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Kate Bosworth: 'L!fe Happens' Premiere!

Kate Bosworth: 'L!fe Happens' Premiere!

Kate Bosworth strikes a pose at the premiere of her film, L!fe Happens, held at the AMC Century City 15 on Monday (April 2) in Century City, Calif.

The 29-year-old actress – in a Prada dress, Christian Louboutin shoes, and Jewelmint jewelry and bag – was joined by her co-stars Krysten Ritter (in Jenni Kayne), Colin Egglesfield, Fallon Goodson, and their director Kat Coiro.

The cast later celebrated with an after party held at Pink Taco Century City.

Also pictured at the premiere: Krysten‘s boyfriend Brian Geraghty, and James Van Der Beek.

L!fe Happens hits theaters on Friday (April 13)!

15+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth and others at the L!fe Happens premiere…

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Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez, David Livingston; Photos: Getty
Posted to: Brian Geraghty, Colin Egglesfield, James Van Der Beek, Kate Bosworth, Krysten Ritter

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157 Responses to “Kate Bosworth: 'L!fe Happens' Premiere!”

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  1. 126
    Blackcat99 Says:

    @whosaidthat: When your knees are as big or bigger than your thighs there is a problem! It’s called anorexia! You must be blind to think Kate looks healthy! Kate is almost BALD! and her legs are disgusting! They look like bones! There is a HUGE difference between slender and starved half to death GROSS!

  2. 127
    Lulu Says:

    I think Kate is so gorgeous and a very cool girl.

  3. 128
    Professor Says:

    Has anyone found a picture of her together with anyone else from the cast. Some of the others posed together but she is not in any group shots. I think Mforman has a point about her pushing people away after the job is done. Or is it that they can only put up with her long enough to finish project?

  4. 129
    whosaidthat Says:

    @Professor: I noticed that too, about KB alone in press shots. Really, who cares? All this BS is beside the point, about her alleged cheating, this and that. . . If that’s the case, there is something wrong with everyone, famous or not. She’s still young and enjoying making mistakes. I made many in my 20s+. It makes life very fun, and gives people like you something to talk about

  5. 130
    She is a joke Says:

    The only reason alex skarsgard and Orlando bloom ,stayed with her for as long as they did and it wasn’t for her natural beauty or marilyn Monroe figure it was
    because she gave decent head jobs you know pass the time of day for them, whilst they were on there days off.

  6. 131
    whosaidthat Says:

    @She is a joke: oh, c’mon! that’s a low blow (pun intended). Lol. You must not know, good looks get a man, good sex keeps them around. what does oral sex have to do with this post? that’s lame. Your comment is a joke

  7. 132
    whosaidthat Says:

    @chelle: i just saw your idiotic comment about your own dd flapjacks. breasts are overrated. topless d’s look stupid at the beach; see how much you like those at age 60 when they’re down to your wobbly knees

  8. 133
    henry o Says:

    God bless b-cups

  9. 134
    chelle Says:

    @whosaidthat: I think that prove all the “crazies” point. Period. As for having fun making mistakes….ever hear of the phrase once is a mistake twice is a habbit. I could see cheating once but multiple times of suspected cheating? I bonestly think she has a narcissitic personallity or possibly self sabbotage. The whole making herself into whT her current whatever is in to just doesnt have a lasting effect….see past relationships…granted im not a psych major but personally me and hubby have quite a few differant intrests. He does his thing and i do mine…but damn it he comes home to me. He knows what would happen if he strayed…!

  10. 135
    chelle Says:

    @whosaidthat: I didn’t say it was a good thing just that’s I wouldn’t be made fun off if I went topless. It’s actually quite painful considering my body size but it’s genetics and completely real…

  11. 136
    whosaidthat Says:

    @chelle: i think KB looks lovely topless at the beach (pics); imo all body types are beautiful. it’d be a boring world if we all looked the same

  12. 137
    mforman Says:

