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Kate Bosworth: 'I'm Happily Settled' with Beau Michael Polish!

Kate Bosworth: 'I'm Happily Settled' with Beau Michael Polish!

Kate Bosworth rocks a sleeveless denim dress while out and about running errands on Monday (April 9) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old actress and fashionista recently gave some Twitter advice to her followers about a perfect Mother’s Day gift!

@jewelmint is a great Mother’s Day gift- We design w/every lady in mind. My mother and my grandmother are both members!” she wrote about her fashion label.

Last week, Kate hit the premiere of her film L!fe Happens, where she talked about her beau Michael Polish on the red carpet.

“I had my single moment in my life, but…I’m happily settled now,” she told E!

Bigger picture inside…

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kate bosworth denim dress 01

Credit: Ibanez; Photos: National Photo Group
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  • Marieme

    Puhleeze! Happily settled now…until she meets the next guy who can further her career.

  • Kinnamanfan

    That dress does not suit her. And she’s back to the ratty old boots, what happened to the new ones?

  • POGO

    Happily settled you bet. She settle for less that is for sure.

    YUCK!!!!!!!!!! nobbie knees.

    Kate did you forget you have worn this outfit before.

  • Sheri

    I love her dress. She looks wonderful!

  • Jeannie

    Oh fun, another pointless post!! What’s next, she sneezed?

  • Kinnamanfan

    I can understand the “happily settled” part of it. She’s not getting any younger and she’s made too many enemies, so Polish is her last chance. She’s “happily settled” for what she can get.

  • Lina

    Looks horrible! And so predictable to get herself pap after all the ASkars news.

  • BEAN

    Why is she hated around here again?

  • bahha black sheep

    Kate is beautiful successful and talented …eff off ugly jealous haters

  • Luisa

    @BEAN: jealous/bitter Askars/Orlando Bloom fans. Let it go, crazies.

  • foxie

    @Bean: Because she had the audacity to date Alexander Skarsgard! His fans are rabid.

  • Luisa

    @Lina: you, my friend, are delusional. i highly doubt she’s still pinning over skarsgard. unless of course she told you, but i highly doubt that.

  • Single

    She’s gorgeous. A classic, natural beauty. Very few so pretty as Kate.

  • Kinnamanfan

    I wish her nothing but the best, I hope she and Polish are together for the rest of their lives. May they have many, many babies and be blissful in all they do.

  • Broadway Baby

    I used to be a fan of hers, until I was an extra in several movies she’s been in. I now understand why people dislike her.

  • BLAH

    ““I had my single moment in my life”

    lol when has she been single?? one day between each bf??

    she had her chance to make it in HW but she got sucked in to the fame game like everyone else and now need to rely on the paps to keep her in the news.

    yes she has JM and a few random films but i dont think she will become anything more than she is now. and to me thats sad that people know more about what you do on a daily bases than actual work you have done.

    at her age thats a pretty pathetic life to live. unfortunately thats the way with most of HW now days is so rare to find a young person in their 20s-early 30s with actual acting skills.
    they all suck and make shittty films but all rely on the paps and places like JJ and gossip to keep them revenant to the public.

    it dosent help that HW cant even make a movie that isnt a sequel or a prequel or a book adaptation or a remake of a foreign film or a remake of an old film.


    @Broadway Baby: I had a photo shoot on a set with her and I know what you mean but her fans won’t believe you. They are under the impression she is the nicest person alive. They think those of us that dislike her do so because of who she dates. They could not be more wrong in my case.


    @Single: They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. They also say perception is reality. There are a lot of beholders here and a lot of different perceptions.

    Mine is this…Is she a natural beauty? No! She has as many imperfections as anyone of us whether we are thin, average, overweight or obese. No matter our hair color,eye color, skin type, or height. Her feature are as imperfect as any of ours. Examine her ears, feet, knees, and hands. Anyone of us has a feature about us that we do not like.Her skin is not flawless if you only look close at the close up shots. Even if she is naturally thin she has gotten to the point of endangering her health. She is endangering her capability to conceive a child yet she wants to have a baby. And her infamous two different colored eyes? One is a single color and the other is splotched. It is two colors in some shots. But the majority of the color in it is the same color as the other eye.

    Can she appear beautiful…Yes. Anyone can be made to appear beautiful. One of her claim to fame is as a fashion icon. But shouldn’t that be Cher’s claim? Of course her hair appears shiny at social events she goes to salons before them. Her make up is flawless because she has a makeup artist do it for events.

    For me true beauty comes from within and what she says and what she does do not match and hypocrisy is an ugly thing. That is why I do not find KB beautiful.

    My perception of her is she is an insecure little girl who uses anyone she can to get what she wants and as she has stated will let nothing and no one get in her way. She has an inflated sense of herself. She is lacking in moral values and cannot function in life without a man to call her own. She needs to learn her true self worth. To learn how to work for things instead of having them given to her for how she looks. in other words she needs to grow up and live in the real world.

  • Adopted

    After watching the jewelmint yutube vid of her mom and grandmother my theory is she is adopted and knows it. She looks nothing like her mom, grandmother or father. Mom and grandmom have HUGE NOSES . It would explain such low self esteem to feel like she always has to be in a relationship, Kate is not secure with herself

  • stainless steel cookware

    She has definitely settled.

  • Jane

    I love the outfit she has on…doesnt look to happy tho..

