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Tom Welling: Michael Jordan Celebrity Golfer!

Tom Welling: Michael Jordan Celebrity Golfer!

Tom Welling hits the golf course for the 11th Annual Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational held at Aria Resort & Casino at Shadow Creek on Saturday (March 31) in Las Vegas.

The 34-year-old actor smiled as he signed autographs for fans who showed up to watch the tournament.

Ne-Yo even gave an intimate, private performance to the celebrities and VIP invited guests!

“I feel blessed for the opportunity to perform in the city where I grew up,” Ne-Yo said to a Vegas newspaper. “Performing in Las Vegas is always amazing, and being able to perform in celebration of Michael‘s tournament, which benefits so many charities, is the best feeling.”

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103 Responses to “Tom Welling: Michael Jordan Celebrity Golfer!”

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  1. 76
    Daniel L. Says:

    Just to add my humble opinion to this real long debate some of you guys have started here, I would like to let you know that for anyone who watched Tom’s interview on the Jimmy Fallon Show last year would know that the girl sitting with Tom at the Guiness Bar (from the photos from the link found in comment #46)is neither a fan nor a publicist. She is actually his sister. She was at the Jimmy Fallon Show along side her/their parents, she can be seem in the audience when Jimmy makes refference to Tom’s family being there. They show his Mom and Dad and sister is sitting behind his Mr. Welling “Senior”. So chilled out guys and girls, Tom was not having anny illict encounter with some potencial mistress. It was the guy’s sister. Now the only thing I don’t know is whether she is Rebecca or Jamie (one of his sisters is his wife’s namesake), because neither Jimmy nor Tom mentioned her name during the interview.

  2. 77
    Chuck Says:

    @Jessica: That can’t be healthy.

  3. 78
    Christopher Says:

    I have to admit that the girl in the Jimmy show video and the girl at the bar really to seem to be the same woman, if not, they are very much alike to each other, it could the two sisters separetely or they really are the same gal but with different lighting conditions and angles from where their two images were made, besides one is a video the other still picture. Anyway they look alike very much so, I have to say that. Well Donte, I guess the case or “mystery” about THOSE photos is cleared up. I always had a feeling the girl at the bar was one of his sisters ever since those photos showed up last year and everyone was asking who that girl was.

  4. 79
    Donte Says:


    Daniel L and Christopher the girl in the bar is not the same girl on the Jimmy Fallon show. Tom’s sister Jamie was sitting with his parents on the Jimmy Fallon show. I have seen pictures of Tom’s sister on her facebook page and it isn’t her in the bar with him. Christopher the other photo I am talking about can be found on The photo where tom is sitting down and a girl is in front of him, and another Tom is standing entering data into his cell phone and the same girl is standing in front of him.

  5. 80
    gloria Says:

    Tom has such a stealth sense of humor and is so funny. I would love for him to do a comedy next.

  6. 81
    Christopher Says:

    @Donte: Yes Donte they are the same girl, indeed Just in different lighting conditions and poses and agle from where the shots were made. And the Facebook thing you mentioned…I didn’t find. There indeed several Jamie Wellings on FB but neither one them look like the girl from Jimmy show. Plus, how do you know the one at the show was Jamie and not Rebecca? They did not say her name! Why don’t you give the actual link from FB just to makes thing clear for us. Just saying something is on FB isn’t that much of a help. You are starting to act just like that other girl “Just Saying” you too are “just saying” a lot of things yet neither one of the of you can actually prove what you are saying. Here is link I found at the site you said: These two pics show NOTHING suspicious, he is using his phone and the girl are only standing close as is the GUY. Tom is talking to the guy (who’s actually pointing at him) NOT the girls. What about that pic seem “suspicious” behaviour for you? Someone is bound to stand in front of you when you’re a place full of people. Just because his phone is his hand doesn’t mean he’s getting a phone number or something. Now a days EVERYONE has their phones clued to their hands at all times. Like I said, why can’t you PLEASE just give the actual links from FB and the actual photos? If you are being honest, then just show us we are the ones who are wrong. Your theory still doesn’t hold any water, Donte. Sorry, just being honest!

