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Alexander Skarsgard Covers Herald Sun's 'Play Magazine'

Alexander Skarsgard Covers Herald Sun's 'Play Magazine'

Alexander Skarsgard takes the April 8th cover of The Herald Sun’s Play Magazine, on stands this week.

Here is what the 35-year-old Battleship actor had to share with the mag:

On why he chose to do Battleship: “I read the script, it’s big, epic, fun, a really cool story, but I care more about the brothers, the relationship than the explosions. The process of making the movie, that’s what’s fun as an actor obviously, and this is my first big studio movie, so I didn’t really know. I heard stories from other actors on other movies where sometimes they feel that they are being micromanaged and there’s no creative freedom, they can’t really have fun with it. [But] Pete Berg, who is an actor himself, is very open.”

On adjusting to life in Los Angeles: “In Stockholm, all my friends live within five blocks of each other, we wouldn’t even have to call each other, I would just go down to the local coffee shop and I would run into friends and see them. In L.A. that doesn’t really happen to me.”

On how his father Stellan Skarsgard taught him to keep his life private: “He was always very protective of the family, and us kids and he could be very open and talk about his work and himself and his characters, but you wouldn’t see like 25 house tours or ‘Welcome to the Skarsgard family and this is my home, what’s in my fridge’. I think that keeps you kind of sane, and that’s important for me as well, to not share every thing with everyone.”

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alexander skarsgard covers herald sun play magazine

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  • Lilla

    Well hello there handsome!

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    I forgot that he is from Sweden(and certainly looks like it!) Father usually knows best – but not in this case. Alex, if you are going to be a movie star you CAN’T keep your private life private. It’s all going to come out whether you want it to or not.

  • Dee


  • Dee

    He’s very talented by the way

  • Mina

    I literally moaned out loud when I saw this cover. Alex, you are too beautiful. I can’t take it.

  • frisbee

    @Dave From Canada: I’m not sure if he wants to be a movie ‘star’ per se. Stellan isn’t much of a star either – merely a successful actor. If you’re good enough at it and not about famew0ring you don’t need to sell your fridge for attentition. So, good choice, Askars, is what I’m saying.

  • Sounds good

    He is beautiful man, gosh this is a good cover.

  • Private

    You can keep your private life private even in HW. It’s possible if you have good friends and family that don’t talk to others about your life. He seems to have good friends and family so he can achieve a private life. This is a gorgeous cover.

  • danielik

    Angel and devil in one! Love him!

  • Good for Alex

    Alex has done very well maintaing his personal life, the only thing that let him down was Kate ******** who made sure to plastered the so-called pap stunt relationship in all papers and gossip rags,
    Other then that Alex is a quite guy and I have not heard a peep from him since Japan and I think he is back in LA unnoticed filmingTB the only time the fandom and gossip sites fire up is when alex is seen or rumoured to be with a women.


  • Mesmerizing eyes

    Look at them eyes. So beautiful. Great cover.

  • ladybug

    Nice hand porn.

    Also, apparently life-size:

    @Good for Alex: I think post KB he’s done very well and maintaining his personal life (freakouts over EO and CT notwithstanding). He doesn’t get papped anymore. We’ll be seeing a lot more ‘official’ stuff over the next couple of months, with Battleship and TB premiering, but I suspect we still won’t see that many pap shots.

  • Oh yes

    @Mesmerizing eyes:
    Oh god yes his eyes they are breath taking. I love every bit of him.
    @Daniellk yes he makes you want to be good and very very bad all at the same time.

  • EmilyB

    I am so happy for him in his career . he is a very handsome man and very talented i see him around for many years to come . I am glad he is getting a lot of magazine articles and covers . . he looks very tasty on this cover so good that i am hungry and want a bite of him he is my favorite actor by far

  • POGO

    What a nice picture and article first thing in the morning. YUMMY!!!!!

  • Zola24

    Oh my……..where was I?? Oh yes, the eyes, and the, and the…….
    Obviously Alex is talented and appears to be a genuine all-round nice kindofa guy who deserves continuing success, both personally and professionally.
    Askars, wishing you as much happiness as you have given us.

  • danielik

    @Oh yes: Yes, yes, look at him carefully…

  • Gina

    Good interview. Good for him. I know we all like seeing the photos of him but he deserves to keep is personal life private.

