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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian - ACM Awards 2012 Red Carpet

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian - ACM Awards 2012 Red Carpet

LeAnn Rimes and hubby Eddie Cibrian hit the red carpet at the 2012 Academy Of Country Music Awards held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Sunday (April 1) in Las Vegas.

“Headed out in Stella McCartney…..Here we go ACM‘s” the 29-year-old country songstress tweeted before leaving for the show. LeAnn will be presenting at the show, airing live now on CBS.

“Nice to catch up with everyone. Going to workout and chill before tonight’s show. Happy Sunday” LeAnn added earlier in the day.

10+ pictures inside of Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes at the 2012 ACM Awards

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leann rimes eddie cibrian acm awards 01
leann rimes eddie cibrian acm awards 02
leann rimes eddie cibrian acm awards 03
leann rimes eddie cibrian acm awards 04
leann rimes eddie cibrian acm awards 05
leann rimes eddie cibrian acm awards 06
leann rimes eddie cibrian acm awards 07
leann rimes eddie cibrian acm awards 08
leann rimes eddie cibrian acm awards 09
leann rimes eddie cibrian acm awards 10
leann rimes eddie cibrian acm awards 11
leann rimes eddie cibrian acm awards 12
leann rimes eddie cibrian acm awards 13

Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • Hayley

    That’s one person who wouldn’t be missed if she just disappeared.

  • Minny

    Another Stella McCartney? it’s the same of Paltrow, Kidman and Decker. Orrible!

  • Tiffany

    What’s so funny?

  • dadad

    I laughed as hard as she did in these photos when I saw her hideous dress.

  • Little Miss Sunshine

    she tries too damn hard. you can’t buy height or natural beauty/thinness….she has a face and a body that only a mother (and a serial cheater) could love. make it stop.

  • K

    Brooklyn Decker definitely wore that dress better.

  • tsqured

    So did Nicole and Gwenyth

  • Petra


    My neighbor definitely wore that dress better and he didn’t even shave his legs.

    Great country style, LeAnn.

  • billie


  • Mrs. Gaston

    leann looks a country hot mess! that dress is atrocious and the accessories don’t help.

  • kary

    Nicole and Gwyneth wore that dress better by far… Even when is a horrible dress stop with Stella McCartney please!

  • drealities

    I’d like to see a picture where she had her damn mouth closed, and they both had their eyes open. They look chronically high with those beady eyes!

  • Cam S

    Gawd who does her eye makeup? You DO NOT ACCENTUATE SQUINTY, EVIL EYES, you down play them. Sheesh- she really thinks she is a “10′ doesn’t she? Honey, you didn’t “win” that paid man-piece of yours- you are his consolation prize. He has aged HARD in a 2 year span

  • losers

    Did you see she finaly admitted on Chelsea Lately that she and Eddie set up staged photo-ops. So what’s with the fake lesbian pics then? what a pathetic joke
    @#5 she either looks chubby, anorexic or too muscular, she has linebacker shoulders and atrophied hips now due to her newly found workout obsession. As for her face and style, not even a miracle could help.

  • Jane

    Ugliest dress on the planet and she looked like a prostitute.

  • Life of Brian

    Aren’t those the shoes that she copied off Brandi’s twitter? No seriously, they are. STYLE STALKER! She kinda looks like my ex- bf when he was in drag. He had those big shoulders, scrawny legs & no sense of how to dress for his little no- hip havin self. I think she should wear dresses w/the padding for hips & butt, like Angelina does

  • charity

    Oh my, there’s Mr Rimes out on his leash as her accessory. he doesn’t do a darn thing now except follow her around and spend her money. what a life, Least we know he really loved Brandi since he SUPPORTED her, although he was a serial cheater. Leann seemed drunk and no one laughed at her pathetic attempt at humor so she just said SCREW IT WHEN SHE THREW THE TICKET AWAY. COUNTRY MUST BE SO PROUD OF HER.ugly dress, ugly hairstyle, ugly eyes, ugly nose and an ugly personality

  • Reyla

    Only a cheating scumbag could possibly find that chihuahua attractive. I feel bad for the dress. Seriously, I don’t know why she even tries, trailer trash is a far better look for her.

  • ……

    Wow. She’s really taking hits on Twitter. Not from the regulars, but all the country music fans watching the show. Popular statements repeated over and over: wtf is leann rimes wearing?? and is leann rimes drunk??
    Even her bestie twitter bffs/fans are criticizing her clothes and behavior, for “stirring the pot with pregnancy rumors.”

    Pretty soon, I expect a #drunkuglyleannrimes hashtag to start trending. lol. That girl just has baaaad karma.

  • Jane

    @charity: Totally…she was trying to be witty and she ultimately came off sounding pathetic in the end. The poor guy with her on stage must’ve been embarrassed to be with her. But you know what??? I bet it just KILLED her that she wasn’t nominated for a dozen awards and wasn’t sitting up front with the current hit-makers in country music. She dressed this way to get noticed and be all “hip and cool”. She was a total fail in the end. It was a paltry attempt at being relevant, but in the end, she just crashed and burned.

  • Lana

    Her dress looks like a beach cover up. Eddie’s hair looks freshly dyed. They both look so out of place.

