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Kate Bosworth: 'L!fe Happens' Premiere!

Kate Bosworth: 'L!fe Happens' Premiere!

Kate Bosworth strikes a pose at the premiere of her film, L!fe Happens, held at the AMC Century City 15 on Monday (April 2) in Century City, Calif.

The 29-year-old actress – in a Prada dress, Christian Louboutin shoes, and Jewelmint jewelry and bag – was joined by her co-stars Krysten Ritter (in Jenni Kayne), Colin Egglesfield, Fallon Goodson, and their director Kat Coiro.

The cast later celebrated with an after party held at Pink Taco Century City.

Also pictured at the premiere: Krysten‘s boyfriend Brian Geraghty, and James Van Der Beek.

L!fe Happens hits theaters on Friday (April 13)!

15+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth and others at the L!fe Happens premiere…

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Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez, David Livingston; Photos: Getty
Posted to: Brian Geraghty, Colin Egglesfield, James Van Der Beek, Kate Bosworth, Krysten Ritter

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157 Responses to “Kate Bosworth: 'L!fe Happens' Premiere!”

  1. 1
    BLAH Says:

    wow first event with out the life partner.

    the dress needs a bra…even tho is not designed for it your boobs dont look good in it.
    the actual dress is not nice either.

  2. 2
    yuh Says:

    Her face is s naturally pretty. She doesn’t need a lot of make-up. Lucky.

  3. 3
    Autobahn Says:

    I like her dress and makeup.

  4. 4
    Kinnamanfan Says:

    No sign of Polish and no “life partner” ring.

  5. 5
    ladybug Says:

    @BLAH: It does need a bra, but other than that it’s not that bad. And she didn’t overdue the makeup.

    Krysten Ritter, on the other hand …

    But 15 photos JJ? Must be cheap photos.

  6. 6
    Linda G Says:

    She is a beautiful woman.

  7. 7
    ladybug Says:

    @Kinnamanfan: Nope, ring is there:

  8. 8
    whosaidthat Says:

    Kate is so elegant & a talented actress. She and Alex seemed right for each other. Dammit, please get back together! Alex, if you’re reading this, call Kate Bosworth. You 2 should talk. Ignore the paps– they’re attracted to you both cause ur both hot

  9. 9
    ladybug Says:

    @whosaidthat: Uh, in what world did they seem compatible?
    And why should she ignore the paps, if she gets papped odds are it’s because she wants to be papped.

  10. 10
    KB Says:

    Kate Bosworth get off the internet and get over Alex because he is so over you. It’s NOT going to happen it never did. Your welcome!

  11. 11
    whosaidthat Says:

    ladybug, ladybug. if ur such a kate-hater, why are you still on this page? Honey, I root for love. U weren’t there, and neither was I. It’s up to them 2 what they do, im here to support it. Obviously u don’t. Are you still here?

  12. 12
    whosaidthat Says:

    KB, are you ladybug? Sorry, i should be working! Only twits are envious of beautiful women. Do you know Alex? i don’t. Im sure you don’t either. Why do you assume you’re the authority on what he likes and doesn’t? I stated an opinion and you said “Kate get off the internet”. You’ll be off the internet well before she ever will. Duh

  13. 13
    Macy Says:

    Her lips look like they are two different colors here. I hate dresses with tons of jewels sewn onto them, I think it looks cheap.

  14. 14
    Lilla Says:

    I like the dress, the color is awful though.

    @ladybug -LOL! So true :)

  15. 15
    ladybug Says:

    @Lilla: About the paps or the compatibility? Because I’m serious about both, but especially the compatible part. Do they seem like they have anything in common, really (fondness for concerts and alcohol maybe basis for a friendship but not a serious relationship)? Did they really seem happy together, especially at the end? No.
    They’re both happier apart, she’s got her life partner who supports her in her famewhoring, he seems the first bf who has done this. It’s a step up for her, relationship-wise.

  16. 16
    Macy Says:

    Agreed. They have way more in common, she and Polish. It’s disgusting how far he will go to aid in her famewhoring. Brutal! So much for being private about your “relationships” when you post all your stuff on twitter.

  17. 17
    whosaidthat Says:

    interesting, you assume you know the in’s-and-out’s but all you can base your assumptions on are regurgitated “details” from US Weekly. Please. Just bc Kate attends music festivals doesn’t means she’s into drinking (as a hobby). Big deal. She is glam; and she knows it. And?

  18. 18
    Lilla Says:

    @ladybug: I agree with both points.

  19. 19
    essie Says:

    i love that lipstick colour on her! looks really pretty

  20. 20
    whosaidthat Says:

    ….hm, I do agree that Mr. Polish is not a good match. He’s better suited with an older dame, such as Virginia Madsen. He is too old and creepily voyeuristic with the documenting of Kate’s daily life. Privacy is a blessing

  21. 21
    whosaidthat Says:

    Many of you are so snarky. Envy is unbecoming of you . I’ll see you next time

  22. 22
    mjforlife Says:

    This is the best I have seen her look in literally years .

  23. 23
    ladybug Says:

    @whosaidthat: Ok, I know I’m supposed to ignore the trolls but this one seems especially not-there.
    You know that if she didn’t want her life documented on Twitter he wouldn’t do it? And he’s 41 and she’s 29, hardly ‘too old’.
    You should be happy for her, as she’s found a good match. Is he as traditionally good looking as her previous bfs? Nope, but so what? This isn’t a eugenics project.

  24. 24
    jenny Says:

    This movie sounds awful.

  25. 25
    Rachel () Says:

    @whosaidthat: OMG.
    I just spent hours studying for the test I just took, which sucked, and I come here and read your hilarious rantings! Thank you! such an improvement to my day!
    Anyways….if we are too out of the loop to say that the Kate-Alex relationship was awful, what makes you qualified to say that Bolish is a bad pairing? Hypocrisy. Lol, ASkars dumped her months ago!! When are you gonna move on?

  26. 26
    Rachel () Says:

    @whosaidthat: Also, voyeurism is only voyeurism if the person being watched is non-consenting. I’ll buy KB being an exhibitionist though. What with the breast flashing and all. Did the American public really consent to seeing that? No, we did not!
    @ladybug: I like KB’s dress, but it washes her out and the jewels are slightly gaudy. And don’t ignore the trolls! They are a joy.

