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Christina Aguilera & Matt Rutler: Lakers Lovers!

Christina Aguilera & Matt Rutler: Lakers Lovers!

Christina Aguilera and her boyfriend Matthew Rutler flash a smile at Staples Center on Thursday (March 29) in Los Angeles.

The 31-year-old entertainer and The Voice coach (wearing a Minnie Rose dress) sat courtside with Matt as the Los Angeles Lakers took on the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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Christina was later joined by The Voice social media correspondent, Christina Milian, and shared a few laughs.

“@TheRealXtina fans.. I saw your girl at the game tonight and hung out courtside and had a good time at the #Lakers game,” Christina M. wrote on her Twitter account. “We’re ready 4 Live.”

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Credit: Noel Vasquez; Photos: Getty
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  • Dario

    OMG ! why is she getting bigger every time she goes out in public ? I hope someone advice her to do something about her excessive weight

  • liverwurst

    She looks so unhealthy. And unhappy…that smile doesn’t quite reach her eyes.

  • Vivian

    Good news! Her life is on the right path and he’s the only thing she has left to remove from her life. Her friends could not be any more proud thus far.

  • Sarah

    I hate to say this, I love Christina, she has amazing talent, but I think she just looks awful with all the plastered makeup on her face. She looks so much better with less makeup, like in her movie Burlesque

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    Christina still looks pretty chubby; I wonder if her new boyfriend is a Chubby Chaser? He looks very thin, compared to her.

  • bebe

    Christina is a good looking girl, I feel she looked her best in the video “I turn to you” I feel with her, less is more…in terms of makeup /hair; cause of her small frame she doesn’t seem to carry the extra weight very well, I know she’s in her 30′s now and metabolism changes with age…but she can afford the money/time to have a personal trainers as well as a new stylist.
    Being somewhat chubby by no means makes someone unattractive, but in her case I feel she has become a diff person.

  • Albert

    who cares about her weight!!! She still looks “beautiful” no matter what they say.

  • xio pio

    Wow, thought that was Cyndi Lauper…

  • Willian Alves de Souza

    I Love Christina.
    she’s HOT.

  • Tina

    Christina looks great. Her eyes are just gorgeous! I don’t understand why people are so critical of the way she looks. Ugh!

  • opinionated

    what happened to her face? I don’t think she looks fat- I think she looks bloated. Either she drinks too much alchohol or she had some bad plastic surgery.

  • cindy

    Haters will hater always so nothing new with that. I love you girl.I love that Christina Aguilers is most of the time with her fav shoes brand from Christian Louboutin and love that she wore the Alti Pump Spikes & love her Mini Dr.Spike Ruthie bag &she looks happy.Thanks for posting I can’t wait to see the live shows of The Voice that starts Monday!!

  • Fetishiken

    She’s losing weight, 10 to 15 pounds to go and she’ll look stunning!

  • Luna


  • D.

    She’s so fat ,She can bearley open her eyes.
    Christina was always pretty gross, but now she’s just disgusting.
    Go away you fat old hag!! lmao

  • Sunny

    I like the dress and purse.

  • Candy

    She loold like my Grandma , Who is this lady?

  • Candy

    ** She looks like my Grandma, Who is this lady?

  • Rory

    Her “boyfriend” looks too nice for her
    She always looks like a major b!tch

  • PCO

    How sad her career ended up as a judge on an American reality game show.
    She hasn’t had a hit since the 90′s

  • Diggy

    Well, At least she has her long nasty grandma boobs covered up!
    Thank God! :-)
    This lady is so nasty

  • Kris

    Floptina is one huge fail

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    …she’s so fcuking big and wearing soo much fcuking makeup is ridiculous. `if she looks like this in photo could you imagine what she looks like in person?!? c’mon! ahahahahahahaa

  • Starr

    Oh! THAT’S who it is! It’s that old obnoxious woman from the voice show!
    I stopped watching it because of her! Ugh! She is soooooo annoying!

  • ?

    See people, its comments like those above me that has girls cutting themselves to dead cause they feel their too fat,etc. Funny because when Christina started people use to criticize cause she was too thin,calling her anorexic. Its like no matter what she does people will bring her down. And its comments like that which allows talentless bimbo who have a skinny or media approved bodies so called “singers” to be famous. Auto-tuned to max albums. a.k.a lady gaga,katy perry.

