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Nicole Kidman: Grace Kelly in New Biopic!

Nicole Kidman: Grace Kelly in New Biopic!

Nicole Kidman is in negotiations to take on one of the most coveted roles of the season: Grace Kelly in Olivier Dahan‘s Grace of Monaco, according to Variety.

Written by Arash Amel, the 44-year-old Aussie actress’ starring role apparently attracted the attention of numerous top Hollywood actresses. The film is reportedly already getting awards buzz with industry professionals.

Here’s a synopsis: Set between December 1961 and November 1962, [the] story finds the Rear Window star as a former Oscar winner and mother of two who had already spent six years as the consort of Monaco’s Prince Rainier III at a time of crisis.

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Nicole Kidman play Grace Kelly in the new biopic Grace of Monaco?

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# 1

interesting… will probably be good. If I had my choice of actress to play Grace though, I’d pick Evan Rachel Wood

# 2

OMG OMG this is just awesome, she’s perfect for this role… She totally deserves another Oscar :D

# 3

Grace Kelly was absolutely stunning in her younger years. Nicole is an attractive woman but I don’t know about her for this role.

# 4

Yes, she’s absolutely the right choice. She’s an excellent actress, plus, she has a ressemblance to Grace Kelly. I think this will be a good one!

# 5
Gossipgirl @ 04/05/2012 at 10:21 pm

Hell to the no! First, Naomi Watts as Princess Diana, now this! She is a good actress, but not for this role! Hollywood is so effed up!

# 6
Ugonna Wosu @ 04/05/2012 at 10:22 pm

I think Charlize looks more like Grace Kelly. Especially in her British Vogue cover.

# 7
Regina George @ 04/05/2012 at 10:22 pm

Amazing! Nicole is beautiful and talented. With make up she will be a doppleganger for Grace. As a fan of both actresses I am excited. Now if only a great director could hop on board.. Marty Scorsese perhaps?
2nd Oscar for Miss Kidman!

# 8
Grace Kelly wasn’t that beautiful. She looks exactly like Nicole without make up

# 9

january jones has a very strong resemblance to grace kelly, but she wouldn’t be god

its better than doing another Adam Sandler movie

Who else would you suggest as Princess Di?
It isnt all about looking Exactly like them. That is what make up is for. Naomi is an amazing actress and is talented which is why they hired her

While I honestly don’t really care for Nicole Kidman, she’s always reminded me of Grace Kelly, so I think she IS the right actress for this role.

I don’t mind NK but these biopics are lame. Michelle Williams in that Marilyn thing was lame lame lame. All those vapid ‘icons’ are boring boring boring. What did they ever do other than pose?

Lol I love it when lame people think they are more intelligent than people who devote their whole lives for film. My Week with Marylin was amazing, Michelle Williams nailed Marylin and even got an Oscar nomination ang won her GG. Let me guess, you are some ugly blonde wanna be?

From Paris with Love @ 04/05/2012 at 10:40 pm

Pick a woman who butchered her face, had her hair bleached and straightened continuously, had her freckles erased permanently, had an extreme facelift, had a (uneven) lips augmentation, had her forehead frozen, and god knows what more, to play Grace Kelly !!! An actress that has been notoriously ridiculed for all those things to portray the symbol of natural beauty, grace and elegance !
Hollywood spoils everything.

Im soooo sick of this flopped biopics..they can’t find something more original? a lack of ideas as usual …it’s the fashion i guess what’s next a biopic of Bardot, Lauren, Dietrich…so stupid oh and old botoxed double head Kidman looks nothing like her and is too old.

Perfect choice. Such grace and beauty.

Nicole too old to play Grace.
This role should only be for CHARLIZE.

Look at Charlize’s Vogue cover. Enough said. Kidman’s face looks scary now since she screwed it up with whatever she did to it.

Should be played by vendela.
Even tho she’s a model not an actress.
Too bad.
Looks just like Grace.
Google. Vendela.

