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James Franco: Grillz For 'Spring Breakers'!

James Franco: Grillz For 'Spring Breakers'!

Check out this new picture of James Franco in character on the set of Spring Breakers, rocking a pair of shiny grillz on his teeth!

In the new picture, posted on Tumblr, James can be seen as the threatening gangster. The film also stars Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Benson.

Also pictured inside: Selena, Ashley, and Vanessa in their bikinis posing for a pic with gangsta James.

In case you missed it, check out more pictures of James in character, given exclusively to JustJared!

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    Who is this guy?

  • Kevin

    I can tell this is going to be Oscar-worthy. Riveting.

  • Gangsta love

    I always thought James Franco was super cool actor but this takes it to new levels.

    He nails Riff Raff character and I’m eager for this movie to be seen in 2012 not 2013.

    Oh ladies, get off James Franco, only joking nice group photo. They are all having so much fun, good to see.

  • hadeel

    the more pix are released for this movie the less i want to watch it, seriously? its like a free pass for them to keep taking their clothes off!

  • paul

    I’d hit it even though I will not be watching this movie.

  • Kelly

    Lol I’ve seen this entire movie through paparazzi pictures.

  • chocolate cookie

    this has to be a lifetime movie..

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    …he’ll do anything. LOL

  • Sam

    Honestly not only is this movie getting old (even though it hasn’t released yet) but so is the girls’ puckered lips pose that they keep doing… :-/

  • John Hopkirk

    looks like the typical Puerto Rican thug in the ghetto.

  • paul

    LOL Vanessa is an expert when it comes down to acting like a S L U T

  • nunya

    @John Hopkirk: Yea because only Puerto Ricans wear cornrows. IDIOT!

  • BOJI

    @ Paul, you should know about s lust, shouldn’t you!? Hahaha, my iPad dictionary got that right. Self reflection speaks volumes.
    Speaking of James Franco, what a transformation! This is one dark comedy I’m going to love.

  • maria

    @paul: And how is one acting like a slut when she has one boyfriend? When do you see her acting like one? On vacay with her BF when it’s normal and acceptable to be affectionate? Do you see her with multiple guys sleeping around? Nope. Do you see her falling out of clubs drunken hanging on other guys? Does she go to strip clubs and show any risque behavior? Nope. Does she drop condoms out of her pockets? Nope. Instead, she’s a girl with ONE guy, who loves her family and friends, enjoys adventures and the outdoors, and dresses hippie-chic, not deliberately provocative in any way. So, mister, I’d say that was an idiotic comment.

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    From that photo(!!!!) I assume this is a horror movie. And throw in Selena Gomez, a GREAT(!!) actress AND Justin Beiber’s girlfriend. Wow!! Straight to DVD………

  • snickers
    I thought his name sounded faimiliar, he played harry osborne on spiderman

  • BOJI

    @love me boy, puhleeze. Vanessa is candy in the movie. As Candy she’s all over Alien in spring breakers. They ie. Vanessa, james, Ashley, Selena and Rachel are all in character here. Please differentiate real life from fiction. They are nothing like that in real life.

  • qwerty

    Who is the girl in a middle, with a blond hair?
    She beautiful!
    Thanks you

  • Dogface

    @maria: No risque behaviour? You’re so brilliantly blind when you want to be!!!

  • nicky

    @Kevin: In what kind of fairy tale do you live? This movie is light years away from being Oscar material. Avatar was Oscar material, The King’s Speech as well, Titanic and so on. If you put David Caruso aka Horatio Caine and his team in the movie and you have CSI Miami, would be kinda interesting then.

    Franco was nominated for an Oscar and didn’t win it, another one was better than him, that’s the way it is for actors and actresses.

  • Dogface

    And a question. If it is acceptable for these girls to be in tiny bikini’s for most of the film because they are ‘in character’. Which I do agree with, by the way. Why is it so bad for a certain male actor to take his shirt off in films? That is just to be ‘ in character’ too. So why do people on here continually slag him off?

  • nicky

    @maria: I think it’s time to burst your bubble a little bit. Well I hope you can explain what her appearance here means:

    obviously drunk, half naked, stumbling and smoking …. the Vanessa that nobody wants to see

  • ?

    In my opinion there has been no acceptence for these girls attire in this movie. They’ve been called names and constantly put down for it and not by just the fans but media as well. Where as males who constantly just take their shirs off in movies and I’m talking about more then one actor get constantly praised and encouraged to do so. This is the first time these girls have done anytthing like this whereas several male actors do this in every film and hardly anyone complains. So I don’t see acceptence I seea double standard again just my opinion

  • http://smilemomsmile malu


    that’s YOUR interpretation of the pictures.Go check youtube,it is there,and I am sorry,she wasn’t drunk at all!She was in a hurry to get out of the car to confront the papz who took her pix while puffing. You assume too much girl.

  • http://smilemomsmile malu


    and half naked???where’s your fashion sense?don’t you get it,that’s her style – over-sized shirt with thigh- high boots.:)))))))

  • evz

    @nicky: I’d seen that pics before and honestly that’s when I realized that no matter what, I love Vanessa Hudgens. You can say what you want, but for me that pics mean she’s only human. I can’t say that I don’t want to see her drunk, smoking or whatever, because then, it would be like asking her not to live her own life. I’m just a fan, I’m happy as long as she is…

  • lara

    K-Fed is that you? no can’t be now a days K-Fed looks like Well- Fed lol

  • Dogface

    @malu: @malu: And showing off her bra! That is fashion ‘sense’?

