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Michael Bublé: Sony Radio Academy Nominee!

Michael Bublé: Sony Radio Academy Nominee!

Michael Bublé and his wife Luisana Lopilato make their way through the airport on Friday (March 30) in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

The 36-year-old Grammy-winning “Crazy Love” singer and his Argentine sweetheart smiled as they passed by photographers.

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It was recently announced that Michael was nominated for a Sony Radio Academy award for his hit music show on Magic 105.4!

Michael will go up against Fearne Cotton – also a first time Sony Radio Academy nominee – for her BBC Radio 1 show.

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33 Responses to “Michael Bublé: Sony Radio Academy Nominee!”

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  1. 1
    nomi Says:

    who’s that chick?!
    such a beautiful!

  2. 2
    laura Says:

    Trying to make your girlfriend happen in Hollywood when she has no real talent is sad.

  3. 3
    Asha Says:

    His wife looks like a 15 year old girl.

  4. 4
    laura Says:

    People disliking my comment are just evading the true, tbh. This girl works in Argentina because blue eyed blondes are different from the norm and are considered beautiful but nobody says she can act.

  5. 5
    soso Says:

    She was not sad! That she is tired and sick !!

  6. 6
    laura Says:

    @Asha: She’s like 23 and dumb so yeah, she could pass as a 15 year old

  7. 7
    soso Says:

    She’s 24 years! (born May 18, 1987)
    Her birthday soon 25 years

    She’s sweet and great person! Lu is amazing

  8. 8
    mel Says:

    @soso: LOL. She’s not. I agree with Laure by the way. Luisana is desperate to become a Hollywood star but she has no talent to buck it up and everytime she gets papped she smiles at the camera like a famw hore and nobody says anything because she plays the good girl image whereas if Miley Cyrus or Kim Kardashian were doing the same, they would be called for it.

  9. 9
    lilo Says:

    She had a boob job with 16 for her birthday. What can you expect?

  10. 10
    Am Says:

    You do not know about her life! You liars !!!!!!!!!!People are jealous

  11. 11
    lilo Says:

    @Am: I probably know more than you since once I watched an episode of her piece of trash Tv serie. Oh, and if you knew spanish you would notice the boob job was for her 15th birthday, (under aged).

  12. 12
    Antonella Says:

    I’m from Argentina, and I can say that she is not a very good actress. But i met her, and she is very sweet.
    But again, she cant act. Just be a model please.

  13. 13
    karen Says:

    beautiful luisana

    I love you

  14. 14
    Marine Says:

    Luisana baby beautiful

  15. 15
    kristel Says:

    she’s a super talented genius

  16. 16
    kristel Says:

    luisana is a very dear sweet girl talented in your country

  17. 17
    Peter Says:

    people are envious and see a beautiful young girl famous provioca anger anger

    people are bad

  18. 18
    Loreal Pampas! Says:

    To Laura and Mel and all the others. Luisana not need the crap out of Hollywood to become famous, admired. The famous version of the series “Married with Children”, today is still a TV hit wrapped in Argentina. Luisana is the main character and was nomidada prizes. As an ambassador for Loreal model Paris and all major commercial firms engaged in it for his charisma, angel and his ability to reach the people. She is a star in Argentina, and Eastern Europe, causing envy in many people. Michael Bublé is her husband who is unknown in Argentina, but before Bublé she was the girlfriend of tennis player Juan Monaco Tournament semifinals this week Super thousand Miami. This should include the Lu Girl was born a star, and Hollywood does not matter to any Latino who speaks no English.

  19. 19
    mel Says:

    @Loreal Pampas!: I’m from Argentina, I know who the f uck this girl is and I also know that she’s desperate to become successful in Hollywood and I know she’s a bad actress. I also know that Married With Children is a success but it doesn’t mean it’s because of her, anybody could have played that part and do the same because the ones that carried that showwere Francella and Peña and Luisana’s acting is terrible, you can see she can’t take comedy seriously and she was laughing the whole time just like the rest of the actors. The show was /is successful because it talked about sex all the time and because it was Francella’s kind of humour. Educate yourself.

