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Juno Temple & Kate Bosworth: 'Little Birds' Trailer!

Juno Temple & Kate Bosworth: 'Little Birds' Trailer!

Check out the trailer for the upcoming indie flick Little Birds, featuring Juno Temple, Kay Panabaker, Kate Bosworth, and Leslie Mann!

The drama centers around two teenage girls (Temple and Panabaker) in trouble after they decide to run away to Los Angeles.

“The trip’s beginning vividly captures the excitement of rule-breaking adolescent adventure. As things get darker, though (those skate dudes, squatting in an abandoned hotel, aren’t the most considerate hosts), [director Elgin] James and the two actresses perfectly communicate the crises of conscience and nerve that create a rift between the friends,” THR notes.

Little Birds, which premiered at this year’s Sundance Festival, is slated to be released in June.

‘Little Birds’ Trailer
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  • :)

    Not sure about this movie ….but I’ll give it a watch

  • Amanda

    I wanna see this movie! l love Kate.

  • Shannon

    The addition of Kate Bosworth makes this film lose any credibility it may have had. Why not just hire Rachel Bilson? Same thing.

  • Dieter

    Best love scene ever = Kate B. in 21;
    Best rape sce ever = Kate B. in Straw Dogs


  • ladybug

    Random thoughts: This film actually got pretty decent reviews at Sundance 2011. So why no release for 1 1/2 years?
    And despite JJ’s attempt in the post’s headline to make it seem like KB is a star in the movie, she apparently is only in a minor role. And she’s featured in the trailer for a grand total of 2 seconds? Ah, JJ, sometimes you’re so transparent.

  • Shannon

    @Dieter: You’re disgusting.

  • Gina

    Please – Kate Bosworth is damn lucky she got a bit part in this movie. I truly expect her to be the worst part of the film.
    I’m undeceive about seeing this film. I heard the director was in jail last year (probably why it wasn’t released until now, I’m guessing he’s now out). I heard he’s a complete a-hole.
    If anyone has seen, please share your thoughts.

  • gal

    does anyone know the name of that song? pleease let me know if you do :)


    Video sent my security software into overdrive and shut my system down. LOL

  • Pathetic

    Another KB box office flop. Why don’t the producers understand she’s box office poison?

  • Pathetic

    That KB picture is from SD. Love that JJ covered the Sundance premiere last year with pictures yet wants to now claim it was this year. I guess money changes facts in JJ’s world.


    Kate Bosworth is so talented, she should do more mainstream movies

  • Nano

    Juno Temple is soooo talented! She should get a lot mot recognition!

  • ladybug

    @Pathetic: No, I think it’s the one or two seconds that she’s actually in the trailer. But JJ pushing her as a star of the movie is entertaining. He’s probably eagerly awaiting the Tribeca Film Festival, where in two weeks While We Were Here (the Italy movie) is debuting. KB is the star in that.

    @Gina, thanks for the info on James, apparently he got out on March 16th, so that may indeed be why it didn’t get released until now. The film itself is receiving alright reviews:
    Not the type of movie I’m into seeing, though.

    @LINDSAY LOHAN WILL WIN OSCAR @: She used to do more mainstream movies, but after Superman Returns, not anymore.
    Her fans may want to believe that it’s because she’s focusing on indie movies, but maybe its because, while she’s not the worst actress out there, she’s not that good either?

  • BloodbuzzOhio

    @Pathetic: The film is an indie. They are not expecting to break box office records, moron.

  • ladybug

    @BloodbuzzOhio: Oh, I don’t think Pathetic is talking about the movie making money, but perhaps that JJ may be getting paid to post promotions for this movie.

  • ladybug

    @ladybug: And replying to myself, since I confused which Pathetic post was being replied to:
    Well, they’re hoping that it won’t lose any money, but they’re not expecting it be a blockbuster, certainly.
    Is KB box office poison? I don’t think the average moviegoer knows who she is anymore, if they did in the first place. They might remember her as Lois Lane, or even Blue Crush, but those were years ago. So it’s probably a combination of the fact that she’s not a great actress but still works occasionally, and ends up in small movies of average quality that the average moviegoer wasn’t going to see in the theater anyway.

