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Zac Efron & Ashley Tisdale - Kids' Choice Awards 2012

Zac Efron & Ashley Tisdale - Kids' Choice Awards 2012

Zac Efron poses backstage at the 2012 Kids Choice Awards held at the USC Galen Center in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon (March 31).

The 24-year-old actor took to the stage during the show to present the award for Favorite TV Show with Keke Palmer. Zac unbuttoned his shirt to reveal the winner – Victorious – plastered on his undershirt.

Also pictured inside: Zac‘s High School Musical co-star Ashley Tisdale, who wore a Kymerah dress, Le Vian earrings, a Hellmuth ring, B by Brian Atwood shoes, and an Edie Parker clutch.

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron and Ashley Tisdale at the Kids’ Choice Awards

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Credit: Kevork Djansezian, Jason Merritt, Alberto E. Rodriguez; Photos: Getty
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  • Stefanie

    His smile <333 He is perfection! Wow

  • marie

    he is so perfect <3

  • Xo

    He looks good. LMAO at her being asked about V in her interview.

  • http://@ashleymichell22 Vale


  • Tina

    Ashley is old enough to be a Mom now . What is she doing there? Zac well he always looks hot.

  • someonelikeyou

    @Tina: Then what is Katy Perry doing there? And Halle Berry? And Please, Zac is only 2 years younger that Ashley who was there because her show was nominated for a KCA.

    Anyways, she looks so good! The dress is perfect, the color too! The shoes could’ve been better though.

  • nicky

    @Tina: Why do all people think, does Ash has to have kids already. Sure she loves kids, but it’s not the right time for her to have one. When she’s ready and the time is right she will kids but it’s not now and btw the time she’s together with Martin is way too short to have kids already. Leave her time.

    And as for Zac, it’s not really sure if he ever will have kids or be married. He said it often enough in his interviews. People have to accept and respect that. When he has other goals in his life it’s totally ok and people who don’t like that also have to live with it. His parents have brought him up very well. He knows that he has to be very careful.

  • A

    Love both of them.

    @xo I don’t watch kca, what about her interview?

  • Tina

    @someonelikeyou: You have to admit she looks like a Beverly Hills housewife, cookie cutter blonde with fake nose, boobs, and hair. She was just there for attention. she laches on the the popular kids (Selena,Taylor,Justin) because she is not relevent anymore. The others like Halle Berry (kids)
    Katy Perry (hit records) have the right to be there. Zac has a film so he has a right Ashley is just a famewhore.

  • Maria

    Ashley’s show was nominated. And even if it wasn’t, it’s a free country. She can be there if she wants. You, on the other hand, have no right to be HERE. So just go away. Moron.

  • mindheisttime

    Zac, you wonderful creature, you are amazing. I will you forever.

  • mindheisttime

    Zac, you wonderful creature, you are amazing. I will you love forever. Cause of fandom I cant even type hha.

  • Bella

    Thank God. No photos of them together.

  • R U sure

    ZAC looks as adorable as the first ROBIN of Spring , his movie The Lucky One will be a big WIN

  • eat me

    didn’t watch the show but congrat’s to the winners :)….zac looks like his having fun…..

  • someonelikeyou

    @Tina: Her show was NOMINATED for god’s sake. Get a real argument other than “attention/fame whore” or whatever. Ugh.

  • jvkjbcs

    He usually dresses nicely for events, but not this time…

  • hey there!


    have you seen the others, most of the people there dressed casually, since a lot of them were getting gunged.

    It’s a kids award show after all.

    Zac you are looking fab and Ashley beautiful as always.

  • Rachel

    Zac looks amazing:D Like always:D

  • Whatever

    Oh gosh, yes, Zac looks fab and Ashley’s always beautiful. NOT. He looks average at best, and Ashley looks fat in that ugly dress, and she’s NOT fat. And what the hell is grunged mean? I believe the term is slimed. Surprised he didn’t drop his pocketful of condoms on the carpet, and snog Ashley and grope her on the carpet.

  • celestine

    @Whatever: Oh you poor little hater! Run along now!

  • Bunnylover

    He looks really handsome and so young without the stubble! I’ll watch this later. What show of Ashley’s was nominated? The one she guested in?

  • Whatever

    @celestine: Oh, and what I said didn’t happen?? LMAO.

    @nicky: Oh, so his parents taught him he can screw all the girls he wants, but never have to respect them with a commitment ? To have them “serve” him for life?? Isn’t that special.


    There’s something Rob Lowe-ish about him in the first picture. Anyways, he’s absolutely stunning here – Ars Est Celare Artem.

  • hey there!