  • Zola24

    Oh no, now I have managed to stop stareing into those eyes, have just noticed the caption top right, “What to do this weekend”.

  • karl

    Peter berg thinks viking is slow in the head…

  • http://morelikeaninja Jule

    I don’t need to know him and/or his private life. I just need to see such covers like this with his face. He’s a swedish god. I do like the characters he is playing but I do not like him because he is who he is..
    He’s one of a few hundred actors in the Hollywood-World,… one of the best in my eyes.. go ahead Mr. Skarsgard! I want more!!!

  • Good for Alex


    Oh yes I totally agree with you 100% alex Maintained his personal life even before Kate ******** pushed her way into alex’s bed , it’s was just a shame he spent say 1 year and a bit of his life with a worthless person who was only intrested in Alex for his fame and any connections that he had that could help score her second hand parts in z lists movies.
    For me she never cared once about Alexanders feelings or him as a person if she did she wouldn’t have shoved the so called relationship down our throats .

    That’s my bit on her done good riddance to her ALEXANDER STILL LOOKS GOOD ON THAT COVER XXX

  • Camille

    I’m so glad Alex gets recognized for his work now that he’s rid himself of some baggage. Before he used to get papped for where he ate or where he bought groceries at. Now that he’s rid of that it’s pretty obvious why that was happening. He looks fantastic on this cover.

  • hmmmmmmm

    Nice that we are getting some new pics. The interviews lately though are kind of like cut and paste of others.

  • Not cool, Peter

    Apparently Peter Berg had a favourite on set and it wasn’t Alexander. Sorry, but after reading this I just lost a little respect for Peter. I got the impression that Peter and Taylor had a little fun on ASkars expense. Not cool! :-(

  • Peter and Taylor

    @Not cool, Peter
    I agree. They were not only making fun of Alex’s way of working but Taylor was dissing the work method on True blood as well. :@

  • Moviefan

    That’s rich coming from the two of them, a mediocre actor and a rather lousy director who’s never made a movie worth seeing. Nice of them to criticise the only one who will draw people to Battleship. Sheesh!

  • ladybug

    @Not cool, Peter: I wouldn’t fuss over it.
    First, at least for me, it’s an article that was taken from an English language interview, translated into Swedish, and then, courtesy of Google Translate, back into English. I think something got lost in there. I don’t get a sense from Alex’s interactions with Peter or Taylor that he’s ticked at them or anything.
    Is tv work is different from movie work, or theater work? Yes. But, AS had just finished Melancholia, and TK’s worked in television, so he knows how it is to adjust to a different medium. And PB’s a former tv actor himself.
    I suspect this is Aftonbladet perhaps trying to make a mountain out of a non-existent molehill.

  • Not cool, Peter

    @ ladybug: Perhaps it looses something in translation from Swedish to English, but in Swedish it’s pretty bad. Both Peter and Taylor came across as being slightly arrogant to be honest. Aftonbladet met Peter in London so it’s their translation from English to Swedish. Don’t know how accurate that is. I was cringing the most at Taylor talking about how his method opened a door for Alex, like Taylor is such an experienced and brilliant actor and he got to teach Alex how to act. I would not see this movie if Alex wasn’t in it.

  • Watch it berg/Taylor

    Wow Peter berg needs to watch his mouth including that z list of an actor Taylor who cannot act his way out of a paper bag they should not be dissing tb that’s none of there business.
    How dare they insult super talented Alex, see there all nice in front of the camera then off camera its a different story.JEALOUSY

    The only reason the film is getting a lot of attention is because of Alexander who gives a shit about rhianna, decker, and Taylor in the movie,
    oh I like Liam neeson great actor he should also draw viewers in to watch the movie

  • ladybug

    @Not cool, Peter: But that’s what I’m wondering, if Aftonbladet didn’t tweak that, because Taylor doesn’t really seem that arrogant to me. He strikes me as being fully aware that he’s also from a tv show that’s got a hard core, but small, audience and is also making the transition to movies.
    So for him to act like he’s all that would be pretty arrogant and laughable. And astonishingly stupid. Which is why I wonder if Peter and TK weren’t joking around and it got mangled and twisted on its way to the pages of Aftonbladet (which, if my memory serves, is something of a tabloid). Perhaps future interviews will follow up and ask what the heck TK and PB actually meant.

