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Alexander Skarsgard: Shirtless For New 'True Blood' Promo!

Alexander Skarsgard: Shirtless For New 'True Blood' Promo!

Alexander Skarsgard is shirtless sexy in this new promo for HBO’s latest season of True Blood!

The promo shows a variety of clips from the upcoming season featuring stars Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Joe Manganiello, Ryan Kwanten and more.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of True Blood

Last season of True Blood ended with a big cliffhanger – can’t wait too see what is going to happen!

The new season of True Blood is set to premiere this summer! Be sure to check it out on HBO.

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90 Responses to “Alexander Skarsgard: Shirtless For New 'True Blood' Promo!”

  1. 1
    loop Says:

    MY FAVORITE SHOW! I love Eric. I can’t wait till June! Omggg!!

  2. 2
    Rachel () Says:

    OMG. Another Alex post already? Still getting psyched up for TB! When does the last season come out on dvd?

  3. 3
    Lilla Says:

    But will he be pantless as well?

  4. 4
    Asha Says:

    Hell yeah…you know it is Summer when True Blood is on.

  5. 5
    Stop Says:

    He is still a BIG,DUMB,DOOFUS. Stop making this loser happening. Not gonna happen!

  6. 6
    Hwood thinks ALEX is a joke Says:

    A major closet case.

  7. 7
    laura Says:

    I want to see Alex take it all off this season. :D

  8. 8
    laura Says:

    OOOH I want to know what happens to TARA. I think she’ll become a Vampire!!!!

  9. 9
    fjill Says:

    I HOPE Sookie was NOT burying Tara.

  10. 10
    Macy Says:

    Shirtless Eric is always nice to see. If they keep Tara around that will be totally annoying. She’s terrible!

  11. 11
    Sayuri Says:

    Can´t wait!!!

  12. 12
    summer Says:

    Whatever, I love Tara and I hope she comes back!

  13. 13
    hippy Says:

    @fjill: She would have been burying Alcides ex like she does in the book

  14. 14
    Asha Says:

    @laura: If Tara becomes a vampires I honestly think she would try to kill herself. She hates vampires after what happened with Franklin.

  15. 15
    Stacie Says:

    These teasers look so good . It’s always a good sign when you see lots of shirts coming off. Counting down the days until True Blood is back ! :D

  16. 16
    Nika Says:

    I wish True Blood goes back to why it became so successful in the first place-vampires. No fairies, witches or whatever creatures, just vampires mixing with humans…It’s just my opinion but it became too much fantasy and not enough scandal. I love this show and I wish to see Sookie and Eric together again!!!

  17. 17
    jkl Says:

    To be honest I miss the OLD TR Bill and Sookie. Humans vs Vampires. Thats how I fell in love with it. But I still LOVE it

  18. 18
    Whycantipost Says:

    @fjill: .

    Probably the werewolf chick they are burying.

  19. 19
    Lina Says:

    Alex/Eric is my only reason to watch that circus.

  20. 20
    That kiss Says:

    Wow that kiss with Eric and Nora,

  21. 21
    POGO Says:

    Bring TB on. Especially with a shirtless Eric/Alex.

  22. 22
    deea Says:

    let it be June faster- alex is such a swedish god- !!!!

  23. 23
    danielik25 Says:

    It´s good for Eric to be with someone, when Sookie is so dumb…

  24. 24
    ladybug Says:

    @hippy: In the book Eric buries Debbie, and it’s not in her backyard, but off somewhere on the 20 acres.
    They could be burying Tara with her new maker-which I certainly hope not, as I’m not a Tara fan.
    @Nika, remember it is based on books, and the books have Fae, shifters, and other supes. Should the focus be on vamps? Yep, but the other supes exist as well.
    @Rachel(), S4 comes out on DVD at the end of May.

  25. 25
    R Says:

    Hopefull we’ll get more Eric shirtless scenes…there are never too many…lol

  26. 26
    ladybug Says:

    The scarf is back:

  27. 27
    Canuck Says:

    @danielik25: That could also be a scene from the past, they did hint there would be flashbacks going on.

  28. 28
    danielik25 Says:

    @Canuck: I know about Nora´s character, that she loves Eric deeply, but she prefers career in high vampire political circles.

  29. 29
    Alex and charlize spotted Says:

    It looks looks like Alex and charlize were spotted together just before he left to go to Japan.

    JustJared com ‏ @JustJared

    Charlize and Alex were “very cute & cuddly :) She’s looking more beautiful then ever.”

