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Christina Aguilera: I Go With My Heart For 'Voice' Eliminations

Christina Aguilera: I Go With My Heart For 'Voice' Eliminations

Christina Aguilera rocks a skin tight two toned dress while leaving The Little Door restaurant on Tuesday (April 3) in Los Angeles.

The 31-year-old entertainer was joined for dinner by her beau Matthew Rutler!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Christina Aguilera

As a coach on The Voice, Christina has had many hard decisions to make concerning which contestants to send home.

“They’re all such unique talents and it’s like comparing apples and oranges,” Christina told THR after this past show. “How do you really send someone home? I had to go with my heart.”

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  • cindy

    She looks gorgeous!! I love her new look and style! Love you on The Voice your rock as a coach!!

  • party

    sexy mama
    looking gr8 :)

  • some good music, please

    She looks so much better now wearing less make up

  • Dooley

    After Bionic Bomb…Aguilera said when ask about New Music..Its Quality not Quantity.LOL!!She has The Voice but chooses to be a Coach.

  • Jerry

    She looks AH-MAAAZING! Love her new look.

  • Me real kel!

    This one is DEFINETELY NOT chiristina aguilera!!

  • Audrey

    she is much classier lately

  • Samantha

    Seriously, here she looks younger than Adele now that she’s stripped all that makeup and everything.

  • Stef

    love the hair and the make up! she looks great. just wth with the boobs and the shoes Oo

  • Mari

    She looks great. But that dress is hideous.

  • Love me boy

    She looks SO beautiful and sexy. She’s my idol<3

  • christinalover

    she is such an incredible beautiful woman. christina aguilera is too beautiful for words!

  • Me real kel!

    Hey, Why is she hiding her face?! OPEN ur eyes ALL, I repeat once again: thiss NOT christina aguilera!!!

  • Anorexicjolie

    Better but cut it all in half again and she’ll have the right amount of make-up and the spray tan needs to be the next shade up…not orange.

  • christinalover

    @Me real kel!: poor you, you have to deal with christina aguilera being the most beautiful woman ever!

  • Yaya

    Did she lose weight? Dang girl, don’t hurt’em lol. Go Xtina

  • Sunshine

    Christina has been looking rather beautiful lately.

  • Danh

    she looks so much more beautiful recently with less make-up, gorgeous :)

  • Mikaela

    I just wish her hair was more natural looking. She looks so much better dressed like this and with less make up.

  • jj

    Looking much better. Keep it up Christina!

  • Me real kel!

    @christinalover: One word: IDIOT!!

  • hi

    How come no one is mentioning on how much weight she lost? She looks much better slimmer, but that fake orange tan has got to go. She’s naturally beautiful, the fake hair and tan only takes away from her looks.

  • Michelle

    Why hasn’t anyone noticed — she clearly had butt implants. Just Google her image, check out some before shots, and then compare them to her appearance on Jay Leno, The Voice, etc.

  • christinalover

    @Me real kel!: well, you get the low comment rating not me,you should think about it!!

  • LEE

    @Michelle: It is boob implants. Definitely!

  • Me real kel!

    @christinalover: If thats the ONLY thing that worries you, then poor YOU!! cos I really dont care bout this!

  • Me real kel!

    @christinalover: Then, I was Right-youre IDIOT!!

  • christinalover

    @Me real kel!: you are the true idiot because you can’t admit that this is christina aguilera on these pics!

  • Me real kel!

    @christinalover: Its NOT me, its YOU TRUE IDIOT! Open your eyes, delusional!!

  • Gossipgirl

    @hi: She did not lose any weight….she must have literally stuffed herself into that bandage spandex dress!

  • Dee

    She clearly did lose weight. Are people blind? There are even before and after pictures of her.
    Its called dieting, working out and lots of squats. I went from having no ass to a nice plump booty with squats. Xtina with a professional trainer must have an easier time.
    She looks stunning.

  • Sushi

    All the haters, HIIIIII :) I’m laughing about you! You really think you could bring us down? I’m sorry, we know the truth! Christina is the most beautiful woman on earth & you are just jealous! ;)

    Christina looks better than ever! BOOYTLICIOUS! She looks way better with nude lips! The red lips fit her better in 2006!
    But the dress is :/

  • She looks stunning

    I love her new look,she is such a pretty girl and I am glad she got raid of the wig,heavy makeup and lost weight . She is a natural beauty who does not need all the makeup that she wears.She look very Back2basic era ,cannot wait for her comeback record.

  • Annabell

    She looks a lot better she look like she stop drinking so much, lost some weight, got rid of that nasty weave, and is wearing less make up.

  • Xtina always wins by default

    Christina is the best. Prettiest pop star with the best vocals WORLDWIDE and the best discography. She is flawless.

    I am more and more proud to be a fan of this epic singer, since 1999.

    The haters are having nervous breakdowns. Who cares. Life goes on. A new Christina album is coming.

    New fresh music for the ears.

    Xtina Voicelera : making haters angry and jealous and stressed since 1993′s Mickey Mouse Club show.

  • Christina Aguilera N1 Best

    Sexy Best <3

  • Audrey

    Wooow she look so GREAT!!
    I love her new style! Less make up is so much better for her, she looks beautiful.

  • Audrey

    And also loks very pretty, she definitely lost quite much weigh!

  • Vivian

    She looks so pretty. All of her hard work has paid off, now get rid of the good-for-nothing boyfriend.

  • Hagardtina

    She looks like Donatella Versace. :( And those fake t*ts look ridiculous.

  • Floponic

    @Vivian: Why? No one else would want her! LOL

  • christinalover

    @Floponic: you and hagardtina are surely the same persons and you are wrong every straight man wants a sex goddess like christina aguilery,only your lady gaga is a ugly wreck!

  • Vivian

    @Floponic: Honey, there’s a line of men waiting. You’re really serious with that?

  • CLu

    Not a huge fan but I have to admit she looks pretty awesome with some curves!

  • LOL

    Did she think she was slick by getting ass implants when she was heavy so no one would notice and think it was fake. God everything on this girl is fake. Fake butt, fake books, pounds of makeup (even when she goes for the ‘natural’ look), fake hair.

  • LOL


    Stripped away all the makeup? She is wearing a TON of makeup in these photos. And I am a makeup artist so I’d know. You must be a dude because you’re pretty clueless. She is going for a natural makeup look, but all she is doing is wearing different COLORS on her face, the same amount as always.

  • Sarah

    She looks so young abd beautiful wow!

    Not a big fan of the dress

  • christinalover

    @Vivian: yeah right. where are these mens? nowhere. this isn’t 2002 any more! Christina is off of all the sexy lists ;)

  • christinalover

    is she ever going to spend any time with her little brat…man? bad mom!

  • whatever

    omg!!! I haven’t seen her since the AMA’s and she has lost a lot of weight since then omg I am really surprised.. she looks amazing!!!