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Olivia Munn & Joel Kinnaman: New Couple Alert?

Olivia Munn & Joel Kinnaman: New Couple Alert?

Olivia Munn is reportedly dating The Killing‘s Joel Kinnaman!

The two attended his show’s season 2 premiere at the ArcLight in Hollywood on Monday (March 26), where they sat next to each other inside the theater.

“They have been together for about three months. They met last year, but they didn’t get together until just before Christmas,” a source told E! Online.

“They are on the same wavelength intellectually, and they have the same sense of humor,” the source added. “It’s been going on for a little while and it’s heading towards being serious. They are extremely happy together.”

Also pictured inside at the premiere: Joel‘s co-stars Mireille Enos, Billy Campbell, and Eric Ladin.

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Credit: Frederick M. Brown, Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
Posted to: Billy Campbell, Eric Ladin, Joel Kinnaman, Mireille Enos, Olivia Munn

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  • jen

    “The same wavelength intellectually”….? I never thought he was stupid, but i guess he is.

  • rochelle

    Bearding Alert LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • she’s so predictable

    “They are on the same wavelength intellectually, and they have the same sense of humor”

    The “source” always says that same thing to “Eonline” about her dating guys! ;D

  • Gossipgirl

    Here we go again…..another try to make Olivia Munn happen non-story!

  • ColinG

    Olivia! DO BETTER! should have dated Kevin Pereira!

  • gossip_trip

    he’s training to be Robocop, OM is his coach

  • BloodbuzzOhio

    He’s too good for her. He’s not a famewhóre.

  • Lauren

    Well she was still pretending to be Brad Richards’s true love as of the Winter Classic which was early January. “Same intellectual wavelength”… so he photoshops his photos in embarrassing fashion, too?

  • Lauren

    Oh and I just realized he wouldn’t walk the red carpet with her. Have any of her “boyfriends” ever gone into public with her? Had a photo taken with her? Or is she just the hungry, trashy sl*t they keep in the closet? Sitting together in the theater? Wow, I’m glad Olivia informed you of that jared as no one else cared.

  • Jennica Panettiere

    LOL! New Couple alert? This so-desperate-to-happen hag has a new couple alert every few months and the funny thing is…. noone gives a shit.

  • tvcon


    kevin pereira has a hot girlfriend and kevin totally hate her guts.

  • tvcon

    Plain and simple. It’s for publicity. This is what she did with Pine. He’s been linked to a high profile movie. She needs career help because she is the laughing stock of Hollywood.

  • he’s cute

    he is really cute ^^
    maybe i should start to see “the killing’s”

  • ColinG

    @tvcon: Never knew! Always thought they were buddie buddies on Attack of the Show? That saddens me! good for him :) He deserves something hot :)

  • Xxx

    The only reason she is hooking up with Joel, is to probably get close to Alexander skarsgard
    Isn’t Alex and Joel pals, Joel is best friends with Alexander’s bro no doubt Joel will introduce Olivia to alex
    Yeah she will probably try to shag Alex and we know Alex likes whores he dated Kate bosworth..

  • submarine

    Alex and Olivia met on ComicCon 2009. She interviewing him. I think that Joel likes this kind of girl …

  • smiles1_9

    i may believe this more when we have a photo of the 2 of them together.

    but he was looking good at the premier. yummy. :) nice to see him finally getting some attention!

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    ..of course she would try to get with him, he’s about to have some decent sized projects come up. she wants in on the fame. anything to get herself 5mins.

  • Run Robocop Run

    What price a guy in hollywood have to pay for moments of pleasure with Liv Munny? be leveled intellectually with her!
    And do not forget the intellectual level of those leaked dirty texts of Liv!

  • Poor Joel and alex

    What he took munn to the premiere?? what did he do shove her in the boot of a car so no one sees her yeah I will believe she was there if and when I see pictures of them together.
    Just Look at the mess with charlize and Alexander when someone tweeted about them having a few drinks together gossip turned them in to a new couple alert? And look what happened with the Elizabeth Olsen stuff at the oscars and Lucy griffiths and golden globes poor Alex he was accussed of dating everyone! now poor Joel carnt be seen with a women without be accused of dating.
    WELCOME TO HW Joel you’ve made it .

  • tvcon


    I think he values his privacy but that will go out the window. She leaked this to the press. IMO he’s not that attractive and looks like a cocaine addict.

  • Pics of Olivia
  • Frida

    Oh Joel, you could do so much better….

  • Gossip

    Here the first gossip story, let it begin , she is getting some press out of this
    oh Joel what have you done get away from her.
    This not so something that Joel needs to his resume while he is getting his big break in HW.

    Did Olivia Munn Cheat on Brad Richards with Current Boyfriend The Killing’s Joel Kinnaman?

    Does Olivia Munn deserve a penalty for too many men on the ice?

    According to a source close to the actress and her new beau, The Killing actor Joel Kinnaman, the 31-year-old comedian may be due for some time in the sin bin.

    Speaking to E! News about the Munn and Kinnaman, who made their first public appearance as a couple at The Killing’s second season premiere Monday night in Los Angeles, a friend revealed the actors have been dating since last December.

    “They have been together for about three months,” the couple’s chatty buddy told E!. “They met last year, but they didn’t get together until just before Christmas,”

    But wait, wasn’t Munn dating New York Ranger Brad Richards during that time?

    According to Us Weekly, Munn and Richards were together from November to January.

    If that timeline is correct, this would be only the latest instance where the former G4 host may have taken part in a cuckolding.

