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Natalie Portman: Unite for Syria, Stop Bloodshed

Natalie Portman: Unite for Syria, Stop Bloodshed

Natalie Portman is chic in a tan trench coat while arriving at Hotel Plaza Athenee on Tuesday (April 3) in Paris, France.

The 30-year-old actress recently voiced her concern for Syria by penning a handwritten note with a simple message.

“Unite for Syria. Stop one year of bloodshed. #Syria 15 March,” she wrote last month during the first anniversary of the country’s conflict.

Natalie was just one of a handful of celebs who pitched in to help draw attention to the situation.

“We hope they will help impress on the Syrian government and its few remaining supporters, including Russia, that the rest of the world will not turn a blind eye while mass atrocities are committed against the civilian population,” Philippe Bolopion, UN director at Human Rights Watch in New York, explained. “It was conceived as a show of solidarity to Syrian victims who must feel abandoned by the UN Security Council, whose hands have been tied by Russia and China.”

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  • Dubya Bush

    Too much beauty, class, elegance, mellifluousness etc etc

  • Mikaela

    She always looks gorgeous…simple and fabulous!!!

  • jane

    honestly, she’s the most beautiful actress of this century!!!

  • Tam

    What about Gaza, Mrs. Portman?

  • Bell

    Oh the hypocrisy. The Assad regime is disgusting, but she is in support of Israel.

  • yasmine

    it is the a crime that people are no paying attention to the genocide that is happening in Syria now ,good that Natalie is talking about that issue ,hopefully other celebrites follow her footsteps

  • cal

    aww i still remember when she was signing petitions supporting roman polanski

  • From Paris with Love

    @jane: not in candids, at all.

  • yasmine

    @Bell: I agree with you anyone with a humanity should stop supporting israel ,they kill plastinans every day and they make their life awful and they are occupaying their country and no one is talking about it in the US media but it is good that any celebrity is supporting the syrian revolution .

  • allessia

    where she was when isreal killed palastinan cheldren in gaza?WTF hypocrisy

  • veronica


  • yonas

    you can’t condemn one mass killing and support another. natalie is a joke

  • deadpool

    What about the PALESTINIANS blood being shed Ms. Portman?

    This is just her looking out for Israels interests. Al Asaad being gone they can expand their stolen territories into Syria. Portman doesn’t give a rats ASS about any of the arabs. Where was her voice when the Egyptians were being massacred? Or when the Israelis went into Gaza just this year or how about 2006 in Lebanon when Israel invaded Lebanons south and killed 1500 the majority of those killed being children?

  • Jessica Rabbit

    Oh please Natalie, She’s an ignorant zionist. Didn’t she write a scathing open letter in support of Israel during her Harvard years? She’s all for Israel’s stance against Palestine, but she’s all for helping Syria? Whatever.

    On another note, why is she posing so foolishly and candidly for the paparazzi? I’m under the impression that she despises them and so passionately yearns for her private life. I can’t deny that she doesn’t look amazing though. She’s a great actress to boot too.

  • A

    I don’t have any sympathy for Israeli jews or Arabs.
    Arabs are massacring the black African population in Sudan and Israelis are harassing their African immigrants and performed sterilization of Ethiopian women, this all in the 21st century so excuse me for not giving a damn when my own people are being slaughtered from BOTH sides.

  • TightRope

    @A: There is plenty racism in Arab countries but that doesn’t justify their oppression either. If you don’t have sympathy for Palestinians you are sick.

  • Anon

    Well how convenient. It is funny that the only revolution which is supported by the US (and its close allies) is the Syrian, while the rest whose dictators are US puppets never received any attention when they were killed in thousands.

    I don’t condone what is happening in Syria, it is horrible and atrocious but so were the other Arabic revolutions.

  • Love The Shoes

    She is so gorgeous. She’s beautiful really.

  • acs

    Not a fan of hers but she looks really good here!

  • Jennifer

    I can smell the hypocrisy a thousand miles away! Natalie, as an Israeli, you should know that Syria’s biggest supporter in this “bloodshed” as you call it is… ISRAEL! They have made it clear that they do NOT want the Assad regime to crumble. Israel is just as bad as Russia and China who are supporters of the Syrian regime, and not the Syrian opposition, which is seen as the legitimate government of the Syrian people by the United Nations and 77 countries around the world. Oh, and don’t let me talk about the “bloodshed” in Palestine. Please go back to acting!

    You can read more here:

  • Jewish Natalie

    What a Zionist like Herschlag/portman needs to open her big fat mouth about Syria when Israel her beloved country kills Palestinian people daily.

    They occupy a land that belongs to Palestinians.

    Don’t forget that a Jew is Jew before anything else, before being American.
    Portman is no exception, she is a masked warrior of Israel.

  • rick_says

    Anyone listening to this woman’s advice is an idiot. When you conduct your own personal life ethically for a few years you won’t seem like such a hypocrite home wrecking bitch. Everyone was hoping you’d retire for good.

