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LeAnn Rimes: I'm Not Writing A Tell-All Memoir!

LeAnn Rimes: I'm Not Writing A Tell-All Memoir!

LeAnn Rimes heads inside her hair appointment at the Chris McMillan Salon on Monday (April 9) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

“LOVE my hair cut from Mr McMillian as always. Great date lunch w/ hot hubby, now onto meetings & doctor. Super fun :)” the 29-year-old singer tweeted about her busy day!

Recently, there have been rumors spreading that LeAnn is writing a tell-all memoir.

“So you all know, I’m blonde & there’s no ‘tell all’ book about divorce, marriage and ‘my side.’ I just laugh at [all] of this!” she tweeted, setting the record straight.

25+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes heading to her hair appointment…

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leann rimes hair appointment 01
leann rimes hair appointment 02
leann rimes hair appointment 03
leann rimes hair appointment 04
leann rimes hair appointment 05
leann rimes hair appointment 06
leann rimes hair appointment 07
leann rimes hair appointment 08
leann rimes hair appointment 09
leann rimes hair appointment 10
leann rimes hair appointment 11
leann rimes hair appointment 12
leann rimes hair appointment 13
leann rimes hair appointment 14
leann rimes hair appointment 15
leann rimes hair appointment 16
leann rimes hair appointment 17
leann rimes hair appointment 18
leann rimes hair appointment 19
leann rimes hair appointment 20
leann rimes hair appointment 21
leann rimes hair appointment 22
leann rimes hair appointment 23
leann rimes hair appointment 24
leann rimes hair appointment 25
leann rimes hair appointment 26
leann rimes hair appointment 27
leann rimes hair appointment 28
leann rimes hair appointment 29
leann rimes hair appointment 30
leann rimes hair appointment 31
leann rimes hair appointment 32

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  • feliz

    she is such a psycho

  • Lisa

    She is unstable!! I wonder how she will react when Eddie kids find out she is the reason why their parents are not together!! It will be epic!! Bitch needs to pipe down!! Her karma is comming

  • kitchen

    why have so many pictures of her??

  • Dawn

    Leann you got the man, enjoy while it lasts and shut up!! Why do you feel need to prove your marriage is happy!! Either your crazy or unhappy!! Go sit down somewhere, you suck!!!!!

  • dobbi

    Psycho liar.Looks nasty too.

  • Alia san

    ok i don’t know who is she
    can anyone tell me what she did??please

  • elaine

    ugly woman, ugly hair. guess she couldn’t find any takers for a book. Publishers aren’t stupid. maybe music producers are, since she is going to release a new album to dismal sales. also, VERY UGLY OUTFIT

  • Jane

    @Alia san: Simple: Country music singer does movie while she is married. Has affair with leading man who is married. Guy claims it’s a speed bump in marriage and claims she is a stalker. Leann dumps husband, guy gets kicked out by wife and Leann copies EVERYTHING that ex-wife does. Tweets uncontrollably, brags non-stop, gets breast implants, pays to have pictures taken and insists she is the greatest singer on the earth. Gets married to the guy she had affair with and both turn into the new Heidi and Spencer. She pays to have non-stop pictures taken of her. She takes new husband’s boys and bribes the daylights out of them and insists she is their Bonus Mother and they are her Bonus Boys. She wears the worst clothes in public, makes out with other woman while her husband watches, and prances around in a bikini just so that we can see her epically horrible implants. She has a histrionic narcissistic personality disorder and is extremely bombastic (case in point-her total train wreck of behavior on the ACM Awards a few days ago.) Her music career is all but shattered. She was once a child musical prodigy, now no one knows about her voice, only being a woman who cheated on her husband, sick bahavior and breast implants. Am I missing anything anyone?

  • Jane

    @elaine: Totally agree. The things is…her life is an open book already. She tweets about her “love” all the time. What else is there to say? She wears her heart on her sleeve so much that she keeps no secrets to herself (other than refusing to admit she has implants and paying the paps for pictures). What could she put in a book that people do not already know about her?

  • meski

    Am I the only person who only hears about these “rumors” when she has to “set the record straight”? I seriously think she does nothing but sit and think up possible “rumors” about herself because I never hear about them until she says something. Pathetic.

  • Sheila

    She is one of the most unattractive people in the music business. Her awful squinty eyes and too-much-nostril-showing nose, plus how she acts on the inside, makes her so unappealing to all (except Eddie who needs her for her wallet)

  • notyouraveragebitch

    I think she looks great here. Can’t wait for the album.

  • Alia san

    wow she is really pathetic
    thank u

  • Jane

    @Alia san: You’re welcome.

  • Jane

    @meski: You are totally right. She makes up these rumors so she has a place in the gossip sites. She cannot go for a day or two without being mentioned somewhere. When she feels that she’s not being noticed enough there seems to be something” written” about her (probably something she planted herself) then she gets passive aggressive and claims it is not true. True Leann style.

  • TL

    She’s a pig. She’s insane.

  • futuremrsdicaprio

    @Jane: You did a good job of summarizing LeAnn’s life. Sad, isn’t it? I do not like her one bit. Shame the voice has to go to waste on a terrible human being.

  • Jane

    @futuremrsdicaprio: I guess I am on a roll today. Thank you for the compliment. I too do not like her at all. Her behavior just makes me cringe. The biggest problem is she is ubiquitous. So much that one cannot look at most magazines without seeing her face in it. He**, I cannot go to my home page for internet access without some lame report about her from E News.

  • Danica

    Could you imagine the self pitying garbage that she would spew in a book? Why would anyone pay for that when she puts out “her truth” as I have seem her refer to it (notice she doesn’t say “the truth”) on Twitter. She can’t sell albums and that’s supposed to be what she’s good at, why would anyone want to buy her book. BTW, wasn’t she sobbing off stage and crying and complaining about tooth pain this weekend and claiming that she was having a root canal on Tuesday? Guess it eased up enough for her to get her hair done and stage a fake photo op. She was probably crying out of anxiety because Eddie wasn’t with her and when he isn’t she always plays the illness card. When he is with her, her health seems dandy. If she really had that kind of tooth pain, sitting through a long hair appointment would be torture and she certainly wouldn’t be grinning from ear to ear for the paps. What a liar this woman is. She truly is a sociopath.

  • Little Miss Sunshine

    someone wake me up when the Leann Rimes charade is over….

  • brenda

    Is she pregnant, she appears to be putting on some weight.

  • dadad

    she looks like a thing, not even human..

  • Jane

    @brenda: Nahhh, she looks a little overweight because she is so full of hot air. LOL

  • naturegirl

    WOW she looks nice… She and Tori wears the nicest shoes.

  • Laura

    Putting on weight?? Lol, she looks scrawny as ever. Someone throw the girl a bone.

  • http://gmail sesa

    Pretty soon she’ll have to think about making more money. Lounge singing alone will not pay her and her unemployed husbands bills.

  • Life of Brian

    Where is her cleavage??? She needs a refund on her Tijuana boob job!
    Snakeskin sunglasses, dress AND PURSE, REALLY??

  • Jane

    @Life of Brian: Actually, the doctor who gave her these is the same one who performed surgery on Eddie’s ex (Brandi). Hers turned out wonderful. A part of me wants to think that he did this on purpose to make her look this abnormal to give “one up” to Brandi and screw over Eddie. I find it exceedingly hard to believe that he find her chest that desirable. As a woman, I would be mortified if my “girls” were hanging under my armpits and I had no cleavage.