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One Direction: 'Saturday Night Live' Performance!

One Direction: 'Saturday Night Live' Performance!

One Direction perform their hit song “What Makes You Beautiful” on Saturday Night Live‘s April 7th episode.

The British pop sensations were the musical guest alongside host Sofia Vergara.

During the show, the boys – Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan – made an appearance during the Manuel Ortiz Show sketch playing the sons of Sofia‘s character!

Click inside to check out a video of the sketch and the boys’ performance of “One Thing”.

One Direction on SNL – “What Makes You Beautiful”

One Direction on SNL – “One Thing”

One Direction – Manuel Ortiz Show

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    wow they so awesome….i just got horny

  • fat fat fat fat

    wow just what we needed a bunch of gay lookin lipsyncers that will make mom’s of ten year olds spend all their hard earned money to buy all their crap , bravo business people and puppets alike

  • jiggle

    The one in the red jacket has a nice voice. The others were a mess.

  • amensister

    back in the day the boybands could sing live, but these bunch of lip syncers are just a disgrace to the brand

    i cant believe how naive these teenage girls are. cute does not equal good music

  • maila

    @jiggle: His name is Zayn and yes, he basically has the best voice (you’d think his something habit would prevent his voice from sounding so amazing all the time), but Liam also has a great voice.

  • alexis

    I LOVED THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kay

    What are you talking about, they all sounded ok to me

  • Jenny

    @fat fat fat fat:
    If you think that they lip sync and have no talent well then your just another hater who is jealous when they see talent look at this

  • Leenah

    I don’t really know who they are,never heard of them,but they seem like they have a future ahead so why hate on them?They’re cute,they sing nice..let’s see them more.

  • leelee

    The one in the red jacket has the best voice and is the cutest. He should just drop the others.

  • tatiana

    1D is amazing, the next big boyband for sure.

  • sarah

    Guys seriously not joking just watch this youtuble clip no offense but their better than one direction, listen to their cover

  • uk kid

    For those of you who call them lipsyncers, these guys got famous for performing on a LIVE show like american idol, where they had to sing LIVE every week.

    They are talented – shush.

  • Dave Howard

    @uk kid: Let me correct you, they got famous for all entering the show as solo artists, failed at that, and then got booted out at the beginning of the competition as a group, failed there too. Clearly very talented…

    The only place they’re a ‘sensation’ is in the US with teenage girls who have far too much time on there hands. They most certainly don’t represent anything good about British music.

  • emmaa

    Liam and Zayn are gorgeous and my favourite from this band. In my opinion they have the best stage presence too.

  • snl

    i dont understand why their management put all the attention on that curly hair guy, the one in grey jacket, he seems to be the one having the least stage presence. the one in red is surely way better.

  • BloodbuzzOhio

    This band is such a joke! Is this site full of 12 year old girls or what?

  • uhm

    @snl: Because he’s one of the top vocalist, which includes the guy in the red jacket (Zayn) and Liam… aside from that fact Harry received a lot of press coverage due to his relationship with Caroline Flack. So yes, it’s safe to assume that he’s more popular in the media’s eyes. Liam is like the lead vocalist and Zayn gets the high notes, because yeah, he has an amazing voice.

    Talent-wise though, I think Haryy has a pretty good voice (based on his X Factor tapes) but I guess in this SNL performance, his nerves got the best of him again, like in one X Factor episode.

  • Carolina

    I love these boys!! but i recognise that they are not the best of the best when singing live!
    How come everyone critisizes Lana del Rey and with them is everything good and nothig but praise! People are weird!

  • Sarah

    IDGAF what you think, but I love them & I will support them till the end.
    Their music is awesome, their personalities are amazing, and their voices are just beautiful. Yeah they make mistakes, but who doesn’t?
    xoxo – A Proud Directioner From Amsterdam. ||

  • Sarah

    @BloodbuzzOhio: You just called yourself a 12 year old girl.

  • Sarah

    @uk kid: can I just marry you? :)

  • No Way

    This made me feel so old at the ripe age of 27. I’m going to go to now with the 30+ years olds….::walks away with knitting gear::

  • K

    They sing good live!

