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Megan Fox: I Can't Complain About My Image

Megan Fox: I Can't Complain About My Image

Megan Fox and hubby Brian Austin Green arrive at church with a friend on Sunday evening (April 1) in Los Angeles.

The 25-year-old Friends With Kids actress and Brian were spotted leaving church later and covering their faces to maintain a low profile.

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Megan recently gave an interview to French magazine Jalouse, where she remarked about her image.

“I live well with my image. I cannot complain. I would not trade my place with an unattractive girl,” she said (via E!).

FYI: Megan is wearing a Chan Luu wrap bracelet.

10+ pictures inside of Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green heading into church…

Just Jared on Facebook
megan fox brian austin green church 01
megan fox brian austin green church 02
megan fox brian austin green church 03
megan fox brian austin green church 04
megan fox brian austin green church 05
megan fox brian austin green church 06
megan fox brian austin green church 07
megan fox brian austin green church 08
megan fox brian austin green church 09
megan fox brian austin green church 10
megan fox brian austin green church 11

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • alex

    megan already went to her facebook about this so called “quote” she made.
    her statement got lost in translation. she did not say that she wouldn’t switch places with an unattractive girl. she was misquoted.

  • claus


  • claus


  • Regina George

    Kind of a wierd thing to comment on either way.

  • really?

    I guess all that surgeries she has done to her face, body have damage her brain too. And by the way her career sucks, probably thoese unattractive girls wouldn´t trade their place with her either. They surely have gotten a brain and more intelligence.

  • http://MOIANU58@YAHOO.COM raluca

    I hate her,is so fake ,she is a really bad actress.

  • Mikado

    Sounds like she has no clue on how she looks like AND that she was born without brain.

  • KissThis

    in this interview she comes off as such a b!tch. I officially don’t really care for her anymore.

  • BrandonHilton

    I’ve been trying to make myself happen since the days of Myspace, please pay attention to me! I really want to be famous!
    I’m only getting older and getting a real job, isn’t all that appealing.

  • Nika

    She really was misquoted as someone already mentioned… But even if she did say it, would you trade place with someone less attractive than yourself?! Honestly, would you???

  • illwill

    Completely misquoted, bad journalism

  • Sofia

    I agree she didn’t mean it in a bad way she was misquoted.. But that’s how the media works :/

  • gigi

    So misquoted, but image being attractive does have its benefits, its just how society is.

  • A

    @Nika: You keep saying she was misquoted but won’t tell us HOW she was misquoted or even what she meant in the first place.

  • Mikaela

    For some who can’t complain, she complains a lot!!

  • FoxxyMegan

    @really? : I totally agree with you!

    Well, she’s often speaking first and after this, she is thinking about it. Wrong way, dear!

    @A: that’s a great argument – all the fangirls should be think about it! ;)

    Other question: what’s with the gossip, that she’s pregnant? oO

  • Mikado

    She IS NOT attractive. Her plastic surgery is pathetic. I would never want to look like her, so yes, If attractive is equal to be modified by a surgeon, like she did, I would like to trade place with someone less attractive. YES, without one doubt.

  • Dave Franco

    Like I said, being ‘blacklisted’ by hollywood. Misquotes galore on this girl, every time she speaks. So sad they want to ruin her. That being said, she needs to do something indie with some substance.

  • Marina

    She did trade her place with an unattractive girl, because I find her very unattractive after she said that. Not that I thought that she was attractive before, but I find her way more disgusting now. I’ve never liked fake bodies, nor plastic faces with lots of make up on.

  • harhar

    I am so sick of her and her vapid words. She is VILE and belittles everyone and everything as if there is nothing in this world thats good enough for her. From poking fun of behavioral disorders, to film crews for her own bad performances, to her interpretations of what an unattractive girl is – she is disgusting. She’s nothing but a bully who goes around saying whatever she likes and honestly thinks no one will stand up to her and her BS. Newsflash Megan Fox women aren’t your punching bags so don’t expect a few blows thrown back at you. As a guy myself I can’t speak for them but the idea that somebody as artificial as you would even have the gall to say what you did in any way shape or form only proves how nasty hearted you really are.

    Go back to the trailer park you redneck. No matter what brands you wear, no matter how much money you spend – you will always be a redneck.

  • Trinity J

    She keeps getting “mis-quoted”.. She needs to start seeing the pattern here and um, maybe just stop talking so much.

  • BobjustBob

    Church?? She went to church? ?!! How very Kardashian of her. Likely to repair her vapid image, she must need to repent for all the silly, stupid, insensitive things that come out of her mouth. Or a church for people who are not very intelligement maybe.

  • BobjustBob

    *intelligent** (typed too fast LOL!)

