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Kate Bosworth: 'L!fe Happens' Premiere!

Kate Bosworth: 'L!fe Happens' Premiere!

Kate Bosworth strikes a pose at the premiere of her film, L!fe Happens, held at the AMC Century City 15 on Monday (April 2) in Century City, Calif.

The 29-year-old actress – in a Prada dress, Christian Louboutin shoes, and Jewelmint jewelry and bag – was joined by her co-stars Krysten Ritter (in Jenni Kayne), Colin Egglesfield, Fallon Goodson, and their director Kat Coiro.

The cast later celebrated with an after party held at Pink Taco Century City.

Also pictured at the premiere: Krysten‘s boyfriend Brian Geraghty, and James Van Der Beek.

L!fe Happens hits theaters on Friday (April 13)!

15+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth and others at the L!fe Happens premiere…

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Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez, David Livingston; Photos: Getty
Posted to: Brian Geraghty, Colin Egglesfield, James Van Der Beek, Kate Bosworth, Krysten Ritter

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157 Responses to “Kate Bosworth: 'L!fe Happens' Premiere!”

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  1. 26
    Rachel () Says:

    @whosaidthat: Also, voyeurism is only voyeurism if the person being watched is non-consenting. I’ll buy KB being an exhibitionist though. What with the breast flashing and all. Did the American public really consent to seeing that? No, we did not!
    @ladybug: I like KB’s dress, but it washes her out and the jewels are slightly gaudy. And don’t ignore the trolls! They are a joy.

  2. 27
    Macy Says:

    Oh I’m pretty sure Bosworth is into drinking seeing as there are plenty of photos of her with booze in hand, Coachella of last year for one instance. Lots of vodka shots and then beer later on. Uh huh, no drinking for her for sure. *eye roll*

  3. 28
    Rachel () Says:

    Sorry for the multiple posts, but isn’t this hair style reminiscent of hers at that catastrophe of a Nylon party? Ew.

  4. 29
    mforman Says:

    Like I have been saying over and over, something definitely happened between her and Kat C, the director of this lastest flop and one of her BFF’s as KB stated in numerous articles, they were not seen together the entire night, not one photo even for the publicity, I mean really how obvious can you be. She didn’t even take a picture with KR, who again during filming, KB kept stating how close they were and that she was one of her best friends, remember when KR was making those ridiculous and untrue statements about AS and KB, once filming stopped and she didn’t need KR to plant fake stories, that was the end of that. I honestly do not think that the pariah knows the meaning of the word friendship. I really think it is a truly hard concept for her to understand, because to her you meet someone on a film or in the fashion industry, use them for what you can and then that is it, that is why the only friends she has are on her payroll, and also on twitter when MP or KB reposts photos, that say, “my best friend”, or my favorite lately KB is now calling him her “partner”. She is probably so happy to have someone that goes along and helps with all her nonesene. That they are now famewhoring his teenage daughter really makes me sad and shows how far they will both go to stay relevant.
    Also look at her lips, they are bigger now then ever, maybe that is the reason we didn’t see her out and about doing nothing, ususally that gets her papped, because she was having work done on herself, seriously her lips are ridiculous looking, and she definitely had hair extensions put in, she doesn’t even hide this stuff anymore.
    The famewhore and MP are perfect together, they both want as much attention as possible, all you have to do is read their twitters, nobody that wants a private relationship would post the pictures they do and write the things they do. I truly find those two twitter accounts the funniest thing at the end of my day, especially the photos and the quotes that go with them.
    She was wearing the “life partner ring”, (how funny is that), you can see it very clearly on the photo of her hands that was posted on hers and his twitter accts.

  5. 30
    Macy Says:

    Um….she documents her OWN life on a daily basis. They do it together, like some kind of inside joke. She WANTS him to take photos of her, they thinks it’s artistic. He’s 11 years older than her, that’s not that big of a deal.

    @Rachel ():
    Yes, that is the same basic hairstyle minus the braid. Didn’t she have bright pink lipstick at that too, or was that another premiere?

  6. 31
    whosaidthat Says:

    Ugh-Just made a statement, but really, I’m sorry bc this post isn’t about her relationship, it’s the movie. I got off tangent and commented on how how one of her prior relationships seemed better suited. These are all non-issues. Btw, a troll seeks trouble online, i’m not into that. I made a comment and the majority didn’t like it. Ha!

  7. 32
    Carla Nelson Says:

    I’m not trying to be funny but KB has run out with men. So she has no choice but to go out with the older ones because the young ones won’t take a second look. She has been likned with a lot of men for to be just 29. These men have used her up. By the way she soes not look good with red lipstick because it makes her look old. Also her skin is too pale.

  8. 33
    frisbee Says:

    Ah, Kate, long time no see. I must say I’ve missed your shameless self-absorption and persistent cluelessness as to why your female co-stars are not all that hot for you. Totally jealous, right?

  9. 34
    Nice to see you!! Says:

    Hey, our old friend, pitiful mforman is here. Hi, how are ya doin?Just dropped by to see what is being posted and what a treat to read one of your posts. Keep up the good, weird work Queenie!

  10. 35
    Rachel () Says:

    @whosaidthat: Trolls do tend to call other posters names like “twits” though. This is a gossip site. There’s no reason you shouldn’t mention KB’s relationships. We do.

  11. 36
    Tulip Says:

    Kate looks gorgeous! I love the Prada dress. She’s stunning.

  12. 37
    whosaidthat Says:

    (lol) Rachel, good point– . eh. where can i go to gossip about you?

  13. 38
    frisbee Says:

    @whosaidthat: Right here:

  14. 39
    whosaidthat Says:

    @frisbee: wow, your imagination is above-average … i am impressed

  15. 40
    Hattie Says:

    This movie might be fun. I’ll see it. Kate looks so pretty.

  16. 41
    Jeannie Says:

    Oh look! She has something to promote other than her life partner & shopping trips!

  17. 42
    frisbee Says:

    @whosaidthat: Thank you.

  18. 43
    Lois Says:

    Thank goodness she didn’t do that cutesy pigeon toed stand. It always makes be think of a 2 year old with a loaded diaper.

  19. 44
    Love It Says:

    “Kate Bosworth At The ‘L!fe Happens’ Premiere: Hello Beauty Crush!”
    Such a perfect heading at Grazia! She looks lovely.

  20. 45
    Rachel () Says:

    @whosaidthat: Oh, feel free to do it right here! I can take it. Unfortunately I am not a famewh0re. Unlike kate, when I call the paps, they don’t come photograph me at the vet, hair salon, gyno, ect. =(

  21. 46
    Wow Says:

    Kate looks amazing and happy. Good for her. I’m an AS fan who wishes all the best for both KB and AS! Happiness for all!

  22. 47
    Eresyn Says:

    mmmm…i don’t know about the dress…it looks like a cheap thing that has been bedazzlered to look expensive, but failed in the way…It also does nothing for her breasts, or legs (although i think nothing but gaining weight could help those). Hair and makeup are ok though ;)

  23. 48
    Actually... Says:

    What happened to her face? The right side of her upper lip won’t go down all the way now. Even in the nice ones Jared posted she barely has that side closed and they still look crooked.

  24. 49
    whosaidthat Says:

    @Rachel (): Thank you! God you’re boring. This must be your 9 minutes of fame. Eat it up. Kate is much easier on the eyes, dear

  25. 50
    harpo Says:

    @Eresyn: I think the dress is spectacular, looks expensive, and I’m sure it is! Kate has small breasts but they’re perky and beautiful! Small breasted women wear clothes much better than women with big boobs. Her hair and makeup are perfect.

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