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Justin Theroux Fills Up the Tank

Justin Theroux Fills Up the Tank

Justin Theroux stops at a gas station to fill his new Mercedes-Benz up with a tank of gas on Saturday (April 7) in Los Angeles.

The 40-year-old actor and his girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston, went on a double date earlier this week with their pals Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson!

The foursome grabbed dinner at Katsuya in Los Angeles and made a quick exit out of the back door after their meal, according to the Daily Mail.

10+ pictures inside of Justin Theroux at the gas station…

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justin theroux fills up the tank 01
justin theroux fills up the tank 02
justin theroux fills up the tank 03
justin theroux fills up the tank 04
justin theroux fills up the tank 05
justin theroux fills up the tank 06
justin theroux fills up the tank 07
justin theroux fills up the tank 08
justin theroux fills up the tank 09
justin theroux fills up the tank 10
justin theroux fills up the tank 11
justin theroux fills up the tank 12

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Shy

    He looks kind of too old for that hat and that outfit. Justin you are 40. Not 18.

  • #1 is spot on!

    Justin looks silly in that outfit. He may think he looks cool but he just looks like a fool!

  • ANCH1977

    Justin should play a hobbit in Peter Jackson The”Hobbit”

  • cloco

    I like him. and that’s it

  • Jas

    Does he only have that same pants? I remember him wearing the same in Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle? Please ask your sugar momma to hire a stylist for you. Anyway, she is the one spending, right? lol

  • Ummm..

    So unattractive…

  • Probably True

    Hat too small
    Shirt too small
    Pants too small
    Sausage too small…

  • box office numbers dont lie

    I wonder if he and Jen went into hiding after Wanderlust tanked so horribly at the box office. Must have sucked for them knowing that not even their die hard fans were intertested enought to shell out a few bucks for their movie.

  • Polly

    Really Jen? This is your man?

  • Leenah

    People should stop hating..nobody cares about your opinion.Justin can dress however he wants too,it’s a free country,even though people are so judgemental.

  • CC

    It must be nice to have sugar mommy. He now gets to drive a Mercedes Benz. Why does he always have a 100 keys hanging off his body? What is he a building superintendent or Janitor?

  • dara

    Aww Angry Brad Pitt fans upset that Justin looks 10x better than him. And Don’t get me started on boney Angie.

  • Pery

    @dara: you need your medicine so much…10x better than Brad Pitt? bwahahahhahahahahaha that man will never get close to Brad in all aspects…that man is a nobody……how pathetic Chinnifer fans are….

  • @Dara

    You are an imbecile and totally delusional…typical jen hen.
    This gigolo at 40 looks older, nastier and washed out more than Pitt at 40 ever was…remembered TROY and a 41 years old Pitt ???…It means Justin and his saggy ugly old looking neck will probably looks like Hugh Heffner by the time he is Brad’s current age.
    Pitt is taller, well proportionated (no short skinny legs on a longer trunk), has more muscles, better younger manly legs, better butt, better arms, better smile, better nose (no crroked nose like this guy), better eyes, better swag…and ALL his hair…unlike balding midget, his unfit hair piece and his mascara on his tanning aging emaciated face.
    And don’t get me starting with the professional resume, the wallet; the international status, the fact that Pitt doesn’t need a suggar mama to pay for his pedicure, manicure, home, hair piece, vacations, ect…

  • nes

    don’t really get all ta fuss about what he is wearing, have we all of a sudden become fashion critics, oh please.

  • thiru

    I dont know but that guy can write, act, dance, draw, paint and write the song for Mr Pitt singing. And at least, Jen’s children will have great family name.

  • CC

    Do you have a hangover dear? Brad in his onesie puts this man to shame. Brad has swagger, lips, hair and well-proportionate tall body. His legs are shorter than JA’s and she’s 5’4 on a good day.
    Looks aside, Brad is a mega-star. No one heard of this guy before he started dating JA.

  • Melissa

    The haters are jealous losers!

  • anime

    the guy should grow up!!!!!!!!! he dresses like a small boy. geez i suppose thats why maniston likes him because she tries too hard to look young also.

    must be really good to be a freeloader and has this rich sugar mama.