  • ?

    Not matter how she looks she will always have that amazing strong voice which will allow me to love her. W/out a doubt she is one of the best woman vocalist in history. Yea she looks not that great here,but come on no one can look amazing 24/7. She doesn’t look fat,she looks bloated,she could be on her period or something.
    F.Y.I she did have hits after the 90s, Stripped came out like 2002 which won her a grammy. Around the same time she was in”Lady Marmalade” most remember part also another Grammy. 2006 Back To Basics won her another Grammy,3 chart topping singles She was featured in a couple of songs which were a hit like w/Nelly and Diddy. Yes her last album did mediocre, she had like 2 good songs which were not her singles.
    Shes a bit of a Diva but seriously I think she achieved it,she worked hard since she was a child to come at this peak, she had a abusive childhood, been bullied in school but the fact that she overcame that and came here, come on let her. She’s really talented and her music atleast to me is inspirational. I use to cut myself,cry 24/7 cuz I thought I was the ugliest girl in the planet,my dad ditched me n family I can relate to her a lot, and when I heard “Beautiful’ I cried so much but in a good way,her music seriously helped me and encouraged me. “Fighter” “I’m ok” and the fact that shes such a feminist makes me look up to her way more. She always talks and sings about women rights. Sorry for the long story here,but I seriously love her cuz she did help me,just cuz shes not “in” right now doesn’t mean she should forget her achievements in the past

  • ?

    btw sorry again
    but to PCO “The Voice” isn’t some “American reality game show” its a reality show but its an actually enjoyable show filled w/actually talents
    Maroon 5′s Adam Levine is on it, Blake Shelton and Cee Lo they are talented, chart topping, multi-platinum and grammy nominated artist. Last year after the show they had “Moves like jagger” released w/xtina which hit no.1
    and its not like American idol when a hot chick in a bikini comes in and they let her through,the focus on “The Voice” unique styles and help coach them to success

  • christinalover

    her look and her beauty is just adorable and she looks better than ever, all you haters have to deal!

  • Sushi

    Haters gonna hate!
    Christina is & will always be better than you! ;) She looks gorgeous! Love her hair & outfit! And her body, she lost weight!

  • christinalover

    @Sushi: loved her hair when it was longer, but you are so damn right!!

  • Mayer

    Love her #TeamXtina

  • wywh

    Her boyfriend is so attractive lol

  • Chubtina

    Poor thing. Remember when she was a successful popstar? Now all her fans have left to boast about is The Voice’ viewing figures :( lmao.

  • Jonann

    She can sing, but she is still just as chubby as she was before. Her fans kept saying she lost weight. No, She is just wearing black and an outfit that actually fits her for once. Her face is an indicator of if she lost weight and it’s clearly still chubby so no she didn’t. She looks fine chubby though I guess.

  • Mia

    She is a mean hateful pig! Her karma is killing her career for all the BS she has talked to everyone over the years!
    She deserves all the hate she gets!
    I can’t stand her or her hateful ways!!
    She is a total B!tch

  • Later

    This old has-been is a fat no talent doushe

  • Donna

    I hate this woman! Her music and voice SUCK!!!

  • Bleh

    She is horrible
    When was the last time she had a hit song?

  • Niki

    She is a disgusting human being inside and out!
    What a fat tank

  • JoJo


  • Bomb

    God she’s fat

  • Coby

    What a stupid b!tch

  • Lala

    I stopped watching the voice because of her!
    She is so obnoxious

  • claus

    Lipstick on a pig.

  • Audrey

    She looks great!!

  • Poor thing

    She looks like she’s about to eat him, he’s way too pretty for her.

  • Gio

    christina never looked this bad

  • Zoe

    If any of you’s own a tv and watched her on the Leno show last Friday you can clearly see she’s lost weight and toned up look on youtube! Her hair and make-up looked flawless! I couldnt care less what weight she is to be honest, with a voice like that who cares!

  • Damien

    I think her body is just fine. Nothing’s wrong with her, except her sketchy boyfriend. I feel he’s up to no good.

  • Amy

    She looks cute as hell, and obviously lost weight. Haters keep hating, and she’ll keep outsinging your faves by a mile. ;) She ain’t even mad, but you guys seem to be! Cute dress and shoes, btw.