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Zac Efron: Shirtless in Sydney!

Zac Efron: Shirtless in Sydney!

Zac Efron shows off his toned torso as he hangs out shirtless on his hotel balcony on Sunday (April 8) in Sydney, Australia.

The 24-year-old actor, who rocked a pair of Skullcandy Aviator headphones, is currently staying at the same hotel as Rihanna, which features views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House!

Earlier in the day, Zac arrived on a flight from Los Angeles.

Zac is on a promo tour for his upcoming movie, The Lucky One, which hits theaters on April 20. Be sure to check it out when it’s released!

10+ pictures inside of a shirtless Zac Efron

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zac efron shirtless sydney 01
zac efron shirtless sydney 02
zac efron shirtless sydney 03
zac efron shirtless sydney 04
zac efron shirtless sydney 05
zac efron shirtless sydney 06
zac efron shirtless sydney 07
zac efron shirtless sydney 08
zac efron shirtless sydney 09
zac efron shirtless sydney 10
zac efron shirtless sydney 11

Credit: Blue Wasp/Grey Wasp/; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, INFdaily
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  • David

    For God’s sake Zac, pull up your pants!… On second thought, take them off.

  • mattie

    One word…. HOT

  • mmmyup

    Either take those pants off or pick them up, please.

  • oh my!!!


  • Tory

    Is it just me or has he gotten a lot skinnier since The Lucky One filmed… he still looks good but I liked the more muscular Zac

  • http://@ashleymichell22 Vale


  • R U sure


  • ColinG

    My Easter is officially made! fap fap fap!

  • Matt

    Everytime he has a new movie coming out, we get shirtless shots!!! Please pull your pants up, Zack!

  • Matt

    …and you can now truly tell the Men’s Health cover is photoshopped!

  • Tony


    No kidding. Major photoshopped.

  • Tony

    Zac definitely needs a new PR team.

  • sade

    His PR peeps really paying the papps overtime this week. But pics on Jared doesn’t equal talent or box office!

  • kami

    and when someone shows him those pix in an interview he’ll say with a shocked expression on his face, “dude, i had no idea any paps were around.” yep, surprise, surprise, surprise.

  • Evangeline

    Jesus Christ! I CANT EVEN!!

    … breath.. holy all that is good and pure.

    This right here- THAT MAN- is the t e x t b o o k; definition of PERFECT!
    I am not even kidding.

    - Fan girl moment?! Fo’ shizzle.

  • mindhesittime

    R.I.P my ovaries. See what you did, Zac?

  • Is he serious?

    @Evangeline: You are so sad. Or are 12 yrs old. And he certainly looks NOTHING like the magazine cover!! LMAO

  • wren

    Oh my, I wish he liked women….beautiful.

  • me

    he is naked in one picture
    and he say he is a SERIOUS ACTOR! lmao

    this proves hir last cover is SOOOO PHOTOSHOPED!

  • Zzz

    Christ efron I know I told you to Jack off before but I didn’t mean it literaly.
    take that s hit to the bathroom and handle it there like normal guys.

  • jazzmen


  • Tony
  • kary

    OMFG this guy is smoking hot..;D

  • Zzz
  • Tracy

    Meh, he’s such an exebitionist, so full of himself.

  • me

    first that condom on the red carpet and now this?

    yes he finally is a serious actor now. Right? Wonder what his crazy fans are saying now.. i mean they trashed vanessa, and her pictures were hacked.. he is posing for this set… maybe he is really desesperate to gain attention to his movie, and he said he is not a heartthrob

  • kami

    i’ll bet money his crazy pr ppl set this up. with or without his consent. i hope he hasn’t stooped that low.

  • LoveZac

    SOOOO HOOT!(: and for the stupid haters (that the majority are vanessa’s fans) he is a serious actor, what he does in his private life doesn’t affect his work.

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    Zac-A-Mania has taken over. Work it, Zac!

  • creep

    @LoveZac: He surely is a serious actor… With 8% on rotten tomatoes lol

  • creep
    In this picture (when he still got his clothes on) he looked directly to the pappazz… And then the Zefron Show started. Such a Famew0r3. No wonder he is friends with the Tisdale chick, she probably gave him the pappazz phone number lol

  • crick

    ah ta baum

  • LoveZac

    Now I have no doubt that the haters are fans of vanessa, saying the name of ashley into something that has nothing to do with, ridiculous!
    Haters gonna hate, just saying.

  • crick

    @LoveZac: i don’t like them, that doesn’t mean i like vanessa, please, quit being stupid.

  • Tony


    Is that the only lame excuse you can come up with for him standing just inside his room in front of a window showing his bare behind? You gotta do better than that. Can’t come up with anything else? I’m sure lots of ppl who don’t give a rats a-s-s about Vanessa see what he’s doing as pretty dumb. I can already see the Perez drooling over the neked pic and dissing him for “posing” for it.

