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David Archuleta Taking 2-Year Music Hiatus

David Archuleta Taking 2-Year Music Hiatus

David Archuleta is ready to embark on a 2-year career hiatus to serve as a Mormon missionary in South America.

“It’s been a very emotional last week,” the 21-year-old singer says in a video posted on his YouTube page, adding that he’s been busy packing. “I’m going to miss everybody.”

“It means so much to know that you guys continue to show your support,” David tells his fans. “I hope you guys enjoy the new music that will be coming out that we worked hard on. We’ve done our best to make it all it can be before I leave.”

“I will see you all in two years,” he says, before signing off with, “God bless. Take care.”

David Archuleta – ‘It’s Not Goodbye’
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  • solecito

    It’s difficult to find a decent good man these days, specially in the music industry. I admire David for putting his faith first and be willing to leave his career behind to serve others in a foreign country. God bless YOU, David.

  • ColinG

    So generous, still a bad singer!

  • jimmy

    take all the time you need david take all the time you need

  • Kathy C.

    I will miss that glorious VOICE of his! I do believe he will return to the music industry with many ideas for some great songs. David is a musical genius. The future looks great!
    Go with God, David. You are such an inspiration to many, and I am most surely one of the many!

  • Rita

    He isn’t putting his “faith first”. He is going to go shove it down people’s throats.

  • violet4ever

    I love David’s voice and he’s such a kind and humble person. He worked extra hard the last 10 weeks to make stuff to leave for fans – he was filmed in the 5-week Philippines miniseries Nandito Ako as leading man (subtitled DVDs are in the works), a classic Philippines album Forevermore (shipping now and music video real soon), and a US album of classic or inspirational songs that he finished up the day before he left. Plus some new photoshoots. He did all of that and more in 10 weeks. Gonna miss him. BTW David’s official site and many fansites like fansofdavid will stay open. His twitter is DavidArchie and his manager Kari will post any messages from David there. #DA2014 I’ll Be Here

  • Mel

    What exactly is he doing? I’m slightly confused…

  • sarah

    Listen to this, and see if he’s a bad singer. He’s one of the best live singers and most of people agree with this.

  • Pascalee

    Love this guy. Still so sorry that I missed his last tour. He has one of the most amazing voices I have ever heard in my life and such a sincere person, too. I’ll miss him immensely. Very much looking forward to his return!

  • Sierra

    I’ll miss David a lot but two years will go by fast especially with new music and CDs being released during his hiatus! Take car & stay safe and healthy David!

  • sgjudie

    David Archuleta is the nicest young man in the music industry today. He’s devoted to music and God. He is going to serve on a Mission for his church and Our Lord. It is something he has wanted to do for a long time and now that he is 21 and has 4 yrs. in the music biz., he wants to serve and give thanks for all his blessings. This is a sacrifice of choice. David is following his heart of gold. I have nothing but the highest regard for him. He is a shining example to all men and women. I’m proud to be his fan forever!! Go in peace David, we love you!

  • Married

    I didn’t even know who this guy is but it’s ok. Something sounds weird about all this. He doesn’t say anything about what inspired him to go there and work as a missionary. He just speaks about his work done to his fans.

  • BEAN

    So sweet! My brother is going off to do his this fall. It’s not nice, because he can only contact his parents. He can only email and write to friends and siblings :(. I think it’s great though and shows dedication, not only to their faith but in general. Good luck David! Hope they send you somewhere safe! And my brother!

  • ColinG

    @sarah: I am sorry, I am entitled to my own opinion sweetheart, I just do not find his singing good…Sorry to say its my opinion and people may dislike this or not, I wont change the opinion either way, I find no music from this day and age good, went down with the boy bands like Backstreet Boys and Nsync, and been ever going farther down.

  • Kiley

    Yes, he’s taking a career risk in leaving for two years but sticking around doesn’t guarantee success either. Joe Jonas released FastLife shortly after the Jonas Brothers completed their last tour but he’s not exactly burning up the charts (although Joe looks great at those fashion shows). David has my respect for doing what he believes is right for him. It’s actually harder than you think.

