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Zac Efron: I Don't Think I'm A Heartthrob!

Zac Efron: I Don't Think I'm A Heartthrob!

Zac Efron is ready for his close up at the Young Hollywood Studio on Monday (April 2) in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old actor hit up the studio to chat about his upcoming film The Lucky One.

Recently, Zac spoke with CBS News about his perceived image.

“I can’t explain to you what it’s like to be a heartthrob, [because] I don’t think I am a heartthrob,” Zac explained (via Us Weekly). “I hate [that word]. I hate it. It follows you around, but you don’t deserve it. It’s like, ‘Why?’ I’m just Zac. Just Zac.”

FYI: Zac is wearing AllSaints‘ Cleveland shirt.

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Credit: Richard Charney; Photos: Getty
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  • marie

    oh my…. HOOOT!!!

  • Leisha

    That’s good, because I don’t think he’s a heart throb either! lol

  • babasama
  • ColinG

    I hope he sees my comment bit, He does not make my heart throb, makes another think throb…if you know what i mean ;)

  • M

    @ Leisha – I agree

  • Asha

    I hate when beautiful people try to be modest and play down their attractiveness. You are not normal Zac. It sucks to be normal so be happy with what you have. I’m sure he has no problem with his heartthrob status when he is bringing girl after girl into his bed.

  • stefanie

    well he should because he is !! haha


  • florence2

    again he’s saying anything to get the women feel sorry for him he’s got the hearthrob image becuase that is the image that he and his PR team give to the media and his fan’s so don’t moan about it Zac and tell the truth you love it otherwise you would’nt act and say the things you say.

    With the stupid winking, grinning and dropping condoms on the carpet yea sure you don’t like being seen as a hearthrob lol

  • florence2

    And I disagree it does’nt suck to be normal your life is what you make it and it does’nt always have to involve a load of money and other things.

  • R U sure

    He is a heartthrob, and it is nice that he is humble about it. GOD folks just give him a break once in awhile instead of hating on him.
    Zac I couldn’t be happier for you.

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    @florence2: why r u here?u should be in dustbin instead of staying here posting some bullshit comment

  • jvkjbcs

    He seems like a very nice guy. Down to earth and kind, not a fame whoring conceited Ionlydatemodels douchebag.

  • jj

    He is a Heartthrob for sure…killer eyes.. ;-*

  • Tom

    You’ve brightened up my life for 6 years Zac!!

  • Anorexicjolie

    Fake. His PR team have him “accidently drop” a condom on the red carpet…how lame do you have to be to resort to those kind of tricks for the public to see you as a man? pfft. poser loser.

  • liverwurst

    Well don’t worry Zac, we don’t think you’re a heartthrob either. lol!

  • olivia and popeye

    The most UNsexy guy ever.

  • hey there!

    Awww I see the haters here again – just can’t keep away can you.

    There isn’t really anything Zac can do to change the status of heartthrob he has, he can’t help having the looks he was born with.

    If people want like or even love him then let them.

    Not everyone has the same tastes so there will always be haters.

    Looking good Zac can’t wait to see TLO

  • Bunnylover

    Haters out in full force I see. May I just tell you that the reason why there aren’t loads of fans on here giving positive posts are because there is no point. So you all think he is not a heart-throb? Good! I hope that you are all happy with whatever five-minute-wonder you are currently obsessed with.

  • Anonymous

    @Bunnylover: And guess what? None of those haters are Vanessa fans!!! Like V, he has haters for other reasons, so just sayin’.

  • R U sure

    @Aronexicjolie So now you know all about his PR team huh? You know what they told him what to do. with brains like yours I’m surprised you didn’t misspell PR.

  • hey there!


    sorry have to disagree with you there. i believe Florence2 is a Vanessa fan and many others here who change there names all the time.

  • tiffany

    yOU GOT TO LOVE zac is just so humble.

  • jaded

    He may hate the moniker “hearthtrob” but he more than earned that description.. Don’t go shirtless rolicking on Venice Beach with cameras and an obvious camera crew taking pics for publication…sort of makes youu look like a hypocrite. Zac’s obviously a good looking guy but it’s obvious his ego rules him. The latest promos for his new film are 80% gratuitous. Too bad his managment seem to consider him a one trick pony cause the guy is talented. The best thing that can happen is by some miracle he scores a movie with someone like Ryan Gosling. The best way to learn is to work with someone who is truly at the top of his game, One word: “Drive”.

  • jaded

    @jaded: Hate to break it to you , but Vanessa has moved on and her life no longer includes Efron with the exception of the circle of friends that they share. He true fans want her successful and happy,,,I believe she is. She nor her true fans are not fixated on Zac Efron. He is is in the past. So do yourself a HUGE favor and stop harassing her on her threads and mentioning her in a derogatory way chance. She is involved with another guy and from the looks of it is happy. She is a smart guys who cuts her losses wheh she sees fit,

  • jaded

    @hey there!: The above message was directed to “Hey There” NOT “jaded” I am jaded. LOL.

  • 43v3r

    whatever . . . . (eyeroll)

  • jaded

    @jaded: Massive typo: Vanessa is a smart “girl” or should I say “woman” and cuts her losses when she sees fit.