    In September of last year, Munn was reportedly seeing Justin Timberlake, who just happened to still be in a relationship with his current fiancée, Jessica Biel. (Timberlake denied the romance rumours.)

    Regardless, the friend tells E! that Munn and Kinnaman are “extremely happy together

  • Janice

    Wow…thought Joel was a serious actor but he just lost all credibitlity as an actor. He is just going to go with the famewh*ring thing huh? Poorly played…poorly played. This is worse than Skarsgard dating Bosworth and that is saying something. Bosworth is a serious famewh*re with no talent and Munn has her beat by x1000. Dear God..what is wrong with hwood. The talented fools always get with the talentless leaches! Guess he is not as smart and private as he was trying to pretend. And she has a really bad rap in the industry as working more on her back than in the studios. Guess guys like sl*ts as girlfriends…minus Chris Pine who got that off him in just enough time before he was completely tainted. Whatever…that show sucks anyways and no one is going to watch it this season. And Robocop should not get a re-make. He could do better than another not needed remake. That is just irritating as well. He has some talent but no one can decipher that from that alien crap movie he just did. If he keeps this up he will go the way of Skarsgard…tv show, famewh*ring gf who ruined his appeal, crap movies, no award….and eventually back to Sweden only to be invited to be the back guy from Eastern Europe or Russia in American movies. Olivia just sucked all the appeal he did have outside of it is just blah. He probably is a dumb ass Swede who really thinks he has something great when she is known as only a JUMP OFF in hollywood and America. Hope she is just a jump off for him. Ha ha ha ha…He just lost all street cred! Not so down as he wants people to believe. Get someone with someone with some talent and personality and then we will give you a pass card….date Rhianna or Zoe Saldana or someone with some real flavor. Not this “I don’t want to be a minority” Olivia Munn. Ugh..gross….

  • Marieme

    What! NO! She better get her skan ky hands off Joel. Jeezus, who hasn’t she slept with at this point? I officially hate her.

  • azt

    i honestly dont know who either of these ppl are – makes me feel old =/

  • Alexis

    …the same kind of “girlfriends” he had in Sweden.

  • Natalie

    BUTTERFACE! I mean her.

  • Natalie

    BUTTERFACE! I mean her.
    Now, he has a weird body! look at his chest pictures.

  • Elsy

    I can’t believe he presented himself with one of his skanks.
    Gross for him (Joel: fans expected more from you).
    good for your HOLLYWOOD career, desperate boy.

  • Holding hands

    Joel and Olivia holding hands leaving the chateau marmont, killing premiere.

  • Anna

    Another swedish disappointment… he presents himself with whores… boo

  • Anna

    I don’t think the beard stuff (comment 2), I think she’s just another babe to enjoy, but her publicist made a thing out of this…
    just my honest opinion, I like him, but this kind of “girlfriends” make him look stupid.

  • Anna

    My grammar makes me look like an idiot in that comment.
    I wrote it following my language’s logic. But you get the idea.

  • Jamie

    I love this…it only shows that Joel was acting like a “serious actor”. He couldn’t keep up with the act anymore. PHONY. Pigs attract Pigs and he is a major Pig. There are a ton of stories about him that date back to that swedish movie he was cast in called Snabba Cash.
    Hey, at least he is not a coward like Skarsgard. Alex the Pig couldn’t take any pics with his Pig because of said Pig rumours.
    Olivia is a major Pig. It is well known that she slept with Brett “Rat” Ratner and that sexist Pig Michael Bay for roles.
    Good luck Joel…you need to get tested for any STD’s. Supposedly The Rat has a “gift” that keeps on given.

  • Clandra

    I am surprised there are no new sightings of them? You know take her home to Sweden to meet the fam,
    considering Olivia was able to keep this whatever it is relationship quite for 3 months.

    I wonder if the Swedish groupie including slutty Olivia munn will be in Japan with Alex he is promoting battleship.?
    Poor Alex he is going to have to hang out with Olivia who is just another pap lover, unemployed Kate bosworth

  • awalker2334

    Why Olivia!? Why HIM and not ME!?? I’ve dedicated my whole life to you yet you still only date these blonde-haired blue-eyed actors with upcoming films. Why can’t you love me the way that I love you?!? AARRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!! How much longer must I stalk you before you realize we are meant for each other!? You selfish bit…I’m sorry my queen, please forgive my moment of weakness. I’ll see you at the next OMFG meeting my love, until then I will have to settle for stalking you online. With love, Andre


    Its real. People are shocked as they are moving so fast. She told friends they have talked about taking things to next level and she is planning babies already. She took him to the UFC fight to get the seal of approval of her secret ex Dana W. Deal with it, shes a permanent fixture and he doesnt care what any of you think, he jokes about his fans all the time with her. She is realer than he is.

  • The new Askars and Bonesworth

    This is the new Askars and Bonesworth & Liv Munny is worse than Bonesworth by 1000 coz she is more smart & devious. Surprised his fans arent more heat up about it like Askars was, proof if you know how to play social networks; have t$ts & f£$k the right people its ok to be a famewho£e.

    Both are rumored to have had “gifts” and she is no stranger to the out of hours clinic, so they math well with indescretions. He is gone end up like Askars, noone cares about Askars since Bonesworth and damage that did. These guys show their true colors and indesrcetions and Askars learnt too late to hide it all. Bye bye career Joel its curse of the stupid Nords.

  • Actually

    Alexander skarsgard , has a booming career 2 new projects in the works and is in demand , and he is now dating Oscar winner Charlize theron

    And as for Kate her career has been in toilet for years she has got nothing only her boyfriend micheal polish
    once a famewhore always a famewhore