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Miranda Kerr & Flynn Cover 'Who' Most Beautiful Issue

Miranda Kerr & Flynn Cover 'Who' Most Beautiful Issue

Miranda Kerr graces the cover of Who‘s “Most Beautiful People 2012″ issue with her 15-month-old son Flynn.

“I was working 18-hour days. Now that pace has slowed so I can spend the majority of my time with Flynn. I’m first a wife and a mother, and then comes work,” the 28-year-old model told the Australian magazine.

Flynn, Miranda added, is “like a little ball of sunshine. He’s a really charming, lovely boy. He has that look in his eye like, ‘What trouble am I going to get into next?’ But I like that, it’s like me.”

The mag’s special family portrait package also features Liam Hemsworth and his older brother Chris!

Pictured inside: Miranda heading to a workout on Wednesday (April 4) in Los Angeles, while husband Orlando Bloom was spotted riding his motorcycle.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom out in Los Angeles…

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Credit: AKM-GSI; Photos: Who Magazine, WENN
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  • lol

    So a frog-face is considered beautiful? lol How much is she paying you guys and the magazine to pump her image up??? Hilarious

  • tida

    They are both so gorgeous!
    And now we know that Flynn not only has his daddy’s gorgeous eyes, but also his beautiful smile!

  • Birdie

    way to exploit your child

  • Bella

    “Most Beautiful People 2012″ is such a disrespectful and disgusting title. Why do they need to vote people for their look? What should change between 2011 and 2012? Why should people with different looks or maybe scars not consider as beautiful? I just hate these superficial times, when they just judge you based on your looks.

  • Dieter

    She has an IQ of 160 !!! I love the beautiful ass of hers !!!

  • scarlett

    I suppose it was only a matter of time until she used that kid to to land a magazine cover.

  • stillgreen

    Should a MOTHER do this to her child? NO ,Pose for as many covers as you want miranda but don’t try to use your child to get a better image, or more publicity. Sad

  • Lola

    I want to scream overrated and overexposed here. With her recent increase in media exposure, this is really an evidence of how these titles are bought and not earned.

  • Sarah

    Miranda looks beautiful and Flynn is precious. He is a cute kid. Miranda comes across as sweet and a very good mother to Flynn.That is great that she takes time to spend with Flynn. It’s important to have that mother and son bond. She does not have to work long hours as she has done before. It’s great she puts her family first. You can see family means so much to her and that she really loves Orlando and Flynn.

  • Lela

    I don’t understand why r ppl getting crazy, about Miranda showing Flynn, paps would still get them, right?

    same with Hilary Duff, she published er sons photos before, paparazzi’s pictured him.

    At least, they didn’t sell their babys “exclusive” pics.

  • kimber

    Most beautiful? You’re kidding right?

  • From Paris with Love

    She’s GORGEOUS and I kinda like her but she doesn’t seem very much in love with her husband in my opinion. Not just now, I never got the vibe that she was crazy about him. She doesn’t seem to be the type who falls head over heals, maybe that’s a good thing actually. She comes across as pretty self centered. It’s always me, me , me, me I like that in my baby coz it’s like me, he is the best thing that’s ever happened to ME, my workout, my career… I guess that’s all she’s asked in interviews but yeah, I don’t know…
    Flynn is simply adorable.

  • Alissa

    im sad that they put her baby on the cover. With the amount of pedos (and that poor babies recent death after her abuse) i just wish they’d stop and leave the kids out of these stupid superficial magazines.

  • @12

    I agree with you. I think Miranda is a bit self-centered because she’s mentally strong and has a very successful career of her own. She doesn’t need any further supports from her husband so far. I’m sure Orlando is a loving husband and father, but let’s be honest, he’s not doing as well as Miranda when it comes to their jobs. Also, speaking of charm and beauty, Miranda is def the one who wins the contest. That’s could be why Orlando always seems dispensable to her. Orlando was crazy for her when they were dating and still looks very much in love with her right now. I remember that it was him pursuing her even though she had a boyfriend then.

  • Ivy

    Aww cute Flynn! His expression is too precious.

  • stunning

    Miranda is truly a stunning natural beauty and her mini-me Flynn is absolutely the cutest baby ever. But I really don’t like the idea about putting an innocent baby on the cover. He’s not a celebrity after all. Give the baby some privacy he deserves!

