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Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart: 'Dance' Video Sneak Peek!

Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart: 'Dance' Video Sneak Peek!

Jennifer Lopez wraps her arm around shirtless boyfriend Casper Smart in this behind-the-scenes photo from her “Dance Again” video.

The 42-year-old entertainer will be premiering the video this Thursday (April 5) on American Idol!

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In another pic posted on, J. Lo shows off her toned tummy while Casper covers her eyes with a blindfold that reads “Love is blind.”

Dance Again” is Jennifer‘s latest track with Pitbull. The two previously teamed up for the hit track “On the Floor”!

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  • lucky man

    WOW looks interesting.

  • Taylor

    Such an embarrassment for her poor neglected children. This woman simply cannot accept the fact that she isn’t 20 years old anymore. This Casper guy is laughing at her behind her back while he takes her money.

  • BEAN

    JLo is too open with her personal life. This is so cringeworthy.

  • Alexis

    This photo makes me cringe. She really has no shame parading around with this KID dancer.

  • Laurel

    This Casper thing is so laughable. Chris Judd 2.0.

  • jimmy

    @lucky man:

    its a juxtaposition

  • charlotte

    Ok, obviously she is beautiful and since she sells CD’s she is talented. BUT, seriously she must be a little out there to be with this guy and well pretty much all the ugly/talentless guys she’s been with. What’s her deal?

  • Bennie

    looks like a same sex couple.

  • warbeldeehappy

    well I do admire her abs- she must work out a lot! I am in the process of trying to get my abs and core strength back after my c section so I admire women who have done it. I do think she can never be alone(single) and her kids seem kind of sad- that video of her son trying to run- it is hard for those kids and all celeb kids to be photographed- probably scary- but is she ever with them? And the age difference between her and her guy- kind of a lot- but that is her choice. She is looking much prettier since she split with Marc and she seems happier too. I don’t get why she and other celebs are on those dumb talkent show things.

  • She Stinks!

    The song makes my ears bleed and this video will be vomit inducing. It will be a tacky trashy lewd affair, as usual. JHO Bag looks absolutely foolish with this boy. She has no talent and NO class. She is a disgrace.

  • Monster Mother

    Exactly why did she have children in the first place she spends more time hugging this kid than her own. Really pitiful sad excuse for a mother.

  • Tee

    This middle aged woman has MAJOR issues!

  • Mr.PopularMusic

    wow. this looks so amazing.
    Her videos are aways great. I can’t wait to see it.

    Why should she hide her boyfriend? It is already established tradition that we see her boyfriends in her video. Chris Judd in, Ben, etc. I love it. J-Lo is so entertainin. Can’t wait to see new marriage photos. Elisabeth Taylor of the new millenium!!!

    Love the song DANCE AGAIN. It think it is a lot better than On the Floor!!!

  • Mr.PopularMusic


    you have major issues, a$$hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr.PopularMusic

    what would pop music be without a little controversy? Just enjoy the show guys and stop being completely hypocritical.

    Nobody will blame Marc Anthony for having a 20 year old girlfriend,…………

  • evil

    When was the last time we saw Marc and his girlfriend? J-ho is pure trash. Good idea to cover up half of her boyfriend’s face though, it covers a lot of the ugly.

  • Sigh

    Desperate and pathetic.

  • Sue


    The different between the two is Mark Isen’t parading around his his little 20 somthing girlfriend like J LO who wants to been seen and talk about other wise she would but her privet life out their, with photo ops and putting their relationship in a video.

  • Gee

    @charlotte At least Ben was good looking .I didn’t mind him in her video but this loser .Epic Fail!!
    Guess What Cris judd and Casper have in common ? and it’s not sleeping with Jho



  • Mr.PopularMusic


    u we are talking here about pop music, right? which leading lady is selling actually only with the quality of her music. U need controvery to see….see Madonna, see Lady Kaka, see Rihanna, see Katy Perry, see Beyoncé……they all creating scandals and images…
    I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole Casper relationship is actually a publicity stunt…

    if you can’t stand some controversy maybe search for a new music genre and leave just jared.


    buy DANCE AGAIN and shut up. You people here will be the first who will click on her new video on Thursday. lol

  • http://justjared luvvieboo2012


  • http://justjared luvvieboo2012

    Why is Ben name always brought up everytime JLo is mentioned? Regardless how good looking Ben is, his kids with JG are still ugly as crap, ewwwww. JLo ended marriage with Marc because he was cheating with Jada Pinkett. As long as her kids are in good hands with her mother or nanny, what is the big deal? She is just like every other celebrity mom, making that almighty dollar so her kids will stay rich and spoiled.

  • Margo

    Oh J.Lo how you NEVER learn from your mistakes. When are you going to get it….don’t put your men in your video! Gosh! This relationship can say goodbye!

  • Gee


    The same reason you bring up Jen Garner .She has nothing to do with this article yet you bring her up.Face it.. .Jlo fans are jealous of her.She has the man ,she has the life and best of all she has the children Jlo always wanted..Jlo will end up like Madonna- a lonely old dried up diva if she doesn’t change.

  • anon

    I’ll be her huckleberry for as much as she pays him to stick around. What a joke! He is laughing his a** all the way to the bank! Smart man in this economy, take it where you can.

