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Zac Efron: Later, L.A.!

Zac Efron: Later, L.A.!

Zac Efron arrives at LAX Airport sporting some hip sunglasses on Friday (April 6) in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old actor caught a departing flight out of town.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Zac Efron

Zac just started his promo tour for his upcoming movie, The Lucky One, which hits theaters on April 20. Be sure to check it out!

The day before, Zac made an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, where he chatted with host Jay about The Lucky One, loving his job, and his favorite outdoor hobbies.

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron catching a flight out of LAX Airport…

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zac efron lax departure 01
zac efron lax departure 02
zac efron lax departure 03
zac efron lax departure 04
zac efron lax departure 05
zac efron lax departure 06
zac efron lax departure 07
zac efron lax departure 08
zac efron lax departure 09
zac efron lax departure 10
zac efron lax departure 11
zac efron lax departure 12
zac efron lax departure 13

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Proudofzacnessa


  • sorry…………………….

    can’t for his fans to say how hot he looks in the pics when he looks like a shit

  • R U sure

    Zac cute sweater best of luck down under Love ya

  • R U sure

    @sorry Wy not put your full name? sorry excuse for a human. My you haters get up early.

  • R U sure

    @sorry I left the H out , so you know where to go, and take all the haters with you.

  • sorry…………………….

    R U sure
    LOL he looks hot right ??

  • lauren

    what an odd outfit :0

  • R U sure

    @sorry Zac could be wearing nothing and still look hot. LOL I admit it I just love seeing him in anything. He is my hearts desire. BTW I didn’t mean to be nasty to you. I just can’t stand people who hate for no reason. They can just keep their opinions to thenselves why hurt others for no reason?

  • I Am sure

    @R U sure: No reason?? He’s an a$$, hunny, with plenty of examples. Not gonna piss off the locals and rehash them, but quit saying we have no reasons to dislike him. And get a load of this “outfit”. The girly sweater, the gay aqua cap, and even more gay glasses. Seriously? How does he expect straight men to like him????

  • Nadine

    He looks like my aunt tillie

  • mel

    WTF are you wearnig zac???

  • mel

    @I Am sure: I’m not a hater and I don’t want to fight but I’d like to know the examples. Can you tell me why you dislike him?

  • hey there!

    not liking the outfit so much but he is going on a long flight. he definately needs to feel comfy while travelling.

    will admit though that his face looks really thin.

    good luck in Aussie.

  • lauren

    @hey there!
    uh maybe he’s losing weight?

  • pinkydoo

    it doesn’t even look like him

  • R U sure

    @All you haters, I know this will kill you , but I’m sure he is laughing all the way to the bank. I think I heard the sweater is from a friend of his . The hat & glasses, most likely from the clothing Reps that he got paid mega millions for. So Suck on that.

  • living in a box

    so this is Elton John’s adopted son look like…

  • Revenge-Is-Sweet

    People always have to complain. No matter what he’s doing, everything is wrong. What should he wear on plane? One of his tailored Armani or Calvin Klein tuxedos or what? The flight takes at least 14 / 15 hours if it’s a nonstop flight. It’s smarter to wear something comfortable. He likes his clothes and exactly for this reason he’s wearing them. And if you don’t like it, keep it to yourself.

  • I am sure

    @mel: Been following him a long time, mel. It’s a long list. Let’s just say he has a sensitivity chip missing, and is far too focused on himself and his career to care about anyone else. I don’t want to get into it, out of respect. I don’t “hate” him, but he’s got issues. Will leave it at that. Most of you just want to drool over him……..knock yourselves out. I see him differently, and his character leaves a lot to be desired in my book. But I’m not gonna change anyone’s mind. Keep the blinders on……if he’s your type. Definitely mot mine.

  • LMAO

    @Revenge-Is-Sweet: Why? You can be comfortable and not look like a girl. A hoodie and track pants would be a lot more comfortable. He looks ridiculous.

  • allessia

    he is trying to be like robert pattinson .have the i dont give a S, H, I ,T look but really he can’t pull this off, sorry lip gloss by the way that is his what people in hollywood call him ,lip gloss.LOL

  • Lauren

    @allessia that’s so funny what you said? Not?