  • Sarah

    Miranda loves Orlando. It is not a one sided relationship. There have been pics of the two of them and you can see they are in love with each other. Miranda does a lot to help others. She is not self-centered. She does charity work and does a lot for the environment and she is a good role model because she promotes a healthy lifestyle. Orlando still has a successful career. He’s starring in the hobbit and he’s done a lot of great indie movies recently like sympathy for delicious and main street. He did a great job as the duke in Three Musketeers. I want to see him in the good doctor. It looks like a great movie. He also has the movies cities and Zulu lined up. His career is far from over. He chose to do indie movies because he wanted to do different types of movies other than blockbusters. Orlando is still very handsome. Flynn is one of the cutest kids. You can see Orlando in him through his eyes and when he smiles. You can also see Miranda in him too.

  • zoe

    Miranda and Flynn make the most beautiful mother son pair. Love them so much.

  • what a beauty

    She’s really not the type of beauty you get to see everyday. Even after these tiresome workouts she still looks so effortlessly gorgeous. Flynn is blessed to have mommy’s wonderful genes!

  • taz

    @Sarah: you know her personally?? lol!

  • cute!!

    This is seriously the cutest baby ever! I love how Miranda always looks so loving and protective. She’s a good mother and obviously takes good care of her son. You can see their close bonding with each other. Saying Flynn is the best thing ever happened to her always makes my heart melt.

  • @14

    Uhm, Orlando earns more in residuals than Miranda does in her best years.
    But I guess that pitting them against each other is just the latest angle of attack from the desperate haters.
    Idiots, all of them.

  • @23

    Why is it always needed to put Miranda down only for making her husband look like a superhero?

  • @24

    No one did that. They were just answering someone else’s incorrect statement.
    but what IS happening is some Miranda fans CONTINUOUSLY putting Orlando down.
    If they like her, they shouldn’t be attacking the man that she loves.
    Especially when he is such a good and decent person.

  • Miranda Kerr >>>>>>>>>>> Orlando Bloom anyday!

  • wow

    Miranda looks like a living barbie doll. Lucky Orlando!

  • well…

    While I agree that Miranda and her adorable son are both very beautiful, it is really not necessary to put this kid on a magazine cover. Like someone had mentioned here, Flynn is not a celebrity. He deserves the same right of privacy just like everyone else.

  • uh

    @well…: she could have kept him off the cover. juuuuuuust saying.

  • wth

    I’m so tired of this “Orlando earns more in residuals than Miranda does in her best years” blahblahblah…
    Please remember it is Miranda that continuously makes the Forbes top earned lists, popular lists, most beautiful lists, etc. Orlando hasn’t done anything remarkable for years other than getting married and having a son. Not to mention that his name was, is and will be always nowhere to be seen on Forbes. But I guess you’re just too ignorant to see the fact. Serisouly ladies, you really should stop feeding yourselves so much jealousy and learn how to actually admire the woman who is the ultimate love of your prince charming.

  • awww

    Flynn looks exactly like his mommy except his brown eyes. I’m sure he’s going to be very beautiful just like Miranda!

  • beautiful people

    Did I miss it or Miranda & Orlando were not photographed together for weeks. Now she is on the cover only with her son. Well, her husband is “beautiful people” for sure. I agree he did nothing special since POTC, but he is still very handsome man. I think from the beginning that he is more into her then her into him. She is very self centered person, and world is rotating around her. Orlando pushed her career up for sure. Don’t forget that when they met she already was VS angel but not in the focus of paps and media.No paps were in front of her door, no public interest for whom is she dating etc. All that came with Orlando. Sometimes it looks like she forgets it. Like she was the big star, and he should be grateful to her for being with him.

  • @30

    I see that you enjoy creative book keeping.
    Miranda made the Forbes list for the highest earning MODELS for the calendar year.
    MODELS only, get it?
    Orlando is worth over 40 million. Miranda? About 9-10 million.
    And Orlando still makes the ‘most popular’, ‘sexiest’, ‘most attractive’ lists, even after not making a blockbuster for years.
    ORLANDO is still the ‘star’ in this relationship.
    As much as I like Miranda, she will never reach his level of celebrity.
    Anyone who says different is blind, and/or delusional.

  • @32

    You missed it OBVIOUSLY.
    Just this week, they were at the gym together, and out shopping for art.
    Are you people just ignoring things that don’t fit into your agenda?

  • Aussie Girl

    WHO mag is a quite respected mag over here-It is an classy tabloid.They show all types of beauty,inner & outer. They celebrate inspriring people for all walks of life. Not just celeb stories-all types of a variey stories.Miranda,Orlando & esp Flynn

    **To the idiot who said Bloom’s career was not going well=FYI He is currently in New ZEaland filming The Hobbit,the prequal to some of the highest grosses of all time.He did 3 of thoses & 3 movies, he’s prob getting residiuals for more than enough!!

