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James Franco Channels Kevin Federline in 'Spring Breakers'?

James Franco Channels Kevin Federline in 'Spring Breakers'?

Check out a bikini-clad Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Rachel Korine, and Ashley Benson in this pic from the Spring Breakers set.

“This is where the trouble begins,” Selena tweeted with the pic, which also features a man believed to be co-star James Franco – who looks strikingly similar to Kevin Federline from a few years ago!

Both Selena and Ashley have been busy posting photos on their Instagram pages from the film’s Florida set.

The dramedy centers around “four college girls who land in jail after robbing a restaurant in order to fund their spring break vacation. [They] find themselves bailed out by a drug and arms dealer (Franco) who wants them to do some dirty work.”

15+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, Selena Gomez, and Rachel Korine on the Spring Breakers set…

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james franco kevin federline spring breakers 01
james franco kevin federline spring breakers 02
james franco kevin federline spring breakers 03
james franco kevin federline spring breakers 04
james franco kevin federline spring breakers 05
james franco kevin federline spring breakers 06
james franco kevin federline spring breakers 07
james franco kevin federline spring breakers 08
james franco kevin federline spring breakers 09
james franco kevin federline spring breakers 10
james franco kevin federline spring breakers 11
james franco kevin federline spring breakers 12
james franco kevin federline spring breakers 13
james franco kevin federline spring breakers 14
james franco kevin federline spring breakers 15
james franco kevin federline spring breakers 16
james franco kevin federline spring breakers 17
james franco kevin federline spring breakers 18
james franco kevin federline spring breakers 19

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  • Ravioli

    Haha, he looks so funny. James Franco’s like Nicolas Cage; they can make the dumbest scripts/scenarios come off okay. e.g. Knowing and Planet of the Apes etc.

  • maria

    Crazy looking movie! And what a blast they are having filming!

  • Asha

    I feel like I have already seen this movie and it is not even out yet.

  • Haters Suck!

    Im not seeing the comparison. But hey the guy is in a lucky position from what I can tell.

  • One hot bad boy

    The word on the streets is James Franco playing rapper Riff Raff in the film. This film is going to be insane. If you have heard James Franco sing and I mean really badly, to play a rapper is so going to be on another level that surely no one can miss.

    However, I see why Kevin comes to mind. I just don’t understand how James Franco can look like so many people from James Dean, Jeff Buckley,Tim Buckley, Adam Ant, Paul Newman, Robert Mapplethorpe.

    Surely, he must be the No.1 actor for bio pics. I’m only watching for this awesome talent.

  • paul

    I’m sorry but this movie looks dumb.

  • ~S~

    OMG, the resemblance is uncanny!

  • IllWill

    Who cares if it looks dumb, all the girls look real beautiful

  • maybe

    Oh James….why? Why?

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  • adjkal

    I really don’t know what Vanessa looks so proud and smug about. She needs to lose weight and tone up.

  • bb

    Looks like they’re having lots of fun!!!!

  • yoshka

    wrong movie for him..such a shame!

  • Haters Suck!

    you’re outside your god damn mind.

  • megan

    why is the amazing james in this??

  • Love me boy

    Are they gonna put out every single photo of the film?! I don’t feel the need to watch it anymore… And besides, the scenario sounds dumb. Why does Franco want to be linked to that junk? And I agree Vanessa is way too confident

  • Jr

    obvioulsy james franco likes this project and the people in it and knows better what’s good for him then you do. After all it is his life he knows what he’s doing. And im sorry Vanessa has too much confidence, and that’s a bad thing? that has to be a joke. In my experience confidence is a key aspect to life. I’d rather be around people that have to much confidence then those who have to little or none at all. In my book there really is no such thing as to much confidence, the more you have the better i say.

  • paris

    oh dear

  • BOJI

    Vanessa’s confidence is what is known as acting, she’s in character, get it?! Duhh!!!!

  • YOU

    oh god, I feel sorry for him, being in this type kind of movie

  • So Harmony Korine now wants to be Larry Klark? He couldn’t bite his style any harder.

  • quack

    ENOUGH with the duck face!!!

  • evz

    If I act alongside James Franco, I’ll be proud too. lol And yes Vanessa Hudgens is a very confident woman which makes me love her even more.
    If you hate her for that, well, as they say… Haters don’t really hate you, they hate themselves because you’re a reflection of what they wish to be.