  • http://compute LOL

    Dump my girlfriend of 14 yrs, to hook up with a Couger to advance my dead career. This guy Never wrote a script by himself, it is always with other writers. He can only play Charles Manson, too short and ugly to be a lead actor.
    Now none of the two have work, after they laid an EGG, with WonderBust.
    Now I’m driving a Mercedes Benz, and living in a 21 million dollar home that I could never afford.
    I can put up with my cougar’s chin, beady eyes, thick neck, smokey voice, stumpy legs, hair extentions, implants and insecurities, this is the only way I can get ahead in Hollywood, I’m forty years old, time is running out for my career.

  • http://compute LOL

    @dara: You can do something about being boney, but UGLY is bone deep.
    I’m betting you’re an overweight person, thats why you’re are bitter.

  • wren

    He sure does like to pose…..I guess he makes her happy, hence the Mercedes. Not what I would want, but hey it’s Hollywood. For women like Jen who have attained a certain stature and income level, I would imagine it is hard to find ANYONE who can measure up. Remember Rihanna saying the other day it was hard to find someone?

  • Camila

    He is way too desperate and pathetic. Wonder is Jen buying hair plugs for him. That pathetic Wonderslut movie bombed so bad. Jen will have to pour more money into pr to sell her crapfest movies and while she is at it step up this paid gigolo’s game with a new stylist sick of his lame azzwipe look. Looks like Heidi Bivens didn’t lose nothing here with this cheating douche bag.

  • ellie’

    I think Justin looks just fine..!! They are both happy..So why don’t you stop this triangle already…The laughs on thought Jen wouldn’t matter anymore she will always be a superstar…with everything she does…that’s why your here!!!

  • ellie’

    I also happen to think Jen & Justin are the best hottest celebrity couple in H.W. You go girl..

  • ellie’

    Happy Easter everyone…!!! have a nice family day…

  • an opinion

    New paintings. New home and now New car. The guy is a player. Keep using Aniston’s money. She is so needy she will give the guy anything. So love it. BTW Justin your outfit was a style 10 years ago and it’s just an old man trying too hard to look hip.

  • dawne

    Ellie and the ‘HW’S hottest couple……………..gave me my belly laugh for the day. You are a stand alone with that thought. THE power couple is Angie and Brad and everyone in HW acknowledges that fact…………even if you tell yourself a thousand times it won’t make it remotely fact. Give it up, girl.

  • Gossipgirl

    Try hard hipster douche! BTW, your hat looks ridiculous!

  • Gossipgirl

    @CC: Love this!

  • Pery

    @ellie’: According to Wikipedia, superstar is a is a term used to refer to a celebrity who has GREAT POPULAR APPEAL, WIDELY KNOWN, PROMINENT AND SUCCESSFUL in some field. Based on that definition alone, your idol will never come close. She is not even known in our country. Your idol is not a worldwide star, has no box office appeal. She can’t even carry her own movie. She is first and foremost a TV starlet. The greatest thing that happened to her career is marrying Brad Pitt. Admit or not, without Brad she will never be in the mainstream. After Brad dumped her, she became the biggest joke of HW…..

  • Nothing But Love

    Looking good Justin.

  • pat

    creepy, creepy, creepy!!!!

  • Cookie_Monster

    @Probably True:

    You would be surprised as have I in my lifetime to find out that weight, height or how great a guy looks have nothing to do with the size of sausage..the types of Brad Pitt are usually all smoke and no fire..They put on a good show until it’s time to produce the goods.HA HA HA

  • http://compute LOL

    @ellie’: Justin is not a celebrity, Jennifer hot? not even for a blind person, that have to touch her face.
    Hot, this midget in a too small hat, tee shirt, pants not in this lifetime, now this is mananorexic.
    He is a paid escort, all the other men have careers and money, so they dumped her after a couple of months, but this midget is broke, so he is sticking around and enjoying the luxuries his cougar is providing.
    Don’t pull he is a writer, he co-wrote a couple of scripts, RDJ said Ironman 2 script was crappy.
    So Ben Stiller throws a bone now and then.
    Can’t wait for the two of them to get married, because this is the best they both can get.

  • Des

    Justin Theroux dresses like Justin Bieber. Do I have to state the age difference?

