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Alexander Skarsgard to Star in 'Hidden' Horror Movie?

Alexander Skarsgard to Star in 'Hidden' Horror Movie?

Alexander Skarsgard is reportedly in talks to star in the upcoming movie Hidden.

The horror thriller, directed by twin brothers Matt and Ross Duffer, centers around “a family hiding in a bomb shelter after escaping a mysterious outbreak,” Variety‘s Showblitz reports.

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The 35-year-old actor, who’s been busy promoting Battleship, has a handful of other projects coming out later this year.

He can be seen opposite Ellen Page and Brit Marling in The East, along with the drama thriller Disconnect, and What Maisie Knew.

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  • Alex’s new movie

    Good post JJ. It’s great isn’t it? This news. I am very happy for him I wish him well in this and his future projects. He is also a very handsome kind gentle man.

  • Sounds good

    and interesting, congrats for landing the role Alex.

  • EmilyB

    I can`t wait to see him in it . I wish him nothing but the best in his career he on his way to the top love him excellent actor , on a scale from 1 to 10 he has passed that Alex is a 1,000 plus sexy as hell

  • ladybug

    @Sounds good: He’s not confirmed, he’s in talks.

  • Sounds good

    it still sounds good and I still congratulate him plus he is in talks maybe it about when they start filming. It was the same thing about the East I am pretty sure he got the role they are just filtering things out.

  • Lilla

    SN just confirmed negotiations are over & he’ll be doing this later this year.

  • Sounds good

    @Lilla: See!!
    Congrats Alex

  • ladybug

    @Lilla: Ok. I always take the ‘in talks’ stuff as not a done deal.
    Still wish he’d be able to do a comedy.
    Perhaps after the end of TB

  • Lilla

    @ladybug: it was just updated when I wrote it. I wish he’d do a comedy too! Maybe again someday.

  • Macy

    Great news! Hopefully we’ll get treated to some photos again from the set. It would be quite a different role for him yet again. Hiding after what I assume is some sort of viral outbreak.

  • Macy

    Apparently this script was highly sought after, and on the yearly Black List, which is a list of scripts that are considered by the industry to be very high quality and will probably do well. Nice!

  • Lilla

    @Macy: Here’s hoping :)

  • Finally

    And it is a studio film. wide promo.

  • ladybug

    @Finally: So something of a big deal then?

  • Macy

    Maybe WB wants him to headline another movie before Vanguard to test things out. Hopefully it does well.

  • Lilla

    @Finally: That’s fantastic!!

  • Bubu

    It’s confirmed he’ll do the movie!
    So you can take down the “?” now JJ!

  • ladybug

    @Macy: Well, sadly, it doesn’t sound like the sort film to be done on the streets of NYC, at least not an open set, probably a lot of studio stuff.
    And the brothers just graduated from college:

    I feel old.

  • Macy

    LOL maybe he’ll be filming in Nebraska or something.

  • ladybug

    @Macy: I was thinking Ohio, darnnit! :)
    Of course he keeps mentioning Nebraska and Kansas in his interviews-how being famous in Sweden is like being famous in Nebraska or Kansas. It would be only fitting that he film something there.
    I hope they don’t film in Shreveport, he’s probably sick of filming there. He needs to see more of the US than just NYC and Louisiana.

  • Finally

    Hiding in a bomb shelter sounds like a city setting I would think. But maybe I will get lucky and it will be in the mountains of Utah.

    @ladybug: I am not certain if it a big deal or not but I am happy to see him cast in another studio film. The indies are so uncertain as to details of release and where they will be released. I hope this means that the studios are finally taking notice of what we already know. That this is a super talented man that should be on screen very often.

  • LAPerfect

    So two of the Skarsgård brothers will be making a foray into the horror arena this year. First Bill is teaming up with Eli Roth for the series “Hemlock Grove,” and now this announcement for Alex! This is great news, especially if the script was highly sought after! I hope this is an indicator of even greater things to come for Alex. It couldn’t happen to a nicer, more deserving guy!

  • Macy

    No kidding, like 3/4 of the movies he shoots are done in Shreveport.

    See, and I was thinking those bomb shelters that people have on farms for tornados and whatnot. I don’t see it as a city setting, but maybe. Do large cities have bomb shelters even? I would picture it as his family hiding out from infected people or something.

    I did check the Black List and this movie is definitely on there. Good for him!

  • mforman

    @Macy–You are correct, I read they same thing it was an extremely highly sought after role. He deserves this and a lot more. I
    I was following this throughout the day and was so happy when they finally told us the part was his, he will kill it.
    This is an actor that loves to act just as much as he loves to party and why not when you not only look like he does, but more that that act the way he does.
    I am so excited this is going to be his year, I know it.

  • Stacie

    I love Alex and all but I need him to do some Romantic type movies. I’m kinda sick of these scary horror type movies . Love him though . Just get him into some romantic comedies or something . Please !!!

  • POGO

    Congradulations Alex. I hope this movie is good. I love Horror movies.

  • ladybug

    @Macy: Cities have larger bomb shelters, but if you’re talking personal bomb shelters that’s usually a place with more backyard space, so usually suburbs and rural.
    @Stacie, in the Men’s Journal interview didn’t he say that he wasn’t really interested in rom-coms? I can’t blame him-I know that some of his fans would like to see him in them, but those don’t usually have the greatest scripts. I’d settle for a straight comedy for now.
    But I suspect that sort of variety is going to have to wait until TB is done, then he’ll have more time and hopefully more film options.

