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Orlando Bloom: Runyon with Flynn & Sidi!

Orlando Bloom: Runyon with Flynn & Sidi!

Orlando Bloom takes baby Flynn and his dog Sidi for a hike through Runyon Canyon Park on Thursday afternoon (April 5) in Hollywood, Calif.

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Earlier in the day, the 35-year-old British actor went on a bike ride through the same park.

The day before, Orly‘s wife, Aussie bombshell Miranda Kerr, had some kind words for her Twitter followers. “I hope you have a wonderful Easter filled with fun, laughter, family and lots of organic chocolate!” she wrote. “Much love Miranda xxx”

FYI: Orlando is using his Ergo baby carrier!

20+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom hiking through Runyon…

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orlando bloom runyon flynn sidi 01
orlando bloom runyon flynn sidi 02
orlando bloom runyon flynn sidi 03
orlando bloom runyon flynn sidi 04
orlando bloom runyon flynn sidi 05
orlando bloom runyon flynn sidi 06
orlando bloom runyon flynn sidi 07
orlando bloom runyon flynn sidi 08
orlando bloom runyon flynn sidi 09
orlando bloom runyon flynn sidi 10
orlando bloom runyon flynn sidi 11
orlando bloom runyon flynn sidi 12
orlando bloom runyon flynn sidi 13
orlando bloom runyon flynn sidi 14
orlando bloom runyon flynn sidi 15
orlando bloom runyon flynn sidi 16
orlando bloom runyon flynn sidi 17
orlando bloom runyon flynn sidi 18
orlando bloom runyon flynn sidi 19
orlando bloom runyon flynn sidi 20
orlando bloom runyon flynn sidi 21

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • nguyen tran gia linh

    HuHuHu….I Wanna Kiss Flynn.He’s So Cute :((

  • CanD

    He has got to stop carrying Flynn like that he is much to big. im sure he could afford a stroller for rougher terrain. Or better let him walk like his wife lets Flynn do. Ever heard of a harness they work wonders with kids that age.

  • Hey Orlando

    Hey Orlando…Smile! Look! It’s your favorite paparazzi, your best friends. Smile! Don’t be so pretentious. You love camara and we know it. You are seriously the biggest famewhore of Hollywood. Do you really expect people to believe that you are stalked DAILY by the pap? Who do you think you are? Robert Pattinson? Brad Pitt? Duh!

  • Kora now

    On this close photo Orlando looks old. Miranda should give him some Kora organic things to make his skin better. He looks over 40, not flattering.

  • cute!

    Flynn is so cute even without smiling. I can see a mini Miranda in him. He’s going to be as beautiful as mommy.

  • Love me boy

    Awwww can this litte boy get any cuter? aww <3 He's SO gonna be a stunner and heartbreaker later on. Why all this sudden hate for Orlando lately? Even though I like Miranda Kerr, I think she's a great mix of cuteness (her cheeks and dimples are as cute as a baby cherub) and sexiness (she can be sexy too), she's beautifully unique in her own way. BUT I like Orlando Bloom a little more, he's the star here. I never understood why models are considered "celebrities", to me they're not. Never been, never will. They're just pretty faces on skeleton bodies on covers and the ideal of beauty for some people obsessed by skinny bods. People who act and sing are the stars imo! Bloom is the star (yeah even though he's not the best actor ever). I like him a lot. Why just not hate any of them? I mean, they're a freaking couple!!

  • pear

    Orlando looks quite stumpy recently esp his lower part. Not sure if it has anything to do with his clothes or just because he gets heavier? His bodyshape sorta reminds me of women…like classic pear.

  • Kool

    @CanD: i guess in a way its part of a work out carrying your child like that though and he does look like hes dressed to be working out in a way

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    Orlando looks good and is a amazing Actor. And miranda has given him her skin care kora so are you saying it dont work? And pap do go where he is because he is a big star still. And no he is not robert or brad and to me that good because im not mad on them.

  • jelly

    @Kora now:
    hahaha funny

  • Slu

    He’s pretty much become one of those famous for nothing people.

  • @Slu

    Can’t agree more! All he has been doing is pap set ups and set ups and set ups and set ups and nothing. This man loves attention so much that he doesn’t even care about using his innocent son. But he’s not really famous for nothing, you know, he’s a FAMOUS FAMEWH*RE!

  • @3

    Please don’t even bring up Pattinson or Pitt to make a comparison with this useless attention seeker also a hasbeen. That is disrespectful and totally downgraded to both A-listers who get real jobs with true talents and high class.

  • don’t be so harsh

    Hey guys, don’t be so harsh on poor Orlando. Obviously he was so busy that day. After all, getting papped for three times in one single day is very tiresome and, I must admit, very remarkable! Good job, Orlando!

  • my my my

    You know, I always kind of ignored the people claiming that there were sock puppets posting, but now I see what they meant.
    The same mindless, ignorant, hateful sentiments being posted so close together just scream sock puppets. It’s so obvious that only a fool would try to deny it.
    As big a fool as someone trying to claim that Orlando is not famous enough to be followed by paps.
    Bitter, hateful people with way too much time on their hands.

  • @15

    I like Orlando, so I hate to think or believe that he calls the pap. But as much as I remember, he was never getting papped so often even at his golden age like 2005-2006. It’s really weird… I’m sure we all know that he’s definitely less popular right now compared to years back then. However, the frequency of getting papped now seems to be higher than ever.