  • lexy hates bilson

    I wonder if she will wear those cheap clothes she designs for Kohls? Funny she herself never seems willing to wear her “designs” out in public!!

  • Shamrock7

    Jennifer Lopez is a star, entertainer, talented, passionate, beautiful, strong, and inspirational to the Latino people. She has worked extremely hard for herself and displays to the public that this is her life and she has made some mistakes in the romantic dept., but clearly she is only human and is looking for that 4 letter word that we all desire, it’s called “LOVE”.

    Personally, I noticed her for the very first time and that was during the “Bennifer” craziness. I adore Big Ben and think the world of him. But, as we know, these two have taken different directions, and so far in their career paths, it’s been outstanding for both. In regards to their personal life, that is private. Right? Wish her all the BEST~

  • LEE

    Leave her, her private life, her children Alone! why bothering so much?we better talk about her career, about things she does to entertain people. speaking about her private life is useless bec. that is her life!!

  • Roz

    @luvvieboo2012: You’re nuts but you cracked me up! Some people are really that stupid.

  • ningunasanta

    This couple makes me want to vomit in my mouth….As for people talking about Ben and Jen Garner they make me want to vomit too, they have two unfortunate looking kids and they always look stank nasty.

  • sb

    Madonna might be old and dried up, but she is not lonely – her kids hang around with her a lot and she clearly still has a huge number of fans and will always be considered an icon of pop music. I am afraid you need to pick someone else for comparison.

  • Schae

    She is a HOT Mess! She can’t act or sing. And her Boyfriend is a gross short guy, UGH!

  • Schae

    And about Ben he left her cause she is a Hoe he wanted a lady.

  • charles

    poor people have no life just judging, is her life if she want date with someone young she can, marc is dating with a young girl

  • dooliloo

    yeah she doesn’t give a rat’s ass of people judgements, she’s balling and does pretty much whatever she wants.. ta ta!

  • Jean

    Jennifer likes them young. You go girl, you Cougar, you!

  • Jean


    Marc is dating at woman, not a girl. She is young, yes, but she is a woman.

  • Mikee25

    Soo many people hating on something that is none of your business. Its just your opinion if you think she should put him in the video. That is her video and she can put anyone she wants on there….Men have been dating younger women forever and she is a beautiful woman who happens to be dating a younger guy. She is a performer and she is not doing anything wrong. People just want to hate on dumb crap

  • JM

    Madonna might be old and dried up, but she is not lonely – her kids hang around with her a lot and she clearly still has a huge number of fans and will always be considered an icon of pop music. I am afraid you need to pick someone else for comparison
    You’re just as delusional as they are.You think that Madonna’s boytoys love her.Of course not! They just want her fame and lifestyle .Just like Jlo’s boytoy.But Madonna is a good mother .I’ll give her that.Jlo treats her children like her pets .Sometimes she parades them around but she doesn’t take care of them personally.She has hired help for that

  • anistonisaloser

    this won’t last just like her previous marriage. chris judd anyone?

  • Oz

    She’s gettin her groove on, thats all! LOL…. whether with a younger dude or not, its her business. If she’s copying Madonna, who’s been doing the same, I doubt it. She’s not breaking any laws.

  • haterslol

    Why are all you haters just bashing her? yea the age is big but what makes u guys think they cant be happy? Every celeb is out there trying to make money. Marc Anthony being so ugly still cheated on her, maybe she found happiness with the wrong guy? so what that’s her choice, shell pay for it. As for being a bad mother… how do any of you idiots know? probably does better than most stupid slutty moms out there just by affording a good baby sitter, so shut it haters.

  • Amazing

    Am I the only person tired of Pit Bull?

  • Daisy Tanabe-Holder

    Casper is what Chris Judd is ? A un known backup dancer who she had in a video. And dated and got married…too ! No difference here ! And she likes that way all she dates and marry are P. Ricans! Not WASPs.
    Since 2004 when Ben dumped her she went after her own kind Latino.!
    So be like she was with Chris Judd who has a job and works..backup
    And make him famous like Sean P Combs did for her she did start as
    A backup dancer herself

  • hmm

    hahaah too funny

  • PS

    Toned tummy? Let’s give some credit to the Photoshop artist!

  • El Morro

    JLO had never dated a Puerto Rican man in her life until Ben dumped her and no one else would have her except Marc. Her first husband was white Cuban and her second husband was half white Mexican. Jlo has never associated herself with Puerto Rican men and women she has always thought she was too good for them.

  • Daisy tanabe holder

    Chris Judd was P Rican and what about her third Husband Marc Anthony Was P.Rican and now so is Casper Smart is a P Rican too!

    So give it up she is soooo happy being with her P Rican kids sooo
    Give me a break …sexy in I. Her late 30′s. Y not slide down his crotch..
    See how dirty she can be …Benny Medina knows what she can do,
    Dirtier the better

  • Jane

    Am I the only one grossed out by this picture?

  • Marie

    What are you talking about ? her 1st husband was cuban ,2nd was half Filipino ,skeletor is PR and half dead ..LOL Casper is 100% white. his nickname is Casper as in Casper the ghost .If he was any whiter he ‘d be vanilla ice .