  • Hookup

    Nice Alex well done new film, nice new opportunity,….. hookup and sleep
    with your new ‘young’ co star, considering your known for it.

  • Finally

    @ladybug: I forget what the majority of folks consider cities. I was a military brat and traveled a lot. When we lived in Austin we had a bomb shelter under the house. In Wichita we had a storm cellar in the back yard. But in both places we were no more than 5 minuted from the center of downtown. I guess it depends on the part of the country you are from and what you consider a city.

  • Canuck

    @Macy: I would also imagine it’s a city bomb shelter. Avoiding an “outbreak” of something wouldn’t be nearly as difficult if you live on a couple of hundred acres of farmland and your nearest neighbor is a 15 minute walk away.

  • Jester


    What the hell is wronge with you? Did you get out of the wronge side of the bed and lost your brain, let’s take it out on Alex?

    Also Peter berg, Brooklyn and Taylor attended the Seoul press conference for battle ship no Alex or rihanna I wonder if he is on his way back to LA for trueblood ?

  • smiles1_9

    YAY! this is exciting news! always nice to seehim getting work, and this project sounds promising! maybe it can film in seattle. a girl can dream right?… :)

  • Zola24

    Hey, sorry to tell you ‘Hiddden’ will not be filmed in Nebraska, Kansas, Utah, Ohio, or Seattle as it is set entirely in my house ;-)
    Oh well, back to reality, hope Alex does not die early on, in fact please be in every scene of this movie. We can take it – just!!

  • frisbee

    Yay for Askars! Although since he doesn’t seem to be going for leading man (smart choice imo) it’s not that important to his career, but if it doesn’t flop badly it should do him plenty good.
    And his Blue Steel face gets me every time, lmao!


    Wouldn’t it be harder to hide in a location that is usually marked with public signs and public access to it. JMO I would think it would have to be a personal shelter stocked with provisions to make it real. City shelters would be the first places set up as Safe Zones after hospitals are overfilled. Well in reality they would be but in the movies who knows?

  • Kristi

    So excited until I read the script. His role seems more supporting than lead.

  • elisa

    Hot, but sadly for all his female fans he’s totally gay, I don’t understand how they can’t see it, he’s so effeminate and he’s totally banging that black dude, I’m a girl BTW and I don’t say this to offend anyone, I’m just thinking out loud, I think he’s awesome, and a very handsome man.

  • Kristi

    @elisa: Chance with Alex if he is straight 0%. Chance with Alex if he is gay 0%. Who cares what his sexual preferences are.

  • ladybug

    @elisa: Aw, Ted C is back.
    @Finally, not so much the size of the city, but size of the lots and size of the personal bomb shelter Also dependent on location in the city, and what type of housing.

  • Canuck

    @FYATHYRIO: I would also agree, probably private bomb shelter. People did have them in their back yards even in cities and those who have survivalist tendencies probably keep them well stocked even now.

    Mine would have been turned into a wine cellar years ago, if I had one. Lol

  • izabelle

    star in anything you want alex-just star! so we can see u more :D

  • Disney Villainess

    @Kristi: LOL, try again.

  • ladybug

    “After production wraps on “Hidden”, Skarsgård will executive produce and star in “The Vangaurd,” another Warner Bros. Pictures film. (continued below)”

  • Camille

    What great news! I’m glad Alex is starting to get starring roles. Are there other people attached to this film? So far it seems to just be him. Also nice that it was included on The Black List and that it’s a studio film. It’ll have wide exposure for him which is nice.

  • Lina

    Great news! Love Alex!

  • ladybug

    @Canuck: To clarify, when I wrote cities I meant what would be considered the core downtown, where housing density (if there is housing) is denser and more likely to be apartment buildings and the like. Depending on the size of the city (say mine) even less than a mile out you’ll have city lots that have enough land to have a small bomb/storm shelter.
    As already mentioned in another comment, having it in the middle of nowhere there wouldn’t be as much horror/scary possibilities as would occur in a more populated area, whether town/city/suburb (something the Walking Dead should have remembered).

  • mforman

    I think he is going to be great in this film. To be honest I cannot ever say that he has been anything but great in any of the movies I have seen him in.
    He just loves to act and that comes through in the parts that he takes on.


    What a plethora of threads to enjoy. Just got home and finished catching up my email clicked this page and WOW. I have some catching up to do. But this is some exciting news. The studios are finally taking notice of our guy. Congratulations to him. Now back to my catch up reading.

  • ladybug

    @TEXAS SWEDE: Out of the hospital for now?

    another article concerning Hidden:

    “As for Skarsgård, he recently wrapped “What Maisie Knew” with Julianne Moore and Steve Coogan, along with “Disconnect” with “Murderball” director Henry Alex Rubin at the helm, so we’ll definitely be feeling his presence in cinemas soon. He’s a talented actor, and going by his work in “Melancholia” alone, we’d like to see how he holds his own in a survival horror film like this.”

  • No Japan fan pics

    Where are all the fan pics of Alex in Japan?I have only seen one after party pic Dont Japan love the camera phones and taking pics of everything no pics of Alex out and about no fan encounters, so sad

    Is Alex still even in Japan I have noticed that they did a press conference in Seoul and premiere in Korea no Alex or rhianna . No tweets sightings of Alex back in LA yet ?