  • Nika

    @Mikado: everyone has a different standard of beauty but every guy I know finds her attractive and hot…

  • Ina

    What kind of a comment is that!? In hundreds of cultures she is in fact considered UNATTRACTIVE!

  • harhar


    Really what did she REALLY say huh? Why is it whenever she says anything she pulls the I was misquoted crap and NEVER clarifies what she actually said? Because SHE ACTUALLY SAID THAT.

    Never a time where this girl doesn’t just own up and take responsibility it’s ALWAYS everybody else fault but hers. She’s just a bully plain and simple.

  • doll

    wow, everyone….simmer down… dont beleive evrything you read. plus, who cares, don’t think too much into tabloids. lol.. its called “entertainment business” for a reason. geesh.

  • harhar


    What is unattractive? Do you even know what she interprets as attractive at all? WTF is wrong with people like you? There is no such thing as unattractive people or person; a girl who is born with a bump on her nose is no less unattractive because of her nose or a girlgets burned or her face burned with acid, are you going to call her unattractive, are you? Unless you’re a BULLY and you can’t think beyond your 1.0 brain. Newsflash, nobody is less or more of anything we are who we are and NOONE has the right to make such vile vapid superficial statements. NONE.

  • harhar


    It wasnt a tabloid thats the point.

  • harhar


    no less attractive*

  • doll


    You are very defensive. You need a cup of coffee.

  • harhar


    If that’s defensive you need thicker skin.

  • doll


    Lol no, I dont need thicker skin…im a happy and confident person, having a thicker skin is for people like yourself, that are defensive. :) please go easy on the sugar in your coffee.

    Have a beautiful day. The sun is out and im sure the bunnies are smiling. Smile with the bunnies harhar. Life is good, smile.

  • laughing at harhar


    Just laughing at you harhar.

    You are extremely defensive.

  • laughing at harhar too

    This person tries so hard to bash Megan. Chill out.

    Plus, to the idiot that said she went to church because of the misquoted sentence, she has already said in a interview MONTHS ago that she does go to a church near her house every once in a while. And it was before these “unnatractive blah blah blah” shit.

    BTW, I’m a guy and I find her extremely hot and atractive, with or without plastic.

  • harhar

    @laughing at harhar too:

    Seriously you guys are children. You don’t debate you just insult anybody who has a differing opinion that yours and pull rhetorical cards – good job. You haven’t proven anything other than you’re all stalkers ( the fact that you can tell where she goes to church and when that photo was taken is sick BTW) Why don’t you go back and worship your four pathetic wall in your basements.

  • also laughing at harhar


    haha. “Chilling out” is really what you should do”. You should read what you write, you have been insulting everyone on here. You are the child. Take a deep breath, this isn’t that serious. i dont want to know what kind of rants you have on your facebook. How exausted you must be from your rants. unfriend. lol

  • laughing at harhar harder


    You say people are insulting others here, when you are the one that’s doing the insulting. Didn’t you just use the word “redkneck” in a vicious way? So basically you are not only insulting people on here, Megand Fox, and insulting what you think is the “redkneck” community. ?? That’s not very nice. You are NOT a nice person. You don’t have any friends do you? LOL

  • Stop_Trippin

    I wish all these self-righteous stupid and political people would drop dead. Seriously? R we really gonna make a big deal out of Megan’s comments, if she meant it or not? She didn’t offend me, she only offended ugly chicks.

    I’m attractive or at least I would call myself attractive. I wouldn’t trade places with an ugly chick either, just like you wouldn’t trade places with an ugly chick unless you r already ugly yourself. Surely you wouldn’t trade places with someone uglier than you. If you have a bump on your nose and think you are ugly, so be it, you wouldn’t trade places with someone who had an even uglier nose would you? Sure we wanna make the ugly people feel better, but let’s be real. Nobody will trade their beauty for ugliness. And Megan is right and being real.

    Sheesh, I suggest ya’ll listen to Keri Hilson’s – Pretty Girl Rock! She understands Megan too.

  • Tra La La La La

    Well, I don’t think she meant to say “unattractive girl”, but who can blame her?

  • deadpool

    Megan Fox is classless, she is one of the most idiotic women in hollywood who thinks a vocabulary is an estimate of an individuals IQ, she is absolutely ignorant she thought Istanbul was a town instead of a mega City ( the third largest city in the world), she poked fun of bi-polar disorder sufferers, continues to blame film crews and executives for her god awful performances, made a farce of sexual orientation by claiming to be gay then bi, lied about her plastic surgeries, and sees herself as a person who has to ‘bear’ her attractiveness – while blasting those who she thinks are unattractive. And there is never a moment or time where she isn’t MISQUOTED.

  • abs

    Yeah she’s happy with her looks after all that surgery!