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Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart: Birthday Dinner Date!

Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart: Birthday Dinner Date!

Jennifer Lopez rocks a skin tight Michael Kors dress while out to dinner with birthday boy Casper Smart at Cecconi’s restaurant on Friday (April 6) in West Hollywood, Calif.

“Thank u all so much for the birthday wishes, I really appreciate them and u!!! :)” Casper tweeted that day.

Earlier in the day, JLo and Casper when birthday shopping together!

Have you seen Jennifer‘s latest music video for her song “Dance Again”? It also features a shirtless Casper – check it out in case you missed it!

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart out for his birthday dinner…

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jennifer lopez casper smart birthday dinner 01
jennifer lopez casper smart birthday dinner 02
jennifer lopez casper smart birthday dinner 03
jennifer lopez casper smart birthday dinner 04
jennifer lopez casper smart birthday dinner 05
jennifer lopez casper smart birthday dinner 06
jennifer lopez casper smart birthday dinner 07
jennifer lopez casper smart birthday dinner 08
jennifer lopez casper smart birthday dinner 09
jennifer lopez casper smart birthday dinner 10
jennifer lopez casper smart birthday dinner 11
jennifer lopez casper smart birthday dinner 12
jennifer lopez casper smart birthday dinner 13
jennifer lopez casper smart birthday dinner 14
jennifer lopez casper smart birthday dinner 15
jennifer lopez casper smart birthday dinner 16
jennifer lopez casper smart birthday dinner 17
jennifer lopez casper smart birthday dinner 18
jennifer lopez casper smart birthday dinner 19

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Alia san

    it is just wrong
    how could they be together

  • Sara

    I can’t remember the last time I saw a picture of her and her children.

  • steph


    I find this relationship weird too BUT in reply to your comment – just the other day there were pics of her with the twins

  • ex nihilo

    wow she looks amazing

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    It’s Casper’s birthday and we still don’t know how old he is. He looks like some juvenile kid that she picked up off the street.

  • sami

    I don’t get what she sees in these men…

  • bella

    I think he is like 23 or 24. I just don’t get what she sees in him. Yuck!!

  • Boring

    Ew, he looks like a turtle without a shell. J.Lo has terrible cougar skills.

  • nicky


    I find this relationship weird too BUT in reply to your comment – just the other day there were pics of her with the twins
    I think she means photos her with her kids that are not for self promotion Have you seen her with her kids going to the park or to their school.Of course not because the nanny takes them there .But she has no problem taking her little boytoy everywhere
    this is why she will never find the right guy.

  • Just Me

    That’s cute, he turned 15?

  • Love me boy

    God, I like Jlo but damn, this is the worst guy she ever dated. He’s fugly. And seems so juvenile and immature. Ugh. Even P.Diddy seemed more manly, and I tell ya I hate Diddy’s huge ass ego… Nah, seriously EPIC FAIL Jlo

  • Marisa1720

    I hate when people ask where someone’s kids are. I saw a picture the other day where she was with them. And apparently she actually takes them everywhere when she’s working from what I read the other day. Of course she can do that since she’s rich and has help but still she has them. Besides, we don’t see Mark Anthony with his kids either and he has five of them now.

  • josie

    Marc Anthony divorced his 1st wife and left his little kids because he wanted to be with JLO, so its normal for him NOT to be around to nuture those two kids he had with her. He wasn’t a father to his two 1st born, so I’m sure its no different with those two he had by JLO. Once in a while JLO will bring her kids out for a photo-op, but there is no way in the world this woman is an adequate mother to her children when she’s out partying and involved in ALL those projects, and being photographed out and about with her boyfriend just about every other day. You can bet those kids go right back to the nannies when the photo session is over. Thanks to American Idol she’s in the spotlight again, and its obvious she’s not going to let those kids she had get in her way. JLO doesn’t care about anything but herself.

  • leelee

    midlife crisis much?

  • She Stinks!

    Is big mama JHO Bag going to take her little boy to Chuck E Cheese for his birthday? You know she’s picking up that check. This desperate delusional low class tacky no talent Latina b*tch continues to make a fool of herself. Why couldn’t she just drift off into obscurity, where she belongs. Her face is so botox’ed up in a vain attempt to look 25! Tragic! Desperate! Hysterical!

  • Prezes

    Oh, can you stop with the age difference already ? My father is 56 and his girlfriend is 23 – younger than me ! But it’s not shocking to me or anybody else – he didn’t kidnap her, she has her own mind. Age is just a number. If two people like each other and enjoy time they’re spending together, they share passions and can learn from each other it’s great ! And most of those nasty comments are made by women. Ladies, when you see George Clooney with another, much younger woman, you’re just saying “Oh, that sexy George ! He can’t help himself, can he ? I would settle him down !”. But when you see another woman with some young, sexy stud, the only thing you can think of is that she should act her age, she has kids to look after, bla bla bla. Guess what, she’s a mother, not dead. And then you complain about double standards.

  • Antonio

    Pathetic old hag with her bleached skin blond weaves and nose jobs is a terrible role model for her kids. She is ashamed because the twins are special needs and she blames them for their disability when it is actually her fauly for having children with a long time Heroin addict like Marc.