  27. 27
    Macy Says:

    Oh I’m pretty sure Bosworth is into drinking seeing as there are plenty of photos of her with booze in hand, Coachella of last year for one instance. Lots of vodka shots and then beer later on. Uh huh, no drinking for her for sure. *eye roll*

  28. 28
    Rachel () Says:

    Sorry for the multiple posts, but isn’t this hair style reminiscent of hers at that catastrophe of a Nylon party? Ew.

  29. 29
    mforman Says:

    Like I have been saying over and over, something definitely happened between her and Kat C, the director of this lastest flop and one of her BFF’s as KB stated in numerous articles, they were not seen together the entire night, not one photo even for the publicity, I mean really how obvious can you be. She didn’t even take a picture with KR, who again during filming, KB kept stating how close they were and that she was one of her best friends, remember when KR was making those ridiculous and untrue statements about AS and KB, once filming stopped and she didn’t need KR to plant fake stories, that was the end of that. I honestly do not think that the pariah knows the meaning of the word friendship. I really think it is a truly hard concept for her to understand, because to her you meet someone on a film or in the fashion industry, use them for what you can and then that is it, that is why the only friends she has are on her payroll, and also on twitter when MP or KB reposts photos, that say, “my best friend”, or my favorite lately KB is now calling him her “partner”. She is probably so happy to have someone that goes along and helps with all her nonesene. That they are now famewhoring his teenage daughter really makes me sad and shows how far they will both go to stay relevant.
    Also look at her lips, they are bigger now then ever, maybe that is the reason we didn’t see her out and about doing nothing, ususally that gets her papped, because she was having work done on herself, seriously her lips are ridiculous looking, and she definitely had hair extensions put in, she doesn’t even hide this stuff anymore.
    The famewhore and MP are perfect together, they both want as much attention as possible, all you have to do is read their twitters, nobody that wants a private relationship would post the pictures they do and write the things they do. I truly find those two twitter accounts the funniest thing at the end of my day, especially the photos and the quotes that go with them.
    She was wearing the “life partner ring”, (how funny is that), you can see it very clearly on the photo of her hands that was posted on hers and his twitter accts.

  30. 30
    Macy Says:

    Um….she documents her OWN life on a daily basis. They do it together, like some kind of inside joke. She WANTS him to take photos of her, they thinks it’s artistic. He’s 11 years older than her, that’s not that big of a deal.

    @Rachel ():
    Yes, that is the same basic hairstyle minus the braid. Didn’t she have bright pink lipstick at that too, or was that another premiere?

  31. 31
    whosaidthat Says:

    Ugh-Just made a statement, but really, I’m sorry bc this post isn’t about her relationship, it’s the movie. I got off tangent and commented on how how one of her prior relationships seemed better suited. These are all non-issues. Btw, a troll seeks trouble online, i’m not into that. I made a comment and the majority didn’t like it. Ha!

  32. 32
    Carla Nelson Says:

    I’m not trying to be funny but KB has run out with men. So she has no choice but to go out with the older ones because the young ones won’t take a second look. She has been likned with a lot of men for to be just 29. These men have used her up. By the way she soes not look good with red lipstick because it makes her look old. Also her skin is too pale.

  33. 33
    frisbee Says:

    Ah, Kate, long time no see. I must say I’ve missed your shameless self-absorption and persistent cluelessness as to why your female co-stars are not all that hot for you. Totally jealous, right?

  34. 34
    Nice to see you!! Says:

    Hey, our old friend, pitiful mforman is here. Hi, how are ya doin?Just dropped by to see what is being posted and what a treat to read one of your posts. Keep up the good, weird work Queenie!

  35. 35
    Rachel () Says:

    @whosaidthat: Trolls do tend to call other posters names like “twits” though. This is a gossip site. There’s no reason you shouldn’t mention KB’s relationships. We do.

  36. 36
    Tulip Says:

    Kate looks gorgeous! I love the Prada dress. She’s stunning.

  37. 37
    whosaidthat Says:

    (lol) Rachel, good point– . eh. where can i go to gossip about you?

  38. 38
    frisbee Says:

    @whosaidthat: Right here:

  39. 39
    whosaidthat Says:

    @frisbee: wow, your imagination is above-average … i am impressed

  40. 40
    Hattie Says:

    This movie might be fun. I’ll see it. Kate looks so pretty.

  41. 41
    Jeannie Says:

    Oh look! She has something to promote other than her life partner & shopping trips!

  42. 42
    frisbee Says:

    @whosaidthat: Thank you.

  43. 43
    Lois Says:

    Thank goodness she didn’t do that cutesy pigeon toed stand. It always makes be think of a 2 year old with a loaded diaper.

  44. 44
    Love It Says:

    “Kate Bosworth At The ‘L!fe Happens’ Premiere: Hello Beauty Crush!”
    Such a perfect heading at Grazia! She looks lovely.

  45. 45
    Rachel () Says:

    @whosaidthat: Oh, feel free to do it right here! I can take it. Unfortunately I am not a famewh0re. Unlike kate, when I call the paps, they don’t come photograph me at the vet, hair salon, gyno, ect. =(

  46. 46
    Wow Says:

    Kate looks amazing and happy. Good for her. I’m an AS fan who wishes all the best for both KB and AS! Happiness for all!

  47. 47
    Eresyn Says:

    mmmm…i don’t know about the dress…it looks like a cheap thing that has been bedazzlered to look expensive, but failed in the way…It also does nothing for her breasts, or legs (although i think nothing but gaining weight could help those). Hair and makeup are ok though ;)

  48. 48
    Actually... Says:

    What happened to her face? The right side of her upper lip won’t go down all the way now. Even in the nice ones Jared posted she barely has that side closed and they still look crooked.

  49. 49
    whosaidthat Says:

    @Rachel (): Thank you! God you’re boring. This must be your 9 minutes of fame. Eat it up. Kate is much easier on the eyes, dear

  50. 50
    harpo Says:

    @Eresyn: I think the dress is spectacular, looks expensive, and I’m sure it is! Kate has small breasts but they’re perky and beautiful! Small breasted women wear clothes much better than women with big boobs. Her hair and makeup are perfect.

  51. 51
    DailyNightly Says:

    I think it’s interesting that this movie had to premiere at the SAME TIME as Battleship. She is continually trying to upstage Alex. Sad.

  52. 52
    Dieter Says:


  53. 53
    circosan Says:

    Kate is gorgeous!!

