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George Clooney: Scruffy Beard On Set!

George Clooney: Scruffy Beard On Set!

George Clooney wears a bandage on his elbow and rocks a scruffy beard as he makes his way to set at a Los Angeles airport on Monday (April 2).

Last month, the 50-year-old actor was arrested for taking part in a demonstration outside of the Embassy of Sudan, but was soon after released on bail.

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George‘s next film, Gravity, is set to hit theaters on November 21. Sandra Bullock also stars in the Alfonso Cuarón sci-fi thriller.

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  • ellie’

    Clooney always looking good…looking forward to the movie…

  • may

    Alfonso Cuarón is one of my favorite directors so because of him I will see this film. I can live with Sandra Bullock but why did Alfonso have to choose George. Why couldn’t have been Michael Fassbander?

  • Spy

    check here

  • much?

    check here

  • ****

    check first two comments

  • Daisy Dukes

    well, he looks so much more relaxed & chilled without the 2 meter tall Towering Inferno Plain Jane beside him. She with the Andre the Giant shaped legs…

  • what a klutz

    hmmm….. I wonder what happened to his elbow?
    George Clooney is so accident prone. I wonder why….

  • Marley

    Where are they going? What set?
    I don’t even know if they’re filming Monuments Men, visiting Argo post production, or maybe even Monster of Florence.

  • frisky biz

    I do find him sexier when he’s casual. I mean, the whole suit thang is smooth & suave but gimme rough and rugged any time.

  • Cathy J.

    @Marley: if he’s with Grant Heslov, then I’d say it’s probably nothing to do with Argo. Maybe. I mean, George is like executive producer for that. Maybe there visiting a set. But I don’t know if Grant was involved with that. I’d say it has something do do with Monuments Men coz that’s what he mentioned he was working on next recently.
    @frisky biz: yep, agree totally about the cool & casual sexiness factor.

  • dolly

    I wonder how he’ll celebrate his 51st birthday???? OMG, it’s like a month away…..
    wish i was George’s Easter bunny. Would even wiggle my tail for him..

  • Pay Dirt

    @dolly: MAYBE Kirstie Alley will Tweet more bullshit again this year about a fake sighting so she can get media attn or play a joke on him.
    Nah, this year she’ll get Maks the Ukranian go-go dancer to Tweet that he just is at a strip bar in Vegas and Clooney is enjoying a double lap dance as the birthday boy. LOL…LOL… ;-)….;-)

  • dolly

    oh, man the whole hands in the pockets thing is making my imagination run wild……………………
    how can a man be born so delicious. I wanna rip his jeans off with my teeth……………..yummmmmmmmmm

  • 90291

    @dolly: Whoa! Settle down, girlie!

  • rosso

    he don’t look too relaxed. Somthing is on his mind like maybe he think too much. He maybe is having worry too much about somehting. I do not know….. just saying is something on George’s mind.

    Like a worry or too stressing after Sudan he see too much sad things. And is not easy for any body to forget. See dead people. Abused and damaged.
    When I see his documentary I very really cry my heart too. Much suffering and for me is like I have no problems like these people.

  • ****

    check comment #1 & #2

    rest are also hckr.

  • may


    What gives with you?

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    Hey George, it’s time to dye the hair again!

  • janieb

    George is looking mighty fine!!! Grant’s not too bad either!!

  • ze

    poor georgy, he tried so hard to be relevant. you are no brad pitt darling! and hand in pocket at your age? come on!

  • Helmut

    @ze: why is there a rule about hands in pockets. Jeez.. Get a life!
    too uptight, aren’t ya?

  • Orwellian Utopian Media

    you should see how they control readers’ feedback on the Daily Fail online. The pr parasites not only write their own comments, they totally control the voting.

  • =^;^=

    I like him scruffy & unshaven ^^

  • Lola

    George looks great. And so what if he has his hand in his pocket? Did it ever occur to you that he might be putting away/getting out his cell phone or keys or something? Some people are so critical of every move a celebrity makes. They’re human, people, and I imagine you or I would look pretty darn silly at times if we were followed by paparazzi snapping our photos. At least with George there won’t EVER be a truly bad pic ‘coz he’s so good looking. Looking forward to his next movie. And to the hopeless idiot who said that he had TRIED to be relevant, well he is a heckuva lot more relevant that you will probably ever be!

  • Chouchou

    Rien de quoi se taper le Q par terre …

  • Guest

    It is nice seeing him out and about without his Oscar Barbie.

  • signage

    @Guest: You mean the wrinkly lumberjack-looking escort? Hardly a Barbie.

  • American in London

    Well I never comment on these posts because it’s well known that blogs are controlled by celebrities’ PR teams but I just want to say I much prefer these candid photos of George Clooney than with the dates. It always looks SO fake & staged. Sad really because I admire him as an actor.
    Why does he need to pretend? His fans feel it.


    I am not crazy about this channel/source, but this was sent to me to see. Has anyone seen or heard about this?

  • social commentator

    his pr hook him up first with a Horse-Faced Italian bimbo with the a flat tiny butt like a Thai Twinky and then two years later, to make up for the bow-legged freak’s shortcomings, they team him up with a big-boned giant who far*t dances her massive rump for a living and has sturdy big legz like a quarterback.
    Both way less attractive than him.
    This guy really needs to wake up to himself.
    Take charge of his own life rather than allow others to coerce him how it’s run. It’s almost as if they rely on bullshit in the tabloids to keep his profile in the public eye.
    He needs to change direction because it’s becoming ridiculous.

  • Ah…Bite Me!®

    @social commentator:

    You amongst thousands of people are finding these PR dating fiascoes too ridiculous to believe.
    Above all, Clooney doesn’t seem like he’s happy nor in love at all. Phoning it in. Going through the motions of posing.

    But this is what the PR network wish to force upon the public.
    A used up theme of sleazy, plain looking girlfriend, whose image is “cleaned up” in designer clothes and stylist make-over in an attempt to look respectable.

    The constant push by the PR team is then:
    “will she be the one?”

    -Will she be the one who finally gets him to settle down?

    They’ve convinced George that this theme generates a lot of press for him.
    That it’s the ONLY way to keep him in the public’s conscience.
    They lie and manipulate.

    Ultimately it’s ridicule because increasingly people are finding it such a used-up boring theme.
    It’s more like a sniggering disinterest and “here, we go again.”
    There’s nothing wrong with him enjoying a bachelor’s life and if he sees people privately, that’s his business.
    Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson, and so many others have managed fine.

  • Horst

    @TIMEKEEPER: no. Interesting. More corruption *yawn*….. But what’s that got to do with the price of fish in Denmark?

  • CantStandya

    My guess is they’re walking to a studio where Argo is in post production.
    Both George Clooney & Grant Heslov are producers. GK Films, Smoke House & Warner Bros are the producers & distributor respectively. Though George has no acting role in the film. It’s due to be released on September 14, 2012.

  • Marley

    @CantStandya: no the post states that they’re making their way to a set at Los Angeles airport. Probably some other project. They’re business partners. Most of their work is together.
    Maybe Monuments Men. Or who knows what else they’re working on right now.

  • pax’

    i imagine they’re workin on listenin to the voice of God versus