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Jennifer Lopez: Easter Bunny with the Twins!

Jennifer Lopez: Easter Bunny with the Twins!

Jennifer Lopez sits on the Easter Bunny’s lap with her two adorable 4-year-old twins Max and Emme at The Grove in Hollywood on Thursday (April 5).

The trio was accompanied by Jennifer‘s boyfriend, dancer Casper Smart.

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Jennifer‘s new video “Dance Again” will air tonight at 8pm ET on American Idol. Stay tuned to for the vid, which we’ll post shortly thereafter! If you can’t wait that long, check out the sexy “Dance Again” video preview!

35+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lopez with the Easter Bunny…

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jennifer lopez easter bunny jlo 01
jennifer lopez easter bunny jlo 02
jennifer lopez easter bunny jlo 03
jennifer lopez easter bunny jlo 04
jennifer lopez easter bunny jlo 05
jennifer lopez easter bunny jlo 06
jennifer lopez easter bunny jlo 07
jennifer lopez easter bunny jlo 08
jennifer lopez easter bunny jlo 09
jennifer lopez easter bunny jlo 10
jennifer lopez easter bunny jlo 11
jennifer lopez easter bunny jlo 12
jennifer lopez easter bunny jlo 13
jennifer lopez easter bunny jlo 14
jennifer lopez easter bunny jlo 15
jennifer lopez easter bunny jlo 16
jennifer lopez easter bunny jlo 17
jennifer lopez easter bunny jlo 18
jennifer lopez easter bunny jlo 19
jennifer lopez easter bunny jlo 20
jennifer lopez easter bunny jlo 21
jennifer lopez easter bunny jlo 22
jennifer lopez easter bunny jlo 23
jennifer lopez easter bunny jlo 24
jennifer lopez easter bunny jlo 25
jennifer lopez easter bunny jlo 26
jennifer lopez easter bunny jlo 27
jennifer lopez easter bunny jlo 28
jennifer lopez easter bunny jlo 29
jennifer lopez easter bunny jlo 30
jennifer lopez easter bunny jlo 31
jennifer lopez easter bunny jlo 32
jennifer lopez easter bunny jlo 33
jennifer lopez easter bunny jlo 34
jennifer lopez easter bunny jlo 35

Credit: Owen Beiny; Photos: WENN
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  • Becca

    I feel like she’s always rarely seen with her kids
    But these pics are cute

  • Jessica

    This neglectful mother has been reading the true comments about her abandoning her children so she decided to hold her nose to appear out in public with them before handing them back over to the nanny.

  • christina

    love her!!!

  • Melissa

    Poor Jennifer her twins are not cute at all especially the girl who looks like an ancient simian creature.

  • Freida

    YIKES!!!!!!!! No wonder she’s never out and about with them.

  • Stacee

    It must be a crushing blow to the ego of this vain, vapid woman to have such an unattractive daughter. But in all honesty, it could not have happened to a more deserving soul.

  • Emma

    I think they’re gong to be cuter once they grow into their features a little bit more. They’re already way cuter now then they were as babies.

  • shamrock7

    Darling to see Jennifer out with her lil ones and the Easter Bunny!! All of the above people that have such venom spitting out of your mouths about sweet, innocent children should be ashamed of yourself. All children are beautiful and should not be ridiculed for their appearance.

    Look forward to seeing American Idol tonight with the video “DANCE AGAIN”. It was played in my car today, and we hopped along to the music.

    Keep shining bright Jennifer~


  • Lisa

    Is it true that Emme has Progeria? if so, she can’t help being born with a birth defect and Maxx has special needs as well so perhaps that explains why their mother is rarely seen out in public with them. Children with special needs require a lot of care and attention and can be quite the handful when out in public because of their unpredictable behavior. There was a segment on TMZ last week showing how Maxx screamed, kicked his mother and tried to run off and JLO had to send 2 burly bodyguards after him to calm him down.

  • willanka

    I keep forgeting she has two kids. It’s like we never see Jen with them. I don’t know, maybe she just protects their privacy well, And I don’t like her look here: seems like her face and hair are done but the outfit says “hey, I don’t care and I’m relaxed”. Meh.

  • solecito

    I’m appalled by some of the comments here. What would drive someone to attack two innocent kids? They seriously need to to find the source of their bitterness and do something about it. What a sad and pathetic existence they must live.

  • Idaho

    Ugly, ugly children. The girl is scary and could easily replace the scarecrow in my granddad’s cornfiled to frighten away the birds.

  • HoppityHop


  • jc

    I course she’s out with her kids.She has things to promote .Notice she pointing to the paparazzi .She’s probably telling Max to smile look happy for mommy.So people think i’m a good Mother .Otherwise they would be with the nanny.
    I see her other big kid is with her .Did he sit on the Easter bunny too….lmao

  • jc

    And I thought Casper couldn’t get any lamer.LoL…Does he do this dance before bed JLo?

