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Bar Refaeli Launches Underwear Line

Bar Refaeli Launches Underwear Line

Bar Refaeli has officially launched her new underwear line,!

“My underwear is the clothing article closest to my body, and as such, I want it to complement it and not steal the show. There is nothing better than simple, comfortable, quality clothing,” the 26-year-old Israeli model write’s on the brand’s website.

“My work means I’m travelling all the time, rushing from city to city and wearing the most incredible, elaborate designs. I love it, but on my downtime I just want to relax and be myself,” she adds. “I don’t want my clothes to define me. And that’s the idea behind – a focused collection of beautifully-made basics that look good and feel amazing. That’s all I need.”

Check out Bar rocking some pieces while playing tennis in the video below!

Bar Refaeli –
Just Jared on Facebook
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  • Kevin

    Still trying to force Bar on us? Really?

  • shalala

    she’s had the most un-prolific modeling career probably, ever in history, yet gets publicity. strange.

  • shemakesmeYAWN

    @Kevin: she follows Jared on twitter and wishes him happy bday…we know someone is on his payroll…

  • Naomi

    Good luck BAR on your great new project! What a babe!

  • Model Fan

    Thanks Jared for sharing the news! I think I will do some online shopping…..

  • Wise girl

    Cool. It’s about time a woman decides to model and advertize underwears that are real and comfortable.
    Way to go, Bar!

  • barf

    @Wise girl: shut up psycho kerri.

  • kerrfan

    Miranda is WAY better!

  • Kevin

    @shemakesmeYAWN: ahh, makes perfect sense then.

  • future fan

    I think I will become a customer. Thanks Bar, you are a good example for young and lesser young women.

  • jimmy

    her stuff looks great, they’ll sell like hot cakes. good luck bar! make one for me with stripes!

  • Dieter

    I just came on her ass. Best butt ever in mankind history !!!!

  • jimmy

    her stuff looks great, they’ll sell like hot cakes. good luck bar! make one for me with stripes!!!

  • @Kevin

    Nobody is forcing anything on you. Just ignore her threads and you won`t be bothered. You choose to read her thread and be the first to comment on someone who is so forced on you.

  • PaulT

    She is the most interesting and versatile model. And the most naturally beautiful.


    I didn’t see this new post before posting on the banner threads…Just letting you all know that even if you watch your language, act respectful, don’t post anything you shouldn’t, Jared and his minions will still come after you if you get close to any “truth”. So may the celebrity (or her people) too. They watch everything I do on my computer, and I have a proxy server, plus paying a genius $$ to try and keep these scared little cowards/price-tag parasites away. They change the buttons on my keyboard, change my documents and change their locations. They have sabotaged my hardware and networking systems. Don’t post here if you are smart. They argue somantics and insult you if you get to close to the truth. JJ Keeping celebrity profile positive at any cost. Finally, there is no such thing as privacy anymore. I suspect that desperado with the wrestler’s frame might have something to do with it too, or her people. Bad, bad form. Isn’t messing with someone’s private computer and keyboard fraud or something? If there isn’t already, there should be legislation that protects people on PUBLIC OPINION boards. PRIVACY. What happened to journalistic ethics? Jared? YES, I’m annoyed – not posting anymore, so FUKC YEO

  • A

    @BAD CALCULATING FRAUD?: How can they do all that with just your I P a ¤d R 3 $$ ?

  • biasedmuch

    @PaulT: ok I get people finding her beautiful but VERSATILE? ok your fangirl-ism is clouding your judgment! every shoot she does looks like the one before and the next one after. Versatility is NOT her fortay. (hence why the same type of brands hire her, lol) She has not even had one Vogue cover. lmao.

  • Fan

    Thank goodness that Bar Refaeli has launched her own underwear line and models ever piece herself.

  • @biasedmuch

    In case you didn’t know, versatility in modeling means you can advertise jewels, clothes, underwear/swimwear, makeup, sportswear, perfume…. unlike the ones who are limited to blowing kisses and waving push-up bras in shopping malls for Victoria’s Secret .