    @Professor—The one thing that is still getting me is that Kat C, the director and the one KB used to talk about as her BFF and someone who she just has to work with over and over, stayed completely away from her the whole night. Kat C posed with Krysten R and other castmates but Kat C made a point of staying away from the pariah. It is also funny that when they were filming this joke of a movie, that will be on video by next week, Krysten R would talk all about KB and AS, saying that she was because KB was so private, we all knew at the time that was a joke, but the fact that Krysten R hasn’t been seen or talked about her since shows it was all to drum up publicity for the video of the week, that they all stayed away from her goes to show you what type of person she is, they aren’t even posing for publicity, they just want nothing to do with KB.
    The stans can say all they want, but you never read anything positive about her from the movie sets, (of course unless it is Big Sur, we only hear about her nasty and unprofessional behavior, after this long in the business that is pretty sad.
    I am glad the stans are such fans of hers, but they cannot deny what is put right in front of them.
    When this joke of a film (seriously she is playing a part that is her in a nutshell, I mean really, did they even have to cast, they probably said we need someone to play a self centered girl that sleeps around, someone probably said, I got it KB, that is her in real life, she wont even have to rehearse).
    @whosaidthat—-She is 29yrs old, it is time to stop making “mistakes”. I mean seriously how many more can she make. Her reputation is a done deal in HW, why do you think she mainly does these indie films, or now does these awful commericals for her own product and does fashion ads that are only shown out of this country (Vanessa Bruno). Maybe she is hoping that will bring her roles, but when you are known as a pariah, who is difficult to work with, nobody wants to work with you. I mean the one film that really did look interesting “Lost Hotels”, that she purchased the rights to years and years ago, was ruined because of her, the executive producers and investors wanted to film it a long time ago, over and over and she kept saying she wasn’t ready and then Japan was hit with that awful earthquake. That was it, all the money investors put in was gone and a film that might have turned things around for her, was ruined because she refused to listen to people that knew more about this business then her. Her being alone in those red carpet shots and none at the after party say quite a lot. I don’t understand how you can keep defending her, when certain things are put right in front of you.
    Please do not say this has anything to do with AS, because it honestly doesn’t. She destroyed her reputation along time before he ever came into the picture, and I was never an OB fan, but I did feel bad when she set him up for those photos on the street.

  13. 138
    whosaidthat Says:

    @mforman: Please, mforman. You are the poster child for morality, nobody is. Mistakes are what makes someone human. If you believe everything you read in Star magazine etc., you have a problem. Media often distorts “facts” to instigate controversy and confusion. What goes on in KB’s black book, bedroom and diet is not your concern, or even to your knowledge.

  14. 139
    Rachel () Says:

    @whosaidthat: “She’s still young and enjoying making mistakes. I made many in my 20s+.”
    I’m in my early 20s and I have somehow managed to NOT sleep w/ other women’s husbands, or cheat on guys I’m dating. Being young doesn’t mean you get a pass for being an @sshole.
    At best KB is a vapid, boring, mediocre talent, who enjoys attention A LOT. At worst she’s an adulteress, a famewhore, and is hated by most of HW. Either way, she’s not worthy of respect.

  15. 140
    frisbee Says:

    @whosaidthat: I still don’t get why you are defending her this vigorously – what is she to you? What does she stand for?

  16. 141
    whosaidthat Says:

    @Rachel (): @frisbee: wow you guys are tough on KB. I hate to hear what you think of Sienna Miller! KB is not an old woman who’s a wife and mother yet, if ever- who knows. What i like about her is a great actress imo, the girl next door type. The persona that is effortlessly chic; her skin is flawless, her flaxen hair is just beautiful. I’m brunette and I admire naturally blonde shiny hair…Her body frame is extremely slender and not hourglass, the former which I covet. Not to say I don’t admire the hourglass figure, I just like the ballet dancer type physique. She has a grace about her, especially around paps; she can be surrounded but isn’t bothered. She may indeed enjoy the attn, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. When you’re a star, that’s a part of the package; but she is nice to be photographed bc she’s aesthetically striking (her profile, everthing). some do love her, others don’t.

  17. 142
    Lois Says:


    whosaidthat is also Tulip, Fashionista, Lulu, Laurie, and a host of other aliases that enjoys answering and agreeing with her own posts. The one known as “kragen” is someone different and new…sounds like someone who knows her and likes her …for now. I find it fascinating that they see/smell roses while the rest of us know a pile of bullsh*t when we see and smell it.

