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Jennifer Lawrence Covers 'Rolling Stone'

Jennifer Lawrence Covers 'Rolling Stone'

Jennifer Lawrence takes the cover of Rolling Stone‘s latest issue, on newsstands Friday (March 29).

Here’s what co-stars and friends had to share about the 21-year-old star of The Hunger Games:

Woody Harrelson, on his first meeting with Jen: “I was on my bus, and on my bus I have a yoga swing. Jennifer comes on, and she goes, ‘Hi, Woody, I’m J” is that a sex swing?’ Her first sentence to me.”

Zoe Kravitz, on Jennifer: “I’d met her a few times, and she was like, ‘You should come over and we’ll hang out.’ So I go over to her apartment, and she opens the door in a towel. She’s like, ‘Come in, sorry, you’re early, I was about to shower.’ And she drops her towel and gets in the shower, and starts shaving her legs, totally naked. She was like, ‘Are we here yet? Is this OK?’ And I was like, ‘I guess we’re there!’”

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  • Lizz

    “Is that a sex swing?” hahaha Jennifer is hilarious! Love her!!


    she should start worrying about overexposure

  • mmmyup

    Hahaha. She is so awesome!

  • loislane

    American’s kick ass sweetheart? Seriously? Who comes up with these lame titles.

  • Amanda

    LMAO. Is that a sex swing?

  • Liz

    Hahahah, I think her personality rocks! I love how filter-less she is. She seems really genuine.

  • loislane

    Jennifer, get your nipples off my rolling stone mag. Thanks.

  • Kevin

    Aw I love Jennifer:) One of the best things about her is she totally does worry about overexposure – she’s said a few times she resents being plastered everywhere because she doesn’t want to be that annoying actress. But I can’t get enough of her!

  • peeta_pitterpatter

    I caught her on Letterman the other night and wow does she really lay it on thick with the dumb act. I think her PR people told her to keep it up.

  • A

    It’s funny how you think you know celebs but really, you have no clue. When you think you know them , it’s only the image they present to you, you don’t really know them. I say this because some people seem to truly believe they know you…

  • peeta_pitterpatter

    @Kevin: If she resents it why does she do it?

  • sam

    @A: True. Images are carefully constructed with their publicity people. All these celebs know what they’re doing.

  • paul

    @peeta_pitterpatter: Money and chances. With THG she will make a lot of money and everyone will know her plus people seem to like her sense of humor and they think sh’s a good actress so they will want to check out her indie movies in the future plus, in hollywood, it’s all about who’s more popular when it comes the time to choose an actress for a role because that will give them money and so she will get to read scripts first and pass on them if she doesn’t like ‘em

  • Kevin

    @peeta_pitterpatter: I think it’s in her Hunger Games contract to promote the movie. But I guess she had to have known what she was getting into when she signed up for the role.

  • paul

    @A: Well said!!! there are SO many young actresses that put on an act jsut to be liked and the ones that refuse to do it are called names like K Stew (I’m not a K Stew fan but I aprecciate that she’s herself all the time and doesn’t dumb herslef up in roder to be liked or tell people that she’s classy and brainy to mantain her fanbase)

  • paul

    @Kevin: She’s represented by CAA which is well known for being controlling freaks. They saw she was chill and told her to play that up so she now says things like “I wanna bath on aspaghetti pool” and people think she’s oh so amazing.

  • betsy

    @peeta_pitterpatter: Thanks for saying this! I like her and I think she is very down to earth but I don’t get why people are so in love with her because it’s quiet obvious that she’s playing a part. As a woman, it makes me so sad when a smart woman like Jennifer acts dumb in order to make people laugh and be likeable. You can be both, smart AND funny without coming across as dumb. I think people just aprecciates honesty and class.

  • 1D4life

    @paul: I’m surprised more people aren’t aware that this is her “shtick”. Every actor has one!

  • paul

    @1D4life: People want to buy whatever you throw at them without analizing what they’re really buying, tbh. It’s sad, really. If I were an actor, I’d choose to be like K Stew or Miley Cyrus that are called unfriendly and slu t respectively just because they’re themselves.

  • katniss_cato

    @betsy: I like jenn but I got worried when I read that she did the sexy magazine shoot because she needed to be seen as a woman so she can get more parts. She makes it seem like it was her idea but probably her agents convinced her to do it. I hope she doesn’t fall for hollywood traps!!

  • Ann

    @paul: Why is Miley considered a slut? People are dumb.

  • betsy

    @katniss_cato: I’m sorry, katniss_cato but she’s already fallen :( It’s so sad because there’s so much potential on her. I don’t agree with her choices on screen (I am an actor myself so I know what I’m talking about and this goes for the future haters that will say I know nothing about acting and that I should shut up) but I think that she will be a very good actress if she keeps working hard and learning from directors and seasones actors but all I see right now is a girl that knows exactly what she’s doing and is playing the game very very well because it makes naive people forget that she’s doing it. She’s not as obvious as Blake Lively so people don’t hate her and she’s not shy like Kristen so people don’t dislike her but her comments are terrible agressive at times and had another actresses made them, she would have been burnt alive but because she is seen as fun and as someone that doesn’t take herslef seriously, people think that she’s just joking when in reality saying that real women have curves or sh it like that, is not understanding that real women actually can be skinny too and that just because she’s not stick thin it doesn’t mean that everyone has to be like her.