  54. 54
    ladybug Says:

    @harpo: Perky? Small, yes, but they haven’t been perky for awhile. She needed something in the front to support them.
    But thanks for the laugh.
    @Rachel(), it does look like the Nylon look, only less trashy:

  55. 55
    chelle Says:

    I know when I wear Prada and Louboutin I always grab cheap association jewelry to go with it……. Seriously??? Yet another retarded movie with this trash that’s gonna table.
    @harpo: Never had any complaints abouts my size double d’s. At least you can find them and I wouldn’t be a laughing stock if I went topless in Mexico…. no bee stings here…. just saying.

  56. 56
    chelle Says:

    @chelle: supposed to be cheap ass jewelry….. ever loving auto correct…. better than the monkey castration that automatically popped up on a chart document at work. Not sure who put that in our system….. but whatever.

  57. 57
    Almighty Johnsons fan Says:

    Did anyone actually turn up to this joke of a premiere? Except the actors?
    @chelle I envy you for you DD cups I am only a B cup :( sigh )

  58. 58
    Rachel () Says:

    @whosaidthat: I suppose a KB fan would find me awfully dull. Not full of all of Kate’s mischief(i.e.- homewrecking, pap flashing, general famewh*ring…). Takes a lot to win your approval, I get it.
    Like I said, you are not boring. Listening to you try to defend Kate’s honor is the height of entertainment. Also the height of delusion. Insulting the appearance of ppl you haven’t seen? That’s just silly!

  59. 59
    Rachel () Says:

    @harpo: Nice to compliment Kate while also insulting every woman who has breasts. We should just have 12 year old boys modeling on runways! Since flat chested people wear clothes SO much better.

  60. 60
    ladybug Says:

    @chelle: “monkey castration”?! Ah, EMRs, you wouldn’t have that sort of fun with the ‘old’ way of documentation.
    @Almighty Johnsons fan, no, it doesn’t appear that anyone else really showed up. Which is probably going to be the case in the theaters as well.
    @DailyNightly, in this case it does seem to be a coincidence, since I doubt KB had anything to do with the planning of the premiere

    Has her Twitter feed always had ‘co-founder of‘ on it? Isn’t the Beachmint company really the founder of JM?

  61. 61
    chelle Says:

    @ladybug: I’m just glad I caught it before I signed it…. Dragon is just as bad. I got a report saying someone had a huge tomato on the liver sitting on the couch….. wtf? love technology! I actually asked the iPhone voice program where to hide a dead body and it gave suggestions… landfills ect.

  62. 62
    ladybug Says:

    @Rachel (): I suspect that Karl Lagerfeld would like to have 12 year old boys modelling for him, since he seems to want his female models to look like 12 year old boys.

  63. 63
    Macy Says:

    No, she recently changed her twitter description. She and Cher did NOT co-found JM. They were approached to help rep the Beachmint brand. Cher because she is a Hollywood designer/stylist and KB because….well she’s friends with Cher so….

  64. 64
    Shannon Says:

    omg i feel like i’m in the twilight zone. her dress looks like a cheap prom dress from jc penney’s & what the hell is up with her face in the headline picture? y’all are nuts if you think she looks good. sorry but her boobs aren’t perky – they’re non-existent.

  65. 65
    Actually... Says:

    Apparently E was there to interview them and shockingly the article was about her relationship and not the movie: “I had my single moment in my life, but…I’m happily settled now.” I think she’s confusing moment and minute.

  66. 66
    ladybug Says:

    @Macy: Oh, good, I wasn’t losing my memory! (well, anymore than usual)
    But, we forget our manners, Kate was asked to help co-found JM because she’s fashion icon!

  67. 67
    ladybug Says:

    @chelle: Hah! some our Docs, especially the younger ones, love Dragon. Others think its the tool of the devil.
    @Actually, sort of a gag-inducing article. But, to be fair, there doesn’t seem to be much of a movie to sell, so might as well talk about how happy and settled she is.

  68. 68
    OMG Says:

    I am so happy Kate at least stop over bleaching her hair she may have a chance to stop balding lol

  69. 69
    Macy Says:

    Sounds to me like she’s basically admitting she moved from one guy to another pretty fast. Good grief, who does the research for E? She hasn’t only been wearing that ring since Oct. She was wearing it the first damn time they were papped back in July.

    Er, yes I’m sure that’s why she got it.

  70. 70
    ladybug Says:

    @Macy: No, no one at E does their research, why would they want to to do that? I think the Times of London did the same thing though, so apparently no one can be bothered to spend 5 minutes doing research.
    What, you doubt her iconic fashion status? :)

  71. 71
    crapshack Says:

    NO appearance of Crapchhel Bilson?!
    Of course, she’s just an EXTRA in this budget movie.

  72. 72
    mforman Says:

    @Nice to See You—Oh, give me a break. I am doing just great, I am so glad you enjoyed my post. All it did was state the obvious, that she has had more work done to her lips, they were so swollen she couldn’t even close them properly, since she is going bald she added her usual hair extensions and Kat C, the director of the film, who the pariah claimed was one of her BFF’s, stayed as far away from her as she could, as did KR, those two KC and KR just posed together, alone, I guess the other BFF, who KB thought she was, was really not even a friend, because she doesn’t even know the meaning of the word. Do you not see any of this. I mean seriously how embrassing, I am still trying to read and see if anybody and I mean anybody showed up for this flop of a films premiere.
    @Actually—Aside from those hair extensions, it was so obvious that she had her lips injected and boy did they put too much collegan in them, seriously, who does she go to. Probably the only plastic surgeon that will touch her, you are totally right she cannot even close her lips, they just look awful.
    @DailyNightly—You are so right, I was just so happy that JJ gave us some new AS’s postings that I didn’t even see that the pariah had her flop of an upcoming movie release premiering the same night. She truly is a joke, I give this ridiculous film a week, in the theaters and then it will go right to video. I mean seriously that whole premiere night seemed like a joke, pretty much nobody covered it and I still am trying to figure out if any other celebrities were there, it really seems like just the so called stars of the films and their significant others (if that is what you want to call them) were the only others in attendance.
    @ladybug—Her twitter page used to say—”Actress/Director—which used to make me laugh so hard, because I couldn’t believe it really was put there, but now we get this classic heading, even that is a joke. It should just say “user, with no real friends, or talent, has no depth or kindness and will change for any man that shows her attention, because she basically doesn’t know how to be on her own”, you know something like that. (HA,HA)
    Also, ladybug you are right, I guess since E knows the movie stinks, they figured they would talk to her about her “partner”, because what else could you talk to the empty void about.

