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Will Daniel Craig's Bond Be Getting A New 'Skyfall' Girlfriend?

Will Daniel Craig's Bond Be Getting A New 'Skyfall' Girlfriend?
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  • bomb

    skyfall will bomb

  • Dream House straight to DVD
  • Cowboys&Aliens failed
  • Dragon Tattoo Loss
    even if MGM smartasses achieve better economics they’ll never do well like an indepedent filmmaker Oren Peli who put paltry $15,000 in his first Paranormal Activity and earned almost $200 million.
    I read Fincher demands more than $100 million to make some episodes for Netflix. this guy exaggerates, wastes kilometers of film stock and nothing comes of it.

  • Girl who played with fire

    they want to start shoot the Girl who play with fire at the end of this year and MGM reduces budget and I wonder about next results and what about Fincher.

  • The Deep Blue Sea Rachel Weisz

    I am again surprised when in an interview Weisz has said her movie The Deep Blue Sea has a very limited release and she hopes it find its audience. this movie cost £2.5 million, is screened just in 31 theaters and earned just $397,09 during 14 days. The Whistleblower had been screened in 7 theaters and brought a little over $1 million. people say she’s a very good actress but we can rarely watch the movies of this actress when distributors don’t get more deals with theater owners who want to minimize risks. the film with Weisz is a risk even for 7 theaters.

  • Daniel has a very nice smile..

    but I wonder if this gorgeous smile will fade if Skyfall will be the another fiasco after FOAF, Defiancé, Dream House, Cowboys and Aliens and Dragon Tattoo. it seems really only James Bond makes him name. Somehow I don’t believe him when he says he makes the best Bond ever or Bond with capital B. Failures with Dream House, C&A and Dragon Tattoo weren’t enough big lessons for him. we’ll see trailer of Skyfall soon and I hope it’ll be at least done properly done from old-fashioned Mendes.
    the Greek girl who will play in two or three scenes is very beautiful. Marlohe smiles like a horse and Harris is boring.

    I forgot to add one number to what Weisz’s film made, it’s $397,090 but it makes no difference because it’s too little money always(:-

  • too bad

    I really thought poster 1 -7 was hit by a truck.
    This iidiot is going on my nerves. I guess I skip JJ for a while.

  • to 8

    have nice day. I hope you enjoyed the loser films and will maybe see Skyfall. mayyyybe…

  • to 8

    I know why I am going on your nerves, haha. After Skyfall also bomb in the next months your nerves explode. haha.

  • Gina is the Fool (1-7)

    why get upset? she has been wrong about soooo much.

  • susan

    @too bad

    Poster 1-7, 9-10 is just Gina. Ignore her; everyone has for some time now.

  • Bognor Regis to 11,12

    this is interesting hint of what can happen to Skyfall (like there were hints for the three flops DH, C&A, GWDT) -

    “Skyfall means a hectic trouble/disaster. I can imply this from the plot I read. The plot is about the serious threat in MI6-HQ which must be handled fast and carefully, then also Bond will be tested about his loyalty to MI-6 when the HQ itself is being threatened and Bond is having a rendezvous with his past. A quite hectic problem/disaster that fits the meaning of SKYFALL”

    the thing about the female photographer and EON who sent Military Police to warn her off is funny.

    “The only real news coming off the Skyfall set has come from photographs and video taken by bystanders. When filming moved to Hankley Common, near Elstead, Lucy Browne a naturalist photographer began following the developments in her blog, The Foraging Photographer . She got some astonishing photographs of the Skyfall set being constructed along with a few interesting tidbits of information from the film crew constructing the set.

    Some of the photos created quite a stir among the Bond fan sites, as we have been following the various developments in our Forum, when The Daily Mail recognised her contributions it apparently got the attention of EON who then sent the Military Police to warn her off. It is not clear what if any law she violated, and as far as we are aware she is not a participant to a None Disclosure Agreement.

    From the outside looking at this it appears the Bond bosses got upset at the spoilers coming from Lucy’s well written site. It is understandable that they would like to stem the flow of possible spoilers, however it is not realistic on a production this size, as the Call Sheet troubles have shown us.”

    Turkish guys moving around set also made me laugh but the trumpet serenade for Bond was better, ehe.
    Booooooognor Regis…………………….

  • to 11

    or rather Terence Davies? I saw this video with him, he does probably live in asylum and Weisz is a strong nature to be able to work with this crazy director.

  • to smartass 11

    get it right, dude and honestly.
    I’ll never forget that funeral when Dream House had no its premiere and now pics came from it.

    I liked how ex- boss of Universal Meyer was peppery talking about C&A and smartasses behind this film and about huge financial loss. that was one good thing from him.

    as for Dragon Tattoo, a few banned releases in Asian countries and modest loss for MGM investors. that says all. now akwardly they must to make better economic conditions for the sequel and please God to make some money. the sequel is weak, there is no big space and they hardly make a decent sum of money back.

    Now there is the worst prognosis for Skyfall but I let you to see it yourself.

  • to 11

    hey, you forgot something. post pics from Dream House premiere. don’t make a dandy of yourself and post it.