  7. 82
    Nathalie Soares Says:

    O gosh, you guys are still having this talk. Neither one of these are going to post any links to anywhere because they simply don’t have them. The girl at the bar resembles the other girl in the tv interview, so one can only assume they are the two sister Tom has. Their smile is the same, so is the shape of their foreheads, eyes (when they are smiling) etc…Its is clear to me that both girl are related to one another. And if the one on jimmy is Tom’s sister one can only point out that so is the other. By the way I have yet to find the news about Tom

  8. 83
    Nathalie Soares Says:

    …sorry the comment was cut short because I accidentally hit enter. Anyway what I meant to say is that I have yet to find that fake story about Tom’s wife going to Germany for half a year without signs of coming back. Just Saying made that up and she knows it. Anyway, case is closed IMO.

  9. 84
    Nathalie Soares Says:

    Plus the girlat the bar also resembles Mark Welling. You can find photos of him online (since he’s also an actor) and their upper lip look identical when they smile, just like Tom’s sister on Jimmy Fallon.

  10. 85
    lord Says:

    Donte and Nathalie, you are both nincompoops. I’m glad only a small PORTION of Tom Welling’s fanbase are such creepy lunatics. The vast, vast majority are relatively sane, I swear.

  11. 86
    Nathalie Soares Says:

    @lord: Thanks!!!

  12. 87
    Donte Says:


    Christopher, I am not going to argue with you about the girl in the bar and the girl on the Jimmy Fallon show. The girl on the Jimmy Fallon show is Jamie C Welling, look her up on Facebook. You will see that she looks nothing like the girl in the bar sitting with Tom Welling. Her page is locked but click on photos and there are a number of photos of her at a wedding in the middle east.

  13. 88
    Donte Says:


    Lord, your childish behavior is beneath me!

  14. 89
    thewhatwhat Says:

    Wait a minute. His sister’s last name is still “Welling”? I thought she was married or something. Why would her last name still be “Welling”? Why would her Facebook be under “Welling”? Are you sure you are looking at the right person?!

  15. 90
    Donte Says:


    Christoper if that does not work look up Mark Welling, the real Mark Welling is standing with a golf club with another guy. Look under his friends and you will find Jamie C Welling, her and another person riding horses in the ocean. That is Tom’s sister not the girl sitting with him at the bar.

  16. 91
    Donte Says:


    Another thing Christopher, Tom Welling’s sisters are older than he is. Tom would have been 33 during the time that photo was taken. That girl looks to be in her 20′s, she does not look older than Tom.

  17. 92
    christopher Says:

    @Donte: Age isn’t that big of a factor. Tom himself does not look to be in his 30′s. I am 29 going to be 30 in november yet everyone says I look about 21,22.

  18. 93
    Donte Says:


    Anyway I am not going to debate whether or not it is Tom Welling’s sister in the bar sitting with him, if you can’t tell the difference between the two I don’t know what to tell you. This is a comment section, I can voice my opinion about whatever I want to, you don’t have to agree with me on anything. Its nice do dialog with other fans but I don’t have to prove anything to you. Now why is Zac Efron fondling himself on the balcony of a hotel?

  19. 94
    Donte Says:


    Here you go!

  20. 95
    Donte Says:

    Christopher le!/jamie.c.wellingt’s try this again here you go!

  21. 96
    Christopher Says:

    @Donte: I agree with you Donte you don’t have to prove anything to me. But I am also entitled to my opinion. Mine happens to be less negative than yours since, you are likely to see infidelity related behaviour anywhere. I am also going to end things here. My opinion is that even if someone could prove that woman was a publicist or something like that, you’d still find something to point out as wrong, like “why is he with his publicist at a bar, they should in an office” or something similar. That girl still looks like the other and like Mark, they all (just like Tom himself) seem to have the “baggy” thing underneath their eyes, I still believe she is one his sisters. But since you’ve got infidelity all over your mind, that’s all you will ever see, no matter what anyone shows. I’ll wait for the day someone give solid evidence, like some paparazzi photo of him doing something truly improper, such kissing some random chick or something. You can keep your opinion. Just don’t let it consume you too much, you might find yourself obssessed with something that is not even real!!!

  22. 97
    sonia Says:

    I love Tom Welling…………come back!!!

  23. 98
    stefy Says:

    tom tom tom where are you? I want TOM WELLING actor!

  24. 99
    susan Says:

    He is so heart-stopping gorgeous! OMG

  25. 100
    liz Says:

    Tom is so sweet and so hot! I want him to do a Romantic Drama next!

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