  • EmilyB

    Not sure about it but i will give it a look

  • Pathetic


    Many indies such as Juno, Paranormal Activity, The Blair Witch Project etc., have made box office history. But your stupidity is understandable considering you’re a fan of KB.

  • ladybug

    Back to the Italy movie, when it was announced, she was listed as being a producer:

    “Untitled Italy Project” shoots in Ischia and Naples, Italy and in Los Angeles. It’s produced by Bosworth, Coiro and Lauren Bratman. 1821 Pictures is financing.

    But on the Tribeca website she’s not listed as a producer:

  • frisbee

    Well, that’s good news – the movie, I mean. If it does well, KB is sure to worm her way into some interviews and (of that I have no doubt) display her charming nature and selfless attitude. I could really do with some new quotes from her, always good for a laugh.

  • duh

    Advertisers pay JJ, not celebrities.

  • ladybug

    @duh: No, but they and their PR do make sure he gets information. And he will ‘push’ celebs that he likes, even if no one else is paying much attention to them (KB).

  • JustMe

    @frisbee: Quotes about hot tea being hot? My personal favorite, that she’s a ‘blue blood & practically American royalty’. She thinks so highly of herself, yet she’s a joke.

  • Grrrrr

    @#23: You’re strangely obsessed with her.

  • ladybug

    @Grrrrr: Obsessed? No, this is just fun, and takes only a few minutes a day!
    @JustMe, she’s improved in her interviews, so unlikely that we’ll get anymore gems like this: “Great Danes are just, like, so great, aren’t they? They’re just, like, big dogs! I know! Yeah, yeah, Great Danes are great. Oh, my God, they just so are!”

  • Rachel ()

    Trailer looks decent, but probably boring.
    @LINDSAY LOHAN WILL WIN OSCAR: “Kate Bosworth is so talented, she should do more mainstream movies”
    Lol. She would love to.@JustMe: When did she talk about being “American Royalty”?! I missed that one.

  • Vivien

    @ladybug: What films of Kate’s have you seen? I love indie films and I thought she was brilliant in Wonderland, The Girl In The Park, and Another Happy Day. I want to see Little Birds because it has a strong cast and it’s an Elgin James film. He’s very intriguing.

  • JustMe

    @Rachel (): its from an old interview. Her fans claim that she was misquoted, saying that she was talking about her character, not herself. Who knows, sounds like something she’d say.

  • ladybug

    @Vivien: I’m glad you like her as an actress. I don’t think she’s the worst, but to me she’s just average.

    ‘Intriguing’ is one word to describe Elgin James. Dbag might be another.

    @Rachel() the quote is “I hate to say it, but I’m a blue blood.” It’s from an earlier Elle interview, but it’s quoted from another interview and not sourced. But yes, it does sound like something she’d say.

  • Lilla

    @ladybug: Didn’t he go to jail? He was in a gang or something?

  • mforman

    I think it will be quite interesting to see if Kat C goes near her at all at the While We Were Here premiere.
    That friendship seems to have gone the way of all and any KB has with anyone. Kat C stayed completely away from KB at the Life Happens premiere, including the after party.
    Whatever happened between them KB took producer off of her Facebook page, a little while after they returned from Italy to finish the film, she changed it to actress and co creator of JM, using the word actress is just funny in itself.
    Aside from box office poison, the girl only has friends that she pays, aside from MP, who she is sleeping with. There truly is something really wrong with this girl and what is so scary it just worse and worse with her.

  • ladybug

    @Lilla: He was involved in a gang and went to jail for extortion:
    Yes, he’s ‘intriguing’, but it seems he’s still got a lot of ‘issues’ to deal with, no matter how talented he may be.

  • frisbee

    @JustMe, @ladybug: Oh, I think she still has a few more ace quotes up her sleeve. What if she decides to go the mother-fameho way? Have you ever considered what her views on motherhood must be like? Jackpot.
    @mforman: I’m guessing she doesn’t understand why that happens, blaming it on bad luck or jealousy. She’s not really self-centered though, as much as appearances-centered. As such, she simply lacks the understanding of how to get the relashionships she wants.

  • ladybug

    @frisbee: It seems there’s a cluelessness about how she’s actually pervieced by people outside of that circle of those who kiss her butt. I’m glad that she supports I Am That Girl, which works to promote positive media images for women. But there seems to be no awareness of how she herself is influenced by such things-keeping her ‘naturally’ slim figure not at fashion/HW level, for example.