    Tell me one thing, will be there sequel of Cowboys&Aliens? What? No? Don’t tell me it will Cowboys&Terminators for the next time.

    so what our dear filmmaker Fincher, the biggest genius in Hollywood, will he make the “cost-effective” sequel of the Millenium trilogy? I hope there won’t be any “swine things” otherwise some countries ban the movie like in the case of the first movie.

  • Guinness–yikes!

    Hello noncrazies!!
    Fio–nice return…and sorry that Rach was in the “Dan-van” and u didnt get your turn–”ya snooze ya lose” girlfriend!! And, you sure you dont work for jj here? cuz you always get the news before them!! didn’t you post this in the previous thread? whatever. and thank you for the siamese twins (spelling blah!). so this is what my daughter looks at online—thank jeevus she is still young and innocent—this week—
    (thx Elle)
    and Mendel—I think I did everything you would have done that was proposed to me at sister’s house…umm, cept for the Boob Room…that was Every Room. (kidding). oh-carp, forgot the hot tub!!! wow. I guess i didnt partake in all the activities you would have done.
    ok. dan’s blog–I have a few comments on TGWTDT…

  • Guinness: me & MY DAN talk

    conversation while watching TGWTDT

    So this is how the conversation went between My Dan and myself…
    You gonna watch it with me? Ok. (the girls were watching Willow and National Lampoons X-mas vacation in family room, I got our laptop to watch this—it has wonderful applications, like Hi-Def, and I can easily manipulate the space bar quickly to pause it if anyone under the age of 30yrs old came into the room quickly). I have been watching on the lap top by myself up until this point. My Dan has seen all three Swedish versions and read all 3 books.
    Me: “so this is the icky part with the really icky man and she does icky things to him…Imma gonna mute this part and watch in fast forward motion…”
    My Dan: “ok by me”
    Me: “ she has to win an Oscar, brilliant”
    My Dan: “yeah.”
    Me: “ok, here is your gratuitous lesbian scene…*sacrcasm*”,
    My Dan: Oh, hetero Women don’t like L scenes?
    Me: that’s not the point, men like it, I am teasing you, right?
    My Dan: oh, you don’t answer the question, so you DO like the L scenes…
    Me: (after watching the L scenes…) wow, I like the Swedish L version A LOT BETTER!!, as I move closer to My Dan….
    Me: why does his hair look like that?(all pushed up in front like Ryan Seacrest)?
    My Dan: cuz he is going through a tough time and that is how the world is over there-they don’t care about materialistic things as us Americans do…he is just playing the part.
    Me: wow, he really bites his fingernails alot…
    My Dan: So do a lot of people, he is a journalist, he is in big trouble-stressed out, and they are trying make him human.
    Me: omygawd, loooook at his hair again! My Dan: wow, is that a nice jacket, he looks good.
    Me: wow, I forgot about his back—look, he has big freckles ya don’t see in Bond. (secretly dreaming about lathering up the oil and cover up it takes to get a pool-side pic!)
    My Dan: so, he is being natural—they like that in Sweden. (*omygawd he is so not getting what I am playing)
    Me: um, are we doing some kind of role reversal here? you are supposed to be jealous and making fun of my lust. My Dan: laughs, says yeah.
    Me: wow, do you like speedos, cuz I can buy you some? (my dan wears the thigh-tight ones, which are not so bad either…but I am thinking that I would like to visualize..well, nevermind everyone.)
    Me: woah again—she just did a full frontal—I love what she did for this movie. …Damn. That is an interesting shot. ….
    My Dan: (silent, and he moves a little closer to me)
    Me: they didn’t have that scene in the book! Wow. The screen writers did….um. that wasn’t in the book either or the Swedish movie…and Mikael is not sleeping with everyone…hmmm. And mikael–omygash, they are going to make a love-story. Yey!! Its what I wanted. Nooo, it is gonna be bad for Lisbeth. Then my entire mind changed at what the story was about.
    Would Lisbeth really “let herself” have an organism with a man who was not paying attention to her? Why was Mikael not paying attention to her? Mikael did a “Bond” pose on the bed an my entire opinion of what THIS Mikeal was going to be totally changed. The screen writers made this a different story. Do I want to watch?
    Mikael is a dirty dawg and made the bad guy in the relationship and I don’t think I like this Mikael because he hurt my heroine. And if Lisbeth is hurt again by another man, well, shouldn’t Mikeal be worried about HIS life span if he knows what Lisbeth does to not nice people? No, because the liberties the screen writers’ took will solve that issue. I am hoping Mikael will get a can of “Lisbeth-whup azz”.
    Conclusion: we both LOVED the movie…(I loved the sly, subtle shout outs—NIN on the geeks shirt…) OH OH OH! Ioved the one key playing on the authentic sounding old piano. Awesome. The Swedish version was VERY much more brutal to watch, and I am ecstatic the American version was just as great a movie to watch-if not better.

    so, if you havent seen it, watch it. and fast forward thru the icky stuff!

  • Guinness

    seriously, i just love watching his adam’s apple bob up and down…so manly. *your cue, my cheeky friend!*

    “…never stop” Daniel. ohmy bleepity bleepity bleep *faint*

  • erica

    Thank you for the play by play. I haven’t seen TGWDT because of the “icky scenes!