  • veronica

    @allessia: Yeah, Yeah, I’ve Heard It Before! they call him lip gloss.and i think you are right he is trying to imitate robert pattinson,with the homeless look,the only problem is when robert do it, it fits him strangely he looks sexy, zac just looks ridiculous.

  • Olive

    He looks so skinny! Hope he’s okay…

  • Bunnylover

    Busy man, working hard and hopefully he is gonna get the praise he deserves. so he isn’t to other’s taste . I don’t give a flying fig!! I’m entitled to my view and I view him by his work NOT his private life!!

  • Pumpkin


  • lauren

    try again and go away

  • molly

    @I am sure: If you dislike him so much, why are you in a post that’s all about him? Why even bother paying attention to him?

  • Unidentified

    Seriously people? Haters quit hating, yes what he is wearing may not be an outfit you like but allow it man! Lovers or whatever the opposite of haters is, stop hating haters, its like a huge bloody conflict on what a guy is wearing.
    Let him wear whatever he pleases, what we say isnt going to make a bit of difference.
    And no, just cos he wears skinny trousers, it doesn’t really make him look gay, he pulls them off well.

  • mel

    @I am sure: I don’t want to “drool” over Zac. I don’t even find him attractive. I liked him in HSM and Charlie St Cloud and I think he was hot on it and gave a good performance but I want to know the details because it happened the same to me with Emma Watson, when I found out she’s a bltch and an hypocrite, I totally lost respect for her and I don’t want to support her anymore. Please, tell me.

  • Bunnylover

    @Pumpkin: Regardless of who it is being directed at I find this comment extremely offensive. So basically you are using something that is not wrong as an insult. Please go have a think about what you are typing and how you would feel if I cursed you over something that you have no control over. :)

  • umm

    Douch Bag

  • sjk

    @I Am sure:
    Name one time? Sorry, but just because you may not like him does not mean he’s a jerk. You are entitled to your opinion, but I have never seen ONE validated comment where Zac has been anything other than a nice guy.

  • kami

    isn’t zac too old for this high school, teenage boy, pants-hanging-of-his-ass look? and purple/lavender? i doubt he picked this outfit. he’s got a drunk stylist.

  • jaded

    He needs to lose those shades like a bad case of crabs.

  • corn

    @R U sure:

    have you ever met him before ?

  • hey there!

    @ Lauren you need to take that stick out your Ass hunny.

    WTF is your problem with the Eh comment. All i said was he looked thin in the face which if you compare these pics to his previous ones he does.

    stop trying to pic fights with everyone. I am a Zac fan.

  • leelee

    He dresses like a lesbian

  • I am sure

    @mel: Like I said, I’ve followed him for a long time. I liked him as much as Vanessa, and supported both of them. But through the years, I have found his comments, like how his relationship served him, his incessant flirting and gushing over love scenes with costars and how he practiced in his trailer, his deep throating Nikki Blonsky when he had a GF, the way he always protected his own a$$ first when out with his GF, the way he didn’t show up for her movie premiere, taking pics with a naked model on top of him, and all his magazine interviews showed a guy very self-absorbed. He also was rumored to hook up with countless women whenever away from her. I’m sorry, but that is not the way a decent guy acts if he has a girlfriend. I lost total respect for him as a person after all that. She, on the other hand, always was respectful in her relationsjip. Always. Say what you want about her unfortunate pics, but that had nothing to do with her relationship. Honestly, I was happy about the breakup. I saw a very unhappy, mistrusting woman ahead if she would have stayed with him. If he would have been equally as respectful to her, I would totally still be a fan. But I think he’s a jerk. I don’t deny he did nice things for her as well, but sometimes it all looked like damage control, or him wanting to appear to be a good BF.

  • Bunnylover

    @I am sure: Most of the things that you object to are to do with their careers. He cannot go to premieres while he is working. The model on top of him was a job. Even kissing Nikki was a job. One thing that I do agree with you with is I was very happy that they broke-up too. And he doesn’t use his relationships for publicity.