  • Cookie_Monster

    JLo I love you, but you have lost ypur mind! Caper must have a big stick..and and you would be surprised the men who actually have ‘it’ nothing to do with their height, weight or how they look!

  • jc

    I don’t care what people say, she DOES look a lot older than him. She does NOT look like she’s in her 20′s. i’m sure it’s even more noticeable in person.

  • Jade

    Casper’s ugly. I don’t find him attractive at all.

  • Jane

    Regardless of what age he is…the guy still and will always give me the creeps. J Lo has the worst taste in men. I wonder what her kids are going to think a few years from now when they look on the internet and see Mommy frolicking around with this guy. How is she going to soothe them when they come home from school and are given a hard time? This woman goes through men every few years! Chris Judd, Marc Athony, P Diddy and her first hubby (whose name I can’t recall) Ben Affleck, now this one. I mean, she cannot hold down a relationship if she tried. What values is she going to teach her kids? Hey my sweeties, look…go with a guy or girl and dump them after you get their money or are tired of them. Then move on with another one. Just go for the sex, money or looks.

  • lily

    This guy is super ugly!!! After ben to this?????Shes loosing her taste…ugh…

  • tulino

    you guys are such a haters, she looks amazing, and she has the right to be with whoever she wants to be. They looks cute together.
    And she is a great mother with her twins, stop talking bad about her, let her live her moment, she is now the # 1 and the sexy mamacita.

    can you understand that a girl in her 40, is still young, she is only 42, she has the right to still have fun

  • tulino

    @Alia san:

    why is wrong? because you said so, hellooooooooooooo, live your live and stop hating others lives. She is is just living her moment, let her

  • camillus

    Tulino she is not looking amazing, she’s had so much bad work on her face and T_ts she looks fax. In Fax this untalentless Wanna be White Who_e looks like a wh_re thats been ridden/work to may years. go away you untalentless, can’t act, can’t sing, cant’s act 40 wanna be tween, you are a total Wh_re and C_nt. Please die.

  • ransom

    Looks like he could be creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy. Ewwwww

  • tulino


    I just want to say that you need to go to church, gurllllllllllllll

  • brenda

    Can’t stand her she’s such a wh@re.

  • lol

    He is having the time of his life. He got a white pickup for his birthday. Apparently, it was a surprise because he has always wanted one. I wonder how she knew that!!!!!!!!!!!! – clever Casper, really ‘SMART’

  • Rocky

    Does she not wear any of the clothes she designs (yeah, right) for Kohls? She’s so lame!

  • jj

    I think there is something wrong with her mentally. She’s an idiot who is DESPERATE FOR ATTENTION.. SHE WILL NEVER BE HAPPY!!!!!

  • MJ


  • Ms Kitty cat

    @lily: Ben is an overated ugly pan cake head.

  • Ms Kitty cat

    @jc: She does look alot older than him.Im tired of people saying she looks so young.Like she’s 25 or even 20! 20!!! You got to be kidding me.That b*tch don’t look no where near 205 ,let alone 20! Please.That b*tch is also lying about her age.Ask anyone here in the Bronx NYc.She’s more like 48 years old. Im not kidding.She was touring with New Kids on the block for F*cks sake. Halle berry is another age lying b*tch .that bitch is in her 50′s

  • Ms Kitty cat

    @tulino: Shut up with that Bible talk. In the Bible its says not to Gossip,and you are on a celebrity gossip blog.So shut up you hypocrite.

  • Ms Kitty cat

    This dude looks like he’s made of wood and the tip of his nose is so long.Hmmm I wonder who he reminds me of. Can’t put my finger on it…………….Oh Yeah Pinocchio! This dude looks like Pinocchi.Bet you he f*-cks Jlo with the tip of his nose.

  • shay

    La verdad es que cualquier mujer incluso Jlo puede estar con el hombre que elija. Diganme por que condenan que ella este con uno mas joven y no condeman que sea alrevez, un hombre mayor con una jovencita??? Muchos creen que eso se ve bien, elegante, inteligente,…… Pues aqui les va Jlo esta muy bien, si su matrimonio se quebro ella puede estar con el hombre que quiera. Very good Jlo.

  • roberts

    i think she looks good for her age, but obviously shes had botox and shit! i think its wrong that shes like the same age as my mum and her boyfriend is like the age of an older brother :L
    but at the end of the day theres nothing anyone can do about it appart from gossip. tbh i just think half the people that dont agree with it are jealous…cause i am ;)

  • lghnn

    @Boring: That was absolutely hilarious!!! I could not stop laughing!!!

  • MP

    @Alia san: What’s so wrong about it? The age? Grow up!

  • MP

    You people are all morons. You act like you know J Lo personally. I don’t see Marc Anthony with his kids either or the ones from his 1st marriage either. Also, so what if this guy is younger? Mind your business! Marc Anthony’s new gf is in her 20s too and almost all the men in Hollywood have younger girlfriends and wives so what is the big deal? It’s ok for a man to date a younger woman but not the other way around? Grow up people we are in the 21st century not the dark ages. I think you guys just hate her because she looks better than you.