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Charlize Theron's Leaked Cell Phone Pictures Revealed - Exclusive

Charlize Theron's Leaked Cell Phone Pictures Revealed - Exclusive

Charlize Theron poses sexily for the camera in a sheer black top in these new leaked photos from her cell phone, obtained exclusively by

Videos, photos, text messages, voice mails, screenshots, search history, recent call list, and tweet drafts have all been leaked of the 36-year-old Oscar winner.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Charlize Theron

Other leaked information from Charlize‘s cell phone include her most used apps are Words With Friends (her use of words is only in Afrikaans) and Draw Something (her sketches are only of Oscar trophies).

Her Foursquare check-ins also reveal she is the mayor of not only Rodeo Drive, but Coldstone Creamery too!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Charlize Theron’s cell phone leak?

UPDATE: Check out Charlize Theron‘s leaked sex tape!

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  • Aurie

    I wonder if the FBI will get involved

  • alliesq

    Jared, I’ve never thought your blog to be the type that hops on the leaked celeb pictures bandwagon, let alone to have the exclusive pics. Maybe leave that kind of stuff to TMZ?

  • Whatever.

    People seriously need lives.

  • true blood

    Early April Fool’s joke? JJ doesn’t seem like the type to post leaked cell phone pics.

  • hump

    This is what you would normally see on ALOT of females cellphones. NO big deal. If it was Kim K it would be like that but 200x plus skankier

  • Marla

    Why would you post this?

  • K

    Duck face? Embarrassing. The person to hack her phone will get a jail sentence, people who murder and rape children get off without none. Crazy.

  • Frenchy

    Uh Jared from your earlier tweet could it be more like she GAVE you all the info. But what for? I know she has a film coming out but she’s an Academy award winner who really stays away from the spotlight for the most part.

  • jenn

    I thought you were a blogger with integrity Jared. You have exclusively obtained photos? this site is getting trashier by the second. I’m actually embarrassed and ashamed that I used to love this site

  • liverwurst

    JJ it is extremely poor taste to post and publish obviously stolen private photo’s off of a hacked phone:/

  • Rachel ()

    These are some super tame hacked pics. Love Charlize so much!! Young Adult was awesome!

  • 55

    Because Charlize is popular you guys call it disgusting and trashy to leak the pics. But if this were someone with a bad rep you’d be laughing…

  • Frenchy

    Wait I take that back..JJ you are sleazy to obtain this information. Someone hacked into her phone or it was stolen.

  • ck

    Obviously an April Fools

  • Jil

    Um Jared, why are you leaking these pictures? This isn’t TMZ! Aren’t you above that? Or at least I thought! You should be ashamed of yourself. Even if the pictures aren’t risque, you’re still infringing on her private life by posting these pictures on your credible and drama-free website? Why do this? I mean, you could have posted a link to TMZ in the link posts. Gosh, I never knew you’d be someone who did that. You’ve become no better than Perez Hilton in my eyes. You truly showed us your true colors. Oh well…

  • just a publicity stunt

    This looks like a desperate attempt on Charlize’s part to make herself well-known to the kids so they will go tho her Snow White movie. Totally unnecessary. They would have gone anyway, and she will be great.

  • Brandon Hilton

    I’m on tour this summer! I’m unlike any other artist you’ve ever listened too! please check me out here – you can hear my music, see photos + tour dates! don’t forget to click “LIKE” and let’s dance! xx

  • Em

    It’s an April Fool’s joke… seriously

  • parisbobby

    lol happy april fools jared!!! i love the part about her draw somethings only being oscar trophies lolz i love that charlize also went along with this <3

  • anna

    i hope NUDE and NAKED photos of charlize leak too!!!!

  • Brandon Hilton

    She is soooo incredibly hot!!!

    I’m on tour this summer! I’m unlike any other artist you’ve ever listened too! please check me out here – you can hear my music, see photos + tour dates! don’t forget to click “LIKE” and let’s dance! xx

  • tombo

    This site is pure trash.

  • Frenchy

    Yes that’s right, if telephone numbers, messages, tweets, search history, and call lists were also leaked then yeah, her phone was hacked into.Not cool Jared.

  • E

    April’s Fool Day?

  • L


  • Kevin

    Very obvious this is an April Fool’s joke. And a poor one at that…mayor of Rodeo Drive and Coldstone, wtf?

  • Jemma


    on whose part?

  • T

    Good one, Jared. Especially the Oscar trophies for Draw Something bit. Happy April Fools’ Day!

  • lisa

    Happy April Fools Jared. Nice of Charlize to go along with it.

  • wtf

    It’s not April 1st here on the East Coast. In Brazil, Europe, etc.. it is.

  • Lena120

    This is definitely a joke.I doubt Jared would ever post such trash. And secondly, there’s nothing risque about those photos. They’re not even worth posting. If someone wanted to see her naked, all they’d have to do is watch one of her many R-rated movies.

  • Frenchy

    If it is an April Fools joke than my first gut instinct was right! Let us wait and see. :)

    Waving hello to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Greg D

    For a minute I thought I was on another blog. Jared you usually don’t post this kind of stuff I thought better of you.

  • tjw12

    Feel better now that you’ve invaded her privacy? I thought you guys were better than two bit hackers…guess I was wrong.

  • mellodee822

    …did you get hacked jared? lol this seems so off.

  • mellodee822

    @mellodee822: oh waittt…i feel dumbbb…lol obviously april fools joke! lmao, i thought this was a funny or die thingg

  • leadballoon

    That what this has gone over like. It a Aprils Fool Joke people. JJ attempt on making fun of other gossip sites.

    CT just wants to stay relevant doing that Snow White push.

  • Bea

    April Fools?

  • happyaprilfool’sday

    Happy April Fool’s Day, everyone.

  • serena

    It’s called APRIL FOOLS people

  • Bailey

    APRIL FOOLS!!!! You guys need to chill out…its obviously fake. Sheez get out much?

  • bree

    Meh, this is just for publicity. I mean, the pics are really tame, and duck face, seriously??? So dumb and immature. She’s a little old for that. Her publicist arranged this to promote her new movie.

  • Lynn

    Really Jared?? This is how fame has gotten into your had that you “EXCLUSIVELY” obtain private information of a person?
    I expected more from you…. wow you are now officially a sell-out

  • lohan#1

    early April fools Jared…you still have some class?

  • Lynn

    ok if it is APril Fool’s joke then I take my offensive comments back.. if it is AF joke, then i still love you JJ and apologize hehe :)

  • yep

    i thought just jared was above this!

  • jorel

    I don’t know if anyone can tell…but you do know these were on purpose. ONe why have leaks of FourSquare and Words with Friends but no SNs..second. Leaked photos that are extremely PG. I honestly think the Jared and Charlize are poking fun at all the leak hype thats out there. On top of that I don’t believe that Jared would post leak photos since he hasn’t posted any of the numerous other leak star phtos. And Charlize doesn’t look like the type to take horrible leak photos. Ppl take the joke and move on.

  • anna

    omg so sexy

  • leo

    i think its an April fool’s joke !

  • No Way

    Come on guys, this is obviously a joke…..