  • vancrazed

    You guys…he has to dress like this. His ex gf isn’t washing his clothes anymore and his mommy hasn’t been to do it in a while. That’s all he has that’s clean. When I think about how supportive she was of him, and how crappy he was on so many occasions…omg good riddens!!!

  • lauren

    can you guys stop acting like you know what happend in there relationship?no one knows what really went down only z and v do? no fans,ex fans,haters or anyone. its been a year get over it.

  • mel

    @I am sure: But it’s very well known that he did all that because of his team pressuring him. He broke up with her because she was damaging his career, but when after the break up he came back to her it’s because he really cared about her and loved her.
    His alcohol/drug use is very well known in Hollywood and his team is really cotrolling his life.
    His publicist leaked those Vanessa pictures so she wouldn’t get ahead of Zac career wise. They destroyed her dreams and her reputation. Why do you think everytime Vanessa had a movie, new pictures would leak??
    It’s a shame that Zac doesn’t realize that they’re destroying him. He used to be genuinenly nice and now everyone thinks he’s a douche.
    Going to PAris Hilton’s birthday party? The old Zac would have NEVER.
    I know he grew up and stuff but he changed so much. And Vanessa too. She’s a party girl but she does it undercover. I’m sure her new trashy outfits are screaming “I am free now” because she was under so much pressure to appearing classy when he was with Zac…
    I don’t think you have to be mad with Zac but pray that he will eventually leave his team. PLus, it seems that his team is doing nothing for his career but he can’t leave because he’s with the best agency in the world and if he attemps, he’s out of Hollywood forever.
    It’s all very sad :(

  • Zzz

    wOw!!! Everyone knows I’m no friend of zac but the stuff you just spewed maybe one of the biggest pile of s hit I’ve seen. Make no mistake about it efron boy here is still the biggest jackass I’ve ever known. But crap that stuff is way out there, even for me. He’s still a douche, but not that big a one.

  • dadadaaaam

    laughing my ass off LMOA
    thanks :DDDDD
    @lauren a year ????? almost 2 freaking years


    I think he looks adorable as a goofball. I like people who don’t take themselves too seriously, and clearly Zac doesn’t. He doesn’t care if people think he’s a dork. (-;
    The rest of you would do well to follow suit.

  • Crazy

    Although I’m not a fan of his due to a couple of less than admirable moments. My advice to you would be don’t follow any blogs; look for past interviews in magazines and you tube and then after, make your own decision on whether you want to follow him or not. A lot of what you said is junk that I’ve read on a bloggers website; therefore, it’s just “hear say” with no actual proof.

  • My 2 Cents

    Lots of hate here on this day before Easter. Haters to the left. Zac is concentrating on his career, he has been working extremely hard this past year. Whatever he did in the past is now in the past . Judge him on the here and now or better yet don’t judge him at all. None of you know him, he only lets us see a very tiny part of him, the rest he is living his private life in private. The way it should be, we should only know him by his work on screen. That is all he owes us, nothing more.
    By all accounts if your ever fortunate to meet him he has always been very nice and grafeful to his fans. So about his look he is young, wearing the latest fashion trends, and he is comforatable for a long journey. Mistakes? Like all of us he will make them and like all of us he should be forgiven. Peace Out.

  • Bunnylover

    @mel: Umm? If his team released her pictures , how come that 20 other people had it done to them too? And you do realise that they manage her as well now? If it was that obvious that they did it I don’t think she would join their agency do you?

  • R U sure

    @Mel He went to Paris Hilton’s birthday party in the middle off a club with hundreds of people at a Las Vegas Strip Hotel. What a crime!
    @I am sure I just saw Hairspray he did what the script called for not deep throat Nikki. And of course you were there for these so called random hook ups.
    @Corn Do I know ZAC ? Interesting Theory here. If I say yes , I’ll be called a liar, if no then I don’t know what I’m talking about
    @t My 2 Cents You are very refreshing like the first ROBIN of Spring, it’s a big WIN for ZAC to have you in his corner. Thank you for your words