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Alexander Skarsgard: Shirtless For New 'True Blood' Promo!

Alexander Skarsgard: Shirtless For New 'True Blood' Promo!

Alexander Skarsgard is shirtless sexy in this new promo for HBO’s latest season of True Blood!

The promo shows a variety of clips from the upcoming season featuring stars Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Joe Manganiello, Ryan Kwanten and more.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of True Blood

Last season of True Blood ended with a big cliffhanger – can’t wait too see what is going to happen!

The new season of True Blood is set to premiere this summer! Be sure to check it out on HBO.

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  • loop

    MY FAVORITE SHOW! I love Eric. I can’t wait till June! Omggg!!

  • Rachel ()

    OMG. Another Alex post already? Still getting psyched up for TB! When does the last season come out on dvd?

  • Lilla

    But will he be pantless as well?

  • Asha

    Hell yeah…you know it is Summer when True Blood is on.

  • Stop

    He is still a BIG,DUMB,DOOFUS. Stop making this loser happening. Not gonna happen!

  • Hwood thinks ALEX is a joke

    A major closet case.

  • laura

    I want to see Alex take it all off this season. :D

  • laura

    OOOH I want to know what happens to TARA. I think she’ll become a Vampire!!!!

  • fjill

    I HOPE Sookie was NOT burying Tara.

  • Macy

    Shirtless Eric is always nice to see. If they keep Tara around that will be totally annoying. She’s terrible!

  • Sayuri

    Can´t wait!!!

  • summer

    Whatever, I love Tara and I hope she comes back!

  • hippy

    @fjill: She would have been burying Alcides ex like she does in the book

  • Asha

    @laura: If Tara becomes a vampires I honestly think she would try to kill herself. She hates vampires after what happened with Franklin.

  • Stacie

    These teasers look so good . It’s always a good sign when you see lots of shirts coming off. Counting down the days until True Blood is back ! :D

  • Nika

    I wish True Blood goes back to why it became so successful in the first place-vampires. No fairies, witches or whatever creatures, just vampires mixing with humans…It’s just my opinion but it became too much fantasy and not enough scandal. I love this show and I wish to see Sookie and Eric together again!!!

  • jkl

    To be honest I miss the OLD TR Bill and Sookie. Humans vs Vampires. Thats how I fell in love with it. But I still LOVE it

  • Whycantipost

    @fjill: .

    Probably the werewolf chick they are burying.

  • Lina

    Alex/Eric is my only reason to watch that circus.

  • That kiss

    Wow that kiss with Eric and Nora,

  • POGO

    Bring TB on. Especially with a shirtless Eric/Alex.

  • deea

    let it be June faster- alex is such a swedish god- !!!!

  • danielik25

    It´s good for Eric to be with someone, when Sookie is so dumb…

  • ladybug

    @hippy: In the book Eric buries Debbie, and it’s not in her backyard, but off somewhere on the 20 acres.
    They could be burying Tara with her new maker-which I certainly hope not, as I’m not a Tara fan.
    @Nika, remember it is based on books, and the books have Fae, shifters, and other supes. Should the focus be on vamps? Yep, but the other supes exist as well.
    @Rachel(), S4 comes out on DVD at the end of May.

  • R

    Hopefull we’ll get more Eric shirtless scenes…there are never too many…lol

  • ladybug
  • Canuck

    @danielik25: That could also be a scene from the past, they did hint there would be flashbacks going on.

  • danielik25

    @Canuck: I know about Nora´s character, that she loves Eric deeply, but she prefers career in high vampire political circles.

  • Alex and charlize spotted

    It looks looks like Alex and charlize were spotted together just before he left to go to Japan.

    JustJared com ‏ @JustJared

    Charlize and Alex were “very cute & cuddly :) She’s looking more beautiful then ever.”