    JustJared com ‏ @JustJared

    he saw Charlize Theron & Alexander Skarsgard at YogurtLand in West Hollywood

    I believe there a couple if they have been spotted looking cuddly

  30. 30
    Lucy g looking good Says:

    From what I can see lucy griffiths is looking good and sexy that looks like a nice kiss she is giving Alex KUDOS LUCY. I am looking forward to Nora
    Lucy is giving Anna paquin a run For her money in the kissing contest lol , maybe that’s why Alex and Lucy spent time together GG so they could get close to one and other for the intimate scenes.
    they would make a nice couple If there not all ready seeing each other quietly.
    Regarding the Charlize and Alex sighting wasn’t Alex on his way to Japan or spotted 31st march, when was the tweet, she is getting alot of pap attention recently and did anyone else see them together Mmmmmmm I need pics

  31. 31
    Canuck Says:

    @Alex and charlize spotted: I didn’t notice that Jared was such a lousy speller. Or maybe you’re just making things up. LOL

    If he’s got a girlfriend or prospective girlfriend, good for him. If he doesn’t, okay. What’s the point of making up non-existent quotes? Are you that desperate to see the guy squared away with someone? Pffffft

  32. 32
    okay Says:

    I am ready to see Alex on other projects. At the risk of getting negative hits, it just seems to me that he has outgrown this show……..TB is just not as exciting as it used to be couple of seasons ago. AS has the staying power to rise above the 100+ cast members that is TB

  33. 33
    Lilla Says:

    @Alex and charlize spotted: Unless he’s able to be 2 places at once, this can’t be true. He was spotted at the airport on the 31st. The ‘sighting’ happened yesterday.

  34. 34
    Kim Says:

    Yeah (rolls eyes) seen that tweet it was posted on TPF……………. Nah dont believe it why has it been hyped up again? I dont believe there dating at all……….. charlize wants to settle down and alex likes to………………..
    Play around and have fun I don’t think he is that ready to change a baby’s bottom …………………………….
    charlize has been papped again with baby jackson having lunch
    pictures are posted on twitter…………………………

  35. 35
    Macy Says:

    If it happened yesterday, then it’s a load of bunk. Alex’s promotion was in Japan yesterday, so obviously someone is trying to stir up some BS.

  36. 36
    Canuck Says:

    @okay: I agree actually. Alan Ball managed to almost completely turn me off of the show by the end of last season. That said, ASkars might be quite happy with a couple of more years of guaranteed “Eff you” money while he builds his HW movie creds up.

  37. 37
    Emily Says:

    True blood bringing it this season now make sure Eric is shirtless/ no pants as well Alex is the man from the looks of it last night Sookie is so dumb Eric looks like he about to get his freak on . Eric f**k the pain away

  38. 38
    Emily Says:

    Here we go again with the Charlize and Alex stuff is it still April`s day

  39. 39
    Yummy Says:

    Ryan K looks hot

  40. 40
    April Says:

    @ Emily
    Don’t think the person who posted the tweet think April fools is over maybe he or she thinks it carries on all the way till the end if April.

  41. 41
    Rachel () Says:

    @ladybug: Oh heck yes! There are still some episodes that I haven’t seen. =(

  42. 42
    Just asking Says:

    When was this CT/AS sightning made and was it on twitter?

  43. 43
    Lois Says:

    @Alex and charlize spotted:


    JustJared com ‏ @JustJared
    Not sure how true this is but a reader just wrote in that he saw Charlize Theron & Alexander Skarsgard at YogurtLand in West Hollywood

    1:32 AM – 2 Apr 12 via TweetDeck · Details!/JustJared

  44. 44
    Lois Says:

    I guess JJ isn’t doesn’t fact check since everyone else knew that Alex is in Japan.

  45. 45
    frisbee Says:

    I love how Askars can go around promoting things shritless and yet not get labelled as just one of the pretty faces/abs. Somehow, he still comes off as a serious actor, irrespective of the amount of shirtless scenes. Kudos!

  46. 46
    Macy Says:

    Going for yogurt at 1:30am? LOL! Yeah that sound super accurate. Seeing as Alex was in Japan on April 2 promoting Battleship and then has like a 12 hr plane ride back to the US, I seriously doubt that would be happening.