  73. 73
    Peanut Gallery Says:

    Wonder how much this cost?

  74. 74
    Peanut Gallery Says:

    OMG she has man feet!!

  75. 75
    kragen Says:

    She’s so gorgeous with the most beautiful eyes and skin. Love her!

  76. 76
    Pathetic Says:

    @Actually…: Ok

    When has Trashness Everypeen ever been single?

  77. 77
    kragen Says:

    When this first opens the photo is enlarged and there are no imperfections.

  78. 78
    Macy Says:

    God her legs look like twigs and her bony feet are disgusting!

  79. 79
    Pathetic Says:


    I guess you never heard of photoshop.

  80. 80
    Tad Says:


  81. 81
    kragen Says:

    @Pathetic: I can understand how you’d think it was photoshopped but the pics at imagebam aren’t photoshopped. She’s simply that flawless.

  82. 82
    Boring Says:

    This woman is only famous because of the clothes her stylist puts her in and the men she dates. She’s a terrible actress, completely lacking in expression. It’s like the lights are on but no one’s home, her eyes are that dead.

  83. 83
    Pathetic Says:


    I guess getting your **** POLISHed by a pro makes almost anything look better.

    Btw, when is the next Polish joke for Junkmint starring KB going to “premiere” on JJ?

  84. 84
    Actually... Says:

    @kragen: And I guess you have never heard of lasers, chemical peals, or caking on makeup. (I think this case is probably mostly makeup, with a few procedures to fill in the lines she usually has around her eyes.) Just look at the skin on her face versus the skin on her neck and chest. That difference is from makeup or some cosmetic procedure. It was nice makeup but *she* is by no means flawless.

  85. 85
    Hera Says:

    @Rachel (): Wow, you are a bonafide moron! You apparently rule the roost of this pathetic post. Kate is a lovely woman. You only wish you could be so fortunate.

  86. 86
    circosan Says:

    @Rachel (): Kate is beautiful! Apparently you want to rule the roost of this pathetic post. Get a life, go back to studying. You likely do that better

  87. 87
    mforman Says:

    @Ted—HOT!!!—What is wrong with you, how you can you look at her and say she is hot, look at all the pictures that other posters have supplied, I mean she put so much collegan into her lips that if someone went near her with a lip pencil or even tried to let her drink with a straw her lips would pop, and look at the rest of her face, now we know why she wasn’t calling the paps on herself recently, she was having one of frequent tune ups done on herself, that is why a 29 yr old looks so , so, so much older.
    What plastic surgeon would even go near her, what a disgrace.
    @Boring—-You are right, she is a completely blank surface. She smiles if the director says so or if she is being photographed, but nothing reaches her eyes, they are blank. You would think that after almost 10 yrs in this business, she would have develped some talent or taken some acting classes, but she thinks there is nothing wrong with her and that is one of her many terrible qualities. In any review you read about her and even her own WIKI page it is always stated how stiff she is, the girl cannot act.
    I mean seriously , there are Oscar nominated actors that still go to acting classes, but she is so stuck up, that she feels, she is above that and I mean really I can not believe she still has that god awful smug looking, smirk on her face.
    @Boring—I couldn’g have said it myself. Never has she gotten a good or even a positive review. Unless you count what goes on between the sheets, she knows how to do that, and her reputation proceeds her.

  88. 88
    chelle Says:

    @kragen: if you look at the pictures she has on enough theater makeup for 4 people…. gotta love professional stylists!!!

  89. 89
    Curious? Says:

    I’m honestly curious as to how/why she has fans?

  90. 90
    IDK Says:

    @89- There are some who just like her just like some who don’t.

  91. 91
    whosaidthat Says:

    @mforman: your comments are very long, and full of nothings

  92. 92
    whosaidthat Says:

    @ladybug: one more thing, ladybug — I see you’re here again for your 4 minutes of fame. I’m certain the first thing you do each a.m. is google “Kate Bosworth news” –

  93. 93
    Parker589 Says:

    Kate is a Doll! Tad you have excellent taste

  94. 94
    Rachel () Says:

    @Hera: @circosan: Can’t decide on a name or just trying to give the impression that KB has fans? Next time you should try to change up the wording a bit.

  95. 95
    Rachel () Says:

    @whosaidthat: Only a KB fan would think being on JJ=fame. Too bad Kate’s 4 minutes ended like 4 years ago.

  96. 96
    whosaidthat Says:

    @Rachel (): Wow you are the most annoying non-entity i’ve encountered. I’m tossing you out with today’s trash. You fit right in

  97. 97
    frisbee Says:

    @whosaidthat: Ok, seriously, at this point your insults are just embarassing. You can do better than that. I believe in you!
    @Curious? I’m also curious but have not yet been able to determine that. I’m guessing her fans identify with her on some level, but usually they refuse to admit what exactly that level is.

  98. 98
    Rachel () Says:

    @whosaidthat: I agree with frisbee. Kate’s fans aren’t usually known for wit, but you could at least try. You’re giving her a worse name!

  99. 99
    mforman Says:

    @whosaidthat—-today alone you have picked on myself, Rachel and ladybug, can you just name one thing either of us said that wasn’t true, wasn’t occurring at the time, I am just curious.
    You are making a ridiculous statement that @ladybug is on here for her 4 minutes of fame, then why does the pariah come on. Do you actually read what we write or do just look at it quickly and if it doesn’t meet your high standards (ha,ha), you right something negative about us that doesn’t make sense.
    I really cannot understand your loyalty to her, especially with everything she seems to be pulling lately.

  100. 100
    ladybug Says:

    @Rachel (): JJ really needs a better class of trolls, the ones we’ve had over the last two weeks or so have just been … sad. They’re just not giving it their all.

  101. 101
    Tulip Says:

    If some AS fangirls don’t like Kate so be it. What I don’t understand is your strange obsession with her. If I don’t like some actor, I can’t be bothered. I don’t spend endless hours googling, going to their fansites, reading their tweets, and I especially don’t post nasty comments. It’s childish – and bad karma! I’ve seen all of Kate’s films and I think she’s a wonderful actress.