    My opinion you idiot,and here in the UK gunged (which is what i said NOT grunged) means the same as slimed although we don’t say slimed.

    Zac did not walk the carpet and Ashley does have a bf you ASS.

    get a life and take you stupid comments back to your precious Vanessa’s thread.

  • Whatever

    @hey there!: Oh, and where is her precious BF? Haven’t seen him in a while, huh?? You and your snarky British a$$ should stay right here as well, where you belong gushing over your A$$hole pretty boy. Pay back’s a b*tch, love. I think you get my point. Oh, and at least I don’t lie and make stuff up, like you. So stay on your precious Zac threads and we will get along just fine.

  • Bunnylover

    @Whatever: Ummm? This IS a Zac thread!!! And do us a favour. Don’t start being racist to British people!

  • R U sure

    Can’t we all get along? Zac is really cute here, Ashley wants him and isn’t going to get him. Enough said.

  • Elendur

    Is she still with martin? haven t seen them 2gether in a while.

  • nouni

    ok i love zac and everything but plz don’t tell me he looks good in the pics and ashley if she wasn’t sitting with selena no one will care about her even in the red carpet they asked her about vanessa and spring breakers so she is nothing

  • nicky

    @Whatever: Do you really wanna fight with me? Believe me, that’s something you won’t win. Yes his parents brought him up very well. What did he do? Can’t you get over the break up. Poor you. What a shame that you have to live with it. Grow up for heavens sake.

    Vanessa’s mother forced him to propose to Vanessa. He didn’t want that because he thought he is too young to do that and Zac’s mom was also right when she said, he’s too young to do that. He knows exactly what’s going on in Hollywood and how hard it is to have a relationship when you’re in the public. He wants to keep everything private and that is his god damn right. Vanessa does the complete opposite. She has her new boy, so she should be happy with him.

    For Zac is the most important thing his career and as long as he isn’t completely settled in Hollywood he won’t nothing do like a marriage and start a family. He is a young guy and he has time. Both of his parents go to work every day and that’s something they also taught him, to go to work and earn his own money. He doesn’t want to be reliant on someone. The same counts for me. I’m neither married nor do I have kids, in my life is no time and place for something like that. But instead I have a great career. I can do and buy what I want whenever I want. Not everybody in this world has kids and a family as goal.

    Did a guy knock you up and has left you? Then you probably deserved it. I couldn’t stand you either.
    You should a little bit look at statistics, almost every 2nd marriage gets divorced, does that make really sense?

    And if you think Zac works that much just for a stupid divorce that could happen, so that he has to pay millions of Dollars for a woman who doesn’t deserve it?. I’m glad that he isn’t that stupid.
    The arrogant stuff that you spill out here, shows that you know absolutely nothing about the person Zac Efron. You know what the tabloids write and nothing about the private guy Zac Efron.

    I know a lot about him, the reason why? I don’t live far from his house. You’ll never have the chance to get a guy like him. He treats all people with respect, something you don’t even know what it is. Ashley, Zac, Corbin, Monique, Olesya, … they all were stupid enough to put their reputation on the line when Vanessa’s nude pics were published. They didn’t want that she got fired even though Disney wanted to do that. They all stood up for her, for what?

    If Vanessa is your angel then please marry her. I just doubt that she’s interested. Vanessa is a pretty girl outside, on the inside it doesn’t look so nice.

    People like you make me sick and it only confirms why I have the job that I do.
    Spill your poison somewhere else. Nobody here wants to hear that. And believe me the hate that you spread here will come back to you but only ten times worse.

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    Love both of them!!!,

  • Wow

    Maybe you should learn to practice what you preach. I’m sure he will be happy to find out that someone they “know” him has told things about his private life that were just that, private.

  • Wow

    **who claims they “know” him.

  • laura

    @Wow: It’s relly old news that Vanessa is a sl ut so she’s not saying anything new to begin with. Go hate somewhere else.

  • lauren

    why are you coming off as someone who ‘knows’ zac and also soemone who know exactly what happened in there relationship? did zac tell you this? or do you just know this of common knowledge? just out of curiosity how do you know all this?

  • Wow

    First it’s spelled “really” not relly. You should probably re-read what I wrote, since nothing said was hateful. This person talks about it being his right to keep his private life to himself, while that is completely true; what gives them the right to tell it?

  • lauren

    well apparently nicky thinks its okay to do that? which makes no sense but w/e let nicky get all defensive and write a long paragraph about what she thinks/let ppl just write what they think,.