  • Watch it berg/Taylor

    This interview reads as if Taylor was teaching Alex how to improvise, and act, jeez melancholia required alot of improvisation work he worked with director lars von trier who expects nothing less from his actors who you are trying to Kidd Taylor and Peter.

    Here is the translated interview

    “Frightening for Skarsgard”
    The director of the Swede’s tough recording: We are not nasty to other actors, but …

    The director was a friend of the protagonist.

    This meant that Alexander Skarsgård was being frozen out during recording.

    - It was probably a bit scary for him, confesses director Peter Berg.

    Alexander Skarsgard plays against Rihanna and Liam Neeson in “Battleship”. The director is Peter Berg and starring, who also plays Skarsgård’s brother, made by Taylor Kitsch.

    - He’s like my little brother. I really enjoy working with him, said Peter Berg about his good friend Kitsch When Aftonbladet meets him in London.

    But the director’s close friendship with the protagonist was going out over the other actors. For Nöjesbladet recognize Peter Berg that it is primarily affected Alexander Skarsgård who was being frozen out during recording.

    - I mean, we are not cruel to other actors, but …

    He stops when he says it. So he picks up the thread again.

    - We must be careful, me and Taylor. We get the lingo. As for Alexander Skarsgard for example. It was a little scary for him. We had to assure ourselves that let him in so he did not feel left out.
    “Got to slow down the pace”

    Peter Berg screws a little in her chair in five-star Mandarin Oriental hotel in London. He is here to promote “Battleship” with some of the actors, but Alexander Skarsgard is not.

    - I encourage my actors to improvise a lot and Taylor are good at it. The first few days as Alex Taylor was working on and improvised and Alex tried to follow the script to find the lines that were not in the script. We had to slow down the pace a bit and let Alex catch up, says the director.

    - But I’m pretty good at sensing if you are not comfortable. Taylor is also good at it, he would never make anybody feel uncomfortable on purpose.
    “A learning curve”

    Taylor Kitsch also remembers the situation well. He believes that it is primarily a matter of Skarsgård, who are accustomed to strict television recordings from “True Blood”, needed time to relax for the freer film.

    - I might not say it was scary for him, more, this was a learning curve, says Kitsch.

    - I’m using just straight in and I think it opened a door for him. You must of course ask Skarsgard, but I think in the end he loved it. One must consider that he is in “True Blood”, where there is no room for improvising. It concerns markings on the floor, where to stand and how to proceed.
    Torbjörn Ek

    Taylor Kitsch

    Name: Taylor Kitsch.

    Age: 31.

    Occupation: Actor.

    Background: Growing up in Canada, were forced out of the ice hockey due to a knee injury. He moved instead to New York and became a model for including Diesel. His breakthrough as an actor in the TV series “Friday Night Lights,” appeared in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and “The Bang Bang Club”.

    Current: Make the lead role in “Battleship”, you can also see the movies in the title role in the mega-fiasco “John Carter”.

    Peter Berg

    Name: Peter Berg.

    Age: 50.

    Occupation: Director and actor.

    Background: Wrote and directed the film and television series “Friday Night Lights,” directed “The Kingdom” and “Hancock.” Played physician Billy Kronk in 106 episodes of “Chicago Hope” between 1995 and 1999.

    Currently: Directs science fiction film “Battleship” with Taylor Kitsch, Rihanna, Liam Neeson and Alexander Skarsgard in the roles.

  • hmmmmmmm

    It’s just guys being guys ribbing eachother. For example how many times has Skarsgard and Moyer ribbed eachother. To go further look at how the Skarsgards were ribbing the other actors when talking about working with Lars. It’s in that same vein.

  • frisbee

    @ladybug: Taylor Kitsch does seem to suffer from a foot in mouth disease, re his unfortunate joke at the expense of Malaysia/Indonesia, among other things.
    And Peter Berg is not exactly the king of the subtle hill either.

  • Lilla

    Aftonbladet isn’t exactly known for its stellar journalism. Alex has improvised in roles before, so that makes me roll my eyes at this.

  • Camille

    I don’t think the article is well translated. I think basically what they’re saying is that Peter gave the ok to improvise quite a bit and Alex was used to sticking to a script so they let him take some time to find a groove. That’s really all I get out of it. It’s also Alex’s first big budget film and so the scale was massive and therefore he probably wasn’t used to it. Taylor would be, from X-men so he’s probably trying to say that Alex was in awe of how many people and equipment things were on set. I don’t see them as taking pot shots. I see them as having a bit of a fun time and saying that it wasn’t something Alex was used to because his productions have been traditionally smaller in scale. It’s not that big of a deal really, it’s obvious that it’s quite poorly translated and therefore losing the real meaning.