    JustJared com ‏ @JustJared

    he saw Charlize Theron & Alexander Skarsgard at YogurtLand in West Hollywood

    I believe there a couple if they have been spotted looking cuddly

  • Lucy g looking good

    From what I can see lucy griffiths is looking good and sexy that looks like a nice kiss she is giving Alex KUDOS LUCY. I am looking forward to Nora
    Lucy is giving Anna paquin a run For her money in the kissing contest lol , maybe that’s why Alex and Lucy spent time together GG so they could get close to one and other for the intimate scenes.
    they would make a nice couple If there not all ready seeing each other quietly.
    Regarding the Charlize and Alex sighting wasn’t Alex on his way to Japan or spotted 31st march, when was the tweet, she is getting alot of pap attention recently and did anyone else see them together Mmmmmmm I need pics

  • Canuck

    @Alex and charlize spotted: I didn’t notice that Jared was such a lousy speller. Or maybe you’re just making things up. LOL

    If he’s got a girlfriend or prospective girlfriend, good for him. If he doesn’t, okay. What’s the point of making up non-existent quotes? Are you that desperate to see the guy squared away with someone? Pffffft

  • okay

    I am ready to see Alex on other projects. At the risk of getting negative hits, it just seems to me that he has outgrown this show……..TB is just not as exciting as it used to be couple of seasons ago. AS has the staying power to rise above the 100+ cast members that is TB

  • Lilla

    @Alex and charlize spotted: Unless he’s able to be 2 places at once, this can’t be true. He was spotted at the airport on the 31st. The ‘sighting’ happened yesterday.

  • Kim

    Yeah (rolls eyes) seen that tweet it was posted on TPF……………. Nah dont believe it why has it been hyped up again? I dont believe there dating at all……….. charlize wants to settle down and alex likes to………………..
    Play around and have fun I don’t think he is that ready to change a baby’s bottom …………………………….
    charlize has been papped again with baby jackson having lunch
    pictures are posted on twitter…………………………

  • Macy

    If it happened yesterday, then it’s a load of bunk. Alex’s promotion was in Japan yesterday, so obviously someone is trying to stir up some BS.

  • Canuck

    @okay: I agree actually. Alan Ball managed to almost completely turn me off of the show by the end of last season. That said, ASkars might be quite happy with a couple of more years of guaranteed “Eff you” money while he builds his HW movie creds up.

  • Emily

    True blood bringing it this season now make sure Eric is shirtless/ no pants as well Alex is the man from the looks of it last night Sookie is so dumb Eric looks like he about to get his freak on . Eric f**k the pain away

  • Emily

    Here we go again with the Charlize and Alex stuff is it still April`s day

  • Yummy

    Ryan K looks hot

  • April

    @ Emily
    Don’t think the person who posted the tweet think April fools is over maybe he or she thinks it carries on all the way till the end if April.

  • Rachel ()

    @ladybug: Oh heck yes! There are still some episodes that I haven’t seen. =(

  • Just asking

    When was this CT/AS sightning made and was it on twitter?

  • Lois

    @Alex and charlize spotted:


    JustJared com ‏ @JustJared
    Not sure how true this is but a reader just wrote in that he saw Charlize Theron & Alexander Skarsgard at YogurtLand in West Hollywood

    1:32 AM – 2 Apr 12 via TweetDeck · Details!/JustJared

  • Lois

    I guess JJ isn’t doesn’t fact check since everyone else knew that Alex is in Japan.

  • frisbee

    I love how Askars can go around promoting things shritless and yet not get labelled as just one of the pretty faces/abs. Somehow, he still comes off as a serious actor, irrespective of the amount of shirtless scenes. Kudos!

  • Macy

    Going for yogurt at 1:30am? LOL! Yeah that sound super accurate. Seeing as Alex was in Japan on April 2 promoting Battleship and then has like a 12 hr plane ride back to the US, I seriously doubt that would be happening.

  • jelisaveta


    Actually that doesn’t tell WHEN they were seen. There’s no exact day in that tweet and he’s not on holiday in Japan. It is probablyy just a quick trip back and forth. Plenty of time get cozy with CT. Awww that would be soooo cool but if there’s some love in the air it doesn’t last sry. I love and admire them both and as consenting adults i hope they have some fun together, something to tell grandchildren or maybe not lol

  • CT gross

    @jelisaveta: people and fans that put on internet this false rumors/tweet are just so desperate!!! leave him alone!!!

  • Tanter

    I love Alex and I think he’s got talent but gosh, TB really sucks at this point. I don’t blame the actors – I blame the writing. Too bad, it could be a great show if written more closely to the books *sigh*

  • Allison

    So for the hater at the top of this post…who clearly wrote both posts…why would it matter IF Alex WAS gay, how would that make him a joke…half of Hollywood is gay. You make yourself sound even stupider by saying things like that. Why are you always stalking the Alex posts, sounds like you are the one with issues!