  102. 102
    whosaidthat Says:

    @mforman: my “loyalty to her”? Why the hell not?! For obvious reasons. You all take this s*** way too seriously. I don’t!

  103. 103
    whosaidthat Says:

    @Tulip: well said, Tulip. The 3 harpies commenting on here are sad little AS fans that have nothing better to do than envy his beautiful ex-gf

  104. 104
    Rachel () Says:

    @whosaidthat: I don’t take this seriously.
    @Tulip: We have discussed this a lot! Errg. No one spends hours. It only takes a minute to post.
    Once again!: Kate Bosworth is amusing, Alex doesn’t factor in(for me).
    KB is under the radar(b/c no one knows she exists), so her maneuvering is subtle and very interesting. She’s like the character on t.v. who you love to hate(I don’t hate her, an expression). KB=entertainment. You know, unless you’re watching one of her movies…

  105. 105
    Macy Says:

    Is the girl on the right Bosworth? Is so, GROSS! Marilyn FTW!!!!/photo.php?fbid=331478953568200&set=a.317921548257274.65370.100001182930665&type=1&theater

  106. 106
    ladybug Says:

    @Rachel (): It’s similar to the reaction to Samantha Brick:
    @whosaidthat: harpies? Really? You claim that we take this too seriously and then resort to name-calling and pulling out the old ‘they’re just jealous Askars/Orly/JR fans’.
    I repeat: JJ needs a better class of trolls, the current ones have no imagination.

  107. 107
    Rachel () Says:

    @ladybug: You’re right. That’s my main problem with KB. Every interview it’s, “Blah, cliche, I’m low maintenance, cliche, love privacy, fashion, stating the obvious, cliche, jewelmint, acting is so emotional!, blah, express yourself, life partner, cliche, cliche”.
    If the lameness wasn’t blatant to the point of hilarity, I wouldn’t be able to stomach it. How can you read all the time and have NO imagination, or sense of humor?

  108. 108
    mforman Says:

    @Rachel—What you say is so true. Her eyes are blank, she is blank, there is nothing and I mean nothing to her. I think a piece of white bread is more exciting then KB.
    There is just nothing to her. She wants privacy, so she opens up a twitter acct and writes and posts the most ridiculous photos I mean why do that, you call yourself low maintence, but make sure all that she is wearing is known.
    Her acting, if that is what you want to call it, just gets worse and worse, whatever parts she was once able to even audition for do not exist anymore. When your own WIKI page writes terrible and unflattering things about you, then even you yourself must realize it is over.
    The funniest thing is they say a picture can say a thousand words, for her it isn’t that many, for her you only need a few: cold, unfriendly, no talent, user and completelely untrustworthy.
    Believe me this has nothing to do with who she dated, I and quite a few others have felt this way for a long time. She is no role model, she doesn’t even come close. You can only hope the younger generation will see her for her true colors.

  109. 109
    oogie Says:

    @mforman: Your posts lead me to believe you are a very disturbed person. BTW, the places you go in your sick head has everything to do with who she dated. You’d scare the he!! out of AS. If he read your posts, he’d intensely dislike you.

  110. 110
    Golden Says:

    Kate looks beautiful. Head to toe perfection!

  111. 111
    mforman Says:

    @oogie—Sorry, but if you had ever read anything I had written about her before today, you would see it started a long time before she dated AS. Not that I have to explain anything to you, but my dislike of her is for many reasons, and for once I am not going to start defending myself against a KB stans.
    The thing I find funny is that because I do not agree, with what you say and or believe it makes me disturbed.
    How come you cannot say one thing, that I said that was incorrect if I am so distrubed, you can’t do that because the things I posted were true.
    @Golden—It is only perfection (as you say, if that is what you think perfection is) because she bought it (hair extensions, lips injections and botox). Why she wouldn’t insist on having a bra or some type of support sewed in to that dress makes me wonder if she did that on purpose, it shows you how truly desparate she is for any type of attention.

  112. 112
    whosaidthat Says:

    @oogie: So true, oogie … AS would be totally put off by these harpies’ snarkiness and envy. It’s not attractive. What’s more attractive is leaving well enough alone. As @Tulip said, why bother if you don’t “like” another? Obviously you must like KB if you keep re-visiting this post :)

  113. 113
    chelle Says:

    I sooo love all this harpie desperate fangurl jealous jealous jealous bull sh*t. REALLY??!? What’s to be jealous of??? Starvation? Girl looks like a concentration camp victim. She can’t act. She pedals cheap ass jewelry that is butt ugly. Absolutely no and I mean no redeeming qualities…. she begs to be made fun of. Um twitter anyone? Same with they laughable “life partner ” crap. Yes I am absolutely jealous of her…nevermind my hubby and career … Scarlet O’Hara says pea green with envy……. PULEASE!!!!!

  114. 114
    Ugh Says:

    200 lbs is the new 120! We live in an unhealthy obese society.

  115. 115
    chelle Says:

    @Ugh: nobody said one GD thing about 200 lbs you stupid twit but looking like a concentration camp victim is NOT HEALTHY. Go ahead smarty ask me what poor nutrition and starvation does to a human body. I should know I’m in my fellowship for critical care….. jeez quit being ignorant answer open your freaking eyes!!!

  116. 116
    whosaidthat Says:

    @Ugh: Truly. @chelle, the stupid twit that you are, read your twit friends’ comments above about KB’s weight. Usually flabby twits on the other side of the interface have audacity to put down a slim body. I’m petite and slender and I admire KB’s beautiful skin, hair and figure. And btw, her jewerly designs are not butt ugly! But that’s your opinion. .. Just like i think your comments are butt ugly and irrelevant

  117. 117
    chelle Says:

    @whosaidthat: I personally haven’t a slim body size 6….if you must now. Her hair is unhealthy not to mention falling out… poor nutrition. What body? She looks like a little boy. Gross man feet knobby knees. Just plain unhealthy…. go ahead bash away.. my fellow “crazies “.have given picture proof of her disgusting ribs showing.. yeah buddy that’s sexy… bones. I lost a patient in ICU anorexia while pregnant… how she got pregnant is the other mystery. The destruction on her body killed both her and the fetus. Her body couldn’t handle the strain and she went into cardiac arrest. So I can preach all I want about ALL the unhealthy skinny ******* giving little girls false impressions. Now go choke on that…..