  • Avner

    clearly Natalie is playing us! since the Oscars ended she looked so pissed off being that she’s getting another paycheck from Dior, she’s all smiles.because she does need that paycheck, she hasn’t worked for over a year..not sure how much her choreographer husband makes, but the way she’s all hip and happy; she looks desperate….i pity those who envy her..

  • Lili

    What happened to her face? Looks like she is wearing a mask. And it seems she feel uncomfortable. Like a little girl, wearing mom’s clothes in public.

  • Jenna

    Classic and elegant – that’s how it is done, ladies!! Nat’s the queen of effortless chic.

  • cut the shit!

    Says the former Israeli soldier whose army was responsible for the deaths 2,000 Palestinians in the space of a fortnight!

  • dreamange

    All with the Palestine and Israel fall

  • tom

    natalie is doing the right thing
    assad is showing barbarity of the worst kind.

  • jelly


  • Cha Cha Girl

    I cant help it but I find her weird, arrogant and very off-putting. Like some rich girl who has no idea whatsoever!

  • yas

    Her clothes are european-chic and classic.There is no question about it. But that what happened to her face does not match with the style, it is so far behind from classy. She looks like asexual plastic doll. Well and for her political intentions, good luck! Syrian opposition is just waiting for Natalie Portmans support.

  • honest arab

    every one who is against israel, PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! for your own education go back to school to study history and stop read arab propoganda that does not reflect the reality of the region. jewish allways were in the middle east and all so israel has a right to protect its citizens from terrorism and sheling from gaza. take responsobility for things you write and stop spreading lies about mass killing in gaza. for your information israel provides electricity and water to gaza, however the government of gaza provides only the weapon and holding them in storage at the homes of civilians in gaza. when israel destroy those warehouses is allways represented as a desire of israel to kill palestinians and their children. now who to blame? hamas, which use its sitizens. palestinians who are allowed to exploit themselves by hamas or israel to blame for traying to maintain its existence.

  • SemorePhillips

    Israel will survive, Gaza et al will be no more…

  • Yo sista

    Hypocrite b!tch

  • honest arab

    replay to 26
    cut the shit!!! LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    your lie is so obvious and transparent. waste of words and letters you typed. PATHETIC IMPOSTOR!

  • deadpool

    @honest arab:

    Clearly YOU are the one that needs to be schooled by NOAM CHSOMKY , Norman Finkelstein, and just about ever.single. thinker in the world the reverse your brainwashing – but that won’t save your SOUL.

  • Zephon

    @honest arab:

    So called honest arab is a vile poser most probablly an actual Zionist just posting whatever ridiculous name; thinking we’re all just simpltons.

    Newsflash: THE WORLD SEES YOU, we are not deaf, we are not complacent – and someday soon the Palestinians will be given the country, their land, and their dignity back.

    I am a PROUD Jewish person and I refuse to have people die in my name. Zionism is NOT Judaism, it is the ENEMY of Judaism.

  • honest arab

    Do not get angry, I just want to show you the coin has two sides. And if we truly want peace in the region and allow the coexistence of two states, we should be more truthful to ourselves. And by the way is not very wise to give the names of people who are considered in the academic world as anti-Israel. It only indicates your own brainwashing. Do not worry about my soul, as one who live in this area all my life I have right and duty to express my opinions and I also have a better perspective on the situation.

  • deadpool

    @honest arab:

    Did you just call Noam Chomsky the greatest thinker of the 21rst century and Norman Finkelstein BOTH JEWS one whose parents were HOLOCAUST survivors as unwise sources for information?! Oh God you are a lost soul. What a joker.

    Pathetic. To think that good people die and asses like you go on and on to pollute the world we have left.

    As for the poster ZEPHON, I am HONORED and frankly brought to tears, you have no idea how much weight you lifted off my shoulders. I am honored and glad to have seen and read such a statement – the world needs more people like you.

  • honest arab

    The fact that their parents were Holocaust does not make them the most reliable source of information. I hate it when Arabs pull this card when it convenient for them and when it serves their ideas, even if they are the most absurd. most of these self-hating Jews use baseless arguments, straight-out lies, false information and recitation of Islamic propaganda against Israel, which they seem to have adopted from a Hamas website. They have chosen to completely ignore pertinent information that proves Arabs are also guilty of many crimes committed against Israelis and Jews at large.
    as for the poster ZEPHON and other self-hating jews let hope that there will never come a day when you will need to find refuge in Israel.

  • Peter

    Where’s her Burqa? She is a propagandist for those who want to impose an Islamist govt. on Syria. Most Americans can see through the propaganda but the media likes to give attention to the brainwashed and propagandists. Just like they always quote the rebels and never the Syrian govt. or their supporters.

  • n.7.

    liar, liar, someone please set her head on fire.

  • Zephon

    @honest arab:

    Refuge in a gilded concentration camp? No thanks. The world has no hate for me – just for you and the feeling is mutual.

  • 0021

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