    Why all the BS???

  • AGA

    BTW–Being happily married in HW is hard enough without,BS pulling you apart ,so I ask why the her/his income his/her career his/her looks. As far as I’m concerned they look happy & healthy and so does their son

  • @beautiful people

    “Sometimes it looks like she forgets it. Like she was the big star, and he should be grateful to her for being with him.” — well he really should. Miranda could dump him anytime whenever she decides to share her life with a better man.

  • @32

    ORLANDO is still the ‘star’ in this relationship.?????
    Since when? All I see is that Miranda is the BOSS of this relationship. He’s just like her puppy at best.

  • Mirandalove

    Miranda looks gorgeous. Even though I’m not sure if putting the baby on the cover is a good idea, I’m still amazed by how beautiful this pair of mother and son truly is! Orlando is arguably the luckiest man in the world.

  • wth

    @@30: Orlando is worth over 40 million? It must be your imagination or you must be his mother. Never read about that. May I ask for proof? But I don’t think you can offer anything, right?

  • Amazed

    The new way of staying relevant!! First account for every moment of your pregnancy then continuously have pictures taken of your child

  • @39

    See this page –
    According to the site, Miranda has a net worth of 11.4 millions (so saying she’s worth 9-10 millions is a bit looking down). She and Orlando have a combined wealth of 41.4 million. So there’s no way he’s worth 40 millions. If the site’s info is correct (no doubt much more reliable than fans themselves), he could have a wealth of 30 millions at maximum. 40 millions is way too exaggerative. It just shows that fans can write wrong things to support their idol. You really can’t buy it all.

  • @41

    I’ve always heard the 40 mill referenced when they talk about Orlando.
    I know that he made well over 20 million from the last two POTCs alone. And that figure was stated right after they were released. There have been articles published that state that he and Keira both get over six million a year in residuals from the POTC franchise. After all, those movies are on TV somewhere in the world every day of the year. Multiply six million by the fours years post release and you get quite a healthy amount.
    Then add residuals from LOTR, Elizabethtown, Troy (which is also on constantly), and KOH.
    He earned very little initially from LOTR, but all of the actors got huge bonuses from the studios once they were released. Rumored to be in the millions. They also say that he was paid more for his appearance in 3M, than all of the Musketeers combined.
    Then add the millions that he earned from doing adverts in Japan, and now repping Boss Orange.
    Net worth is what is left from all of your earnings.
    So take all of that money, subtract at least two houses (maybe a third in Malibu, travel expenses, charitable donations, investments, production costs from his work as a producer, as well as living expenses, and I can see the 40 million in earnings being 30 million in net worth.
    Miranda has very few expenses by comparison. One small apartment in NY, and her share of the start up money for her business (which is probably making her money now)
    But no matter how you break in down, Orlando is, by far, the wealthier member of this couple. So for someone to say that he is living off her money is one of the more ridiculous claims that I have ever heard.
    At least admit that much, instead of saying that him being worth three times as much as Miranda, instead of four, makes him a beggar.

  • @42

    I have no doubt that Orlando is the wealthier one of this relationship. My point was that some of his fans tend to look down on Miranda’s achievement but exaggerate Orlando’s. It looks like they want to make her smaller or less important. And while I do believe Orlando makes more money than his wife, most information you offered is merely from rumors and speculations, which means they are not solid enough. He could have earned less than that. As for Miranda, the estimate of her wealth is much more reliable as Forbes calculates for her every year.

  • sam

    She is NOT pretty.

  • jill

    She has the oddest looking body shape.

  • @43

    “My point was that some of his fans tend to look down on Miranda’s achievement but exaggerate Orlando’s”
    But isn’t that EXACTLY what you are doing to Orlando?
    The word ‘hypocrite’ is usually used to describe Miranda’s detractors. I guess that now we will have to apply it to some of her fans, too, right?

  • anne

    miranda and flynn luking cute…….love dem……..

  • hmm

    whats the matter? everyone’s fave “sweet non fame w*ore” angel Adriana Lima posed on HELLO mag with her kid…and no one bashed her decision…smdh.

  • I

    Flynn is super duper cute! But he has not inherited his mothers dimples… I thought he would!

  • paras

    Orlando, Miranda and Flynn are just a beautiful family. And so what if he is on the cover with his mum, the paparazzi are always hounding them and getting photos of him without asking.