  • Stupid Revolted Hater

    Oh Zac if you think you are not a heartthrob stop being shirtless when you go to the beach, stop wearing tight and short clothes, wear just baggy clothes with long sleeves, even when it’s hot, and try not sweat because it’s very sexy! Preferably not even leave your home, stop talking because your voice is very sexy too, close your eyes to save us from your beautiful blue eyes, don’t smile, stop going to the gym… there are many rules

  • savannah

    Oh please. Once you’ve decided to hate it doesn’t matter what he says. If he HAD said that he was a heartthrob then you would be like “Oh he’s so full of himself blah blah” but know when he says that he doesn’t think he is that’s wrong too. It’s like when he sign up for charity stuff. Instead of making anything good out of it like normal people do and think he’s a nice guy you’re hating and saying he’s only doing it for publicly. You live inside your little bubbles of hate, I feel sorry for you, hatred is not a good trait, I hope you grow from it.

  • Zzz

    Efron ever heard the phrase “don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” all you have going for you is being a hearthrob which I don’t think you are either. The only reason little teen girls and perverted old cougars go see your movies is to see you take your shirt off and have sex. So be thankful. Don’t like it keep your shirt on, stop using sex to sell your movies, and stop acting like a 12 year old when talking about sex scenes. Of course that’s not going to change here as most of the ads for this movie are full blown on the sex aspect of it. Because that’s the only way he can sell his movies, hell I think even he knows that.

  • hey there!


    okkkkkkkk what the hell!!!!!!

    i stated that i disagreed with anonymous so why the jumping on my comment when they were the one to bring Vanessa’s name into it.

    who gives a s*it about Vanessa this is a Zac thread so why don’t you piss of back to her thread.

  • kami

    i wish jj would not promote zac’s looks and sex appeal. post a good clip from tlo. preferable one with jay ferguson who is a natural, a great actor.

  • Jorden

    Personally I don’t like his acting and him.

  • beaupigeon

    heart-throb (heart-throbs plural )If you describe a man as a heart-throb, you mean that he is physically very attractive, so that a lot of (wo)men fall in love with him

  • Marie

    Aaaah….the price of fame. Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t. I think Zac is cute in a 20-something way which can be said for most in his peer group. Cute sells. Sex sells. End of story. I actually get where Zac is coming from in that people assume they know how he feels about himself as a man simply because that is what they see, hear and/or are told what that is. Until we’ve walked in his shoes whose to say that his belief that he does not see himself as a heartthrob is a lie or PR stunt. His job/career is to sell being a heartthrob that doesn’t mean he believes he is one. As for the ongoing drama in the aftermath of his break up with Vanessa. Let it go. As far as I can tell they are both nice kids who have matured and moved on to other relationships. They seem to have made the transition a lot better than some of their fans. He’s not trashing her and she’s not trashing him. If neither has a problem with the other why are people hating on both? Just saying.

  • tina

    @Zzz: I agree and I have been watching the interviews and listening to what he and his co-star were doing at that time sight seeing, dinners out, enjoying the nightlife. All things you shouldn’t be doing with an significant other. I can see why he wanted out of a commitment. He wanted to grow up and experience “life” and he had the opportunity with an older more mature woman. So Marie your right he moved on very quickly and now so did his ex. They are both better off without each other they wanted other things in a relationship and now she has someone and he is doing the dating thing with one or as many as he wants.

  • My 2 Cents

    @R U sure: I agree. He is such a nice guy. People that work with him , and fans always comment about how nice he is. That to me is a bigger testament to him as a person. Haters to the left . I wish him all the best.

  • sofia

    enjoy it while it lasts!


    Don’t know about the heart, but he definitely makes my female parts throb.


    @My 2 Cents: Of course he’s nice to fans and people he works with. That doesn’t mean he’s Mr Nice Guy in private.

    @tina: So, that basically says he cheated while in NO, and would explain a lot….the sudden breakup, the realization of what he’d done, the running back home to see if he could patch things up with Vanessa, and then the realization it could not be worked out, and that she couldn’t trust him again. Exactly what I thought.

  • Deb

    Here’s a Newsflash for you. It was Vanessa who cheated on Zac with Josh Hutcherson while they were filming Journey 2. I’m surprised you didn’t know that.

  • kyle

    OMG! The ex fans are at it again! Ignore them peeps. They are the ones who can’t get over Zac because even if they claim to hate him to high heavens, they keep visiting his thread. Addicted much?lol.

    Moving-on, i hope TLO wins big in the box office.

  • Whatever

    @Deb: Not true, as much as you want it to be. She was filming At the SAME time Zac and Taylor were getting cozy, so if anything, HE was cheating as well. So let’s stop with the she cheated. Looks like HE did as well. I always knew he did something stupid in NO. You moronic Zac fans think he was an angel there. Tsk, tsk. He even said it was life changing. Now we know why.

  • lauren

    why are we still talking about the break up? its been over a year?

    no one knows what happen with them except zac and vanessa themselves.. not haters, not fans not the media. so stop acting like you people know what happen in the relationship or the last six months. i’m pretty sure niether one of them of gonna talk about it or mention it. And if they ever do get back together key word IF im sure they are not gonna say what happen in the first place, so seriously people just stop acting like you guys know what happen? i’m so over hearing the same things this or not, when you people dont even know what happen and are just going buy what you think.

  • Rachel

    Aww Zac, you may not like it but you are a HEARTTHROB!
    He looks so amazing, those eyes:D

  • Rachel

    Ughh people act like they know what happened and why they broke up! They haven’t talked about it and I don’t think they are ever going to!
    And why is the break-up being discussed here?

  • Rachel

    There are rumours that ‘The Paperboy’ will go to the Cannes Film Festival! I wish!

  • babasama
  • jaded

    @hey there!: The reason that I called you out is that I notice that you habitually make derogatory remarks towards Vanessa. on various threads. But hey…that’s your perogative..This is a gossip blog…it’s obviousl that you are a Zac fan and an Ashley fan too. More power to you. You can dish it so I’m sure you can take it too. So flame on sweetheart.