@From Paris with Love

you should know that Grace Kelly’s children have been consulted every step of the way. do you honestly think that Nicole would have the part if Grace’s children did not approve of her and want her in the role? Grace was their mother so what they want is more important, in this case, than what you want.

From Paris with Love @ 04/05/2012 at 10:53 pm

@Kirsten: How old are you twelve ? posting a pic of Grace Kelly in her fourties in an awkward posture and saying she wasn’t that beautiful ? that’s what real women used to look like. Plus she had given up her career long ago at that time.
Now take a good look at her in her twenties and dare say she wasn’t beautiful. Maybe not your type but she was much more beautiful than this

Nicole’s face just looks too frozen. Her lips are messed up, I have heard the term 3rd lip used for her.

I think this is perfect casting. Nicole has the same quiet grace that Grace Kelly did. Although I like Charlize, Nicole has fine features and so did Grace. Another great role for Nicole who, unfortunately for the haters, still has a booming career. (and a hot hubby)

From Paris with Love @ 04/05/2012 at 11:05 pm

The fact that her children had a say in the project has nothing to do with the public’s right to an opinion and voicing that opinion.
They are a laughing stock anyway. Did the producers also consult Albert’s 15 ********, Stéphanie’s 36 ex-lovers and Caroline’s ex drunk ex-husband’s who peed in public ? LOL ;)

I agree with the posters Charlize Theron looks more hitchkokian perfect more close, especially in this vanity fair Dial M for Murder

Nicole used to be pretty like 15 years ago.
Shes too old now.
And how is her career booming exactly?
P.s. her husband is meh. And short.
And an Australian who sings country.
Just weird.
Country music is all-American.
Kinda weird otherwise.

What a joke!

What about Amy Adams?

Perfect choice to play the beautiful Grace Kelly, but are people really interested in biopics. I don’t think so. We know all about the deceased people, so why go to a movie to see the dead. Princess Di was a fun person to follow, but the woman was not mentally stable. Marilyn Monroe was a Hollywood sex symbol, but was not mentally stable. Grace Kelly seemed somewhat normal, but who knows what eery skeletons were in her closet. Againl, Nicole is an excellent choice, but cannot see this movie doing much for her career. If her role and acting is good, it could get recognition, bit I don’t see it being a hit at the box office. Most movie goers today do not even know who Grace Kelly was.

@From Paris with Love: Yet inspite of all that….everyone (producers, directors, actors etc) still choose Ms. Nicole Kidman to do their films!!!! Tells you something huh! Paperboy, Stoker, Before I go to sleep, Railway man and on and on and on and on…..bwahahaha! Yup that’s right NK is the one smiling!!!

What a bad choice ! but since it’s a small film its going to be a big flop sooo…….

NK is a goddess

to Paris With Love

doesn’t matter what you think. her children, in your inane personal opinion, may be a laughing stock but their opinion will always be more important than yours will ever be. Nicole is the actress the family wants; deal with it. I can’t wait to read your reaction when they announce the choice for the role of Prince Rainier.

LoveNicoleHeaps @ 04/06/2012 at 12:19 am

Yes, yes, yes! Nicole is perfect for this role. My movie feelers are tingling – she’ll be great.

Kelly was 32 in 1962, Kidman is 44 and is all botox they look nothing alike are they blind? this is directed by a french production and director, like someone mentionned it’s small french film, it will be just another kidman flop.

@Louise: Nicole doesn’t care about box office for an actor is more important recognition

omg! the greatest news ever

The perfect choice for Grace when she was an older woman and mother.

Nicole is perfect for the role. Hope this happens.

A 44-year-old playing a 31-year-old? I think that is a bit of a stretch. The real problem is not Nicole’s age, but the fact that she doesn’t look like someone in their 30′s. It might prove to be too distracting.

