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Miranda Kerr & Flynn: Morning Gym Buddies!

Miranda Kerr & Flynn: Morning Gym Buddies!

Miranda Kerr carries her adorable baby boy Flynn into her local gym on Saturday (April 7) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old model and her little guy enjoyed a morning workout!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Meanwhile, that same morning, hubby and papa Orlando Bloom also visited the gym after stopping off to get some coffee.

The day before, Orlando and Flynn went for a father-son hike at Runyon Canyon Park with their dog Sidi.

In case you missed it, be sure to check out Miranda and Flynn on the cover of Who‘s “Most Beautiful People 2012″ issue!

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  • Carol

    he looks a lot like her.

  • Leenah

    Don’t they have a nanny?It’s the gym..maybe they should leave Flynn at home.Anyway..the baby is adorable.

  • zurichgirl

    Awwww he has a necklace, how cute.

  • Shiloh

    Cute little tweedy bird.

  • snoozy

    Don’t like babies, but this one is the cutest I have seen! :-) Very sweet and beautiful))))

  • Ana Carolina

    he’s SO cute, really. beautiful baby :)

  • Ivy

    He is going to be a heartbreaker.god just look at him.he is so cute.

  • @2

    Of course, they ahve a nanny. But I think that it’s great that they take Flynn with them just about everywhere they go.
    He is suh a gorgeous baby!
    And I can’t get over how much he looks like Orlando’s mini-me.

  • @3

    That’s an amber necklace used for teething.
    But it does look like baby be stylin’.

  • Phoebe

    Flynn always be at the gym.
    It’s hilarious.

  • Via

    Was it really on the same day?
    They should just go to the gym together rather than dragging Flynn two separate times haha
    Cute tho.

  • Fishy

    this makes no sense. If one was watching Flynn at home and the other at the gym then okay, but going separately each with Flynn in their hands..hmm. Makes you wonder about this relationship. They don’t seem to like spending too much time together. Trouble in paradise?

  • soundadvice

    I think they’re using this baby for publicity, at least she is. How disgusting.

  • kami

    he is so adorable.

  • @12

    Meeting upi at the gym is not spending time together?
    Seems to me that they make a point to spend time together.

  • Micky

    # 13 soundadvice @ 04/07/2012 at 5:07 pm -7

    I think they’re using this baby for publicity, at least she is. How disgusting.

    100% right. He is a beautiful baby but she is the only model who is photographed nearly every day with her child. She is using him for PR.

  • Dieter

    How can you accuse a mother using her child for PR ??? She brought that beautiful big boy to live and now she wants to spend as much time as possible !!! What is the problem ???

  • Sarah

    Flynn is the cutest baby. You can see he is clearly loved by his parents. Miranda looks beautiful here. She is one of the prettiest models out there. You can see Miranda and Orlando in Flynn. It’s great that Miranda promotes a healthy lifestyle for her and her family. She always looks great and takes great care of herself.

  • Sarah

    Miranda is not using Flynn for PR. She wants to spend as much time with Flynn as she can. She and Orlando both want to spend a lot of time with Flynn. There is nothing wrong with that. They want to have a close bond with their son which is great.

  • Hayley

    Miranda is so not using Flynn for PR! She’s such a lovely girl – and she was so genuine about wanting to spend more time with him when he’s young in the interview she did on one of our news programs. She even took him with her to photoshoots so she could play with him during breaks. Of course, Orlando has his share with Flynn too. :P

    I don’t see anything wrong with Miranda spending time with Flynn. Plus it’s not like she’s asking for these photos. It’s the paparazzi who take them anyway!

  • Tom

    crazy how such a thin girl has such a massive double chin WOW!

  • pete

    frog-face attention ho..where are pics of the most beautiful VS supermodel Jared..Candice Swanepoel??

  • legit

    she’s becoming overexposed. You can clearly see this when you see more pap pics of a celeb; than actual work…such as the case for Miranda lately.

  • tam

    Now just look at posts 21-23.
    Anyone who denies that this is a sockpuppet is beyond delusional.
    Such morons!

  • zoe

    Eliminate that old useless papa, Miranda and Flynn make the most beautiful family!

  • aww

    Flynn and mommy <3
    He's really a Miranda's mini me! So sweet!

  • T

    The necklace is unsafe for a baby. Major choking hazard.

  • Mirandalove

    Miranda is such an effortlessly stunning beauty. And Flynn is as gorgeous as his mom. Lucky boy!

  • pear

    Orlando has a pear shape. I’m surprised that all these workouts can’t save his stumpy lower part.

  • gia

    Gorgeous mommy and gorgeous baby.