  • Tulip

    @Rachel(): While Kate was filming YA, she was asked during an interview if her real life was more like a townie or a blue blood since the show had a townie vs. blue blood subplot. She said she hated to say it but she was closer to blue blood. I don’t know why she gets criticized for answering a question honestly. She was raised upper middle class. Big deal. Kate wasn’t saying that made her special – in fact, it embarrassed her.

  • Actually…

    @Tulip: Do you have a link where we can read the interview the original quote is from? I’m not trying to tear you apart or anything, I’m just genuinely curious since the way it was put in Elle made it sound like she was talking about herself since both the text preceding and following the quote were about her as a person. Or did she clarify it later?
    Elle February 04:
    “If 17-year-old boys could send away for prom dates from a catalog, the Bosworth model would be back ordered for decades. And as if her beauty wasn’t enough, there’s apparently a sterling background to support it: As she once told an interviewer, ‘I hate to say it, but I’m a blue blood.’ If fate—or Robert Redford—hadn’t penetrated her golden cocoon five years ago, Bosworth might right now be chomping a pen cap in an auditorium at Princeton. Maybe she’d have gone on to marry one of those thoroughbred Princetonians and live a beautiful J.Crew catalog life.”

  • ladybug

    @Actually…: That was my problem with the Elle interview, they never sourced the ‘blue blood’ quote at all. Laziness on their parts.

  • Macy

    OMG really JJ, you’re making Bosworth out to be a huge part of this film when she isn’t. She’s only in a few scenes and that’s it. She was on set for like 2 weeks. No mention of Kay Panabaker in the article title? She’s in it way more than Bosworth. JJ is totally trolling for hits. LOL! Too bad we’ll give them to him because Bonesworth is so easy to make fun of with her obvious self whoring.

  • Macy

    LOL, this film premiered last year at Sundance, didn’t it? WTF?

  • ladybug

    @Macy: Was mentioned earlier that the director was jailed shortly after Sundance, and that may be the reason for the delay. As opposed to it sucked, which might be the reason EO’s Silent House, also from Sundance 2011, was delayed.
    And JJ’s making it as if KB is a major part of the film amuses me.

  • Macy

    Oh I knew about the jail thing. I just meant that Jared put that it premiered at Sundance this year instead of last year. You’d think he’d know that considering his “related topics” have the very thread that show that it was Jan 2011. LOL

  • ladybug

    @Macy: Ah. Well, as we’ve figured out, JJ isn’t always very attentive to stuff he puts in his posts, like the KB and KC post where he mentioned their movie but didn’t mentioned that it was KC with KB.
    Though he does try and make sure he gets all the jewelry and clothing correct.

  • Tulip

    How much attention would JJ’s post attract if he wrote new trailer with Juno and Kay? This is a business for JJ and Kate topics draw attention.I believe AS’s role in Battleship is quite small and he dies early on but you’d think he was a main character with the way it’s being promoted. That’s not a criticism of AS and I could be wrong but that’s what I heard.
    @Actually….: I was a fan of YA. I remember the question and quote from that time. If/when I have time, I’ll try to find it.

  • ladybug

    @Tulip: Oh, I know why JJ does it. But sometimes it’s just comical (and not just with AS or KB).

  • Macy

    He certainly does seem to always know what she’s wearing.

  • Tulip

    It’s a fashion site first and foremost so JJ should get that right!

  • Macy

    Actually as per the “About Us” section it’s an Entertainment site bringing you photos, trends and breaking news. This is a gossip site, not a fashion blog. It’s always had gossip as it’s priority.

  • ladybug

    @Tulip: It’s his site, he started it as a gossip site, and a gossip site it remains. Fashion may play a part of it, but it’s not the foremost thing.
    @Macy, even if he doesn’t have the clothes info in the initial post, it does usually get updated, at least for KB’s posts. So I’m presuming that he gets informed by PR by the celebrity and/or the brand (s).

  • Macy

    Exactly. It’s all about the gossip, he just adds the style stuff when he’s informed of it which seems to be a lot of the time for KB. He definitely gets told what she is wearing by her PR team.