Natasha Stasyi @ 04/06/2012 at 4:30 am

There’s no resembling with Grace Kelly in Nicole. And she’s very tall

huytttersong @ 04/06/2012 at 4:54 am

I bet Gwyneth Paltrow wanted this soo bad!!!

Perfect choice!!!

Clostridium botulinum @ 04/06/2012 at 6:12 am

If she convince us in the role of a 32 years old woman (Grace Kelly age in 1961)….

Nicole Kidman to play Grace Kelly? I agree with #6, I think Charlize is more appropiate for the role…
I like Nicole but she no longer has a natural beauty like Kelly did…

@I’m E!:
er, no. Have you seen her recently pic? I think you haven’t. Come back here when you did.

She can perfectly play a 32-years old woman.
She’s stunning, elegant and sophisticated, like Grace.

I think she’s already preparing her self for the role. I haven’t see her so well in a while. She looks stunning.

You have to pick a legend to play a legend.

Grace deserves better @ 04/06/2012 at 7:09 am

She doesn’t deserve a flop with Nicole. She can’t act. Charlize would have been a far better pick. I agree with others – you don’t put a woman (who turned her face to stone) in her mid 40′s in a role about a woman in her early 30′s. Bad casting.

Kidman Kelly @ 04/06/2012 at 8:13 am

The fact that I can’t tell whether the picture on the right is Grace or Nicole, seems she could pull it off.

Nicole said recently that she doesn’t want to act anymore, and that she has to be dragged out of home (not her exact words, but that is the gist of it) … so I am wondering why she is not choosing one or the other: stay at home mom, or career at full throttle (as it seems currently), especially given that she in any case is out and about a lot; charity work, presenting awards, supporting hubby at his award shows, red carpets, receiving honours etc etc.

Seems she can’t make up her mind. This is why many people are in two minds about her.

@Kidman Kelly:

She didn’t say she didn’t want to act any more–the exact quote is–

The Daily Telegraph is reporting that the Oscar-winning star recently said: “It takes a lot now for me to want to act.”

“I have a one-year-old and a three-year-old. It takes a lot to drag me out of home.”

Gwyneth Paltrow would be the best choice, same bone structure. I am excited about this movie though. The only movie made about Grace Kelly so far was that lame one with Cheryl Ladd. Cheryl Ladd? Really? Grace had such an interesting life that should be portrayed in a feature film.


Well, it doesn’t seem to take much to drag her out of home to act.
How many films does she have coming out currently; and how many has she signed up to do? Mixed signals, I can see that.


Here is your answer from a previous poster:

“Paperboy, Stoker, Before I go to sleep, Railway man and on and on and on and on…..bwahahaha!”

Ten years ago it would work. Today she is just to old.

Just because Charlize Theron is younger than nicole,does not mean,she is the right person!!When nicole was theron’s age,nicole is more grace,beautiful,elegant that Theron!!!!!

do not jealous nicole,because she can act in her 40s,she have beautiful and warm family!!!when Theron is 44 years old,i can’t image she will be look like!!!

Nicole is the right choice!!!

Great I hope she gets the role if she wants it.


Actually, I think Theron will age quite well. She should still look good in her 40′s. Let’s support women ageing; life is tough for women getting older; especially when beautiful women in their 40′s are considered old and past it. Stick together, women!

Maybe they are just hyping their movie .

Ugonna Wosu @ 04/06/2012 at 10:18 am


More beautiful, graceful, elegant than Theron? Not on planet earth she isn’t. Theron is one of the most naturally elegant women in Hollywood, and her beauty is hard to touch!

As for aging, the woman is nearing her 30s, and sometimes in some photos looks as young as she did at 21. But even more beautiful! She will age VERY well.

While Nicole wouldn’t have been my first pick, I wish her luck and am sure she will do a decent acting job.