  • Gem

    I admire David more than anyone else in the entertainment industry. He has the talent and looks to do anything he wants and yet he only uses what he has been blessed with for good. This mission is no different. He knows what is truly important in life.

  • journey

    David is such a beautiful person inside & out!! Not many people would put their lives on hold for 2 years to do something like this! I love and respect him so much for doing it! He is an extremely talented young man and is very giving to his fans! All of his die-hard fans will be waiting for him to return!

  • Fassdong

    A.K.A his 15 minutes are up!

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    …ahahahahaha he’s been on hiatus since his time on idol was over. can’t believe he felt the need to make a video like this. the music industry wont notice his absence. hell, it didn’t even notice his presence. he gets a huge LOL for this one.

  • Eric

    Not trying to be rude, but what exactly has he done that was so significant? He won American Idol, had like 2 songs come out that did decent, and then he disappeared. I just looked up his discography and after his first album, he did a Christmas album and then another one after that. Clearly he didn’t do good with either of those albums because I haven’t heard anything about him or from him since his first cd. It’s not like he is so relevant in today’s music industry. Again, not trying to be rude, but he really isn’t relevant anymore. I think it’s a really good thing that he is doing and I applaud him for taking this trip to do what he truly believes in, but he won’t be missed all that much, as it seems like he doesn’t really do much and the stuff he does do doesn’t get much exposure.

  • Gem

    @[~Fug Face Man!ston~]:

    this video is for his FANS who care a lot about him and would have been very sad if he had left without saying goodbye.

  • Kiley

    Eric, not trying to be rude but when your second sentence is wrong, I can’t give what else you say much weight. I respect you for having the courage to post a comment without checking your facts though.

  • Kathy

    David has been doing so much the past four years. He has toured internationally to The Phiippines, Singapore, with pretty much sold out shows. He just completed a five week mini series from Manilla which has been a huge success. He completely a Christmas tour in December, once again very successful. He just finished one more album to be released in the next day or two. He also made another album to be released in the Fall.He has sung at many charitable events. He is considered an international star and has thousands of fans all over the world. His is a young man of high character and chariable qualities. I for one look forward to his return in two years and I have no doubt his career will take off even more. An outstanding artist with a beautiful voice.

  • ozzie

    great .. another crazy person forcing their ridiculous mythology on other people … just what the world needs more of …. plus the morman church is one of the biggest hate groups in the United States.

  • Kathy

    Ozzie, I think you yourself are completely misinformed and quick to judge.The Mormon Church has one of the biggest welfare programs in the world and helps out countries all over the world when disaster strikes. They send food and water and supplies without hype or media coverage. They do it out of concern for people everywhere. David serving his Mission is a personal thing for growth and service. He sent a farewell blog to his fans because of the thoughtful person that he is. Besides that he is one talented young man.

  • alana

    He has a beautiful voice,heart, and soul; this vlog was for his many fans who had been hoping for a Vlog from him that day. David genuinely loves his fans, and we love him too.

  • truth

    While its true that David hasn’t been burning up the charts in the US, he’s HUGE overseas. His tours sell out entire stadiums in Asia, and he’s consistently made the Forbes Top 10 Idol Earners list since his stint on American Idol. He’s released 5 albums since then including 2 Christmas projects, and has another pop album scheduled for release in the Fall. So, he really is making quite a sacrifice by giving up his career for 2 years to focus on his faith and serving the people of South America. Service is not unusual for David though. This time last year he was in India doing humanitarian work in a leper colony. I have tremendous respect for him and his priorities.

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    If David had a mind of his own he wouldn’t be marching off like a robot soldier for the Mormon church. By the time he gets back he’ll be forgotten.

  • Marlie7

    I don’t think David’s 950,000+ Twitter followers are likely to forget him. And since pop music and radio play is in such a shambles, using it as a yardstick isn’t really effective, either.