  118. 118
    chelle Says:

    @chelle: supposed to say I have not haven’t…. freaking auto correct AGAIN

  119. 119
    whosaidthat Says:

    @chelle: Ugh, stfu – There’s a big difference between being anorexic and being slender. KB is small-boned, slender and gorgeous. Just bc KB is slender does not mean she is anorexic. Your perception is twisted bc of your job and what you see there; not everybody’s body is the same. If KB strives to maintain a svelte figure, that’s her damn perogative. Obviously, AS and OB liked what they saw, a lot. As for KB’s health, again, that’s her business. And as for KB being a role model, blah blah. Anybody can have their pick of role model: there’s KB, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Anna Kournikova — All beautiful, all with different frames and weights.

  120. 120
    Actually... Says:

    @whosaidthat: Anyone that suggests Kate Bosworth, Kim Kardashian, or Lady Gaga should be role models for anyone besides famewh*res is either obviously a troll or not aware of what a role model should be. Even Anna Kournikova isn’t a great example since she didn’t really do much but model. (I know she was a tennis player, but that didn’t last long for various reasons including injuries.) But at least AK didn’t do anything detrimental (as far as I know). But really? She was your healthiest example of a role model?

  121. 121
    frisbee Says:

    @Actually…: Also, why is ‘role model’ equivalent to ‘standard of beauty’? I know we’re on JJ and all but… seriously? Are there no other qualities in a woman other than her looks? (I’m aiming that at whosaidthat, of course).
    And, ironically enough, I agree that KB looks malnutritioned – she looks like somebody on a permanent diet, and not a rational one either.

  122. 122
    Crapola Says:

    Jewelmint. Come on. Take your 30 bucks to your local street vendor in your local hip neighborhood and reinvest in your community. Buy something that is pretty and might actually be handmade. Jewelmint product is uninspired and cheap.

  123. 123
    chelle Says:

    Nuff said…. that’s disturbing. As for Orly and skars… they sure as hell didn’t stay did they? No one likes to be cheated on and don’t say she didn’t. She pops way too soon with new man to not screw around.

    And seriously?? Kim kardashian a role model? Shes famous for her sex tape and being peed on…great icon! Dont even get me going on that entire tradgety

  124. 124
    ladybug Says:

    @Actually…: Funny thing about Anna k, she could be something of a role model. I used to detest her, back when she was a teen tennis player who never won anything and got lots of attention for her looks. I thought she was vapid, stupid and annoying. Years go by, and I’m reading a Sports Illustrated ‘where are they now’ edition, and one of the featured athletes was Anna. And much to surprise and happiness, she was no longer the vapid stupid person she’d seemed to have been. She grew up, she didn’t stay stuck in her prime years of fame.
    A certain actress/fashionista could learn from that.

  125. 125
    mforman Says:

    I find that her stans keep defending her as not only a role model, but a great beauty. Look at what she has done to her face. Am I the only one that noticed she disappeared for weeks before this ridiculous premeire. KB calls that paps on herself and then all of a sudden, not a peep, because she had to heal.
    KB looks older now than ever, are you seriously going to tell me you all think she looks 29 yrs old. This time she overdid the lip injections, she couldn’t even smile, let alone close her mouth properly, she has revisited the hair extensions, because her natural hair wont grow anymore and just look at her body, her knees and feet looked so bad and why did they let her leave the house without having a bra sewed into her dress.
    This has nothing to do with AS, this has to do with you guys saying anything to put her in some sort of positive light (that is not going to happen).
    As I have said before, interesting that her a BFF Kat C, stayed away from each other, not one photo of them together, come on KB fans, even you have to admit something is up. It is so obvious.

  126. 126
    Blackcat99 Says:

    @whosaidthat: When your knees are as big or bigger than your thighs there is a problem! It’s called anorexia! You must be blind to think Kate looks healthy! Kate is almost BALD! and her legs are disgusting! They look like bones! There is a HUGE difference between slender and starved half to death GROSS!

  127. 127
    Lulu Says:

    I think Kate is so gorgeous and a very cool girl.

  128. 128
    Professor Says:

    Has anyone found a picture of her together with anyone else from the cast. Some of the others posed together but she is not in any group shots. I think Mforman has a point about her pushing people away after the job is done. Or is it that they can only put up with her long enough to finish project?

  129. 129
    whosaidthat Says:

    @Professor: I noticed that too, about KB alone in press shots. Really, who cares? All this BS is beside the point, about her alleged cheating, this and that. . . If that’s the case, there is something wrong with everyone, famous or not. She’s still young and enjoying making mistakes. I made many in my 20s+. It makes life very fun, and gives people like you something to talk about

  130. 130
    She is a joke Says:

    The only reason alex skarsgard and Orlando bloom ,stayed with her for as long as they did and it wasn’t for her natural beauty or marilyn Monroe figure it was
    because she gave decent head jobs you know pass the time of day for them, whilst they were on there days off.

  131. 131
    whosaidthat Says:

    @She is a joke: oh, c’mon! that’s a low blow (pun intended). Lol. You must not know, good looks get a man, good sex keeps them around. what does oral sex have to do with this post? that’s lame. Your comment is a joke

  132. 132
    whosaidthat Says:

    @chelle: i just saw your idiotic comment about your own dd flapjacks. breasts are overrated. topless d’s look stupid at the beach; see how much you like those at age 60 when they’re down to your wobbly knees

  133. 133
    henry o Says:

    God bless b-cups

  134. 134
    chelle Says:

    @whosaidthat: I think that prove all the “crazies” point. Period. As for having fun making mistakes….ever hear of the phrase once is a mistake twice is a habbit. I could see cheating once but multiple times of suspected cheating? I bonestly think she has a narcissitic personallity or possibly self sabbotage. The whole making herself into whT her current whatever is in to just doesnt have a lasting effect….see past relationships…granted im not a psych major but personally me and hubby have quite a few differant intrests. He does his thing and i do mine…but damn it he comes home to me. He knows what would happen if he strayed…!