  • believe

    She is gorgeous so live with it, people. And to those of you (weirdos) that claim Jared made a post so he must be on a celebs payroll, am sure lots of celebs like Jared. He isn’t a hate monger, like some of the people who post on his site. And to Bad Calculating Fraud, there is not enough help in this world for you, but still try to get help!

  • ali

    the most HATED woman in Israel .

  • @ali

    Sure, that’s why she’s probably on the cover of so many magazines and invited to so many shows. She’s too hated. LOL!

  • Mary

    Bar is gorgeous.. pretty woman.

  • Sandy

    I find it ironic that certain people wonder why she is so famous and yet are the first ones to comment on her story.Its pretty evident you are being trolls or are just jealous.

    As for the bloke who said he isn’t versatile.Get a grip lad.She has modeled for swimwear, lingerie, jeans, dress outfits, jewellery, Play Station, a music video and has even done a travel docu type programme.
    So commenting with half known facts only makes you looks more of a moron.

    I find her wonderful.Simply because she is not wafer thin like most model nor does she look like wannabe WAGs like Kate Upton etc.She is curvy and yet has a lovely classy look about her.

    And her new undergarment line looks good.Its wonderful to know that she has concentrated on the aspect of comfort rather than going for the flash.Good luck Bar.I wish that it is a success.

  • ofer

    the most stuninig model in the world!! go bar!!

  • el

    @Kevin: ditto that

  • @20

    Versatlity means you can model a sports campaign and then storm the runway at the same time
    Verstality means you can cover Vogue and W, as well as Rolling Stone and Architectural Digest magazines
    Verstality means you appel than more to showing tits and ass in practically every photo. You can exude a je ne sais quoi with your hair up, ceekbones alit and fully dressed
    Only Bar Refaeli fans believe there is versatility is in modelling underwear and swimwear. That surley makes Kim Kardashian a versatile moxdel by your logic cause she’s done that!

  • sara

    Way to go Sandy! Well said.

  • hahafunny

       [vur-suh-tl or, especially Brit., -tahyl] Show IPA
    capable of or adapted for turning easily from one to another of various tasks, fields of endeavor, etc.: a versatile writer.
    having or capable of many uses: a versatile tool.

    versatile? really? Is that why you will only see Bar modeling lingeire and swimwear and doing men oriented shoots her whole career? Because she is the equivalent to an actress who does nothing but the same old rom coms over and over again,m showing no demension. Get real people! When I see her doing a Vogue Italia cover shot by Steven Meisel one day and the next on an SI cover than maybe we can talk. but until then look at her work; beach,sand,beach,sand,bikini,catalog,catalog,anonymous Israeli mag,beach,sand. yep so versatile. that was a joke. Not bashing her looks but please wake up when stating such facts. Linda Evangleista was versatile (look at her work and compare it to Bars, lol…youll see the difference of versatility and one note).

  • hahafunny

    Has Bar been on the cover of Vogue Italia? NO
    Has Bar been on the cover of American Vogue? NO
    Has Bar been on the cover of Paris Vogue? NO
    Has Bar been on the cover of British Vogue? NO
    Has Bar been on the cover of any Vogue? NO

    Has Bar been on the runways for Fendi,Gucci,Prada,Chanel,YSL,Versace,Dolce&Gabbana,Givenchy,et al? NO

    Has Bar been on the cover of Harpers Bazaar? NO
    Has Bar been on the cover of Vanity Fair? NO
    Has Bar been on the cover of V? NO
    Has Bar been on the cover of W? NO
    Has Bar been on the cover of any prestigious (fashion) magazine? NO

    Has Bar been hired as the face of any major elite fashion brands (aka Gucci,Fendi,Prada,Versace,YSL etc.)? NO

    Has Bar been on random country editions of GQ,Maxim,Esquire (aka men’s mags) YES
    Has Bar been on the cover of SI? YES
    Has Bar posed inside the major editions of Vogue (Paris,Italia,US,UK) shot by Meisel,Testino,Mert & Marcus et al? NO
    Has Bar posed in random Israeli catalog companies? YES
    Does Bar model anything outside of swimwear,lingerie,catalog,commercial companies? NO

    its not rocket science fangirls….open your horizons to models and you will see Bar is definitely on the lower end of the spectrum…