  • lol

    It’s funny to see that Miranda and Flynn are far popular than Orlando Hasbeen Bloom everywhere now. The mother and son are both media darlings. Orlando looks rather irrelevant. JJ is smart to take down his name and use Flynn as replacement. No wonder he’s always jobless…seriously who on earth would hire a bomb? Go home and learn to be a proper househubby, Orly. Your career is dead. It’s Miranda’s golden age now.
    @pear: Of course nothing is going to change. Do you believe he goes there for workouts? No hon, he’s there for getting papped. He came after Miranda and Flynn to make sure he’s not forgot by his favorite cameras.

  • @31

    Wow, so much stupidity in a single post.
    Why don’t you just post as ‘Zoe’? Your broken English and ignorance proves that it’s you anyway, so you may as well post your name.
    And by ‘post your name’, I mean on ALL of your posts, not just this last one.
    You look ridiculous trying to hide, when everyone knows that it’s you.

  • nguyen tran gia linh

    I Love Flynn

  • eww

    Bloom is aging awfully. Go get some help. Kora maybe?

  • gorgeousmama

    Miranda looks beautiful and happy whenever she’s with her little one.

  • @27

    Uhmmm, it’s made for babies to chew on. Which means that it is perfectly safe.

  • cute!!

    Flynn is so cute!!! Miranda is just perfection. She’s not only beautiful and successful, but is a wonderful mother. You can easily see how closely-bonded she and Flynn are. They really resemble each other very much! It must be amazing to watch a mini me keep growing up.

  • Ella


    Gyms do have creches.

  • frisbee

    @Fishy: I think Orlando went to the gym without Flynn, only with coffee. But it does seem odd, doesn’t it? He goes to the gym in the morning while Miranda takes Flynn to the same gym in the afternoon. I mean, I can see how that could naturally happen, especially in a 9 to 5 lifestyle but it does stand out.

  • cat

    Flynn is so beautiful

  • marry me

    This woman is a sure bet on making beautiful offsprings. There’s no way to for anyone to look bad with her fine genes! Orlando, you lucky b*stard!

  • @32

    Hi Orlando! Where have you been?

  • sara

    Such a beautiful family!
    I love all three of them!

  • wow

    I haven’t been to delphi in a while, but made the mistake of venturing over there last night.
    And what began as a hate filled site of bitter, obsessed women, has morphed into a site of bitter, obsessed loons.
    Carmen has taken over, it seems.
    Post after post of her rantings that can only be described as unsettling.
    Just curious, but are you guys proud that Carmen has found a home on your site? Are you proud of what that means?
    Just curious.
    Oh, and I also wanted to ask you lot if you have come up with an explanation about Miranda’s boob job. You know, the one that you guys INSISTED that she had while pregnant? Remember how we all said that she was larger because she was breast feeeding, and that they would go back to close to her normal size once Flynn was weaned? Well, it seems that we, and medical science, were right, and you guys were wrong (again). Will you ever admit that you were wrong? Or will you just ignore this one like you every other time that you have been proved to be the liars that you are?
    Just curious…

  • wow

    Oh, I also wanted to ask how long you will still try to claim that Flynn looks nothing like Orlando?
    The entire free internet thinks that he is a clone of Orlando, but you guys keep denying it. Just check out the ONTD thread posted about Miranda on the cover of Who. Unbiased, non-fans (mostly) think that he is Orlando’s mini me, yet not you guys.
    Are you just trying to avoid admitting that you were wrong AGAIN?
    Just curious….

  • karabells

    flynn is so cute. I’m just wondering why his parents always bring him to the gym.. does he exercise there too? :)))

  • surroundedbyidiots

    @WOW – you went over to Delphi huh? And read the posts, including some by Carmen that left you feeling “unsettled.” Why? Because she was concerned for cancer patients and their families being hurt by bad information? Were the people there calling her names? Did the ones who might disagree with her call her an idiot like the posters here (I mean you, wow) do when they disagree?
    Or were they polite, and let her share her opinion without name calling?
    Interesting that they delphi people were more polite, thoughtful and tolerant than you and your miranda police here, lol!

    Did you bring delphi cooties back here, wow? Is some human kindness going to rub off of you now??? Let that little light shine, LOL.

  • @47

    Oh, the delphidiots are always nice to people who agree with their insane theories.
    But if you dare to disagree, they call you worse names than “idiot”, then tell you to “shut the f*** up”.
    Is that what you mean by polite, tolerant, thoughtful and kind????
    And you really wonder why people call you hypocrites?

  • @47

    That was a good one!

  • Sarah

    Miranda is a great mom. I love seeing pics of her and Flynn and love seeing pics of Miranda, Orlando, and Flynn. it’s great she and Orlando both spend a lot of time with Flynn. I don’t get the hate for Miranda and Orlando.