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Michelle Williams & Jason Segel: Dinner Date in Brooklyn!

Michelle Williams & Jason Segel: Dinner Date in Brooklyn!

Michelle Williams and Jason Segel are an item!

The 31-year-old Oscar nominee and the How I Met Your Mother actor, 32, are “smitten,” a source told Us Weekly.

Michelle and Jason were spotted going for a walk after dining out together on Saturday (March 24) in Brooklyn, New York – he put his arm around her as they walked.

The following day, Jason was spotted bonding with Michelle‘s 6-year-old daughter, Matilda, as she rode her scooter around the neighborhood.

You can check out photos of Jason and Michelle leaving dinner over at Us Weekly!

DO YOU THINK Michelle Williams and Jason Segel make a cute couple?

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Credit: Adam Pretty, Larry Busacca; Photos: Getty
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  • Abby

    cute couple? Hell no! that man is gross compared to Heath .. just sayin’

  • nomi

    cute couple. they look great together!

  • Jane

    I thought Michelle Williams was better than to use her kid for a photo-op in US Weekly. Guess not.

  • MrsKutcher

    i dont know i love these two together….he is a really nice guy und she deserves to be with sombody who makes her happy…..and there are very cute together compared to all the publicity hollywood couples who running around!!!

  • dobbi

    They make a nice couple.

  • chris

    He is funny but as a man he’s kind of ew.

  • emma

    I thought she was still with Spike Jonze…!

    Love these two individually, so why not together :)

  • haley

    didn’t see that one coming

  • loli

    Wouah I love the idea of them as a couple ! Ahah great !

  • Soph

    yes yes and yes:D

  • Susan

    @Abby: Heath Ledger was out of her league. He dated only gorgeous actresses and supermodels. Michelle W. dated Spike Jonze, Connor Oberst and some other fug producer. With Jason Segel she’s back to dating in her league which I guess is better for her. She won’t have to worry so much about him cheating.

  • AmberWaves


    I agree. He seems very odd. Not in a good way. Seen him on talk shows.

  • Amanda

    Officially my favorite couple. Love the two of them.

  • Andy

    Whenever I see something good happen to Jason Segel I think to myself “good for you Jason, good for you.” He’s so damn likeable!

  • scarlett

    They would be so cute together! He seems like someone that could make her happy~

  • CLu

    Jason is hilarious and is probably great with Matilda. I’m sorry, but if a guy has an awesome sense of humor, that makes him very attractive! I love them together!

  • Great news!

    Good, now she will finally have to stfu about Heath in interviews. So sick of her milking his death and a barely three year relationship that was finished long before he died.

  • Shawna

    I don’t think it is anyone else’s place to say whether they are a good couple or not. What they feel is the important thing. That said, they seem to both be really kind and caring people and I hope they make each other happy.

  • luke

    You deserve so much better than that Jason

  • Gisele

    I don’t know who Jason is but he doesn’t look bad in that picture. I think you are so demanding.

  • cher

    couldnt agree more .maybe he makes her laugh??

  • so fake

    oh noooooo, you know what that means right?

    if they break up ( in a few months, because she cant seem to keep a man), she will give an interview that she still loves heath.

    because its never her fault that guys leave her, it just because the poor girl is still in love with heath ,but meanwhile f**** around .

    i hate her with a passion !!!!

  • Des

    ^^ agree with so fake … didn’t like she used the Heath card during her Oscar push considering she’s had other relationships after his death. But good for her if Jason is the one.

  • Toni

    I wonder if she knows he has slept with every woman in Hollywood…..well, practically.

  • jd

    great couple. she’s a frumpy little toad and he’s a big dork.

  • Sarah.

    wow, how about totally unexpected couple? But she’s lovely and he is great, so I hope they are happy together! :)

  • who cares

    eek he’s gross for sure but she’s hardly a beauty so w/e

  • miranda

    friends with benefits? a few months ago she was all huggers with Carey F. in Brooklyn. she’s going to have to settle because she will never find a guy to match up to Heath. if she hadn’t gotten preggers he would never had stayed with her but maybe a few months.