  47. 47
    jelisaveta Says:


    Actually that doesn’t tell WHEN they were seen. There’s no exact day in that tweet and he’s not on holiday in Japan. It is probablyy just a quick trip back and forth. Plenty of time get cozy with CT. Awww that would be soooo cool but if there’s some love in the air it doesn’t last sry. I love and admire them both and as consenting adults i hope they have some fun together, something to tell grandchildren or maybe not lol

  48. 48
    CT gross Says:

    @jelisaveta: people and fans that put on internet this false rumors/tweet are just so desperate!!! leave him alone!!!

  49. 49
    Tanter Says:

    I love Alex and I think he’s got talent but gosh, TB really sucks at this point. I don’t blame the actors – I blame the writing. Too bad, it could be a great show if written more closely to the books *sigh*

  50. 50
    Allison Says:

    So for the hater at the top of this post…who clearly wrote both posts…why would it matter IF Alex WAS gay, how would that make him a joke…half of Hollywood is gay. You make yourself sound even stupider by saying things like that. Why are you always stalking the Alex posts, sounds like you are the one with issues!

  51. 51
    mforman Says:

    That has to be one of the funniest things that JJ has ever reported. How could he not know AS was in Japan, when everybody else did, except for this person who made up this ridiculous lie. Just leave him alone, now we can understand why he is so private, because even though he keeps quiet about things, people come up with the craziest things about him. I love that JJ wrote, “not sure if true or not”, come on was that even worth posting.
    Seriously, if that clip is any indication, I am so happy that Alan Ball has stepped down. He destroyed the show, because he had a way he wanted it done and from what was being said he would listen to no one else until last season, when the higher ups stepped in. All he wanted was Sookie and Bill, forget about the books for a moment, when he knew the fans wanted Sookie and Eric, yes we got that last season, but AB destroyed it with that last espisode.
    Thank goodness they have amazing writers who I am sure have amazing ideas and will listen to each other. It was like Alan Ball got stuck on one idea and wouldn’t switch it.
    I too hope that is Tara they are putting in the ground, I only hope they aren’t going to turn her into a vampire, because aside from Alcide, she truly was the most annoying character on the show.
    I have a feeling that if Sookie goes to Alcide now, and we don’t get to see Eric wooing her and her coming into her feelings for him, I think fans are going to be very upset, I know I will. I mean give Sookie and Eric a chance.

  52. 52
    jelisaveta Says:

    @CT gross:

    Oh, and HOW do you know it’s false rumour, are you Alex’s keeper or one more “insider” who knows it all? This is only funny speculation, no harm done or meant for anyone. Why are you “regulars” with yours thumbs down so riled up about some random dating rumours? Do you seriously think/hope he or any grown a$$ man in his position lives in celibate if so you don’t anything about those naughty Scandinavian boys lol. Btw, you guys should read Shirley Mclaine’s book. Juicy reading bout relationships and life in HW ;)

  53. 53
    Roz Says:

    Ohhh Eric I want to do bad things with you!
    I agree the show has gone downhill unless they are following the books I can’t understand why they had to mess things up, season 1 was great but in season 2 the show was on top, pure awesomeness, season 3 was acceptable and season 4 was just meh the only goog thig that happened was Bill/Sookie.

  54. 54
    Roz Says:

    @Roz: I’m sorry, I made a mistake, the only good thing was ERIC/SOOKIE.

  55. 55
    Lois Says:

    Alex and rest of cast arriving on battleship:

  56. 56
    CT gross Says:

    @jelisaveta: this tweet is false because he is in japan genius! some fan are desperate to see theron chick with AS

  57. 57
    jelisaveta Says:

    @CT gross:

    I know he’s in Japan as I wrote in my previous post “genius” but we don’t know how long, there’s only random tweet he was seen at airport 31 March. But you didn’t answer my question in WHAT exact day they were seen in the bar together (false or not)? Truth is YOU don’t know and that eats you. And why u so upset about these dating rumours again? ;)

  58. 58
    ladybug Says:

    @jelisaveta: The tweet was from yesterday, April Fool’s Day. So I’m going with the person who tweeted JJ was having a little prank. Or JJ was.
    And if the tweet was same day (Sunday), it wasn’t them, he was already in Japan. Too much travel time and time difference for him to have really left any later than Saturday.