  • Whatever

    @nicky: The assumptions you make about people are hysterical!!!! And this ‘I know him personally’ crap is old too. Living ‘near him’ doesn’t mean you know ANYthing about him. And he is not as ‘respectful’, hunny, as YOU make him out to be. And YOU need to get over the pic scandal. I have NO issues with them breaking up either. That’s life. What makes you think that anyone who dislikes him was a zanessa fan? He’s done quite enough for us to dislike him all on his own. And what’s with the idiotic comment about her friends “putting their reputations on the line for her”?? Honey, there would have been no HSM without her. And “for what” you say? She’s remained equally good friends with them as Zac. So shut the hell up with your stupid remarks cause YOU can’t get over an adolescent mistake made years ago. Cripes, she’s 23. Build a damn bridge and get over it already.

    As far as that “story” about being forced to propose?? LMAO. You don’t know anything of the sort. And if it’s true? Good for Vanessa’s mom and having traditional values and morals. You don’t practically live with, sleep with, and have a woman take care of you for FIVE years and not give her any kind of commitment. That may work in your loosey goosey world, but my parents would not have tolerated that either. After 5 years, you put up or ship out. And he weasled out, thank God. She deserved more. No, not marriage yet, but a commitment is certainly appropriate after that long. I’m glad Vanessa has a traditional view of love, commitment, and marriage and families, and got out when it was time. She gave him 5 years, and she NEVER disrespected him, like he did to her. Believe me, the break up was the best for both of them. But mark my words, he will never find another woman who loved him the way she did, for who he is, and not for his money, fame, or looks.

  • ?

    @whatever and Nicky
    both of you, SHUT UP!!!!!! You both sound like clueless litte brats. If I wanted to read the slime from the national equiere I’d go to their damn website. You both should consider applying for jobs there. Both of you just spewing complete and otter nonsence is making my head spin. Ugh.

  • Whatever

    @?: What did I “spew”? I said he looked average, Ashley looks fat though she’s not, responded to an obnoxious British poster who can’t stop spewing on Vanessa’s threads, and mentioned why having traditional values is OK. How is ANY of that complete and utter nonsense?? Leave that to Nicky. She’s the one who knows so much about Zac’s personal life because she lives near him, and makes assumptions about others. I don’t do that. And who preaches about divorce rates, and other nonsense thar makes no sense here.

  • A

    @Whatever Ashley doesn’t look fat. You’re insane. She looks beautiful, I don’t know why it can’t be agreed that Vanessa and Ashley are both very pretty, regardless of who likes who better.

  • A

    Why am I the only one who keeps having to await moderation to post comments?

  • hey there!


    i wait for moderation too although it depends on what you are saying in your comment.

  • A

    @hey there hmm… don’t really understand what I could have said differently in the awaiting comment. Oh well.

  • mat

    i guess it’s fitting for the award show he is at. he is dressing like a 12 yr old

  • molly

    @Whatever: Not that I believe any of the crap that’s being said around this site, but in your definition what exactly is a commitment if it’s not marriage? Because if you ask anyone else, being in a relationship with someone for five years is a pretty big commitment in itself. I also don’t get where people can run their mouths about how wonderful and committed she was to him when you have actually no proof of that. Just like you don’t have any proof that Zac didn’t love her just as much if not more.

  • Bunnylover

    @Whatever: 1 This is not Vanessa’s thread, therefore EVERYONE stop talking about her on here. 2 what does it matter where posters come from? We have the right to an opinion too. BRITISH AND PROUD!!!

  • Whatever

    @A: I think she does, sorry. That dress is fluffy and unflattering to me, and I did NOT say she IS fat. At all.

    @molly: A commitment would be moving in together or getting engaged. That shows that you have some sort of purpose to the relationship, not just getting laid. How much time do you waste with a guy with no intention of commitment?? I say if you want more in your life, you run from guys like him. At 23, it’s ok. But if you know he has no intentions, you get OUT. Sorry, but I saw that happen to a few of my friends, wasting years on guys who just wanted the benefits, but could not commit. Happy to say the girls found other great guys, and the guys are still sleeping around. It’s the Leo-George syndrome. Great for them, but not for a woman who wants more out of life than being alone and always looking.

  • A

    @Whatever I don’t agree but oh well. I like the dress. It’s reminiscent of her high school musical red carpet days, which is fitting for kca.

    I’ll agree that an engagement would be in order after a relationship that lasted that long, but if Zac didn’t want to marry Vanessa, then he shouldn’t. He’s too young, and besides a marriage would never last if he didn’t really love her. It’s better for her that he left her.

    And why do Vanessa fans have such a problem with Zac and Ashley’s friendship, but never point out that Vanessa is dating Austin, Ashley’s love interest in SFA? Hypocritical much?