  20. 20
    original miley Says:

    lol! luisana please stop posting here with differents names! every person who lived in argentina for a couple of months or years, know you, you are def. a fame w.h.o.r.e! that’s why you marry michael, because no one ever care about you anymore! the only thing you did well besides rebelde way was married with childen, and as mel said, you were TERRIBLE! and with rebelde, you did it well, just because is a cris morena production, did you ever watch rebelde way again? i saw it, and i feel sorry for you lack of acting skills.

  21. 21
    Loreal Pampas! Says:

    MEL: I’m from Argentina and Luisana Lopilato has hits since it is a girl. Chiquititas, Rebelde Way, Married with children and many advertisements where she proves to have talent and charisma. Everyone in Argentina knows it’s a very successful actress and model. You have full professional biography and resume on google. Only those who do not want to see. Just one more thing, Hollywood also performs very bad movies and actors working in Hollywood are horrible. Luisana is a thousand times better actress than many of them.
    MEL Y ORIGINAL MILEY: Dan vergüenza ajena como argentinas! ZzZ! Intenten no dejarnos a las argentinas como histéricas envidiosas en una página en inglés. Boludas! ¿No se dan cuenta que Lopilato no para de tener elogios de su laburo como modelo en Inglaterra? ¿no ven las revistas argentinas que transcriben los que dicen esos diarios ingleses? Y no la eligen porque Bublé pose su panza, sino porque ella realmente es una modelo publicitaria con talento y que vale. Así que por favor, en todo caso vayan a opinar estas ridiculeces a los comentarios de Pronto y paginas argentinas pero dejen de dar estas lamentables manifestaciones de histeria y envidia para chicas que le va bien, porque nos dejan mal pardas a las argentinas. Vergonzoso!

  22. 22
    Loreal Pampas Says:

    “For the envious, the successful work that makes Luisana Lopilato Argentina as a model of advertising.: ULTIMO: ‘The Miracle OMG is a real showstopper and when you have worn it once you will be amazed – not only by the result but also how great it feels to wear. It’s not called the OMG for nothing.’
    The OMG bra was originally worn by by Julia Roberts in the 2000 film Erin Brockovich

    Luisana, 24, who forged a successful career as an actress in her home country of Argentina, signed up as the face of the brand for a two-year stint in October last year.
    Since then, sales have rocketed by 37 per cent – a spike that Mone attributes in part to the ‘Lopilato effect’.
    Commenting on the brand’s new Miracle OMG Lace bra, a limited edition design of the original gel filled plunge worn by Julia Roberts, “

  23. 23
    original miley Says:

    @Loreal Pampas: hi, im not argentinean, im italian, i used to live in argentina, that’s why i sadly know her, i dont know you, but i can say whatever i want about her and with facts, because i work in the industry, and believe be, she fits the target of gold digger and fame-seeker!!

  24. 24
    Dave From Canada Says:

    Personally, I’m not too thrilled about Michael Buble. I find his singing and vocal stlyling very boring and when I hear a song by him on the radio, I turn it off. And yes, it sounds like he married a gold-digger from South America, of all places. He couldn’t find someone in Canada, where he was born?!

  25. 25
    mel Says:

    @Loreal Pampas!:Excuse me but as someone who has just been accepted in Juilliard (google it if you don’t know what it is) I can tell you that this girl cannot act and is a gold digger. Michael Buble himself said she loves the attention she gets every time she gets papped. This girl is a famwh*re but obody calls her out because she introduces herslef as this wholesome girl. WHOLESOME GIRL MY BALLS! She dated guys way older than her when she was just a teenager, guys that were obviously sexual active yet she tried to make people believe she stayed pure until marriage. BLAH.

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