@Louise: Kelly was one of the BIGGEST sl*ts in Hollywood. She slept with everything that moved.

go with charlize @ 04/06/2012 at 10:20 am

Look at the side-by-side pictures of Kidman, Kelly and Theron at the top of the page. Theron is a better fit. First of all, Kelly’s lips weren’t deformed from procedures.

pretty nicole @ 04/06/2012 at 10:30 am

She will be perfect for the role.

Whether you’re a fan of Nicole’s or not, if you want to be truthful, you know she doesn’t look anywhere near 44. Back in the 50′s and early 60′s, most actresses even nearing 40 were washed up. Grace, having married the Prince became very much a matron. There would be no problem with Nicole playing the role from that aspect. As far as her being too tall, even though Grace wasn’t anywhere near Nicole’s height, she towered over Prince Ranier. Grace was accused of being ‘cold’, and certainly Nicole has had to face those accusations also. I think it’s a perfect match. I remember a movie Nicole made a few years back about living with children who couldn’t be subjected to the light, and thinking how much she reminded me of Grace. BTW, I wouldn’t call Grace a sl*t, but she did have a pretty busy life before she finally settled down. The list of gentlemen pretty well covered the Hollywood A-list.

Ugonna Wosu @ 04/06/2012 at 10:53 am


Nicole looks good enough, she glows…but she looks 44! Sorry, but true. Just because you can name people who aged less gracefully does not mean she looks any younger than she does. Good luck to her though.

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My choice would be Charlize Theron, but Kidman is a great actress and I’m sure she’ll do a great job.

She is perfect for this role. I can’t wait to see her like Grace Kelly

Whatever. It doesn’t look like a movie I’d want to see anyway. But, NK has two small children. I guess nanny is in for some overtime.

Good Deal! She better do it now while she can. Once the kids get bigger, it gets harder and harder
Their activities take up a lot of time. So right now is perfect timing.

@Rachel; Charlize just adopted a baby so she also has a small child. Naomi Watts has kids. Who cares? What century are you from? A woman can work and still be a mother. Duh.

Great choice. Nicole will be perfect.


Yes, they can work and be a mother. Question is – how GOOD of a mother can they be when they aren’t there? I just don’t understand why any woman has children just to let someone else raise them.


Nicely, I would like to say, that is a slap in the face to many women who are both. Many on this site right now!

If you have neither, then do not judge those of us who do! That was a really mean thing to say.

where are all these theron fans come from? Theron wasn’t even attached to this! If so, she was just one of the many possible choices…I can’t understand the hate and criticism against Nicole, who is the best choice to play an iconic role like Grace kelly.

Ugonna Wosu @ 04/06/2012 at 2:18 pm


I haven’t seen all these “hateful comments” you are referring to. No one is hating on her, we are saying she doesn’t fit the part. Period. At least not looks wise. I am open to seeing how she ACTS the part. She is a good enough actress.

It only an illusion , to make it seem that way ,
Your question makes that very obiviousthat not everyone is fooled. . Its right on the money.

@noble: Just a guess but because Jared put Grace Kelly’s name in the title and the story it got people’s attention that don’t really care about Nicole Kidman in the first place. Charlize has her fans and that’s fine but I don’t think she has the elegance to pull it off. Not knocking her acting, its just sometimes a person’s real attributes can affect a role and either you have it or you don’t. Charlize is beautiful but comes off too haughty to play Grace Kelly in my opinion.

Charlize looks more like Grace Kelly for sure, but not might have the right attitude… Nicole is a great actress so I’m sure she will do great.

Ugonna Wosu @ 04/06/2012 at 3:05 pm


Charlize is known worldwide for being elegant and sophisticated, and as for haughty, I guess that is your perception based on perhaps photos? I have never seen her act haughty, and even if she DID that is totally irrelevant to whether or not she can pull off Grace Kelly

@Devon: And Nicole is too boring and bland to pull off Grace who was charming and radiant. Charlize has natural charm and she manages to be elegant and beautiful and sultry at once. People are pointing out Charlize as the better choice because look at the top of the page and you will see Charlize on the cover of Vogue radiating Grace Kelly more than Kidman with her botched lips and freaky vampire face could ever hope.

