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Zac Efron Goes Golfing in Sydney!

Zac Efron Goes Golfing in Sydney!

Zac Efron keeps his concentration focused while playing a round of golf on Sunday afternoon (April 8) in Sydney, Australia.

The 24-year-old actor was spotted hanging out shirtless on the balcony of his hotel room earlier in the day.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Zac Efron

In case you missed them, make sure to check out the pics of Zac showing off his toned torso and a bit of his underwear!

Zac is on a promo tour for his upcoming movie, The Lucky One, which hits theaters on April 20.

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Credit: Grey Wasp/Blue Wasp; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Bella

    Omg he’s fxckin underweight.

  • Alia san

    Zac can i play with u please

  • oh my!!!

    hahahaha lol he is so funny i love him!

  • Roky

    OMG. sooo hot.

  • josh

    WTF with that face expressions,even while playing golf he can’t put a normal expression on his face,and look at him almost falling because he is a short guy and his body can’t take that strong hit he did.maybe he should try other sports clearly golf isn’t for him-

  • Raina

    He makes me want to throw the f*ck up. There is just something about him.

  • ana

    everyone that say this guy is hot needs glasses immediately,this guy beauty is so overrated and on top of that he is a short guy with zero personality,bad acting equals bad movies,he should do us a favor and just stop acting him and taylor lautner and justin temberlick

  • oh my!!!

    oooh vanessa fans… go f*ck yourself…

  • alessia

    @ana: amen to that, while you at it miley cyrus vanessa hudgens selena gomez and the littile dowrf that is eching to act justin bieber before he even start someone should stop him

  • nonya

    what happened to those “lucky one” muscles?!

  • veronica

    whats up lip gloss.LOL

  • eva

    @veronica: you mean zac?i heard it’s an inside name that studio exec have for him,if it’s real then i feel sorry for him

  • david


  • alex

    i just want to say .Whats up LIP GLOSS?

  • illwill

    Wow pathetic how the same people hate on all his posts

  • Love me boy

    LMAO @ his expression in the pic when he just hit the ball!

  • Minto

    Tinkerbell needs a need stylist! ASAP!!!

  • Adriana

    Haha, I am not a Zac fan but even I can tell that 10 or so posts above me were fabricated by the same person. Pathetic little troll, guess what? Zac is out having fun and living the rich life while your sucking up wasted oxygen behind a computer screen. Who is the loser now?

  • lauren

    some of you people need to stfu for once.

  • lauren

    go stfu and sit in the corner, no one gives a crap about your nickname, you sound like a vanessa fan whos just bitter.

  • HERE we go….

    Can we say damage control?? First he’s caught playing with himself and naked on his balcony, and immediately, we have him playing golf to push the other pics out of the headlines. Next, it will be a charity visit to a children’s hospital. Been following him a long time… happens every time he’s an idiot.

  • mara

    So he is wearing make up again? Hahaha and why he isnt naked here too, i mean he needs to get his movie out and thats the only way, he looks happy, now we all know it was all staged, his fans need to accept that.

  • lauren

    how was this staged?

  • Whatever

    @lauren: To make everyone forget he was caught playing with himself and naked on a balcony earlier.

  • molly

    @Whatever: Getting dressed by a window is pretty stupid, but for pete’s sake you people think every picture ever taken of him is staged. He’s playing golf. Whoop de freakin do. If you’re that bothered by him, quit checking in to see what he’s doing. Keep scrolling down the page. There are plenty of other celebs and posts to comment on.

  • hey there!

    the thing is all the haters will always thinks his pics are staged to take away the ones that Vanessa always stages. Like the release of her Nude pics when she has a movie coming out that will be a flop.

    The reason she didn’t release them with J2 was because it was always going to be a success with or without her in it.

    anytime she has a movie coming out she releases PDA pics of her and her bf or we get pics constantly coming out of her. (this is when she phones the paps herself)

    Love that the previous pics are not bothering Zac because we know he will already know they are out.

  • Rachel

    He looks so sweet.
    And yes, it seems its the the same person who wrote those comments.

    You guys are crazy, how the heck is this staged?
    Its sucks but its the truth: Most of the Zac haters are V fans and vice-versa. You can just tell that many V fans bash Zac on his posts and vice-versa. Evident from what they write about him.And sorry for bringing her up.
    So all the haters, stop it.

  • Evangeline

    He is so cute. Ha, love it! When he slips, his face is priceless.


    Golf balls weren’t the only balls he was playing with today. LOL.

    I’m just jealous that he got to play with himself and I didn’t.

  • Vanessa

    You can have him, Jake.

  • http://yahoo JoBeth

    He may be 24, but he still looks like a teenager. It may be better to let him remain playing high school/college roles for a while before he’s touting himself a ‘heart throb’, at least for anyone over 20. I think he could take a lesson from Ryan Gosling – take it slow and easy early in the game and let the public discover you.

  • Tony

    Damage control!!! Check.

  • kyle

    He seems to be enjoying golf-good for him. it’s a physical and mental sports. It teaches you how to focus.

  • mica

    derek ramsay in the background!!

  • Whatever

    @hey there!: Hey stupid girl, that comparison is so lame. Plus, someone was caught for leaking those pics, but I do understand you have no brain. The only thing that you can compare, is that she was stupid for taking the pics in the first place, but hey, she was young and not famous and totally adolescent. Like you, critical thinking and impulsiveness is not matured yet. And then there’s stupid Zac, who purposefully stood on a balcony at the age of 24, in a big city, in his underwear, played with himself, and even stood naked in broad daylight. I’d say that’s majorly stupid.

  • LMAO

    @Rachel: Sweet? He looks like a tool or a fairy, can’t decide which. And you are dead wrong. People hate on both who are fans of neither. They hate both, hate any actors out of Disney, or just hate them for other reasons. That would be me. He’s just a tiny girly man who makes lousy movies, and the attention he gets is mind boggling. He sucks.

  • Rachel

    He doesn’t look like a tool according to me.
    Yes, many people hate actors out of Disney, that’s their opinion. And some people like to hate everyone.
    Oh yes, alot of his haters are her fans and vice-versa. Not all, but yes majority of em for sure.
    Well he’s making good movies. I’m sure the lucky one will be good. And I guess the paperboy will be great, its going to Cannes too.

  • Arjay

    Considering vanessa was hated by efron fans even while they were dating I’d say… Efron fans … You started this. I’m no vanessa fan but you efron fans always accuse her fans as to starting this. Vanessa only started having defenders after they broke up. The way I see it, i think her fans had enough. If her fans create trouble don’t give it notice. You’re just giving them significance. Both has moved on. The only way to end this debate is not to debate and take the bait

  • cutie

    He is just amazing!!

  • zac who

    forget Zac, you should check out the guy behind him, Derek Ramsay. He’s hotter than hot. Look him up!

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!