    Well, I’m going to add to the vacuous posting, although trumping the airhead who thinks herself superior because she is a ‘model’ and could ‘take your man’ is impossible. There’s more to life than looks, dear, as you will discover one day. Just hope your personality improves by then.

    Not going to be able to get a song out of my head today. Altogether: It’s fun to stay at the YMCA, it’s fun to stay at the YMCA…

  • Italian

    So juvenile and lame. Take your fights somewhere else, you losers. No one gives a sh*t because neither of you will ever get in gerard’s pants.

  • onlooker

    @Lipstick in LaLa Land:
    We are here talking about Gerard.
    Why are you listing a bunch of Holywood losers that Gerard wouldn’t even farrt at?? Please do not put Kim K in the medium height girl category.
    I do not want to claim her (I’m 5’7) -
    I would want to be 5’9 or 5’10. Thats it.
    Not like 5’11 like the SI chick. Too tall.

  • Paz

    gerard does – ask him.

  • Cathy

    I wonder if Avi Lerner and Harvey Weinstein enjoyed looking at Gerry’s chest hair?
    I can see having your shirt wide open on a date or something, but it’s an odd choice to wear for an evening with industry execs.

  • gbutler ru

    Some nice photos of G at the game …..