Yeah !! Love Nicole . The Best Choice by far .

Nicole Kidman can do this in her sleep, she will kill it…

Not sure why people thumbed down my comment, it was only an opinion and Evan Rachel wood does look just like a young Grace Kelly.

She has a gorgeus ass !!!

@Kidman Kelly: These projects are small independent, artsy, movies that takes only days to make. The fact that she is able to balance career and home life is testament she is taking care of her family just like millions of working moms out there. See pics of her taking/picking up daughter from school, taking little one to Gymboree, taking them to kids party, supporting hubby at award shows, show in Australia and now to Nashville for his concert. Working mothers should be applauded not judged.

Nicole can do this with her eyes closed, she’s classy and looks younger even when she has 44. she is an icon and one of the best!

TEXAS SWEDE @ 04/06/2012 at 7:11 pm

First let me say I am a fan of NK. She is a very talented actress. But I am old enough to remember Grace Kelly when she was alive and was even a bigger fan of hers. In my opinion NK is not right for this role. NK has too much For lack of a better word sass to her. It comes through in every part she plays. Grace was elegance and royal like even before Ranier. She was princess like before she was one. Not like Princess Di. Even softer. I have never seen NK pull off such a soft character. JMO

No way she’s too old for the part. Charlize would be good or a no name who looks like January Jones.

actually the entire bio and inner workings of Grace Kelly from aristocratic Kelly’s of Philadelphia, to landing in Hollywood to how she landed a Prince would be a good biopic. Hey it’s a real story unlike those other “Princess” movies like The Princess Diaries or Enchanted, etc…and that era was a very glam era but not Nicole though.

@Grace deserves better

what you want does not matter and never will. all that matters is that Grace Kelly’s children want Nicole in the role. the opinion of Grace’s children will always be more important in this case than yours will ever be. deal with it.


a brain dead squirrel on life support has more intelligence than you have. When Charlize goes to work on a film she will take her baby with you. what part don’t you understand.

Night Owl @ 04/06/2012 at 9:46 pm

2nd oscar! I just hope she seriously lets her lips go back normal. :( I love her but she has got to stop with the injections!

I did a morph of grace and Scarlett Johannson and they look identical!!

There will prpobably be another production to counter this one like maybe from HBO

@just Barb: Your comment was beautifully said, Nicole perfect for the part. I also really agree with you on her hubby Keith Urban. Wow !!!

KellyInNash @ 04/07/2012 at 6:06 pm

Nobody has to worry about the Urban children being well taken care of. Keith and/or Nic are always with them and they are all seen a lot around here and they’re a gorgeous family. They’re back home now in Tennessee.

Ugonna Wosu @ 04/07/2012 at 8:48 pm

Grace and Charlize are making EXACTLY the same expressions here!

***=...+-2011-grace-kelly-marlene-dietrich-marylin-monroe-charlize-theron&sigr=17ui9ipmn&sigi=17ntpqibp&sigb=125ub2frl&fr=yfp-t-526" rel="nofollow">***=…+-2011-grace-kelly-marlene-dietrich-marylin-monroe-charlize-theron&sigr=17ui9ipmn&sigi=17ntpqibp&sigb=125ub2frl&fr=yfp-t-526

Ugonna Wosu @ 04/08/2012 at 8:12 am

crap! The link no longer leads to the photo. Anyway, it was from the Dior commercial. It has the moment Grace turns her face to reveal herself, along with the moment Charlize turns to gaze at Marilyn Monroe. They looked EXACTLY alike!

@Ugonna Wosu:

I think Theron could make a good Monroe, but I feel Kidman would make a better Kelly. Thanks for the link; great ad!

Ugonna Wosu @ 04/08/2012 at 10:46 am


understood, but for me, this ad proved once and for all that Theron looks NOTHING like Marilyn, nor does she have the same innocent yet trashy vibe. She’s a little more classy in feel, like Grace Kelly. That said, she doesn’t look that much like Grace, except for the photo, but still comes closer than Nicole ever will.