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    That’s the first photo I’ve seen of Jennifer with her children in ages – so long, in fact, that I forgot that she had twins.( By the way, is that Casper Smart in the big Easter Rabbit costume?!)

  • Kevin

    @Lisa: is that true, that her son has special needs?

    I know everyone is going to thumbs down but her daughter looks like a BRAT

  • Iz

    I do think the girl is very cute but the boy on the other hand not so much. But also we have to remember they are just kids and are gonna grow.

  • Ethiopianchick

    Shame on you guys saying the little girl isn’t cute she’s just a kid I think she’s adorable

  • Professor

    Of course this Puerto Rican trash wears ugly sweats out in public. You can tell she’s Puerto Rican just from the way she dresses. Ghetto, classless, tacky. I see girls at my local grocery store dressed like that, paying with their Food Stamps cards.

  • Professor

    I feel sorry for her two poor kids. They look sad. People saying they’re ugly are just evil. It isn’t innocent kids’ fault their mother is a wh o re.

  • miloa

    is fault of MARC ANTHONY GEN…marc anthony is ugly as hell and emma and the boy are just like him…so they have the “bauty” of his father

  • Maggie Mae

    @Solecito: It is BEYOND creepy!

  • Lala

    Those kids do not look happy. That poor daughter looks as if she has some kind of serious problmes- sad. And the little boy is cuter- looks JUSt like his dad- but he looks very unhappy. I do not think she is a good mom.

  • debra

    The boy is always crying. His father need to toughen him up, and take that baby blanket away from him.

  • bebe

    I think her kids are cute, it’s hard to judge cause they are so young and their features aren’t defined yet; I have often seen cute kids who have grown up average and ok looking ones who turned out gorgeous in their teens…hard to say lol, but they seem to be having fun:)

  • fake

    She has millions of dollars that the american paid for her so she can change their faces.

  • with respect

    jennifer lopez is ugly, the thing is she nows how is her good side in a picture, she nows modeling her butt because the american people pay for her .

  • Jenny

    Her twins are obviously Special Needs, particularly the girl, I feel sorry for them they are rejected and abandoned by both parents. You will never see their father out with them and JLO is only doing this photo-op because her manager told her to do it.

  • She Stinks!

    Another photo opp since she has more tacky garbage to sell. How come she isn’t wearing some of that Kohl’s stuff that she allegedly designs? Sweatpants, JHO Bag, really? She’s just so average and looks like a Motel 6 maid, in these photos especially. No class or talent, and just doing this because she HAS to! What a phoney b*tch.

  • jean

    Sc*ew you. If you don’t like the comments, get lost.

  • denise

    @solecito: #11
    I am appalled that you are appalled. You whacko.

  • Marie

    Really people? Dogging out little kids makes you feel good and justified in your 1st Amendment rights? Opinions are like a-holes….everyone has them. LOL I guess I’m too old school since my mother always told me if you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything at all. Don’t have to be a fan of J-Lo, her man or their relationship bu slinging mud at her kids is out of bounds IMO. If anyone here is a parent how would you like others spewing vile about your babies? Think about it people. And we wonder why bullying is so prevelant in our society today. The kids didn’t pick up this type of behavior on their own and if the so-called adults in our society conduct themselves like some of what I’ve just read then is it any wonder? Just saying.

  • She Stinks!

    @Marie: @Marie: Marie..the person to blame here is JHO herself. She chose to put these kids out in the spotlight, and with that, comes judgement. JNO Talent is to blame, she didn’t have to put her kids out there – many celebs don’t – but as soon as she could make a buck of them – out they went. She is a horrible, rotten mother. Sorry, it’s just how it is.

  • African Girl

    My God! You guys are mean!!! There is absolutely nothing wrong with those kids. Just because they are not your blond, blue eyed ideal does not make them ugly.

  • Jennifer

    @African Girl: #35

    The truth is the light. The children ARE unfortunate looking. Of course they can’t help that, but it is the truth.

    And nobody mentioned blond hair and blue eyes, but you. There are billions of beautiful people who do not have blond hair and blue eyes.

  • Jennifer

    Also, there are many people with blond hair and blue eyes who are not good looking at all. So eye color and hair color has nothing to do with beauty.

    BUT JLo’s kids are unfortunate looking.

  • HH

    @Melissa: That made me laugh! Thanks.

  • Gina

    Jennifer Lopez and Salma Hayek’s daughters are ugly! Serves them right for being self-serving and arrogant.

  • Gina

    Jennifer Lopez and Salma Hayek’s daughters are ugly! Serves them right for being self-serving and arrogant.