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'Twilight: Breaking Dawn - Part 2' Teaser Trailer Released

'Twilight: Breaking Dawn - Part 2' Teaser Trailer Released

Check out the teaser trailer for Breaking Dawn – Part 2, the upcoming final installment of the Twilight saga.

In the video, Edward Cullen (played by Robert Pattinson) remarks that he and his wife, Bella (Kristen Stewart), are finally the same temperature.

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We also get to see Bella hunting in the woods and chasing a deer!

Breaking Dawn – Part 2 hits theaters November 16.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the teaser trailer for Breaking Dawn – Part 2?

Breaking Dawn – Part 2
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  • marla

    does anyone even care?? The twilight (toilet) movies SUCK

  • reed


  • Sam

    Yay she finally got what she wanted!! Now she’s suddenly done with her self-esteem issues and she’s a very confident person! 0_o

  • sheng

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  • Memei


  • Alexis

    Wow, I can’t wait for this to come out!

  • it gonna be Huge

    now we are talking abt something worth watching……bring it on BD2 and Team Edward Cullen forever :)

  • lola

    And here come the haters. Wasting their time on something they hate. So silly :)

  • it gonna be Huge

    suck it Haters Twilight Rocks and if u don’t like it then stop wasting ur time on it……..meaning STFU.

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    I really don’t like how the new Bella with the red eyes was looking in such a creepy way at that innocent deer. I’m an animal lover. Bizarre Bella go away!!

  • GoodGod

    These movie are so horrible. Its like they cant even put effort into her makeup let alone the story, she looks exactly the same except with red eyes, what a lousy vampire. If I were in this movie I would call Buffy the vampire slayer to have her vampy boyfriend exterminated because he makes me gag

  • barefoot duchess

    she looks really scary!

  • gemma

    IMO people have forgotten that twilight was a small budget indie film and became successful because of the fans as they didnt have the media coverage that other films have , that itself is amazing and the critics as well as the cast themselves were not expecting twilight to became the huge succes .

  • leah

    Haters are too predictable. *yawn*

    Anyway, can’t wait for Part 2. VampBella will be different and cool.

  • leah

    @Dave From Canada: Of course she’s looking at it like that, she’s about to attack it!

  • ds

    @gemma: what? are you stupid? the movie was produced by SUMMIT, the company that also produced American Pie, The Hurt Locker (which one an OSCAR) and tons of other big budget movies. Everyone expected it to be a huge success (FINANCIALLY) because it the movie had a huge fan base prior to the book coming out. The critics said the movie was bad in terms of cinematography, script, acting and they were spot on but no one doubted how much money the franchise would make.

  • Lca

    Ok. She has very ugly hands… and vampires don’t don’t sparkle any more, and the sun is there.
    Terrible direction :S

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    Leah: You’re missing the point. She SHOULDN’T be attacking an innocent creature like a deer. If this is what she has become then I pity her. Let her go attack one of her fellow vampires!

  • kstewage

    @it gonna be Huge:
    if you think twilight rocks then you must have been living in a cave and know nothing about what makes a movie great

  • kristin

    they showed this trailer during The Hunger Games. Everyone in the theater laughed….lol. I mean come on, her staring down that deer from behind that tree like a creeper is more comical than anything. another twilight with horrible effects and worse acting. you’d think a series with such a large fan base like this would’ve worked harder on these movies. I’m glad its finally ending, looks like Hunger Games will take its place. at least they actually made a great movie. if i were a twilight fan who read the books, i would’ve made a bigger deal about how they completely failed at transforming the book series into good quality movies. i guess you guys are easy to please. you twilight fans deserve better than this crap they call movies

  • Lola

    poor deer! evil :(

  • Lola

    @kristin: you’re right. I really enjoyed Stephenie Meyer’s books, and I felt insulted by the poor quality of the films.

  • Sarah

    @kristin: Well good for you. Why do you care how good or bad the Twilight movies are? Seriously let people like what they like. It’s a guilty pleasure and obviously they are doing something right if each movie has grossed $600M-$700M worldwide. Not exactly peanuts.

  • ozzie

    just a couple things … some of the romantic dialog should have been rewritten instead of taking word for word from the books. it was SO bad in Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 … vampires don’t sparkle … those are not werewolves in the books/movies.

    the basic storyline is pretty good but i don’t think the author knows how the male human brain works. it is very different than the female of the species yet she writes both men and women as if they romanticize the same.

  • gemma

    @ds: no i am not stupid and no twilgiht was expected to be a hit but not a huge hit that it did end up becoming . the cast espically did not expect the success that it did and didnt the hurt locker come out after twilight

  • nunya

    She didnt like being “ordinary” so she chose to become a monster instead, that was the only way for her to “shine”. Thats so messed up.

  • Love

    The haters are worse than fangirls. And you people, know soo much about these movies and yet you say you hate them. How to understand it? Please, grow up and don’t act childish. You all look laughable!

  • ~S~

    You can’t compare the movies to the books b/se they are on two completely different wavelengths. As a fan of the books, I was disappointed by the movies…but I still watched them and am looking forward to the concluding movie. Hopefully they leave it at that and not build on the rumours I have heard of a sixth movie.

  • junebug

    @nunya: She chose to become a vampire so she can be with Edward. She wouldn’t have done it otherwise. But she also embraced that life and she loves the Cullen clan (her new family).

  • junebug

    @Love: OMG love that is so true. The haters live and breathe this series yet they claim to hate it to much. You know what they say about the line between love and hate right? :)

  • nunya

    @junebug: Yea she basically made the choice to die become something else entirely for a man. She already had a family and she chose to give that up too.

  • junebug

    @nunya: She didn’t chose death, she chose love and immortality.

    It’s also a fantasy story and most people would never have to make that kind of choice. All part of the appeal of human/vampire love stories!

  • junebug

    @junebug: *CHOOSE.

  • Amber

    My only thought was “Poor deer”. = P

  • Sayer

    @~S~: The movie makers realized how “cheesy” the love story was and decided to make the movies “campy” to match. The movie knows its campy, but guess what, the cheesiness and campiness are part of the appeal.

    PS. Lionsgate, the owner of THG also owns Twilight.

  • sunshine21

    The theater I was at everyone laughed too. So dramatic, just for her to be behind a tree lurking to attack a deer. So stupid.

  • ewiezz

    the story will be great if Bella is evil!! Vampire should be evil, they’re soulless creature. human become vampire is dead, soulless & just have memory of the human but no the same person!!
    if Buffy is still around, she will stake Bella!
    I love ‘Being Human’.. kinda logic there coz the vampire have to take more effort to not drink life and sometimes they slip…

  • aunatural

    Thank God that after this one, this baloney of garbage will now end!

  • kristin

    @Sarah: like i said, if this is your guilty pleasure, you are way to easy to please. i was just saying i think the twilight fans deserve better than this

  • edward fan

    I really am excited Breaking Dawn’s trailer is finally out. I want more to come out. I loved the books and I watched Breaking Dawn part 1 at my house on Blockbuster @Home. It was beautiful the way it was directed. The wedding, the wedding dress, Bella’s transformation was awesome. I watched that movie a lot of times, luckily I didn’t have to deal with late fees. Me and a co-worker at DISH are huge Twilight fans, we have our desks filled with Twilight stuff.

  • stefani adams


  • just curious

    Why is her wedding ring on her right hand?