  • emmaa

    Bahaha James be rocking them cornrows! He makes me laugh. James is always open to any project, whether it be deemed ‘good enough’ for him or not. He doesn’t consider himself better than others and he isn’t prejudiced. Acting sometimes can be fun, too. He tends to learn lessons in acting from all the various film and tv he has done – his true fans know this.

  • maria

    How lame to say Vanessa is “too confident” in pictures of her in character for a movie!! She’s supposed to be the ringleader of the girls, so yes, she’s supposed to ooze attitude. And I’d say she’s doin’ that just fine. Confidence? Yes, she has to be confident in herself, and in what she believes she can do in this business, and she is. All actors have to be self-confident. I don’t know why anyone would think it’s a bad thing.

  • nessa

    go vanessa Hudgens!!!!

  • hey there!

    actually Maria i thought it said Selena was the ring leader and not Vanessa, think you need to get your facts right HUNNY

  • nunya

    I just hope thats not a big episode for punked. I still cant get over the fact that James Franco is in it.

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    They looks great!!!!!
    @hey there!: She said “supposed”…
    N they r friends I hope u guys stop comparing them ><

  • Mel

    @hey there!
    You may want to recheck where you saw that Selena’s character is playing the “ringleader”, because not saying they are 100% correct, but according to, her character appears to be the most religious of the girls.

  • Danielle

    Love Vanessa and she look great in bikini!!! There is a girl who is too skinny she needs to eat more hamburguers or something

  • Danielle

    Love Vanessa, she is why I’m gonna see the movie ohh and James Franco

  • K

    This movie looks like it is going to be a hot ass MESS!

  • evz

    @hey there!: Actually, Selena once said that she’s the little more tamed down character among the girls so she’s definitely not the leader.
    Maybe it’s Ashley or V. Well, this only proves that despite we see photos of them filming, we don’t really know the real deal as oppose to what someone said that it’s like they already saw the film. Let’s just wait and see…

  • hey there!

    James Franco must be desperate for work to actually work with these stupid LITTLE disney girls

    they just look like cheap hookers

  • tina

    @hey there!: lol this tells me you did your research and realize Vanessa is the leader of the group . You’re just sad.

  • Haters Suck!

    @hey there
    you just keep talking out of your ass don’t you. Here’s a look at Francos workload
    yeah seems like he’s really deaperate. And remind me again where your idol got his start?

  • maria

    @hey there!: So, HUNNY, I do know my stuff. And are you dumb enough to not know they look like “hookers” cause they’re in character for these roles?? Should I assume Zac is a manwh*re just cause he was in underwear/shirtless for 75% of Paper Boy? No. Cause he was in character. So just stop. Your ignorance is shining through.

  • vanessafan
  • gigi

    This movie’s gonna be totally trashtastic. Of course I’m going to go see it…… on TV.

  • Bixch

    My nightmares induced by K-Fed’s horrific fashion sense began to sub-side and James Franco had to go on and resurrect them. It was hard enough for me to follow K-fed from his Britney trash days, to gaining a gazillion pounds, to losing some pounds, and having a litter of kids in between. I thought all of the trauma was over? What’s Franco trying to do here? Make “pretty fly for a white guy” an American staple? Sleazey chic is the cockroach of fashion, it just won’t die.

  • rahrahrah

    @hey there!:

    How is James Franco desperate for work when he’s got 3 moves coming out this year and 4 movies coming out in 2013? That looks more like hard-working to me. He’s an actor who obviously loves to act.

  • Valerie

    Umm these Are their personal pics not their character and I agree Vanessa needs to lose a little and don’t tell me I’m jealous because I know I look better in a bikini lol .she use to be a show stopper now she just thinks she’s all that and she really has gained weight ..she shouldn’t have done gimme ruined her lovely body

  • Bragging much?

    @Valerie: Dumba$$…..yeah, they’re personal pics, but they are on set goofing around. As their characters. As for gaining weight, yeah, she did for a role, but she’s also 23 instead of 18, is more curvy, and looks just fine. I doubt Korine wanted her to come into this poker skinny. Stop trashing other people’s bodies. It’s rude.