  59. 59
    Lulz Says:

    JJ post about CT hacked photos and he played with that till the next day. So I am going to go with that he did this as April’s fool’s just like he wouldn’t have exclusive rights to CT sexy photos he wouldn’t post on twitter that they were on a date come on people smell the Fake. It was a Fool’s joke. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………… Also he and her have not been seen together in weeks. There are photos of her doing things with her mom and photos of him working and going to lunch with his friends are co workers. If they did go out it would have been on twitter. Plus this girl also saw him on the 31 at joan’s
    Tiffany A Fox ‏ @MsFoxOnTheRox Close
    Just tripped in front of Skarsgard #normal
    Tiffany A Fox ‏ @MsFoxOnTheRox Close
    @CroatianLisa Joan’s on 3rd. Perfection #skarsgard
    he could have gotten something to eat before his flight. That doesn’t sound like a man that has a lady at home or her home to grabbing take out alone before heading off to Japan.

  60. 60
    Hwood thinks ALEX is a joke Says:

    @Allison, You seem to have reading issues. I only posted once. The time doesn’t mean much because a 3th person posted at the same time with the other post. I am not the only 1 who thinks this actor is a joke. I can post whatever I want. Go argue elsewhere!

  61. 61
    Voice of Reason Says:

    Here is the original JJ twitter post. Thanks to Lois in an earlier post.

    @Alex and charlize spotted:


    JustJared com ‏ @JustJared
    Not sure how true this is but a reader just wrote in that he saw Charlize Theron & Alexander Skarsgard at YogurtLand in West Hollywood

    1:32 AM – 2 Apr 12 via TweetDeck · Details!/JustJared
    Notice JJ states the poster JUST wrote. That to me means in the last few minutes not the last couple days.

    Now if Alex and CT are having a fling more power to him. I am going to wait for evidence like pictures of them together on multiple occasions before I decide it is real.

    Gossip is one thing. Starting rumors just to tick people off is another. And arguing over false postings is just plain goofy. So those of you posting about it just to ruffle feathers, come back when you have more facts to your story and not just elaborations on a post you misrepresent.

  62. 62
    Allison Says:

    @Hwood thinks Alex is a joke:
    You are right…I am sorry.

  63. 63
    chelle Says:

    @ladybug: just a question…. is all the talk about skars in fifty shades just more ted c BS or is it a possibility? I read some of it and damn! It’s like he was the inspiration.

  64. 64
    chelle Says:

    @mforman: I’m ready for Eric to get with someone else in the books and in the show. She is an extremely annoying character that doesn’t deserve Eric… just my opinion.

  65. 65
    Macy Says:

    I just went over to yuku to see their thoughts on it. Funny enough, they don’t believe it either and they’re asking for proof. It’s interesting because they used to make fun of people for asking for proof of the KB stuff, especially after Coachella last year.

  66. 66
    WhoThinks Says:

    CT and AS were maybe set up by Peter Berg and they hit it off. He did direct CT in Hancock. Who knows.

  67. 67
    Canuck Says:

    @chelle: It was,actually a Bella / Edward fanfic to start… so I’d guess Sparkles might have been more the inspiration.

  68. 68
    Canuck Says:

    @chelle: Chelle, since the books are the SVM Sookie Stackhouse novels, Eric isn’t actually the person they center on. If he gets with someone else in the books, he’d end up like Bill… an extra who has little to do with the story anymore.

  69. 69
    ladybug Says:

    @chelle: I doubt it’ll happen though perhaps he’s on someone’s wish list. And we know that Ted C has a crush on him.
    @Canuck, I tried to read Twilight and couldn’t stand it, I can’t imagine trying to read 50 shades.
    @WhoThinks, perhaps Peter B did introduce them. But there hasn’t been anything new in a month. So any continued speculation gets old and repetitive, JMHO.

  70. 70
    Canuck Says:

    @ladybug: Well, the characters were called Edward and Bella, but the story itself had zero to do with twilight. As far as I read, it was more a Harlequin Romance with bondage. I imagine that there was probably a fair bit of editing to get it published, possibly expanded the story since Amazon shows it to be 3 books.

    I have no idea how they’re going to actually film that and not have it veer into the quasi porn category unless the author took out some of the more descriptive scenes.

  71. 71
    anita Says:

    I’ll get excited when I see shirtless Alcide. Sookie needs to ditch the vampires and go with Alcide.

  72. 72
    chelle Says:

    @ladybug: the sample I read actually wasn’t that bad. I did read twilight each one in like a day but I didn’t see the similarity but it was only a sample… like 42 pages. God I can’t live through another twilight movie series…. I’d shoot myself.

