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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian Take Off for Texas

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian Take Off for Texas

LeAnn Rimes holds hands with husband Eddie Cibrian while catching a flight at LAX Airport on Tuesday (March 27) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old singer had to do a full body scan while going through security.

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“Hope you are all having a wonderful day. I’m packing for a San Antonio trip. I have a show tomorrow night. Sending love to all,” LeAnn tweeted the day before jetting to Texas.

On Monday, LeAnn met up with some friends for lunch at Cafe Habana in Malibu.

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  • Cam S

    Is she “jetting off” to another chili cook off? – or is this another sold out casino lounge? Not knocking lounge singers- just askin. I’m CONVINCED dailymail & this site are on her payroll. But then again, so is her husband, her “friends”, etc.

  • Kelly

    Brandi >>>>>>>>>> LeAnn IMO

  • Jane

    Well…well…well. She doesn’t look all perky and happy. Is she going to act like the world is coming to an end because she doesn’t have the X Factor job yet? Also, why is she wearing PJs to the airport? And Eddie..Eddie…lay off the spray tan! You’re going to turn into an Oompa Loompa soon if you keep that up.

  • becca

    blech we don’t want her here is SA

  • dobbi


  • essie

    eddie looks pretty good with the grey…

  • Rachel

    Leann looks upset today and Cibrian looks like he’s sick of this trick. There is no “real love” between these two homewreckers. Love the Karma living on their faces and in their souls. Dirty trash scum.

  • Rachel

    May I add: I hope Leann gets anal warts on her vocal cords. YEPPERS.

  • Eresyn

    WTF is she wearing???? pajamas?

  • scotgal14

    Funny how the hugely inappropriate photos of leann stripping to her bra and groping her friend while on vacay with her ‘bonus boys’ didn’t make the site. Especially considering JJ is usually happy to document every inane breath leann takes….

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  • DailyNightly

    What? She doesn’t wear a bikini to the airport?? Must have been cold today.

  • Scott

    Wow. Hey asshole, Ed, you put a ring on that…live with it. Your life must suck being owned by a skank like LeAnne.

  • betty

    Eddie looks like he don’t want to go. Poor Leann can’t stand not having her man by her side even for 24hrs.. This marriage is almost a year old and Leann has kept Eddie under wraps with no breather and he deserves it but is a hell of away to live to always have to keep checking on your man. If must be a relief for Brandi knowing she can sleep at night and have the freedom to come as go as she pleases without having to deal with that situation..The only thing Leann WON was stress.

  • Alia san

    what the hell is he see in her
    she is so f*** ugly



  • Claire

    @Alia san:
    Simple, Leann looks at Eddie and see a guy way too hot for her, validating her belief in her own hotness BUT Eddie looks at Leann and simply sees $$$$$

  • Debra

    @Cam S: I’m mean she actually sold out a Casino gig??? must have been buy one get 5 free night

  • ?

    Who is Eddie C? Why do we care what he’s up to? He just looks like an aging salt and pepper D-Bag to me.

  • Matthew

    How sad to have to pay a site to constantly post inane blurbs about you and staged photos of you because your career is circling the toilet. All her investment in JJ isn’t working very well is it? Maybe she should invest in a stylist instead. Good thing Eddie is available to go with her or I am sure that there would have been another cancellation due to “illness” and all those people who bought their 2 for 1 tickets would be out $25 bucks.

  • Anonymous


    Yeah, She was really tired after Eddie wore her out all night long.

  • Anonymous

    Jealous tricks always post in the comment section with venom. That is how you can tell if someone is jealous, hateful posts.

  • Life of Brian

    You mean anal? Cuz that’s what guys do to unfortunate looking girls like her. The ugly ones ALWAYS give goo head also! They HAVE to have those skills. Nobody is “jealous” of this big shouldered, stringy haired lounge singer. We just enjoy watching a train wreck. EVERYONE has to stop & take a look at the ugliness. It’s too strange NOT TO LOOK.

  • Kristina

    @Anonymous: If only it were that easy. Anytime someone didn’t like us or thought we weren’t behaving in an appropriate manner we could all just say that they were “jealous”. That would be so convenient but wouldn’t be true and would prevent self reflection and perhaps even growth as a person. Not every negative comment is venomous. LeAnn has very little to be jealous of at this point in time because she has completely lost her good name and the respect of the majority of the public. For a celebrity, especially one who seems to need validation the way she does, this must be a nightmare. Her status in the industry has plummeted,no one is jealous of her looks and few would be jealous of her being married to a man with a proven history as an adulterer and serial liar. The “everyone is jealous” argument holds no water and is getting a little tired. Personally, watching her commit career suicide the way she has is something that I find to be very sad as she had such promise when she was younger. Having stardom peak during adolescence doesn’t seem to lead to a flourishing adulthood for most, personally or professionally.

  • Anonymous


    Do you know how many times you used the word ‘jealous’??


  • Anonymous

    @Life of Brian:

    Just because guys do that to you doesn’t mean all men are like that. Sheesh.

  • Piper P.

    @Kristina: Amen! I feel lots of things toward squinty (you could blindfold her with dental floss) but jealously isn’t one of them.

    @Anonymous – Sheesh, you sure seem disturbed and bitter that your has been idol is just that, a has been. You seem to think your retorts are clever. News flash. They aren’t. LMFAO

  • julie

    Why is she wearing pajamas on the flight to San antonio?

  • Anonymous

    @Piper P.:

    LMFAO! If I cared what you thought, I’d live in the trailer next to yours.

  • Laura

    Eddie is definitely being drug along here. He doesn’t look too happy about it either. Leann can’t leave him alone or he might find Kate del Castillo while she’s away. Better hold on to your man, Le! ;)

  • betty

    @Anonymous If you didn’t care you would not have responded. You don’t have to be jealous or a rocket scientist to see this is a 80%-20% relationship.Eddie 80% taking and Leanne 20% on the receiving end. Secure woman in love don’t have to follow their man 24/7 or vice versa. Just saying.

  • Piper P.

    @Anonymous: Ooh, the trailer park insults start. Wow, you are so “smart and intelligent” and have such snappy comebacks.,Considering that there are probably lots of trailer dwellers amongst the few fans LeAnn has left, you shouldn’t alienate your cronies. It is nice that they let you out of your straight jacket for at least a couple of hours a day so that you can defend you slit eyed, fame mongering, has been hero. I am sure that other than therapy and art class, (with special scissors so you don’t hurt yourself) you don’t have much else to occupy your time.

  • charity

    anonymous—what the heck is with the trailer crack, lots of really fine moral people live in moblile homes. they may not be rich or famous but they have a good home, so lay off cracks about trailers, so sick of hearing people cracking on a persons home. grow up, you ding bat and sign your real name, the rest of us do

  • Devon

    @charity: Anonymous is always calling people fat or implying that a person who lives in a trailer as a way to insult posters who aren’t big fans of Leann Rimes and Eddie Cibrian. Another fave is saying how everyone is jealous because LeAnn is skinny and rich blah, blah, blah, As if those are the most important qualities a person requires to be of value. Kudoos to you for your great response to the utter stupidity. In terms of where people live, I’d venture to guess that Anonymous lives under a rock.

  • Devon

    @charity I meant implying that a person lives in a trailer, not who lives in a trailer.

  • Jane