  • comment is awaiting moderation

    @Life of Brian: good eye ! these are the same shoes she copied off Brandi’s twitter. They don’t even match the dress LMAO
    Proof here LEANN THE BULLY’S links

  • Looselipz

    She got some butta with that face. Both her and Eddie have those near closes eyes..guess it works for Eddie so he doesn’t have to see her.

  • Gossipgirl

    Bones, bolt-ons and quitery, plus fug outfit.

  • Racy

    Don’t think she is loyal to some fans – but is to her buddies. Don’t care anymore. She has lost one fan – me for that reason BUT the happiness she and Eddie have appears to be real now. Had my doubts in the beginning, but who knows? Don’t know how this will turn out, but why don’t you stop with the “squinty eyes” and “copying Brandi” bit. Let them handle it.

  • get back to work

    I’ll be glad when Leann get back to making real music not making paps hits. Her new persona since Eddie has derailed waaaaayyyyy off track. I guess once this marriage dissolves is when she will get back to work.

  • Alia san

    it is look like cooking dress

  • betty

    If Leann had real happiness she wouldn’t have to follow Eddie around or vice versa, She is much too clingy and needy.Eddie is giving her his 20% and taking 80% .Unfortunately for her she still does not know what real love is. She might have Brandi husband but not her life.She still playing second fiddle.

  • ugh

    she looks like a prostie

  • ……

    Well, in the hundreds of mentions of Leann Rimes on twitter, maybe 4 said something positive. And those were her regular twitter fan/friends. Everything else was disgust and negative. And they weren’t BBs. Girl’s got a long way to go to earn respect back and get her career on track. Hope that douchebag of a husband was worth it.

  • Debra

    WTH is she laughing at so hard??… Eddie must have just asked for a raise in his allowance


    I love how she gets all these comments! Keeps her relevant one way or another…so THANK YOU on her behalf!!!

  • earl

    She has great gams.

  • KissThis

    Sorry to say this, but Leann NEVER looks good. Her style choices and the way she does her hair/makeup… YIKES!!

  • elaine

    Bet eddie could see clear to Alaska thru her nostrils when she threw her head back. wonder if she had boogies in that cave

  • Jack

    Always looks like she smells, needs a bath. I wouldn’t phuck a cheater if she was the last b/ i/ t/ c/ h on earth. Most men wouldn’t. I’d never be able to trust her. Even so, I see nothing attractive about her anyways. Her personality just makes her hateful. Now Brandi is a different story.

  • Jack

    @earl: SHE SMELLS GAMEY.

  • Daphne

    I wonder what goes through her head when she is at one of these award shows. She looks so out of place. She hasn’t been nominated in years and is sitting there like she doesn’t even belong, with people on Twitter questioning why she’s there as well. It must be embarrassing for her. From prodigy to has been and all before she is even 30. Also, what is with the “everything is so hilarious” act she is always putting on? It looks fake and forced and like she is desperately trying to look happy but instead looks crazy.

  • Petsounds

    Good grief! That is some major skankitude on display! And the shoes are a complete mismatch in every way.


  • Ick

    I’ve seen trailer trash dressed classier than that! Why does she always look so cheap? I don’t care if Eddie likes her that way… do it at home and dress classy for the awards shows. She looks horrible.

  • BrandisFansAreidiots

    People harass Leann daily yet Angelia Jolie did FAR more damage than Leann has ever done. Brandi’s fans are guilty of some some serious harassing and that is against the law. Can’t wait til they end up in jail because no celeb deserves this treatment.

  • BrandisFansAreidiots

    Get a Life Bbs, jail isn’t a pretty place to be.


    What appears edgy and refined on Ms Kidman is made to appear cheap and tawdry by Rimes.

  • earl


    How do you know?

  • earl

    @BrandisFansAreidiots: @Jack:

    I agree. These twits are unreal with their hatred. Must suck to live with people like that. Poor families. No different than the KKK, really.

  • Roz

    Oh my her face is so unflattering I’m trying hard not to call her u…………

  • Little Miss Sunshine

    @BrandisFansAreIdiots and @Jack: Jail for expressing an opinon about someone who puts their entire life on public display? Jail?? LMAO. And then the KKK, really? The KKK? I don’t even know where to begin w/ either of you….the girl puts herself out there. she can’t expect EVERYONE to be simple minded like you two. We all see thru her bullshit and we’re letting her know. I’m sorry neither of you have seen the light.

    There are nearly 50 comments on this thread and only 2 people have anything positive to say about Leanne. Who’s the idiot now?

  • BrandisFansAreidiots

    *waves to hopep44* How s the “sick” hubby? If I were married to you, I’d be ill too, since you neglect him to hate on a celeb!

  • ……

    @BrandisFansAreidiots: You are about as delusional as Leann Rimes. I’m pretty sure it’s not all Brandi fans that:
    Are all of the country fans (hundreds) over at The Boot website discussing their dislike for this woman. That, were the hundreds and hundreds of country fans dissing her on Twitter last night. That wrote the article that she was the Worst Dressed at Taste of Country website. That control the Facebook pages of all the country radio stations that are trashing her today for her famewhoring. That write for Go Fug Yourself, that write for Eonline, that write for EVERY other mainstream media source that is giving her bad press today.

  • BrandisFansAreidiots

    I do wonder how much people neglect their personal lives to hate on a celeb. Stop being such judgemental bitches are you lives will improve so much. :)