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Beyonce Carries Blue Ivy in a Fur Baby Sling

Beyonce Carries Blue Ivy in a Fur Baby Sling

Beyonce leaves an office building with her daughter, Blue Ivy, on Tuesday (March 27) in New York City.

The 30-year-old entertainer, joined by mom Tina Knowles, kept Blue warm in a fur baby sling.

Beyonce says Blue changes every day and looks just like Jay[-Z] now,” singer Melanie Fiona – who is co-managed by Jay – recently told Us Weekly.

“He’s in a good mood all the time!” she added. “[And Beyonce] just is so happy. I’ve seen Bey like 3 times since she’s had the baby, and she’s just glowing and she’s saying [motherhood] is the best, and she just loves it!”

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  • tellmeh

    Baby must be ugly!
    she never shows her face!

  • Ava


    Or maybe she shielding her baby’s face from all the camera flashes. It can be harsh on an adult. Can you imagine a baby?

  • lisa

    I’m really sorry, but it just looks kinda weird.

  • Mia

    Oh dear, there she is at it again.
    We almost never saw her while she was pregnant (as if)
    and now she is walking this girl around everyday for the papz to see.
    Watch this video I came along on….. it is really intereseting about Beyonce

  • Alia san

    real fur 0_0 i hop not
    but come on pple if i were her i would do the same thing
    covering my baby

  • tasha

    NYC is cold right now. Baby must be nice and snuggley warm. Nothing weird about that.

  • Nothing But Love

    She is a superstar there will always be pictures taken of her just like any other celebrity. I commend them all that have continued to live their lives irrespective of the papz, she looks beautiful.

  • Kristen

    This is not a criticism, but a genuine question – how do these celeb moms cover up their kids like that without suffocating them? Everything I’ve ever read about baby carriers says you need to keep the top open so that the baby can get air and breathe, yet I always see pictures of celebrities smothering their kids and apparently they’re fine?

  • Shauna

    “Beyonce says Blue changes every day and looks just like Jay[-Z] now.”
    If that baby ends up being a girl who looks like Jay-Z more than Beyonce, that will be very unfortunate!

  • Beck

    I really hope that baby doesn’t grow up looking like Jay z…I’m sure he’s a great man, but his face is just…

  • camillus

    Bit_h with her surogate child, she’s a assh_le and a fame whore she is a total douche bag, child ain’t her’s she wasn’t pregnant and she was looking like her pre pregnancy announcement in a couple weeks, Go away you Douche bag ass+ole. God she’s a C-nt who care’s about her little douche child either.

  • olivia

    My sister carries her newborn covered when she takes him out as well. I’ve seen plenty non-celebrities cover their babies when out. Especially with the wind blowing in their faces, sun, their skin is still delicate, and can easily get sunburn in the summer as well.
    I don’t know what’s the outcry about Beyonce covering her baby, when charlize theron had her baby covered with a blanket as well.

    All those flashing in your face, the paparazzi doesn’t have sense enough to think about flashing it in little baby or little kids faces that the flashes annoy kids at times.

  • Courtney

    some of you are idiots Bey was pregnant she gained 45lbs and blue was 7lbs at birth a perfectly healthy weight. it’s normal to cover a baby with a blanket when you’re carrying them. that wrap looks like it’s real fur which is totally tasteless now a days when there are synthetics available that look the same it’s not a status symbol like it was in the 50′s & 60′s

  • Ellgy

    For all we know she could have a bag of potatoes in there.

  • Ellgy

    I actually feel sorry for the baby. With so much speculation as to whether Beyonce actually was pregnant, imagine how the child is going to feel when she is old enough to look at the internet. They should be honest with her from the start because even if the public never know the truth, the child has a right to.

  • NYC

    “HER” Baby? Yeah, ok….
    When you give birth to a baby something about you changes.
    It just happens and you have a different look about you.
    With Beyonce, she looks exactly the same.
    She did not give birth to that kid and I don’t see what the big deal is,
    to say you had a surrogate.
    So what?

  • info

    Honestly i think Beyonce has a surprise.