  • maria

    @nicky: I’m not going to argue with a Zac fan. You interpret those pics however you want, I can’t change your mind. The girl IS 23, and entitled to go out. That is still NOT risque behavior, but rather normal for someone her age. And FYI, there are plenty of pics of Zac, looking much worse off, so don’t go there.

    @Dogface: Please tell me what she has done, for a 23 yr old, that you consider risque. No, she’s not a virginal saint. She’s a very normal young ADULT woman.

  • http://smilemomsmile malu


    YES!That’s her OWN choice of style!Is this the first time you’ve seen a celeb’s bra showing as part of an outfit??Where have you been??

    BTW,I was referring to the half-naked issue.Thigh-high boots…..with pants missing???( sarcasm)Fashion sense is definitely an issue there!Just one look at her and you’d right away know NO pants is needed!:)))

  • hey there!

    @ Nicky
    i lo ve how the Vanessa fans still CAN’T answer your question. Obviously they don’t know how to fairly.

    I would love to see Austin’s face knowing she was out with a new guy. Now if that was Zac you stupid fans would say he was cheating but oh noooooooo not your precious Vanessa.

    Austin you better watch out new movie new bf LOL

  • maria

    @hey there!: I didn’t see any question from Nicky. Someone already explained what was going on in the picture she posted, and I have no idea what you’re insinuating with her being with another guy. Those pics are from BEFORE Austin. Maybe you should know your facts before you tangle with longtime fans. And Nicky shouldn’t post pics of V, when we have certainly seen far worse from the ex.

  • yets

    i just Love Vanessa.

  • evz

    @hey there!: Stupid fans? What an accurate description for someone who can not distinguish the past and the present. No one would say a word “cheating” to your beloved Zac because they’re over. Done.
    Explain? Please… Let’s be honest here, with that Hater’s attitude, no amount of explanation is needed here to satisfy you.

  • Haters Suck!

    @hey there
    holy $hit you really are that stupid aren’t you. As has been pointed out those pics are from months ago well before she and austin began dating. Come to find out that was a friend of hers boyfriend and she was just tagging along with them that night. It just can’t be possible you’re this much of a moron.

  • Rachel

    Well if Franco is in it there must be something about the movie…but can’t they post less pics from the movie set? Its like the movie is out even if its filming hasn’t been completed yet.

  • Danielle

    Love Vanessa and James Franco =)

  • tina

    You do know that a lot of the pictures are taken on the streets by paps You only know what goes on outside. You don’t know what they are saying or what goes on indoors. Of course if you have a movie that is being filmed on the beach in FL during spring break you are going to have a lot of cameras (not just the paps) there. And as for nicky bring up that 6 month old photo, we could wall paper this whole site with pictures of bf looking or acting drunk but what would be the point?


    @Kevin: Just saw Sucker Punch on HBO today and the best part was when Hudgens was shot to death. If this one is a bad as that I feel sorry for the other two girls.

  • hey there!

    @HOHOHO. Glad to know she died in that movie, I am surprised you wasted your money on it though.

    I predict another flop for this movie too. And before you fans start talking about how successful J2 was that was down to Josh and the Rock they could have used any female and it would still have been a success

  • Haters Suck!

    @hey there
    you’re sick you know that, you’re just plain sick. I may not like you’re boy efron but never have I ever wished him dead or for any ill will to be fall him. You constantly complain about haters but you just sunk so low that you are the worst kind. What the hell is wrong with you????

  • hey there!

    @Haters Suck!:

    Actually I said I am glad she died in the Movie there is a difference between film and real life you idiot. I would not which her that much harm in real life.

    Also the main reason I said I was glad she died in it is that if they makea No 2 then she won’t but as I said I didn’t see it so I don’t know if there could be a sequel.

  • hey there!

    Meant to say wish not which

  • Haters Suck!

    @hey there
    still enjoying the death of someone and saying you’re glad it happens isn’t right. And that’s the difference between you and me. You don’t like Vanessa and I can’t stand zac. I think he’s one of the biggest assholes in Hollywood. But I wish him absolutley no harm what so ever. I don’t want to see him hurt or even sick that would bring no joy to me. For as mch as I don’t like him I don’t want to see anything bad happen to him. So for you to wish any harm on Vanessa at all is still wrong. And again don’t b!tch about haters when you are one of the worst ones.

  • hey there!

    @Haters sucks

    Hunny you are the worst hater out there.

    OMG stop with the dramatics you know fine well I was talking about a character who isn’t real but I forgot you can’t tell the difference.

    You just keep praising your precious Vanessa and I will contubue to hate her.

  • Haters Suck!

    @hey there
    first don’t call me hunny, i ain’t youre god damn honney you stupid witch. How can i be a hater? simple question for you when was the last time you saw me on ANY zac post ever? Have you ever seen me there? You can check yourself but i’ll save you the time the answer is i haven’t been on a zac post in nearly a year. And when you say you don’t wish her that much harm to her implys to me you do wish her harm

  • hey there!

    @Haters Suck!:

    touchy touchy HUNNY!!!!!!!

    awwwwww does the poor little vanessa fan hate being called HUNNY.

    I am so sorry for upsetting you.

    yeah right not sorry at all.

    get a life HUNNY.

    night night HUNNY LOL

  • Haters Suck!

    @Hey there
    no i don’t mind being called hunny.. I just don’t like being called it by a person like you ya bitter old b!tch of a hag. Oh and might i add hypocrite as well.

  • giin

    get a boob job, take a role which requires minimal clothing coverage then continue acting innocent.

    behold yet another dimwitted actress’s attempt to “grow up” and get older people to take them seriously.

  • giin

    in saying that i do like vanessa hudgens. besides shes the only one there with the perkies she was born with (aside from james)!