  18. 143
    whosaidthat Says:

    @Lois: omg hilarious! i wish i could meet the other 4+ you mentioned. I bet Tulip, Fashionista, Lulu, Laurie et al. are all lovely creatures. It’s usually the hags that put down pretty girls. And don’t tell me none of you spinsters didn’t sleep around . Just because she’s got AS in her repertoire of experiences doesn’t make KB a sleeparound. wtf – And if you’re talking about Chris Martin, who cares . He’d be only so lucky to land KB. His music sux just like his wife’s acting

  19. 144
    ladybug Says:

    @whosaidthat: “What i like about her is a great actress imo, the girl next door type. The persona that is effortlessly chic; her skin is flawless, her flaxen hair is just beautiful. I’m brunette and I admire naturally blonde shiny hair”
    This has to be a parody troll. Either that or you need to share your drugs.

  20. 145
    frisbee Says:

    @whosaidthat: So basically what you are saying is that you associate emotional satisfaction with physical appearace, with the manner of acknowledging the social effects of said appearance towards others and then in turn ways of reacting to their reactions. Then, in step two, you associate this idealized vision of life with Kate, through idealized body image, and thus arrive at the ultimate fan reaction of emotional identification.
    I get that, but tell me this – why is it so difficult for you to accept that your vision of Kate (and ultimately of you) and the actual Kate are two completely seperate entities? Why do you invest so much time in defending her online? Has it started as a couple of innocent comments and then run away from you? How DID it start?

  21. 146
    whosaidthat Says:

    @ladybug: you are the most annoying. i bet you are a hardcore hag with serious issues. take your blinders off. you won’t convince me and i won’t convince you. any kind of drug would not help you

  22. 147
    ladybug Says:

    @frisbee: It just a troll who’s combining several stock responses: claiming it doesn’t really care that much, but gets really nasty really quickly. It name calls, it trots out the tired ‘you all hate Kate because you’re jealous fat haggy fangirls of her exes’.
    Nothing new with this troll, there is no there there.

  23. 148
    frisbee Says:

    @ladybug: I does seem like that, doesn’t it? But I was still curious. Especially about the whole ‘hags’ issue.

  24. 149
    mforman Says:

    @#141–whosaidthat—-I didn’t believe this before, but now I do, you are on her payroll. If you could just spew what you did in that post and sadly be serious, there is no other explaination.
    KB is going to be 30, she has cheated on every bf she has ever had, she lost the only circle of friends, when she decided to sleep with one of their husbands and made sure everyone knew about by the next morning. She has been constantly been caught in lies, because I think to her what she says is the truth, and that is all that matters.
    I see to you it doesn’t matter that we give you concrete information and no the majority of us do not get any information from the ridiculous tabloids that are out there.
    All you come back with is calling us crazy, or hags, what purpose does that actually serve. You never answer or explain the things we bring up.
    This person wants to be relevant and doesn’t care good or bad, that alone is a warning sign.
    Sienna Miller has done a 180 with her life, she grew up, SM went through a terrible time, but now with a solid relationship and a baby on the way, she is done with the nonesense. Rachel Bilson, who many compared to KB didn’t even go to the premiere, she also has grown up. She and Hayden C are still together, but now keep their relastionship private. KB doesn’t seem to have any plans to do that, and that is very sad, by you not asking yourself these questions or others that a lot of us bring up, truely makes me believe you work for KB or the other famewhore Robin B.
    If she is so great and such an inspiration, why can’t she hold onto a friend that isn’t being paid.
    The fact that you do not see what she has done to herself over the yrs in cosmetic prodcedures is scary. At her age she is going bald and has to have hair extentions, her face no longer moves and she actually is so anorexic by now that in some outfits she needs butt pads, how can this be attractive to you. Just look at her lips for this premiere, she couldn’t smile properly or even close her mouth correctly. By the way her hair is brown, she dyes it blonde, so the flaxen hair you love comes in a bottle or from a wig. Also please look at the close up photos, especially when her hair is pulled back, her skin and complexion are awful and I think she is even too thin to be a ballerina.

  25. 150
    It's u polish Says:

    Hello Micheal polish, you keep defending your unemployed corpse of a GF on this board, I am surprises you have not submitted an audition tape for Kate, for a cameo role as a zombie , in the tv series The walking dead, she looks like a dead corpse no makeup needed.

    Have a nice day

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