I think Rosamund Pike would play the better role as the late princess. She is a great actress and resembles Princess Grace so much. Hope the production team would cast her as well before they make their decision.

@Ugonna Wosu:

So many people have tried to pose as Marilyn, but they never quite capture that ‘innocent’ vibe that you speak of. It is easy to do the hair and lips, but they just always miss the mark. I liked Madonna’s ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ vid, but again, she doesn’t have that innocent thing going. I guess that is what made Marilyn so great; that combination she had going. Kidman also did some great shots channeling Marilyn a few years back in Australia; she came close; but also missing that crucial element. ito biopics, I prefer documentaries ultimately, using real footage and pics; I always feel cheated with the pretend.

@Gossipgirl: So Basically your just against Australians


Naomi Watts is British.

Jen is right. Naomi Watts is British. Her family moved to Australia when she was 14. Her grandmother is Australian. She and Nicole were met at the same high school and became life long mates. She has said she considers herself British although she calls Australia her home.

Ugonna Wosu @ 04/09/2012 at 2:20 pm

Dianna Agron is another good choice.

Really? She would have been good maybe 10 years ago. This biography is set at the time when Grace when was in her early 30′s. How is Nicole right for this part? She is 10 years older and much taller than Kelly was. Plus, her botox is so obvious and it is hard to watch her act anymore.

Nicole has always reminded me of Grace Kelly. They’ve got a similar regalness about them. I think this is a brilliant casting choice. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened sooner.

She’s SO perfect for this! I’ve been idolizing Nicole since I was a little girl watching Batman Forever. No one else is so perfectly girly, graceful and sexy all wrapped into one! I can’t wait to see this!

CoffeeBreak @ 04/10/2012 at 4:42 pm

While I am still iffy about how this film will be produced the one thing I can say I support is their casting choice with Nicole.

moremusings @ 04/10/2012 at 5:10 pm

Looove Nicole– she’s going to be awesome in this.

peaceonearth @ 04/10/2012 at 5:37 pm

This sounds like a perfect fit for Nicole. Grace Kelly was a class act and so is she.

JessicaMay @ 04/10/2012 at 6:24 pm

Nicole is great at taking on a variety of different characters, I haven’t seen in her in a film for awhile like THIS and I think she’ll be wonderful.

HollaAtYaMama @ 04/10/2012 at 7:43 pm

Hollaaaa! Nicole baby girl I hope you say yes and make this happen. I mean it’s Grace Kelly!

Nicole looks just like her during the years they are highlighting!

Look at that cover where Charlize tries to emulate Grace Kelly! Lol
Coincidence? I think not. All blonde actresses in Hollywood must have fought for this role. I bet even Angelina Jolie sent in pics of herself with a blonde wig and blue contacts on. Lol

Nicole Kidman beat these women because she is the best person for the part. Watch the film The Others, just as the director of this Grace Kelly film probably did. THERE you can speak of uncanny physical resemblance and above all a similar aura and feminine charisma.

Former models like Charlize do not understand that a one-dimensional photo does not convey the aura and charisma of a person. Charlize is an entirely different type, modern, tougher and less feminine on screen. A good director senses that immediately.

If we go by one-dimensional photographs, this one of Nicole has the kind of softness and grace and femininity that is almost unique for Nicole Kidman. Most other actresses have a kind of roughness to them that makes them more ordinary and modern, a kind of subtle vulgarity that makes it all too obvious what era they stem from.

Here you can really speak of a Grace Kelly lookalike. Brilliant! Nicole is amazingly similar in style and charisma and will make a wonderful Grace Kelly interpretation.


yes, the picture here that you link to is a really uncanny resemblance; especially to the picture of Kelly at the head of this thread; I wish they had put these two shots together for this thread. thx!

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