  • Jen

    Ewwwww so gross both of them. Guess they deserve each other. Shame on you Michelle, pimping your child out to some Mag for your own publicity.

  • ~S~


  • Rob

    She lost the oscar so she can put away the I Love Heath Card now and date some “old friend” Hey whatever I never bought her I’m the Victim role anyway.

  • MK

    weird potential coupling…shouldn’t happen….they wouldn’t last long anyways….she has too much baggage

  • con

    does being a mom now also include bringing a new “uncle” into matilda’s life? thought she was going to concentrate on the mom role and spend time with her daughter. never liked her and think she’s just blowin a lot of hot air.

  • Elia Quest

    Heath Ledger was not all that either …the greasy hair and the total
    Can’t live with out the dirges and the bong …did you ever think that the
    Magazines do that ask her about Heath… Right do they ask Katie Holmes about Chris Klein! Why the he’ll not she did the same show
    That made them both famous Dawson Creek! The both dated famous people but Katendug I. Deep with her cash cow Tom Cruise! She was
    A D lister (Kate Holmes) when she met Tom and Michelle has a fregging
    Daughter with the legend drug addict and gets saddled with daddy questions even though he is dead of a over dose so give it up!

  • Susan

    @miranda: You are so right. He absolutely would not have stayed with her if she hadn’t “accidently” gotten preggers. I still remember several sightings of him frenching some model type in nyc in 2005. This was before the Brokeback Mountain frenzy when he had to play the good boy/devoted family man and she was acting like his clingy wifey.

  • joe

    @Elia Quest: shut your pie hole, you know nothing about H.L. he was no addict, he had a sleep and aniexty disorder and was trying to treat it with prescrip meds. he also had a painful back injury he suffered from falling off a horse while filming. people like you are so ignorant and sprew things from your mouth like it’s a gumball machine.

  • Xaivier

    @Elia Quest:
    U R a MORON
    she LOVED the guy and it is not forced on her to talk about him
    If he was so awful she would not stayed with him and had his child.
    she never has spoke bad about him EVER only nice kind words for him.

  • Heath&Michelle

    NO they do NOT make a cute couple. I liked her better with Carey Fukanaga. Loved her with Heath.

  • emmaa

    This actually makes me smile because Jason is such a great person and he deserves all the happiness.

  • emmaa

    @Andy: Exactly! You read my mind.

  • Mike

    This won’t work. They better just stay friends. He’s too much of a party lovin pu**y hound and she already had that kind of guy.

  • BloodbuzzOhio

    @Jane: I’m a big fan of her acting, but I agree? Usually when I see these US Weekly style photographs, why is it that only US Weekly seems to have the pictures and everyone else is just reporting it. Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift did the exact same thing! And Maggie Gyllenhaal disappointed me by using her child.

  • KissThis

    love them together! Very adorable

  • evie

    So calculated. I bet these two have been together for a long time but she couldn’t expose it during the Academy Awards because she was playing the card of widow. A few days ago she was angry with the paparazzi taking pictures of her daughter but doesn’t mind letting she be photographed with segel for the us weekly.

  • Elia Quest

    Xavier and Joe. She broke up with Heath for that reason Y else
    Mary Kate Olsen wait 40 minutes to call 911 where were u 2 whe. He died and the soca said it was a overdose of prescription drugs.!
    So that her body guards went over and got rid of the drugs that he was
    Taking face down on his bed naked and a doc was suppose to come
    Over and help him get off the drugs ! So give it up people!

  • julia anne

    @Elia Qu
    : Wow it must be nice to be so judgemental and have never made a mistake. you sound like a spiteful stupid c*nt who talks about people you have no clue about. i usually don’t bother commenting on these gossip sites but I couldn’t let your heartlessness slide.

  • evie

    @Elia Quest: And Michelle still crying about him in all interviews. Why didn’t she refuses talk about him? She needed him in the Oscar season. bitch



  • Dani

    I don’t like this pairing. I’d prefer him to be with someone a bit freer that MW.

  • Elia Quest

    PIG ELIAS QUEST Mary Kate Olson did wait one hour to call 911.!
    NOT ME! That is what happened asse