  • paul

    @Ann: She’s considered a slut just because she wear clothes that every 19 year old girl not only in America but in the whole world wear and because Disney chose to use Miley’s problems to hide Demi’s so basically, Disney gave Miley her reputation.

  • betsy

    @katniss_cato: I forgot to mention that if you go back to her early interviews, just when Winter’s Bone got recognition in Sundance, she said she believed on her team and that they told her to do a bikini photoshoot on Squaire magazine so people would see her as sexy and not just a girl that wears baggy clothes like her character on WB and so she did .

  • stay_classy

    @betsy: OMG I hate it so much when people say that “real girls have curves”. I’m scrawny and cant really gain weight no matter how hard I try. And im just as self conscious about that as girls who are chubby. As long as you are healthy, it doesn’t matter! There’s no one way for a woman to look. I hate that its become cool for actresses to say “well atleast im not a stick”. Shut up!

  • rose

    She may be a good actress, but i really cant like her. She tries so hard to look badass. She is posing half-nude or doing sexy magazines photoshoot. For what??? This is what i liked about Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart (both being the leading ladies of the franchises)- they never tried to sell their movies or promote themselves in cheap ways doing this kind of stuffs. And actually, i’m starting to get tired of seeing Jenn everywhere. And she is so expressionless and always looks the same on the magazine covers.

  • Annie

    WTF!? I don’t see how she comes across as dumb at all! I think she just shows that she doesn’t take herself to seriously and she seems really smart and down to earth. She if one is def not playing a part.. she says what she thinks and she’s being herself!

  • annie

    @rose: She’s not expressionless in real life but they always make her covers look horrible.

  • Justin Aniston

    I’m seriously become SO obsessed with Jennifer Lawrence. I saw The Hunger Games last night, and loved it so much. And been watching a lot of interviews with her, and she’s so funny, and silly. She’s going to be HUGE superstar.

  • mrs.chanandler.bong

    No bra? Well isn’t that classy.

  • betsy

    @stay_classy: I feel you. I am a veryvery skinny girl myself and people think I’m anorexic and I ‘ve been bullied my entire life because of that. Even teachers worried about me when I was in high school when in reality I can’t put on weight and I had to go to the doctor and get meds and still the most I could gain were ten pounds. People don’t understand because they think being skinny can’t not be naturally possible and only people can get thin by excercising and dieting all day.

  • Jules

    LOL!!….Jennifer Lawrence is awesome. I love her honesty and how down to earth she is. Lawrence is also incredibly talented so, that, combined with the fact that she has the face of an Angel and the body of a GODDESS(!!!!) Lawrence will have an excellent career. There are critics comparing her to Meryl Streep, Jodie Foster as well as a young female version of Marlon Brando(!) not bad for a 21 year old young actress.

  • paul

    @Jules: But this girl next to Marlon Brando would look ridiculous. This girl is an average actress with a lot of hype from a studio desperate to cash on money.Don’t believe the critics though, all of them are just a$skissing so they can have excluives for the next movies.

  • Sayer

    Sounds slutty. Getting naked for random people and talking sex unnecessarily. Ouch!

    These are not positive revelations.

  • sallyP

    @Jules: I dont know about Streep and Brando. Give her some time. She doesn’t have a very long resume yet.

  • paul

    I like how JEnnifer’s PR team are dislking our comments hahah what a s stupid bunch

  • pr_police

    @paul: shhh don’t give them away!!!

  • buffy

    girl, you are a oscar nominated actress. Put your titties away. No need for that.

  • paul

    @buffy: I know right? She seems to like that kind of attention.

  • andu

    seems silly to me, THEY SAY THAT JEN IS BETTER THAN ANGELINA in action movies. hunger games it is not the only protagonists but does it well liam.aparte more like a book.

  • ….

    she sounds………………………………slutty.
    i actually feel bad for people her age in hollywood, i would know i work here…it’s a fk SHARK TANK. they chew up these kids and spit them out and these young ones do believe that these studios and agents actually CARE about them, they don’t. they look at them like a pay check they’re a product, a piece of meat made for public consumption. if they get stale they’re gone. there’s something to be said about actors that had a long struggle, they understand this more than the young ones. they get the lying, the BS…i don’t know. i hope she doesn’t do drugs is all.

  • ….

    i got starred out i said she sounds s*l*u*t*t*y****** haha

  • Tony

    From those RS quotes (from Woody and Zoe), sounds like that Blind Item about the HG cast might be true. Ouch!!!!

  • ayer

    @betsy: If Megan Fox said these things people woild be attacking her.

  • YOU

    She’s a really great actress, indeed. but comparing her to Meryl streep or jodie foster is a little too fast, maybe someday she would be like them, who knows? but I believe not now
    as for brando…. Jezz there’s no way you’re comparing anyone to marlon brando, honey.. its like you’re comparing any band with the beatles.

  • betsy

    @ayer: Exactly!!! I don’t know why people adore this girl!! It’s so special snowflake when other actresses would be burnt alive for it!

  • KissThis

    I really like Jennifer, but she’s quickly becoming over-exposed and she’s falling into the hollywood machine. Another one that’s quickly going to be eaten up and spit out.

  • kent

    she just comes off as loud

    also, tasteless cover = Slutniss Evertits

  • cal

    wow was not expecting this to be her personality. she is selling sex waaay too hard. it’s off putting for sure.

  • WhySoBitterTho?

    Wow, the Miley Cyrus and Kristen Stewart fans are obviously so pressed. I’m sorry your faves can’t act.