  • janewhite34345

    Girls. Are you looking for a mature partner to pamper and take care of you, perhaps financially? Try BillionaireFriends*C’O'Mit’s what you want!! You attractive and young people, beautiful, intelligent and classy college students, aspiring actresses or models who struggling in the early part of your career!!! Unlike other sites, a good pla’ce to me’et sweet friend even rich sin’gles. I am certain I can me;et a ri;ch man there, b’ecause I am at the begin;ning of my car;eer and I would like someone’s sup;port.

  • ladybug

    She’s wearing denim, wasn’t this the perfect opportunity for JJ to mention Cher’s upcoming denim line?
    This is not a good look for her, at all.

  • Eresyn

    “I had my single moment in my life, but…I’m happily settled now.”

    what single moment?????? i think she meant the 3 seconds she took to switch from AS to MP XD ;)

  • Kevin

    Love her style

  • Eresyn

    and i really like the denim dress, but that belt seems too much of a dog’s leash… and i don’t like how it is placed lower on her body, makes her look like she’s wearing a too big size sleeveless shirt… It would look nicer with a pair of sandals or flats instead of the boots ;)

  • @12

    Of course she’s still not pining (correct spelling) over Alex.
    She’s still pining over Orlando.

  • @24

    Either that, or she’s talking about the millisecond she was alone between Orlando and that model boy.

  • Eresyn

    yes!!!! this would apply to whatever boyfriend she’s been with ;)

  • Broadway Baby

    @TEXAS SWEDE: I’ve been a performer since I was a little girl & I’ve worked with Oscar winners that don’t have the sense of entitlement she has.

  • sara

    Life is so lonely ,No man or woman is worth your tears,I am a single mature women at present .I need a man who can love me back .I also uploaded my hot photos on … cōūɡarflirts.c〇m under the name Cyndie..It’s the largest and best club for seeking, doctors, lawyers, investors, entrepreneurs, beauty queens, , and Hollywood celebrities.Please Check it out!

  • @BEAN

    All the negative comments are from Bloom and Skarsgard fans. These crazy stans can not forgive her for having had relationships with each of them .But the fact is that Kate sure has something that Skarsgard and Bloom wanted!

    They were busy loving her up while these losers were home eating potato chips. LOLOL

    ( I always look for Kate threads cause the jealous posts make me laugh)

  • EmilyB

    She looks like a disater waiting to happen and she doesn`t look happy in her last pictures at all where did she leave kermit the frog at home MP she hasn`t been papped with him lately what`s up with that . She has a sad look on her face . Kate does not look beautiful to me at all . but she is not the ugliest person on earth way too skinny unhealthy hate her in this outfit

  • Right

    Broadway Baby and Texas Swede want to sell Brooklyn Bridge.

  • Happily Settled?

    Sure, why not. She’s found another ZList mediocre nobody who’s as big a fameho as she is that dotes on her. True bliss.

  • Broadway Baby

    @Right: So because you don’t like what we had to say, you accuse us of trying to sell you something?

  • Right


  • Actually…

    @Broadway Baby: @Broadway Baby: it’s an olddddd joke (like from the 1920′s-40′s) where some slick figure tries to sell a gullible rube the Brooklyn Bridge. (Because they’re SO gullible that they think it’s for sale.) Yeah, I had never heard of it before a few years ago either and had to look it up. But of course Right has and since you haven’t you are clearly inferior and should be laughed it. It has nothing to do with her using an outdated statement at all.

  • Broadway Baby

    @Actually…: LOL! No, I got the reference, I was just stating that her fans don’t like to hear negative things about her & they accuse us of lying (selling the bridge) when we say things about her that aren’t positive.

  • Archer

    Maybe polish has finally relized that he needs to actually work for a living to support himself and his daughter jasper instead of swanning around with this hag, maybe that’s why she looks sad polish no longer playing the pap game I don’t see this relationship lasting I don’t care if she uses the excuse I am settled , whatever Kate,
    she will soon make her self available for some mans di*k, who is an up and coming actor . Her and Olivia munn are perfect she dates up and comer Swedish actor Joel kinnaman

  • Actually…

    @Broadway Baby: lol Sorry, I wasn’t sure since it was a lame reference (and deflection from the argument), much like Kate is fond of making. Maybe that’s why they love her?

  • Right

    LOL. nothing at all to due with the negative comments. Be negative all you want.

  • Actually…

    @Right: Personally I wouldn’t have been caught dead in those shoes even as young as middle school age. (I’m sure I would have LOVED them in the 3rd grade though.) I can see a b-girl wearing them with pants and they might be okay, but Kate is probably the exact opposite of being a b-girl. Unless you’re talking about movies instead of dancing.

  • Actually…

    @Actually…: ugh, stupid tabs. Sorry.

  • Whycantipost

    Settled as in ‘he holds me by the legs so I don’t blow away when there is a strong wind’
    ‘He is my anchor’ gets a whole new meaning now:O (and it makes me think of Askars necklace, the one he always wears, with anchors on it) *Dies laughing*

  • ha ha

    ugh, more botox and collegen! Looks like she od’d on ‘em

  • Shannon

    “Settled” is right.

  • Fashionista

    Love her!

  • Whycantipost

    @Eresyn: She was probably talking about the single moment in life during which she was famous (oooh im soooo mean! xD)