    She is retiring. Just look at the signs:

    One of the last songs on the album is called “I Was Here”

    It was also said that she only had a 4 album deal with Columbia . 4 – her fourth album

    She just had a baby

    And she always said she would have a baby at 30 and she always said she would retire at 30

    So get ready for a world tour and then she is gonna announce that she is retiring from music

  • alien

    @tellmeh: Beyonce said she looks just like Jay-Z, so you’re is ugly.

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  • Just Me


    I hope you realize that even if she had a surrogate, it’s still HER baby.

  • Sally

    Besides Beyonce being a massive liar , look at the video of her stomach clasping and she was supposedly 7 months pregnant….what’s with carrying the baby like that, getting in and out of a car, how reckless, that baby should be in a car seat and if she so worried about the paps getting a picture she could easily cover the top with a blanket.
    If anyone needed proof that Beyonce is a narcissist nut job, you need no further proof, putting your baby’s life in danger, if she got into a car accident that baby would have no chance of surviving…. she so is sick.

  • ed

    O look at me in my stupid yellow shoes…

  • just sayin

    Her mother looks scary after getting a face lift or whatever the f she did to her face.

  • moni

    Beyonce was FAKE about her pregnancy and this is the thing that i do not like. I do not care about surrogate, because the other women had more worth to had the baby. To be fake about pregnancy is inconceivable. She took us a fool or she is stupid. And now look with the skin more white. It is kind of she does not look like black people.

  • NYC

    Totally agree.
    Great video and 100% true.

  • NYC

    @Just Me:
    That’s true, I agree with you but she did have a surrogate and is lying to everyone, which is really creepy.
    Why Lie?
    There is a whole back story here and no one will ever know the truth.

  • MissT

    I really hope that is not real fur.

  • mchammer

    Wrapping a baby in fur. Stupid evil bitch! She knows what they do to animals.

  • Jean

    Aw, Bey is quite the little mommie.

  • AGA

    OMG–What a bunch of know-it-haters feeling big cause they can stick it to Bey behind a PC
    IF(BIG IF)she did use surragate maybe she will tell Blue in time
    Woman look different after they give birth-WTF,I suggest you get out some old celeb mags and you will see they all look just the same.
    It is none of our business,she said she had a natural birth,why go on and on and on and on about it.
    She does’nt look black enough anymore-LMFAO at that she trying NOT to be AA any-more–Willshe disown her daughter hubby,mom,sister,nephews and loads of friends and work friends???

    Anyway–Thanks for the laugh’s

  • Mary

    Baby….What baby?

  • Shelly


  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    A FUR baby sling?! She’s teaching that poor kid a HUGE mistake already……….the lifestyles of the rich and famous………..

  • Sheila

    Ahh look at Beyonce taking her Brand..I mean baby out for the day. Poor wee thing, her trophy needs time out too!!

  • jane

    that’s ostrich feather—i hope blue is smarter than her parents. where is that girl with the flour when you need her?

  • chanel follow it’s fashion blog :D

  • bobs

    Notice how the PetaNazis never go after Blacks.

  • Courtney

    @bobs that’s a lie I’ve seen peta throw flour/red paint at African American Celebs for wearing fur Dihann Carroll is an example. let’s hope that’s faux fur. um Bey admitted to gaining 45lbs while pregnant and she has a live in Trainer/Dietician plus is nursing blue so it wasn’t gonna take long to lose the weight and infant eats upto 12 times a day

  • Love

    U go mama bey!!!

  • Patricia Salter

    @bobs: You dam right they ain’t stupid cause they already know whats up, get your life!

  • Lizzy

    Some of yall sound so crazy

  • dooliloo

    baby? where? looks like a giant fur scarf to me….

  • Jess

    @Ellgy: For all we know you could have a bag of potatoes for a brain

  • Sweetrose78

    Is she really holding a baby? It just looks so weird…

  • akgirl


    Wow, jealous much?

  • bluesealady

    @moni you are so stupid. Even if she did have a surrogate, it’s still her baby. Everyone is saying the baby looks white. Most african american babies look white when they are first born and then their complexion browns as they get older. Also, look at Beyonce and her mother, there is white lineage in their bloodline somewhere. Her mother is not 100% african american…. Know you’re facts before you judge. I don’t care if she had a surrogate that’s her business, but i do agree she shold have been honest about it.