  • @16

    The paps realize how fast their pictures sell when they include Flynn. The public just loves babies, and when you have a celebrity baby who is also almost impossibly cute, they sell even faster.
    As you remember from the video outside the gym, he even asks the paps to back off. That filming him with the baby should hold them for a week. But the paps just don’t care. They know that he and Miranda work out regularly, and where their gym is. The simply wait for one of them to show up. Hopefully (for the pap) with the baby.
    And some of the pics taken this week included shots of him coming out of his drive at home, all the way to the art store. that proves that they are also following him.
    They also know that he hiles Runyon. A park close to home, and a place where he can let sidi run free off his leash. And as further evidenced by these photos, Orlando is trying to avoid them by changing the time of day around. Notice how dark it is in some of the pics. he has never before been papped at the park that late.
    Baby pictures sell. That’s all the motivation that a pap needs to stalk a celeb. So as long as they are in LA, and as long as they keep leaving the house, we will be getting a ton of photos.

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    You know we dont always get pics of Orlando some times we dont see pics of him for week at a time. How can you say he calls them for sure do you know Orlando are you there when he calls them no i dont think so. And if you where a friend of hes than your not a good one telling on him. I dont think he does and he is still a star and is still doing big films. And i do agree not to but other stars down just so you can be hatefull. But if i had to pick out of them it would be Orlando over them two any day.

  • Nikole

    Flynn has to be the cutest celeb baby ever….God Bless him. Love Orlando hes so fine…but no ring again huh?! What is going on

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    And if Orlando is not a star why than do you keep coming back is he getting to you that much? If Orlando is getting to the haters than he must be doing somethink good because if he was not a star than you would not care. The more you try and say hes not the more i think he is and i know lots who think he is a good Actor and is a big star so i dont care what you say because you know hes still a star thats why you keep coming back here. And i think if you like the other Actors so much go to there post.

  • frisbee

    @Jayne: Humour me, Jayne – how old are you? Thanks in advance.

  • ellie’

    Flynn is the cutest baby ever..What a beautiful family..I always enjoy seeing you all…

  • @frisbe

    I find it a bit ironic that you are on this thread right after claiming that the fan’s dedication was “unusual”.
    I am beginning to think that there is definitely something “unusual” about your “dedication” to following these celebs.

  • frisbee

    @@frisbe: Can we establish right off that I’m a crazy, fat, ugly, bitter, sad, lonely, pathetic spinster and continue as if that was a given? Thank you. Oh, also, “unusual”. Definitely.

  • Orlando is irrelevant these days and looooooooved attention. He and his “wife” sold their souls for attention all the times. Just people realy idiot never saw this. I´m so sad about this guy and his arrogance! Go work Orlando. Are you an actor or a baby-sitter?

  • LOL!

    You just outed yourself as a delphidiot.
    So much for the ‘I didn’t come here to insult anyone’ garbage.
    Too damned easy!

  • LOL!

    That was for ‘Frisbe”,
    and now for #25
    *waves at nienna/mobt/or whatever your name is*
    What’s the matter?
    Things dead over on delphi-lite?

  • Joe

    Oh look, it’s Orlando in sweat pants… again.

  • dull

    I would rather see Miranda takes her baby than look at Bloom’s unappealing old face. Go away Orlando! Not only are you not relevant anymore but you always ruin the family pictures which could have been beautiful if you were not in. Flynn looks so unhappy with you. The poor baby obviously wants his MOMMY!

  • just notice

    @dull: The poor baby obviously wants his MOMMY! — I noticed that too. Both Miranda and Flynn look very miserable when they are with Orlando. But in pictures with only mommy and little boy, you can see how much happier they truly are. Maybe they are both fed up with his wild enthusiasm for paparazzi.

  • Cute family

    Flynn is getting big and must want to look at his surroundings. I wonder why Orlando doesn’t carry him in a back-pack type baby carrier now? Anyway, cute baby and Orlando still looks great to me!

  • http://Justjared ?

    You can c its miranda what likes the paps not orlando. It was miranda who put flynn in a mag.

  • frisbee

    @LOL!: This conversation would be a lot easier if you were capable of coherently defining what a ‘delphidiot’ is and how I exhaust its parameters.

  • @frisbe

    Don’t expect an answer from LOL!. They seem to be more of a drive by poster. Posting only when the stupidity reaches certain levels.
    And since you admit to coming to this site, and these threads to “mock”, you know exactly what a ‘delphidiot’ is, and what they stand for. Claiming that you don’t know, after posting what you did, is ridiculous.
    IMO, she called you a delphidiot, because those *cough* ladies *cough*, are often accused of posting horrible things about Miranda out of jealousy. In the earlier years of the O&M relationship, the fans referred to them as “fat, jealous, haters”. Now, they try to deflect insults towards them, or their opinions, by calling THEMSELVES “fat, jelus, haters”. So for you to post those same words, does make everyone belive that you are a delphidiot, delphite, etc.
    To add my own thoughts, your claiming in another thread that fans continuing to answer insults is “unusual dedication”, while not saying the same thing to the haters, labeled you a delphite in my eyes. They are also famous for ridiculous double standards. They often post that certain fans are stalkers, while they continue to investigate every single detail about the lives of Miranda, Orlando and Flynn.
    What is the old saying? if it walks like a duck……

  • frisbee

    Oh, I see. I know ‘delphidiot’ refers to some website, but I assumed the insult to now have a more universal meaning, like ‘hater’, but more specific. I’ve never been to that site and my knowledge of and emotional range towards Kerr-Blooms is limited, but if you all would rather believe otherwise, by all means, have fun. I’ll try to drum up more enthusiasm for ragging on them, I promise.

  • Sarah

    Orlando is such a loving father. Flynn is lucky to have parents like Miranda and Orlando. You can see Orlando really loves and cares for his son.

  • Lindaa

    look at this amazin kid

    Flynn is def. the most beautiful baby I^ve ever seen in my Lifee