  • http://nufisaStyles nufisaloveonedirection

    my god these guys ever leave me speechless god love him! a kiss
    liam I love your word here in SPAIN SACAPUNTAS is super famous and cast of PIÑATA ! BOYS A KISS!

  • Martinee

    I kinda liked it (and I am an old fart) I loved how they weren’t perfectly choreographed- they were very real to me.
    the songs were catchy, and they are very cute.

  • jenfan

    ZAYN(red jacket) does sound the best…bt they can all sing..and zayn is the cutest too

  • http://1D_VasHappening Kayleigh

    @Dave Howard: they came 3rd in the x factor … get your facts right before slagging@Dave Howard: they didnt get kicked off at the beginning of the X Factor … they came 3rd … get your facts right before slagging them off!

  • zhaz

    Seem like nice guys with ok voices. But I really am confused about the whole 1 direction hype. I dont get it.Very clever marketing by Mr Simon Cowell I think..

  • Dave

    @Kayleigh: Couldn’t really care less, they didn’t win did they.

  • Zileuton

    zayn is the hottest!!! the others look like parts of jonas brothers’
    they’re good though

  • Sabra
  • Sabra

    @Dave Howard: What do you mean booted out at the beginning of the competitio?. They placed third and so far have done better than both the first and second placers in and outside of the UK. I don’t understand why it is so difficult for some people to just give credit when it is due. One Direction can sing. They all of a different sound, which is great when you are in a group. Zayn’s high voice is clearly a favourite around here, but I love Harry’s raspy sound.

  • Sabra

    @snl: Well, he was the most popular in the UK, so I understand why a lot of focus went on him, but don’t judge his stage presence based on this performance. I have seen many performances and know that he shines. He is wonderful. Everyone has off days.

    I’m glad that Zayn (red jacket) is coming out of his shell more on stage.

  • Sabra

    @zhaz: I wouldn’t give Simon Cowell all the credit for One Direction’s fast rise. I would give the boys most. Their personalities and voices connected with people. People from all over the world discovered them on Youtube and other social network sites. I, for one, watched all their performances on the X Factor on Youtube and then actively sought out other videos. I am not even a teenager, but I am very proud of how far they have come.

    I think many people who don’t like the group are just music snobs. They think “good” music must come wrapped in a certain package. How limited is your taste?

  • Christina

    I love one direction!!! I think they did great! I miss I was there to see them live!

  • http://@christygoolsby Christina

    I love one direction!!! I think they did AMAZING! I wish I was there to see it live!

  • maila

    lol I meant to say his smoking habit, not *something habit. lol

  • 25 year old fangirl

    I’d take these boys over Justin Bieber anytime, thank you very much!

  • kelly

    who else thinks the blonde looks and dresses like ellen degeneres??? spot on!!!

  • Courtney

    Awe, Niall is so cute. I thought one thing sounded the best.

  • Alyssa

    @leelee: No. One Direction isn’t One Direction without all five boys. It wouldn’t be right.

  • http://@asdfghjkl_malik Samina

    These performances make me cry. Their just so beautiful and they’ve grown so much and oh my gosh I love them ♥

  • 1980disney

    There not bad, they remind me of my boyband time…the 90′s with the backstreet boys.

    Anyways what’s wup with the skinny jeans though?
    And the Justin Beaver haird, 3 of them have that going on. Messy hair, they should fix that.

  • Nicole

    It’s clear that Zayn has the best voice, the most stage presence, and obviously the better looking of the bunch… I just don’t understand why their team is set on Harry being the lead singer and face of the band. The British may by that, but Americans won’t. Zayn seems to be the only one with a solo career ahead of him.

  • Jessabelle

    They did a good job!

  • purplehaze

    @amensister: actually they won 3rd place in The X-Factor UK 2010…so that kinda implies that they CAN sing, don’t you think? please research before you start bashing on someone.

  • Roxy

    One Direction are awesome. :)

  • klm

    they seemed to have trouble staying on pitch

  • OneDirectionForever