  135. 135
    chelle Says:

    @whosaidthat: I didn’t say it was a good thing just that’s I wouldn’t be made fun off if I went topless. It’s actually quite painful considering my body size but it’s genetics and completely real…

  136. 136
    whosaidthat Says:

    @chelle: i think KB looks lovely topless at the beach (pics); imo all body types are beautiful. it’d be a boring world if we all looked the same

  137. 137
    mforman Says:

    @Professor—The one thing that is still getting me is that Kat C, the director and the one KB used to talk about as her BFF and someone who she just has to work with over and over, stayed completely away from her the whole night. Kat C posed with Krysten R and other castmates but Kat C made a point of staying away from the pariah. It is also funny that when they were filming this joke of a movie, that will be on video by next week, Krysten R would talk all about KB and AS, saying that she was because KB was so private, we all knew at the time that was a joke, but the fact that Krysten R hasn’t been seen or talked about her since shows it was all to drum up publicity for the video of the week, that they all stayed away from her goes to show you what type of person she is, they aren’t even posing for publicity, they just want nothing to do with KB.
    The stans can say all they want, but you never read anything positive about her from the movie sets, (of course unless it is Big Sur, we only hear about her nasty and unprofessional behavior, after this long in the business that is pretty sad.
    I am glad the stans are such fans of hers, but they cannot deny what is put right in front of them.
    When this joke of a film (seriously she is playing a part that is her in a nutshell, I mean really, did they even have to cast, they probably said we need someone to play a self centered girl that sleeps around, someone probably said, I got it KB, that is her in real life, she wont even have to rehearse).
    @whosaidthat—-She is 29yrs old, it is time to stop making “mistakes”. I mean seriously how many more can she make. Her reputation is a done deal in HW, why do you think she mainly does these indie films, or now does these awful commericals for her own product and does fashion ads that are only shown out of this country (Vanessa Bruno). Maybe she is hoping that will bring her roles, but when you are known as a pariah, who is difficult to work with, nobody wants to work with you. I mean the one film that really did look interesting “Lost Hotels”, that she purchased the rights to years and years ago, was ruined because of her, the executive producers and investors wanted to film it a long time ago, over and over and she kept saying she wasn’t ready and then Japan was hit with that awful earthquake. That was it, all the money investors put in was gone and a film that might have turned things around for her, was ruined because she refused to listen to people that knew more about this business then her. Her being alone in those red carpet shots and none at the after party say quite a lot. I don’t understand how you can keep defending her, when certain things are put right in front of you.
    Please do not say this has anything to do with AS, because it honestly doesn’t. She destroyed her reputation along time before he ever came into the picture, and I was never an OB fan, but I did feel bad when she set him up for those photos on the street.

  138. 138
    whosaidthat Says:

    @mforman: Please, mforman. You are the poster child for morality, nobody is. Mistakes are what makes someone human. If you believe everything you read in Star magazine etc., you have a problem. Media often distorts “facts” to instigate controversy and confusion. What goes on in KB’s black book, bedroom and diet is not your concern, or even to your knowledge.

  139. 139
    Rachel () Says:

    @whosaidthat: “She’s still young and enjoying making mistakes. I made many in my 20s+.”
    I’m in my early 20s and I have somehow managed to NOT sleep w/ other women’s husbands, or cheat on guys I’m dating. Being young doesn’t mean you get a pass for being an @sshole.
    At best KB is a vapid, boring, mediocre talent, who enjoys attention A LOT. At worst she’s an adulteress, a famewhore, and is hated by most of HW. Either way, she’s not worthy of respect.

  140. 140
    frisbee Says:

    @whosaidthat: I still don’t get why you are defending her this vigorously – what is she to you? What does she stand for?

  141. 141
    whosaidthat Says:

    @Rachel (): @frisbee: wow you guys are tough on KB. I hate to hear what you think of Sienna Miller! KB is not an old woman who’s a wife and mother yet, if ever- who knows. What i like about her is a great actress imo, the girl next door type. The persona that is effortlessly chic; her skin is flawless, her flaxen hair is just beautiful. I’m brunette and I admire naturally blonde shiny hair…Her body frame is extremely slender and not hourglass, the former which I covet. Not to say I don’t admire the hourglass figure, I just like the ballet dancer type physique. She has a grace about her, especially around paps; she can be surrounded but isn’t bothered. She may indeed enjoy the attn, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. When you’re a star, that’s a part of the package; but she is nice to be photographed bc she’s aesthetically striking (her profile, everthing). some do love her, others don’t.

  142. 142
    Lois Says:


    whosaidthat is also Tulip, Fashionista, Lulu, Laurie, and a host of other aliases that enjoys answering and agreeing with her own posts. The one known as “kragen” is someone different and new…sounds like someone who knows her and likes her …for now. I find it fascinating that they see/smell roses while the rest of us know a pile of bullsh*t when we see and smell it.

  143. 143
    whosaidthat Says:

    @Lois: omg hilarious! i wish i could meet the other 4+ you mentioned. I bet Tulip, Fashionista, Lulu, Laurie et al. are all lovely creatures. It’s usually the hags that put down pretty girls. And don’t tell me none of you spinsters didn’t sleep around . Just because she’s got AS in her repertoire of experiences doesn’t make KB a sleeparound. wtf – And if you’re talking about Chris Martin, who cares . He’d be only so lucky to land KB. His music sux just like his wife’s acting

  144. 144
    ladybug Says:

    @whosaidthat: “What i like about her is a great actress imo, the girl next door type. The persona that is effortlessly chic; her skin is flawless, her flaxen hair is just beautiful. I’m brunette and I admire naturally blonde shiny hair”
    This has to be a parody troll. Either that or you need to share your drugs.

  145. 145
    frisbee Says:

    @whosaidthat: So basically what you are saying is that you associate emotional satisfaction with physical appearace, with the manner of acknowledging the social effects of said appearance towards others and then in turn ways of reacting to their reactions. Then, in step two, you associate this idealized vision of life with Kate, through idealized body image, and thus arrive at the ultimate fan reaction of emotional identification.
    I get that, but tell me this – why is it so difficult for you to accept that your vision of Kate (and ultimately of you) and the actual Kate are two completely seperate entities? Why do you invest so much time in defending her online? Has it started as a couple of innocent comments and then run away from you? How DID it start?

  146. 146
    whosaidthat Says:

    @ladybug: you are the most annoying. i bet you are a hardcore hag with serious issues. take your blinders off. you won’t convince me and i won’t convince you. any kind of drug would not help you

  147. 147
    ladybug Says:

    @frisbee: It just a troll who’s combining several stock responses: claiming it doesn’t really care that much, but gets really nasty really quickly. It name calls, it trots out the tired ‘you all hate Kate because you’re jealous fat haggy fangirls of her exes’.
    Nothing new with this troll, there is no there there.