  • PH

    @Cookie_Monster: Well, the fact of the matter is his ex-wife and his ex-fiancee, even an old ex-girlfriend (Robin Givens) still name-drop Brad Pitt years, nay, decades AFTER the relationships were done. That seems to me that BP’s sausage was all fire, and he was able to produce the goods. I have never heard Heidi Bivens say anything lamenting the end of their relationship, so maybe Justin ain’t all it?

  • Love The Shoes

    Not a fan of Jen’s and not real familier with him but I gotta say I think they seem happy and matched up good. He’s got his own money, his own established career, he’s the same age as her, they share the same friend and professional circles. They both have parents in the biz so to speak (his mom is a famous writer and her dad is a famous actor…….ok, sorta on both notes). Point is, let them be. She’s got a REAL bf! She’s not expermenting with loose lipped too young guitar players or overweight comedians anymore. She got herself a cute, breakdancing, skinny jean motorcycle riding bf! and they have dinner with Tom Hanks! I am not mad at her.

  • k

    why is everyone so nasty? too bad that they are happy? My best wishes to them.

  • mini boyfriend for Jen

    He’s tiny!

  • Love The Shoes

    @Love The Shoes: When I say not real familier and then proceed to write about him like I am in fact, well I researched it and that’s where I got my 411-fyi from.

  • Love The Shoes

    @@Dara: Youu didn’t eveen bother to find out one thing before you vomited all that misenformation. The dude has his own career fame and fortune and had it b4 he and she hooked up. He is not a gigolo.

  • box office numbers dont lie

    Stop it with the delusional comparison, Jen fans…this guy cant even touch Brad..

  • PH

    @Love The Shoes: Nah-uh, he did not really have his own fame and fortune before he hooked up with JA. He might have gotten his money from his parts in Mulholland Drive and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle and Your Highness, but not really what you would consider a fortune. I can bet he never drove a Mercedes, never lived in a $21M mansion, and never ever had a thread about grocery/furniture shopping and filling up a gasoline tank at JJ before hooking up with JA.

  • CC

    @Love the Shoes
    You miss alot in your research. He had neither fame (since no one heard of him pre-JA) or fortune ( he lived in a modest walk-up co-op building in NYC). The average screenwriter makes $100k and he’s no Aaron Sorkin. A Career, I guess.. if you consider acting in a handful of movies/or straight to video movies and tv guest spots, a writing credit (along with several others) for 3 films by the time you’re 40 years old.

    But I guess in HW it’s never too late to have all three especially if you have a sugar mommy banking your career.

  • jentheho


    He does have a career b4 he hooked up with Jen Jen but not so many people care to notice. Some people haven’t even heard of him. You are obsolutely right. I’ll bet he has never lived in a 21 mil mansion or drive a Benz. He probably rides his bike mostly in NY.

    JJ never give him his own thread until shortly hooked up with Jen Jen. Jen/Huvsy really pay JJ well to give shortly his own thread.

  • aha

    How come he has not giving his sugarmoma Jen a ride on her bike?
    It is such a public stun b/c delusional Jen know that nobody is given old hag Jen and her rental boyfriend any crap in their fake relationship.
    Their movie is a stinky bomb at the box office.
    They have to suck up on Tom Hank b/c people love Tom Hank.
    People still will not give any crap on old hag Jen and her rental boyfriend.

  • brenda

    What a fu@king douche bag.

  • Anna

    Todos son ridículos, comprense una vida y dejen de criticar la de los demás. Como el se viste es su estilo y particularmente me encanta, si a ti no porque lo publicas te la crees mucho criticando y seguro que sos un top Model detras del computador, A los que no les guste comprense una vida que aseguro envidian la de el. JUSTIN ROCKS

  • cassey

    according to google, he is worth 10.5 million. pretty sure he has enough money to buy a benz and live in a mansion pre jen and after jen. jolie fans, drink a cup of water and relax, nobody is trying to compete with brandgelina or whatever they are called. you freaks/ haters are insinuating he is not a major celeb but he sure generates more comments than the so called “celebrities” on this site. not because whats his name is aging drastically doesnt mean you guys should be freaking out about jens boyfriend hotness, after all justin is number 4 on peoples sexiest man alive. Merry Easter everyone.