  73. 73
    mforman Says:

    @chelle—That is an excellent point you make. They way both AB and CH have turned the Sookie character into an idiot, Eric does deserve better. That was a great observation. Thanks.
    @Hwood Thinks Alex is a Joke—Honestly, I do not know what you are reading, but AS has one of the most respected reputations in HW and that is not just the fans talking. In any interview you read in which he is mentioned they usually state his professionalism, kindness to both cast and crew, regular guy attitude, and he never says no to a fan, he will actually stop what he is doing to take a photo, shake a hand or sign an autograph.
    So what ever ridiculous rumors you are trying to spread, will be kind of hard because he only gets positive press, no matter what he is doing. Please grow up and get the facts before just writing whatever comes to mind.

  74. 74
    mforman Says:

    Sorry guys but I know 50 shades is a book, is it another teen series or more adult.
    What do any of you that have read it thought about it.
    I trust your opinions, my fellow AS fans, so I am quite curious.
    Thanks for any input.

  75. 75
    angela alengi Says:

    eric eric and eric i cant wait to see him.

  76. 76
    Rina Says:

    Are you nuts? Did you miss the 5 books during which Eric and Sookie were NOT together? Do you not get that if Eric and Sookie just got together at the end of S4, then the show would be OVER? Eric and Sookie is the story! Without their drama and angst there would be nothing to tell.

  77. 77
    mforman Says:

    @Rita—I read the books long before Alan B thought of a show, so please stop with the “Are You Nuts”? nonesense.
    What I am saying is that Alan B wanted the show to go in one direction (Sookie and Bill) and now hopefully with him stepping away, the writers can explore what they want.
    Yes you are right, Sookie and Eric are the show, but they could have kept them together at the end of the season and brought up all new situations next season. That could have made for quite a lot to tell and some great storylines.
    I just cannot handle how both CH and AB have made the Sookie character into a complete idiot.
    Hopefully this new season will make us all happy.

  78. 78
    Karl Says:

    So, viking and lynn collins hooked up over there, she has been on the show apparently, cant remember what part she played….

  79. 79
    Wahinetoa Says:

    I love Tara, and hope she’s gonna be okay – if not, she died a freakin’ hero. The grief on Sookies face for her sister is heartbreaking. Jason, Sam, Sookie and Lafae are gonna be devastated. I am. Loved Erics kiss. Bring on the madness.

  80. 80
    Emily Says:

    Alexander Skarsgard: Shirtless…
    that’s new! haha

  81. 81
    oohh Says:

    @Karl- do tell. More info. :)

  82. 82
    Voice of Reason Says:

    @oohh: Exactly who is Lynn Collins?

  83. 83
    EmilyB Says:

    I see we have another Emily on here so i changed mine to EmilyB don`t know who Emily is at #80 but i have seen Eric shirtless alot i don`t want to be confused with who posted that comment

  84. 84
    @karl Says:

    Lynn Collins is listed as playing Dawn green merlott waitress tb season 1 2008
    I think the character was killed by arlenes ex bf (I think) if Alex and Lynn hooked up that was years ago why is it being brought up now? And where did you get your info ?

  85. 85
    EmilyB Says:

    okay actress Lynn Collins is married to Actor Steven Strait since 2006 Lynn played on Trueblood in the first season as Jason girlfriend who Eric had feed off of but Arlene fiance Rene killed for messing with vampires her character name was Dawn . Also Her real life husband Steven appeared on a movie name Undiscovered along with TB Stephen Moyer Dawn was a waitress at Merlotte`s Sookie went there to find out about 2 girls that jason was seeing different times though both ended up dead Eric was the sherriff so she went with Bill to Fangtasia to ask questions where she met Eric for the first time sesason 1 episode 4 and a beautiful intro it was Eric had longer hair then sexy as hell too then in first season Jason girlfriends ended up dead by Rene for messing with vampires oh yeah her real life husband is on the new show on Magic city with shorter hair then the film mention above also Lynn is in the film with Taylor Kitsch {John Carter ]

  86. 86
    EmilyB Says:

    Actor Steven Strait is Lynn Collins husband name she was already married to her hubby when she came on Trueblood so no way her and Alex could have messed around

  87. 87
    Professor Says:

    One thing about Alex fans, they do their homework. They look things up and offer opinions. Kudos to you EmilyB. Yours was a reply with information well researched and cross referenced. Done with grace, diplomacy, and style. A+

  88. 88
    EmilyB Says:

    True Blood season 5 starts June 10th on HBO

  89. 89
    youyou Says:

    omg i can not wait

  90. 90
    ItsFreckle Says:

    @Rachel ():

    I think Season 4 is coming out on DVD on May 29. It’s sooner than you think, just not soon enough, right?

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