  • Zzz

    @lovezac, seriously?
    Like crick and Tony I don’t care for Vanessa either as I’ve said a hundred times before. I’m just saying he wants to f u c k himself thats up to him, just do it in the bathroom not on your balcony.

  • kami

    i feel bad for his mother because she’ll sees these pix.

  • jana

    @kami: do you honestly think she’ll care? she doesn’t look like she cares what her son does, if that’s what it takes to provide her a good life.

  • Zzz

    I feel bad for fans or anyone that has to shake his hand. God knows where it’s been now and what he uses it for. Two words hand saitizer, lots of it.

  • kami

    nothing wrong with what he’s doing. something all guys do. he just needs to take it inside. and yes, any mom would be embarrassed to see pix of her son’s bare bottom all over the internet. by tomorrow, i’m sure the frontal ones will show up if someone will pay the asking price.

  • eat me

    i’m not surprise if people will critisize him for this all i can say is base on his movement his not aware his being photograph by the papz besides he is in his hotel balcony he just want to relax and not thinking that someone will sneak a pic of him in his private time.. He deserves that he has a busy day and more busy while promoting his movie the next day….You people can say what you want but for me there is nothing wrong on what he was doing. Being shirtless on your private time is nothing to do on his career..

  • creep

    @eat me: well, being shirtless may have nothing to do on his career, but showin’ his ass… And please, its obvious that he saw the pappz, are you really THAT naive?

  • milena

    I am interested in knowing who he was talking on the phone! Lol!

  • hahahhaha

    @milena: probably his PR team, tellin’ them the plan to catch attention worked out.

  • R U sure

    It’s hard to defend this but here goes , first I love both Zac and Vanessa
    He saw the paps ? Maybe but nothing bad with what he did. We have all seen pics of his underwear before . He was talking on the phone perhaps forgot he was being watched and scratched his ba lls .What guy hasn’t?. The Butt shot he was in doors probably didn’t think the paps could see in or thought they were gone.Eating on balcony in underwear I’ve seen men in speedos which are lot smaller no big deal on that one.
    I’m praying that there are no frontal shots, I’ll be honest here if there are any , i still love him just as much with all my heart I dont believe the nude shot was deliberate.

  • me

    @eat me:
    here is a picture, he clearly saw the paparazzis BEFORE he started getting naked… and there are more pictures of him smiling, waving and making some “fun faces” at the paparazzis… and he is with his manager, so this whole show was probably staged.

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    To Jake Cruise: He’s only going to come to Daddy for Big Bucks. Find a non-famous rent boy.

  • me

    @eat me:
    more here.. there’s like 100 pictures, he was really happy posing for the paparazzis, look at the latest pictures, he was playing with the paparazzis, taking pictures, and all that was after his naked shoot, so yeah, all that was staged.

  • florence2

    The thing is though he is not INSIDE his room when the butt showing photo was taken so he knew that by standing where he did that it would be a opportunity for someone to take a photo being naked inside his room is one thing but going by a window with nothing on is inviting people to take photo’s, so I bet he and his PR team are loving having these all over the internet knowing that it will be a topic when he does anything for TLO and it also promotoes the sex aspect of this movie which is basically what it is being sold on not the acting of him or his co-star’s but the fact that it’s efron’s first full sex scene and you get to see him naked, well after these photo’s people will have seen it all before the film come’s out .

    He’s not going to be taken as a serious actor until he keeps his clothes on in a film, stop using sex to sell himself and his movies and concentrate on his acting skills, he says that he does’nt like being a hearthrob these shots tell a different story.

    He is well aware of the pap’s and he’s been in the buisness long enough to know that the pap’s will find him and get photo’s so he kne by doing what he is doing hand down trousers, butt showing at a window that there’s a good chance it will get caught and plastered all over the net. He’s not so private as he makes out to be.

    The stars he supposedly looks up to Leo. Johnny Depp have done their fare share of movies with their clothes off and have also done a lot more movies with their clothes on and it’s their acting that has got people talking not how good their bodies are or how often they had their shirt off. Eg Inception was a brilliant film and Leo kept all his clothes on again Shutter Island another brilliant film. Just saying that if efron wants to be taken serious as a serious actor just play acting as a marine is’nt going to cut it and eventally people will get sick of seeing him with no shirt on in every movie he does.

  • kami

    this guy can hide from the paps 24/7 and knows all their tactics. yet he stands right inside his hotel room showing his bare backside to the world. that just doesn’t click. i feel bad that he thinks this is necessary to get attention. he doesn’t need to do this.