    For those who think David is a robot, you have it wrong. David made this choice for himself, by himself.

    To the person who asked why he made this video – he is in constant contact with his fans – vlogs, twitter, facebook. You obviously don’t know what you are talking about. Just because you don’t follow him, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have an enormously loyal fanbase.

    David is do be respected and admired, not only for following his faith (of which I am not a part) but for following his own path in the music world as well. His voice is gorgeous – he doesn’t need glittery clothes and dancers to keep the audience enthralled, and he certainly doesn’t need autotune. For those that can hear the beauty of his voice, that’s all that is necessary. For those that can’t, so be it – your loss.

  • Edgar Tonato

    This is going out to all those who judge others based on their religious beliefs first: ARE YOU INSANE?!?! This guy follows his own faith, and that is something I actually do as well!! I’m Catholic, and I don’t want to waste my time judging others for their beliefs, race, gender, or sexual orientation… because that would be a complete amount of stupidity written on here!!
    Now on to those saying he has no talent: Have you SEEN this guy’s live concert performances on YouTube with, I don’t know, other people commenting GREATLY on his voice?! This guy IS a vocalist!! Releasing two albums, a Christmas album, and writing his own lyrics about more than just love, is something to be said about someone as special as David!!!
    That is why he is so popular in Asia, and not here, because he knows that all the crappy music that is out today is nothing but club/techno pop about sex, drugs, alcohol, and it comes with auto-tune, which in MY and HIS case, makes us both SICK!!!
    He uses his talent wisely… unlike, say, a talentless, conceited little brat, by the name of Justin Bieber, who actually HAS no talent, uses auto-tune, and lets fame get into his own head!!
    David Archuleta, even though he is six months YOUNGER than I am, is someone I REALLY look up to!! Not just for his vocal ability, but for his lyrics, beliefs, confidence, and power in his own songs and uses his talent wisely for it!!! That is why I wish to meet him one day, because he’s someone to keep an eye out for!! Someone who actually has talent, makes music his own way, writes about more than just love, and creates something useful for people to get to know the REAL David!!! That’s someone who I aspire to become one day!!!

  • maerski

    i will miss him

  • me


    And exactly what have YOU accomplished in your life Eric? Doesn’t sound like you’d be missed all that much if you went away.

  • violet4ever

    @Mel: Mel – David is Mormon and although it is not mandatory, all Mormon young men are expected to serve a 2 year mission for their church somewhere in the world. Some Mormon young women also do it but their missions are 18 months instead of 2 years. So David’s career will be on-hold for 2 years. He hopes to at still get some messages to the fans, even if just by emailing them to his manager Kari so she can tweet them on his Twitter he always tweeted on (DavidArchie). Most missionaries are allowed 1 hour of computer access per week to answer email from their family and friends. Some are allowed to do more than email (like tweet or blog) – it depends on the mission.

  • anon

    It is a good career move to go on hiatus when your career is dying. Makes a comeback more newsworthy. Got to admit though, I am not a fan of his or much of what passes for popular music these days; all saccharine sweet, overly produced and rather soulless. The artists that matter (there are many out there) will never be mentioned on sites such as this one.

  • chuck

    @Rita: He’s entitled to share his faith with others. If they don’t like it, they can ask him to go away and he will. Why do people have such strong disdain for people with religious beliefs. I am not a mormon, but I can respect other’s without demeaning them or their efforts.

  • meh

    who the hell is this guy anyway?

  • Deke

    Ozzie…you suck.

  • Riza

    I am just so sad that in this age and time when then world is going through one crises after another, some people are just so rude.

    I do not understand the Mormon religion but I respect people who live their lives according to their faith.

    David has never been rude nor openly preaching about his religion. He has lived it, has been a shining example to many young people who are hooked on drugs, violence and even sex.

    If you do not like him, at least be kind and compassionate. A harsh word spoken or written reflects who we are.

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