  • ladybug

    @frisbee: Correct, but this was a whole interview, which is why I’m still of the belief that this was probably done in a joking fashion-trying to take the pis* out of AS, and it translated badly.

  • Camille

    Wow I can’t believe that people are so upset about a badly translated article and are giving people thumbs down for second guessing the contents. I prefer to give Peter and Taylor benefit of the doubt since before this they have only ever said nice things about their co-stars, including Alex.

  • Oh yes

    Berg is a tool the way he treated Decker and Alex at Wonder Con he took over the whole panel. He thinks he is so hot. Hancock sucked. Alex did GK very well and pulled it off so a dumb action like Battleship is not Shakespeare. For a director on promotion he is sounding like a tool. Taylor is overrated too, he is not the best JC didn’t blow for nothing and it wasn’t a marketing problem. Google translation aside Berg is a tool.

  • frisbee

    @ladybug: I wasn’t trying to say they were purposefully being ars*es, as much as that both are prone to using the worst possible phrasing for things that are initially inocuous. Though sure, taking the piss and bad translation piled up as well.

  • Rihanna

    haha Berg is jealous idiot this is from a guy that said what took so long before Rihanna got a part. It could be because she can’t act Berg. Then he hired her. He song praises also for Brooklyn I mean come on all Decker does is stand there and look pretty. She’s Rosie in Transformers, she was god awful Rihanna is Rihanna in water no difference. So him taking a piss at Alex because he is on TV is a load of BS. I have yet to see Taylor pull off a character as what Alex did for GK, or even Eric Northman so if Alex was asking or saying something he was probably trying to make his character much more interesting or appeal instead flat.

  • @ hmmmmmmm


    Give some examples then. I’ve never seen Alex ribbing, belittling or patronizing his co stars whereas Stephen Moyer has been very patronizing towards Alex in some interviews. This Aftonbladet interview was really very low and mean spirited. I wonder what lies behind? Seems that Alex is way more popular amongs the fans and he’s supposed to be only a minor player in BS (pun intended;). It’s all about jealousy and propping up Taylor’s image, but very tacky. I’m so not going to see this film for Taylor, and if Alex is there let’s say less than 30 min I’ll skip the movie.

  • Just sayin

    I just think it was a case of a poorly GOOGLE translated interview mixed up with some humor :) i would really hate to think that 2 industry professionals would be taking a crack at Alex and his acting ability that could really shed some negativity on them as professional individuals

    Just sayin

  • @ Camille


    I speak Swedish and believe this wasn’t nice article and it doesn’t bode well Alex’s Swedish career as an serious actor. He’s not very appreciated b/c lack of education/degree, his sex symbol status and cheesy True Blood.

  • ladybug

    HBO teases us:
    True Blood ‏ @TrueBloodHBO Reply Retweet Favorite · Open

    Psst! Tune-in to @HBO a few minutes before tonight’s @GameofThrones. #waitingsucks #trueblood

  • ladybug

    @@ Camille: You really think that a badly translated interview in a Swedish tabloid is going to affect Alex’s career?

  • IMDB

    OMG! I just checked TK has 13 films so far, upcoming and And Alex has 43 pre-prod. titles included. Sure is TK experienced enough to give some acting lessons to his older bro. IRL TK is 31 and AS 35. Btw, now I understand better the glimpses TK gave to AS in Japan.

    My first thought was it was admiration but obviously it was pure jealousy or both. And he’s all the reason to be jealous and to fear Alex. AS is such a scene stealer. They just try to put him down. I hope this doesn’t harm AS career tho.

  • IMDB


    It wasn’t my intention to diss Alex but Aftonbladet is quite respectable paper not a tabloid in Sweden and I meant this kind of comments of co-stars and directors don’t do well to anyone’s career. This article also may spread worldwide and if they speak that disrespecting about AS to media, you can only imagine what they say behind the scenes and in film industry circles. And how can that twat kitch be so stupid he doesn’t find out about AS’s career before blurting that brain fart.

  • Biff

    I like this actor. Looking forward to Battelship

  • Lilla

    @ladybug: If anything, if Berg was being a jerk, it makes him look bad, not Alex.