  148. 148
    frisbee Says:

    @ladybug: I does seem like that, doesn’t it? But I was still curious. Especially about the whole ‘hags’ issue.

  149. 149
    mforman Says:

    @#141–whosaidthat—-I didn’t believe this before, but now I do, you are on her payroll. If you could just spew what you did in that post and sadly be serious, there is no other explaination.
    KB is going to be 30, she has cheated on every bf she has ever had, she lost the only circle of friends, when she decided to sleep with one of their husbands and made sure everyone knew about by the next morning. She has been constantly been caught in lies, because I think to her what she says is the truth, and that is all that matters.
    I see to you it doesn’t matter that we give you concrete information and no the majority of us do not get any information from the ridiculous tabloids that are out there.
    All you come back with is calling us crazy, or hags, what purpose does that actually serve. You never answer or explain the things we bring up.
    This person wants to be relevant and doesn’t care good or bad, that alone is a warning sign.
    Sienna Miller has done a 180 with her life, she grew up, SM went through a terrible time, but now with a solid relationship and a baby on the way, she is done with the nonesense. Rachel Bilson, who many compared to KB didn’t even go to the premiere, she also has grown up. She and Hayden C are still together, but now keep their relastionship private. KB doesn’t seem to have any plans to do that, and that is very sad, by you not asking yourself these questions or others that a lot of us bring up, truely makes me believe you work for KB or the other famewhore Robin B.
    If she is so great and such an inspiration, why can’t she hold onto a friend that isn’t being paid.
    The fact that you do not see what she has done to herself over the yrs in cosmetic prodcedures is scary. At her age she is going bald and has to have hair extentions, her face no longer moves and she actually is so anorexic by now that in some outfits she needs butt pads, how can this be attractive to you. Just look at her lips for this premiere, she couldn’t smile properly or even close her mouth correctly. By the way her hair is brown, she dyes it blonde, so the flaxen hair you love comes in a bottle or from a wig. Also please look at the close up photos, especially when her hair is pulled back, her skin and complexion are awful and I think she is even too thin to be a ballerina.

  150. 150
    It's u polish Says:

    Hello Micheal polish, you keep defending your unemployed corpse of a GF on this board, I am surprises you have not submitted an audition tape for Kate, for a cameo role as a zombie , in the tv series The walking dead, she looks like a dead corpse no makeup needed.

    Have a nice day

  151. 151
    Blackcat99 Says:

    @whosaidthat: Have you seen the TOPLESS photos of Kate!? Talking about FLAPJACKS! I thought Kate’s legs were BAD! Then I saw those photos! For a flat chested woman of ONLY 29 they sure are SAGGY and FLOPPY! and one of them sags 2-3 inches lower than the other! SORRY! I’d prefer to have Michelle’s DD’s over Kate’s pathetic droopy boobs any day!

  152. 152

    They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. They also say perception is reality. There are a lot of beholders here and a lot of different perceptions.

    Mine is this…Is she a natural beauty? No! She has as many imperfections as anyone of us whether we are thin, average, overweight or obese. No matter our hair color,eye color, skin type, or height. Her feature are as imperfect as any of ours. Examine her ears, feet, knees, and hands. Anyone of us has a feature about us that we do not like.Her skin is not flawless if you only look close at the close up shots. Even if she is naturally thin she has gotten to the point of endangering her health. She is endangering her capability to conceive a child yet she wants to have a baby. And her infamous two different colored eyes? One is a single color and the other is splotched. It is two colors in some shots. But the majority of the color in it is the same color as the other eye.

    Can she appear beautiful…Yes. Anyone can be made to appear beautiful. One of her claim to fame is as a fashion icon. But shouldn’t that be Cher’s claim? Of course her hair appears shiny at social events she goes to salons before them. Her make up is flawless because she has a makeup artist do it for events.

    For me true beauty comes from within and what she says and what she does do not match and hypocrisy is an ugly thing. That is why I do not find KB beautiful.

    My perception of her is she is an insecure little girl who uses anyone she can to get what she wants and as she has stated will let nothing and no one get in her way. She has an inflated sense of herself. She is lacking in moral values and cannot function in life without a man to call her own. She needs to learn her true self worth. To learn how to work for things instead of having them given to her for how she looks. in other words she needs to grow up and live in the real world.

  153. 153
    Disney Villainess Says:

    @TEXAS SWEDE, Your post is like a F.A.R.T. It stinks.

  154. 154
    mforman Says:

    @Disney Villainess—What did Texas Swede post in your mind that stinks. She has repeated and stated basic facts.
    But with you stans, if we don’t fall all over ourselves talking about the creature, we are the ones you state are vile and we are lying.
    The thing I find so funny is when are you guys going to give it up, or at least see other opinions, the majority of our posts state pretty much the same things, and there would be no way we could know that in advance.
    You stans need to really stop being as evil and as vile as your so called hero.

  155. 155
    Professor Says:

    @Disney Villainess: @Disney Villainess: I am sorry you think so. I tried very hard to give an honest opinion without being vulgar, pointing out that no one is perfect, and not being obsessively insulting. I guess a truthful opinion does not smell like a rose.

  156. 156
    Rachel () Says:

    @whosaidthat: I don’t think of Sienna Miller. IA, Kate is pretty(in a boring way), but is not aging well.
    “I’m brunette and I admire naturally blonde shiny hair.”
    Omg. Kate is SO NOT a natural blonde!
    “It’s usually the hags that put down pretty girls. And don’t tell me none of you spinsters didn’t sleep around.”
    The fact that you think EVERYONE sleeps around says something about you.. KB can f*ck 1/2 of HW for all I care. But she should stay away from married guys & develop some independence & self respect.
    Also, Ladybug is probably the most level headed person that posts on JJ. IKT rationality can be “annoying” to the irrational, but you should calm down.

  157. 157
    ladybug Says:

    @Rachel (): I’m level-headed? Hah, fooled you!
    Trollie thinks we’re all spinster hags, but we were/are *****. Trollie sounds like a misogynist 16 year old who’s volunteering for Rick Santorum, and all the sexual confusion that comes with that.*
    Now, Kate could have been a natural blonde. But then we’ve not seen any childhood photos of her, so who knows.

    *I apologize to any rational Republicans I may have offended.

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