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Christina Aguilera: Fred Segal Shopper

Christina Aguilera: Fred Segal Shopper

Christina Aguilera gets in some retail therapy at Fred Segal on Friday (March 30) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 31-year-old singer and current coach on The Voice wore a purple sweater over a skull designed dress and a cute fedora.

Later in the day, Xtina and her beau Matt Rutler grabbed some dinner at Taste restaurant.

Christina selected fellow singer Jewel to guest mentor her team on NBC’s The Voice.

“[Christina] had some power singers on [her team],” Jewel told THR. “But she also went up for some folkies and some cool alternative acts.”

Earlier in the week, Christina attended a basketball game with Matt at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

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Photos: FameFlynet
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  • lala

    she looks so different from the other post ( laker game)

  • Noah

    OMG!! She looks so skinny Yes,girl,show ‘em how sexy and hot you are.

  • Samantha

    She doesn’t look fat here at all. The other pictures were just unflattering.

  • http://google Cynthia

    Hardly ever with her son…..

  • Sam

    Blue suits her well.

  • Audrey

    Wow, she looks so great, she lost a lot of weight.

  • Brit

    She leaves it to brangelina —> selling own children.

  • Christina Aguilera N1 Best

    Best Sexy Beautiful Love

  • Legend

    OMG!! She is SO Beautiful <3

  • Amy

    Oh my god! She looks stunning. 10 points to her new stylist, she looks gorgeous and curvy, finally.<3

  • shenanyginz

    she looks like she’s slimmed down a little. Not too much but just enough to be voluptuous, sexy and healthy. Good for her!

  • Cookie

    She is looking rather beautiful here.

  • mari

    @Cynthia: you do realize her son has a dad right….soooo he also spends time with him. she dosent have to bring him to places so he could get blinded by all the paparazzi .seriously if you dont know anything stfu

  • christinalover

    love her style, sexiness and beauty here. this woman is just perfect, I love you christina maria aguilera!

  • Willian Alves de Souza

    I Love this Woman..She’s the future..
    i think her voice is Pure Magic

  • Sushi

    OMG Christina looks so amazing! Her outfit *-* And I’m glad she’s hanging out with Mikey again :) She’s totally a family person :) And @Amy she doesn’t have a new stylist, her stylist is still Simone Harouche :) I can’t wait for her new album *-*

  • JJ

    She looks like trailer trash.
    There is nothing good about this old bag.
    She’s horrible

  • Lamb

    Her body is so gross and lumpy?!
    Her legs are like Miss.Piggy
    And her boobs are long and fat!
    Bleh!!! She’s so disgusting

  • Nicki

    Eww, I just want to slap those glasses off her fat b!tch face!
    I can’t stand this bottom feeder.

  • http://@AriDeras Ari

    @Lamb: How lame u are! stupid lamb!

  • alliesq

    She looks so good!

  • marcus

    A skull? Really? How edgy.

  • Dooley

    When ask about her next Album,Christina said Its Quality not Quantity…After Bionic Christina Really.LOL!!!And then said..I don’t like to just get songs from producers.I like them to come from a personal place…Christina talking to you Beyonce, Rihanna. Britney.

  • G.

    She is so tacky

  • Samantha

    I hate to tell you this. I know it’s gonna be so shocking.. but boobs are fat.

  • Lana

    Her outfit looks like she was dumpster diving in Britney’s garbage from the 90′s.
    She’s gross

  • Joe

    As a straight male, I find this woman repulsive.
    And I agree with Lamb about her fat sloppy boobs!
    She’s straight up nasty trailer trash

  • ?

    She looks flawless as usually
    I love her outfit! the dress and the blue coat nice
    my forever queen <3
    I can't wait till her new alblum

  • Chubtina

    Why is she bothering with another album? no1curr.

  • Chubtina

    Maybe she should work on being a mother instead. Neglectful b****.

  • christinalover

    @Nicki: @Nicki: I think you deserve a slap in your face for your comment. she is one of the nicest and most beautiful person on our earth, deal with it!

  • christinalover

    @Joe: that’s sooo poor and mean. You are saying but in reality you want to sleep with her. christina is a hot and gorgeous woman and every straight man think she is attractive!

  • ChristinaLoverIsDeluded

    @christinalover: LOL! They really don’t. Straight men are not interested in Floptina! She isn’t even on the sexy lists any more. And when she was it was probably only because her GAY fans were voting for her multiple times!

