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Emma Watson: Movie at The Grove

Emma Watson: Movie at The Grove

Emma Watson lays low in a hat and shades while at The Grove on Saturday (March 31) in Los Angeles.

The 21-year-old English actress (wearing an Inhabit sweater) and a couple of guy pals caught a movie at the Pacific Theaters.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Emma Watson

Emma has been in town and hard at work filming The Bling Ring.

It was recently announced that Stanley Tucci may be joining Emma in Your Voice in My Head, a movie based on the memoirs by screenwriter Emma Forrest.

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  • Lissette

    Beautiful Emma <3

  • Sam

    LoVe her!!!

  • Lisa

    Emma is sooooooooooo A W E S O M E

  • chris

    She’s one of the best young actresses right now! Love her!

  • Black-Dahlia

    Wow, she lost a shitload of weight recently.

  • Emily

    @Black-Dahlia: I agree! She had kind of ‘tree trunk’ legs

  • Emily, are you out of your mind? She never had “tree trunks”. Maybe we don’t talk about the same person. Sick society.

  • Lissette

    I think that skinny jeans doesn’t help! She’s healthy and her legs still amazing… Look at this pictures (March 30, 2012)

  • mel

    i see you all buying her schtick

  • laura

    This ir cannot act. I hope it’s not true t she’s sleeping with Weinsten in order to keep getting roles.

  • Kary

    @laura: That´s Kristen Stewart, not Emma Watson

  • Lissette

    @Laura: Uhm, yes she is sleeping with Sofia Coppola and Guillermo del Toro too… ST*PID!

  • Lisa

    @laura: YOU TWIT

  • Lisa

    Emma is a GREAT actress.

  • loop

    Emma is great actress and role model!!!

  • Tintin

    I’m sweating just looking at her. Why does she always look cold?

  • Sam

    Wow I wonder why she has so many haters. From all the interviews and stuff I’ve seen of her this girl seems like a genuinely nice person.

  • laura

    @Sam: I’m not a hater, I’m just telling you this girl is not what you think she is. I know her from Brown and she’s an entitled b*tch. She’s desperate to stay relevant after HP and so she left Brown to shoot her two days role in My Week With Marylin and party with Weinsten in order to become his new “muse”. She wouldn’t be getting these kind of roles if she hadn’t have someone powerful making the rounds for her. It’s well known that Weinsten is maki the contacts for her and waiting for her talent to develope. She’s not gonna have a problem with her next two movies because they’re gonna be small and ensemble centered but if she messe up with Your Voice In My Head she’s out of Hollywood forever.
    I know you all are fans and adore her but don’t believe what a person who has been part of a big franchise, with a big PR company behind her image, says. I’m just telling you that.

  • Me real kel!

    @Kary: Sooo agreeeee!

  • Summer

    @laura You went to Brown with her? How was she a Bitch? Your probably just jealous…

  • laura

    @Summer: I’m not gonnive you examples since I could get in big trouble for it but I’m telling you, I’m not a hater and i used like her so so mch, I just hope she can come back to her old, classy self. She’s another one that fell into the Hollywoo machine and became an entitled diva but of course because she’s seen as an english rose people think she’s “classy”. Whatever, I know the real Emma and a lot of people know that real person too and she’s a disappointed.

  • laura


  • Sam

    @laura: How would you ‘get in trouble’ This is Just Jared for God’s sake, people write here under fake names and emails and write lies (kinda like you are doing right now) ;)

  • I’ve read many people say that Emma is really nice, people who met her on the street, people who worked as extras in Perks, people from Brown and Oxford, fans from Mexico, plus these people had autographs, pictures or videos as evidence of what they said.

  • ashley

    Laura didn’ t go to Brown with her. She is just a moron who is running a blog against Emma for God knows how long…obsessed with her. Bashing her on every site. My brother is a Brown student, he’s never come across Emma but never heard anything negative and he gloats that Brown students are too classy to discuss a celebrities this way…

  • Bella

    wow i thought this was kristen stewart at first

  • ariadne

    People should stop bashing her. I think she’s a real classy person even if she wears casual clothes. There’s nothing wrong with that.

  • laura

    Okay, geniuses, I AM a Brown student and Laura is not my real name, DUH. I can’t say all the things I know but I can tell you that Emma has cheated on his boyfriend multiple times and she’s even on tape, the person is trying to sell it to TMZ and X-17 but Emma’s team is working hard for that not to happen because it will obviously destroy Emma’s career and good girl image. Not only has she slept with many MANY men but she’s into drugs too and has a huge alcohol problem. Although she’s never missed classes when she’s on campus she does stupid things while drunk that will get her in trouble one day.

    Again, I am not running a blog against Emma. I actually like her and met a very sweet girl but the pressure her team is puting on her in order to stay relevant and have a career after HP is destroying her just like destroyed Zac Efronand many others.

    Again, because I like her very much, I like Emma. I just wish she the best.

  • Wes


    Just wish she “the best” and you’re saying all this crap? COME ON you’re such a HYPOCRITE!

    WTF are you saying? Porn videos? Alcohol? drugs? Are you talking about EMMA WATSON? Darling, if that were true i’m ABSOLUTELY SURE everyone would know!

  • Patricia

    woah….thought that was kristen stewart for a sec….really looks like her in the right hand photo

  • Bella

    wow all those thumbs down because she resembled kristen stewart? ooooook….

  • Dizzy

    Wow, the hater on these comments needs to stop. You’re making no sense. I know that she has haters out there, but these claims are outlandish. Anyways, Emma looks cute in these photos. She seems happy filming “The Bling Ring” (although, I hope they change the title of that film).

  • Summer

    @Laura sorry…but you sound just like another one of those put down of girls. Just like Demi Lovato, Kate Winslet, Robert Pattison, Sandra bullock, Miley Cyrus, Tom Cruise, Michael Phelps, Chris Rock, Christina Aguilera, Megan Fox, Daniel Radcliffe and many more…were all bullied in school. And sorry, but the truth is its because of Jealousy and just plain Haters! Leave Emma alone and stop posting lies about her.

  • Tanya

    Hi! i am from russian

  • Sheila

    @laura: Your bad English already proves that you’re not a Brown student!