  • Well said

    Like the word ‘supermodel’ folks misuse/abuse the word ‘versatile’

  • Good luck beautiful Bar

    @hahafunny: You must be a miserable person. I pity you. Give your computer a rest… Get a life

  • To Sandy #25

    Well said. Unlike others who spend their time and energy on posting comments a successful beautiful woman they envy and feel miserable about, you sound like someone who is healthy and is confidend in your own skin. Thanks for your point of view.

  • Benita Applebaum

    gee, uh nice wifebeater….that’s original. It wont sell, a lot of celeb lines dont. Also, the shills for her are getting embarasssing like this, so is tweaking the ratings.

    Thanks Jared for sharing the news! I think I will do some online shopping…..(uh hungh…)

    Folks, no one LIKES Bar on this website. Her publicist comeso n here and writes this stuff. And in order to tweak the thumbs you just back browser, get rid of cookies and click them up again. The rest of us dont have time, but she gets paid to do it. Sorry, just thought I’d hit the “out” button…why she still bothers to post here I just dont know.

    Now off to see the line ! muhahahahahhhahhahah

  • Benita Applebaum

    I saw the stuff, its just like, and just as cheap. It’s not interesting or original in any way.

    Go to onehanesplace, the boy shorts are cuter and come in all different colors/styles. Cost the same too.

    The site is underdeveloped and looks like an in-house beta too.
    Sorry Bar, try again.

  • Dolores

    Good luck Bar on your new career as an entrepreneur!

  • COOL

    I checked the underwear line and it looks quite cute.

  • Love Bar
  • Benita Applebaum

    37-39 are shills.

    SOLD ANY YET BAR? I mean like even one pair? HMMMMMM? Does the website even work?

    “fantastic and elaborate designs?” since when? the most we’ve ever seen her in is Cavalli, which is the low trashy end of designer. Most of her stuff looks off the rack and she’s NOT a couture model….mostly she wears underwear so what the hell is so complicated??? She always wears leggings and some schmatta on the street.

  • Benita Applebaum

    The tennis picture is funny. the way her ass hangs out of her bottoms and you can see where she had her brow lift. Also looks like the fat mushroom is about to explode. Stop TRYING bar.

    It’s also funny that she and her peeps attack Erin Heatherton all the time for being “naked” when she is up there in her see through net top (they airbrushed out the nipples) and standing there topless. Enough already.

  • @40,41

    A little envious of Bar’s figure perhaps??? Go and spend you time and energy on how DiCaprio’s new flavour of the season (alias his full time-puppy) is so beautiful and so successful.

  • You are tinkerbar

    @Benita Applebaum: Go Away. sad, pathetic, obseessed pest

  • What?

    @Benita Applebaum: Sorry, but you need your eyes tested if you dont think she looks good here!

  • @what#44

    It’s not her eyes that need to be tested, it’s her frustrated sou …. same tormented person feeling miserable towards beauty, success and a Leo’s girlfriend.

  • Benita Applebaum

    @@40,41: Yes, I would like to be tall like Erin, not short and dumpy looking like Bar. And she looks like an idiot slut with her bum hanging out. Congratulations to her team again !

  • Benita Applebaum

    @You are tinkerbar: My sentiments back at you exactly.

  • Benita Applebaum

    @What?: I think she looks like someone hit her in the face with a frying pan and then tried desperately to give her some cheekbones with that blush. Also she looks like a deranged plastic surgery victim in the video still.

  • Benita Applebaum


    She’s not beautiful, and her new “underwear line” that someone else designed is gonna tank, and she’s not Leo girlfriend and never will be again. She barely was when they were hooking up, that’s all it was, therea are stories of him hitting on other people going all the way back to 2005.

  • James

    I met her in real llife, and this woman is perfect… I just ordered briefs and a short t-shirt from her site that seems to have a nice form. can’t wait for it!