  • ChristinaLoverIsDeluded

    Floptina is hated by most people. That’s her own fault for being such a spiteful turd all of these years.

  • ChristinaLoverIsDeluded

    *t*rd :P

  • christinalover

    @ChristinaLoverIsDeluded: you know absolutely nothing about christina, she is such a cute and funny person when you listen to her interviews, all this hate is coming from a random gagafan who knows nothing about women. christina aguilera is the definition of hot and beautiful!

  • chunkylera

    @christinalover: she is horrible and pressed! the jealousy that she shows towards other (more successful) females is disgusting. and she is forever pulling bitchy faces.

  • Jen The queen of Loon

    What is Brangelina got to do with it, … Sucks to be you…. They own you, Loon!!!!!j

  • Xtina Voicelera

    I cannot wait for Christina Aguilera’s new album.

    QUALITY OVER QUANTITY!!!!!! That’s Christina.

    Ugh! It’s going to be good, I already know!! This vocalist can do no wrong when it comes to albums!!!!!!!!!

    Christina is the best pop star ever!

  • Christina Legendera

    The complete foking imbeciles that talk about how “disgusting” Christina is because of the clothes she chooses to wear or because of the way her body looks are absolutely foking deranged and brain-less.

    I can sense the immense stupidity emanating from these clueless fools all the way here, through the computer. You stupid idiots.

    Christina Aguilera will remain her amazing talented self and unique individual!! You can stay bitter, stupid and mad you dumb@ss haters.

    Christina defecates on you haters.

  • Xtina makes haters cry

    The haters are so delusional and mentally demented.

    They see Christina has this huge evil witch who has said very horrible terrible things and done horrific activities!!!!

    It’s as if Christina told a terrible lie or murdered someone!!
    The haters are losing their minds and becoming sickly paranoid!!!!

    Poor stressed haters. Christina keeps them scared and terrified.
    Is it her fault though? No.
    It’s not her fault if people feel threatened by Christina.

    Christina is a bad@ss singer and the haters can stay jealous.

  • XLtinaStansAreNutz

    Lulz. XLtina stans are so pressed. Don’t cry too hard when her next album does almost as badly as Bionic! :D

  • XLtinaStansAreNutz

    When was the last time XLtina had a #1 single? And no, PIGGYbacking the Moron 5 song does not count! :P

  • Sammy

    That dress looks good on her. Her shoes game is so hot!

  • Xtina is the best.

    Xtina stans don’t give a sh*t about sales, you idiots. That’s just a bonus. We’re not here for statistics, you brainless foktards.

    We’re here for that voice, you dumb@ss haters.
    We all know the real reason haters hate Christina is because they know Christina sh*ts on their favorite artist, talent-wise.

    Stay angry haters. Keep pretending like you actually care about Christina’s weight or looks.

    Christina is the best, whether people buy her CDs or not.
    Christina fans are proud fans.
    The haters are so stupid. Epitome of idiotic.

  • Xtina is the best.

    Christina Aguilera is the best singer in the world.

    She makes the best pop music.

    I own her entire discography.

    Number 1s on the charts? Sales? Who needs that sh*t when you are Christina Maria Voicelera.

    LOL!!!! ROLLING MY EYES!!!!!!!!
    The haters are so unbelievably stupid!!!
    They cannot think properly for two seconds.

    The Xtina haters are so jealous. It is very embarrassing to witness their huge imbecility.

  • Irrelevantina

    @Xtina is the best.: Oh you care about sales! If Floptina was selling well you’d be all over it boasting. What’s the point of having this “voice” if no one wants to hear it? lmao. Floptina can’t even control her voice. Adele shows her up big time. ;)

  • Irrelevantina

    Adele writes amazing songs and has an amazing voice. She also puts so much emotion into her songs. Floptina over sings and annoys everybody by trying to show off. No wonder her career is all but over.

  • Music

    Christina is the best.

    I am more and more proud to be a fan of this epic singer, since 1999.

    The haters are having nervous breakdowns for whatever reason. Who cares. Life goes on. A new Christina album is coming.

    New fresh music for the ears.

  • Xtina makes haters nervous

    You are a very stupid individual.

    Thousands upon thousands of amazing artists worldwide don’t sell trillions of albums or every appear on the charts.

    And what?

    Sane people don’t give a flying fok about that abstract stuff like charts and sale numbers. The sane general public only cares about the actual music, you dumb fok.

    Go buy yourself a brain as soon as possible. You are a gigantic imbecile.